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#actually borderline
mental--healthawareness · 7 months ago
It's really hard when you think you're healed from something and it affects you all over again. Like an old trigger still has an effect on you, or an old self-destructive habit comes back, or you still have panic attacks or nightmares over something you thought you were over. I know it really sucks, but it doesn't mean that you haven't made progress. It's okay if healing isn't a straight line.
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missingvibrance · 7 months ago
have u ever been in so much emotional pain to the point where ur chest starts to hurt and it feels hard to breathe because ur brain is in so much agony to the point where it manifests that pain into physicality to cope with how much it hurts
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tobpdornottobpd · a year ago
the sexy thing about me is that i close myself off from other people because i’m afraid of intimacy then hurt my own feelings over not being as close with people as i’d like to be
really played myself there
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