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#actually multiple
athenacykez · 49 minutes ago
I still have little clue about who/what the trio who appeared (and disappeared) so suddenly in PA are
#I have a feeling they might be ghosts. It's a little ironic with what they try to do multiple times#If they were already dead it makes sense that ''Lil Slugger'' would run from them. Not to mention how excited they were to see him#if that were the real Lil Slugger he wouldn't be able to do anything to them as ghosts. At least I'd assume.#the ending of their bit was confusing too. I really hope that isn't implying what I think it is??????#They also left the story with Maria and the lady unsolved. There's no way Shounen Bat would have been able to ''help'' them.#I know she looked relieved in the hospital but. That just isn't how it works?? Maria can't just disappear like that.#I hope she at least told her husband. She should really be honest with him.#Man I don't really like how it ends. With that girl (I'm assuming) going back with her father and having amnesia#And with Maria who they never talked about after her part was over.#I especially hated the part with the girl and her father though. She should have been faking amnesia to make him leave.#She should not go back to him. She hated every atom in his body. As she should.#She ran away for good reason!! Fuck you dude you're literally the worst how can you look your daughter in the eye after doing that#And though it wasn't explained I assume he did it because he was in a tight spot money-wise.#He'd even stoop so low as to hurting his daughter to pay back the guy who might kill him.#oh and Ichi and Ushi too. Ichi was such an asshole for no reason and Ushi was just trying to help ://#.txt#Nick.txt#Nick talks too much#Mintysbox#Maniwa was cool though. He was shown to have ''gone insane'' because of the case but he was actually 100% right VHKFZDZVHKGGDDVVJ
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sk8-brainrot · 4 hours ago
i need help with a title for my upcoming fic- ive come up with these: -My Lullaby From Another Land -Okinawa’s Sun In Canada -Sunshine In The Snow i literally cant pick cause i like em all but so far my all time fav is My Lullaby From Another Land and idk why but i also like the others ;-; 
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yourblueberrymajesty · 7 hours ago
I dreamed about one of the malls again!!!!!! I was also aware that I had been there before!!!!
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the-evil-pizza · 13 hours ago
Okay! made my decision and I guess it is time to stop procrastinating out of fear and speedrun my way through shadowbringers just like I did with stormblood.
Maybe not at the same level because by the end I was very tired of it and just wanted to go back doing nothing but vibin’ so a reasonable speedrun. I’m allowing myself  my daily beast tribes missions (because I’m trying to get that cute manta ray and griffon mounts) and maybe some roulettes but no side quests outside the flying ones.
We’re gonna go, say sorry to the poor people getting matched with us on the dungeons, meet this Emet guy everyone’s gaga about and possibly understand why the fuck Zenos was in the endwalker trailer. Oh and most importantly, Raha, my beloved <3
Let’s go they/thems, let’s goooo
Tumblr media
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meliora-system · 18 hours ago
I'm the one who has fronted the most. As far as I know.
I'm the host. The body goes by my name. I'm given final veto on decisions. I'm the one everyone has known for years.
I am so fucking tired. I dont want to give up being host but I want time off without everyone assuming something horribly wrong or asking about me or bombarding me with questions when I do front or without the entire rest of my system feeling lesser, and second to me when interacting with friends.
But holy fuck its hard to fall asleep alone at night. I'm too tired to handle my job. I have no social life in person. I can't hear an ambulance without crying about dad, I cant smell specific things without worrying i'm back with my ex in Cali.
I really just want to sleep for a bit. It's been nearly a solid 25 years, can I just. Just have a bit?
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ayman-eckford · 23 hours ago
Sometimes we are sharing our dreams.
Sometimes it’s scary. I hate to see Ver.B.A.’s and Liza nightmares about school, our parents and life in Donetsk. Or Abu Umar's dreams about Guantanamo.
Sometimes I’m afraid of falling asleep.
But sometimes it’s cool. Especially if no one has problems because of some strong negative trigger. And if I share dreams with someone who has a strong positive emotional memory that I doesn’t have. Sometimes only in the night I could realize how something from the real world or daydream world was important for us. To feel it again. To feel this connection with a past.
And some of us have more colorful, vivid dreams that others.
But in the dreams it’s all mixed. It’s difficult to actually separate who is dreaming.
We could even change language if we started dreaming and some of our English-language alters started to front. It would be dreams in a different language. We could have started to speak some stuff out loud!
And sometimes we could switch while sleeping several times.
I could go to bed with Abu Hamza as my co-host and wake up with Abu Umar or little Liza.
Or if I’m too exhausted I would wake up later than the body because one of the altars would be fronting alone.
Night dream world of the System is fashionating. I’ve never seen many posts about it. But I don’t think that Singlets could imagine something like that.
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princeboo · a day ago
One time for a school project we had to make a sun oven and one kids caught on fire another time at my school someone had a grass allergy and someone threw grass at him and he got hives and had to go home my school was a interesting place also tell me about undertale I don’t know anything about it
mx this is a home depot
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darkbucky · a day ago
I've seen no body shaming on this site about Seb in the film 'Monday' (and I'm glad!),, so it must be a twitter thing??? correct me if i'm wrong tho because maybe I just follow the right people?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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lins-system · a day ago
this is your daily reminder (and also my own) to try to get the most out of therapy as you possibly can!
It is your therapist's job to help you and you should not be trying to be 'nice' or trying to please your therapist. You don't have to be a perfect patient - in fact, you wouldn't be there if you didn't have some kind of problem and your therapist should never make you feel bad about yourself, your experiences or your problems. Therapy is a privilege and if you are ready, try to learn/understand about yourself as much as you can!
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alicewestwater · a day ago
For that wip folder game, I’d love to hear more about (The) Incompetent Children and What You’ve Lost in the Jasmine Woods if you’re up to share! (-@cecilsstorycorner)
of course let’s go!!
[this is my original work, do not use / repurpose / plagiarise in any form]
[tw: cult mentions]
this was my og “cult story”, way before force majeure even happened. tbh IC has nothing in common with FM apart from the fact that they both involve a cult but still it's hard not to compare them? i’d say that IC is just a tonally very dark story; FM is kind of daylight horror-esque while IC is pure grit and zero chill.
the tentative logline: the incompetent children chronicles the rise of the present day leader of a religious and technological cult as his power is threatened as his childhood friend returns home, told in dual timelines.
don't ask me what “technoligical cult” even means i don't know. highlights:
childhood friends / crushes [except you’ll never know if it was mutual] to mortal enemies who also happen to be very annoyingly flirty [that's not an actual trope but it is the story]
queer relationships except it's toxic [oops]
betrayal as redemption
dual timelines: one when the mc was a child right until the point his friend, the antagonist /deuteragonist / love interest leaves the cult, and the present day one where said friend returns escort he’s like. directly working against the mc now.
the spotify playlist has got the vibes + the cover is very on point
also this is i think the one story of mine which has a main cast of more than two living male characters lmaooo. there are zero excerpts i’ve written for it jbsubde. like i don't write stuff for the wips in my writing queue until i actually near the point where they’ll be written, and this is like seventh on the list.
omg this story... love it so much. the logline is this: a girl travels through a place with no one to keep her company except for herself and miles of breathing, dangerous wastelands in an attempt to find out who created her. facts:
this is a novella!! it would literally not work in any other form because there is not enough “conflict” for a short story and not enough “plot” for a novel. and also novella is an intriguing form which i’m excited to try out!
there is only one living character throughout the entire story, who is our protagonist, vasilisa. the entire story is just exploring her relationship with the extremely strange, vaguely fabulistic world around her. the ONLY conflict is with her surroundings. there are no other people here.
told fully in second person :)
exploring gender and being trans in a world where there is no “society” or “civilisation”
here’s the playlist because fun fact! this story was fully inspired by the song “the life of hilda”, and also “i lost something in the hills” by sibylle baier [as the title suggests]
i am actually dying to write this because it is literally my dream story: very little clear conflict, nothing but nature descriptions the entire time, fabulism, full second person omg, gender fuckery. this is most self-indulgent story ever and that’s so beautiful to me.
ask me about my wips!
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last night my dad put the skunk trap under the house to catch the skunk and he didn’t set it up properly and the skunk escaped so now we have an even madder skunk under our house.
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