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#actually mentally ill
milkytears222 · a day ago
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I have to get out of here
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pseriouslyemil · a month ago
"your [disability/disorder/mental illness] doesnt make you weak !!!"
okay, but... what if it does?
mentally, i'm not always strong. i have a lot of moments of weakness. i cry a lot, i overreact, i spend days isolating myself because socializing is so exhausting. my anxiety gets so bad that it physically exhausts me, it makes me sick to my stomach i have to sleep for hours to recover. physically, im weaker. i cant carry heavy things for long periods, i have to rest FREQUENTLY, im constantly exhausted.
so what, so why is being weak bad? does it make you a bad person? does it make you unworthy of love, of respect, of compassion? of course not.
your "strength" does not determine your worth. your value is not determined by what you can (physically or mentally) do for others or for society. you have value just by being.
take care of yourself. dont push yourself just because you feel like you need to be seen as "strong."
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so-over-ableism · a month ago
so something i wish doctors understood is a lot of us aren’t sick because we’re overweight, we’re overweight because we’re sick.
it has many causes: medication making us gain weight, pain and mobility issues making it hard to exercise, lack of proper food intake makes the body hold on to fat more, low metabolism, depression and its side effects causing weight gain, and plenty more
doctors are so quick to blame weight, especially in women, that they ignore that it could be a symptom of the illness and not the cause
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bpdamn · a month ago
i‘m nobodys first choice. instead, i’m everyones last resort. the only thing i‘m good for is being used until i‘m no longer wanted. i‘m the broken toy rotting in the corner of the room; used, replaced and ultimately forgotten about
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foggybruise · a year ago
I wasnt loved as a child so now I'm evil and dont go to bed on time
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pseriouslyemil · a month ago
okay can you guys seriously leave mentally ill people alone? like, for real?
i cannot tell you the number of times ive seen an anonymous person go into someone's inbox and say some shit like "hey so you said you have bpd and i dont have anything against people with bpd but my ex had bpd and constantly manipulated and emotionally abused me, am i valid for hating her?" like. good fucking god.
first of all, random tumblr users are NOT your therapists. you shouldnt be going into ANYONE'S inbox and traumadumping without permission, regardless of who they are or what you're asking them.
second, seriously? like..... seriously? you think that's okay?
imagine going into a queer person's inbox like "hey so you said you're queer and i dont have anything against queer people but i was bullied by a gay person in high school so is it valid if i hate them? nothing against queer people btw i just have bad associations <3" like WHY are you making that somebody else's problem.
i dont care if your abusive ex had bpd, i dont care if your abusive father had npd, i dont care if your shitty ex friend had aspd. you do NOT get to traumadump that onto another mentally ill person who is NOT YOUR FUCKING THERAPIST. how on earth do you think that is okay. it does not matter what your ex with bpd did to you, you do not get to make that another person with bpd's problem.
quit further pushing the idea that ALL people with x disorder are abusive. we are already mistreated enough just for having stigmatized disorders, we do not have to deal with the additional pressure of having to reassure YOU that not all people with x disorder are bad. take that up with a therapist or with someone who has GIVEN YOU PERMISSION to vent to them about it. do not bring that shit into a random stranger's inbox.
like. im sorry you went through that, and it sucks, but the way that you people feel like mentally ill people are obligated to be your teachers or your therapists is ridiculous. we aren't here to make you feel better about yourselves. please, leave us alone.
this is free to reblog but do not use this post to traumadump about how someone with x disorder hurt you and how you use that as an excuse to hold a bias against mentally ill people, i don't wanna hear it.
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[ ID: A blue banner that reads, "People without stigmatized disorders do NOT clown on this post." On either end is a clown emoji with a red X over it. End ID. ]
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y-are-you-still-here · 6 months ago
Having to mentally talk myself into and out of suicide every day is exhausting
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adhdbreadbin · a year ago
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i've read these sentences before but only in shit posts
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