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#actually neurodiverse
cowardnthief · 9 months ago
why do neurotypicals always assume there’s an ulterior motive behind “i don’t know.” bestie my mind is simply empty <3
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haberdashing · 9 months ago
i have a little switch in my head. its two settings are “do everything immediately” and “do nothing at all”. i do not control what the switch is set to, and there is no third setting
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lilacs-world · 10 months ago
If anyone ever tells me again that I'm not concentrating hard enough or I'm not focusing hard enough on doing my tasks or work or whatever, here watch this. No brain is the same and our ADHD brain looks different when focusing/concentrating!!!
©chalenejohnson on tiktok
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chaotic-neutral-toga · 4 months ago
I feel people don't understand how complex ADHD is is because they can't grasp the concept of your brain literally denying you shit.
Like, your brain kinda IS you, it shouldn't be able to do that shit??? But then ADHD's like "pls father can i watch any of the 200 anime ive saved" and your brain says "p e r i sh" or "hey can i fucking move from this position" and your brain says "haha no<33".
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serosfan · a year ago
So I’ve just started taking ADHD meds to help and even on a low dose right now things are a lot better. So I have something to say.
ALL THIS TIME TASKS WERE EASY FOR NEUROTYPICALS?! I’m sorry?! I spend all the time feeling INFERIOR and like absolute garbage because people could do tasks better than me and it turns out its because for them it’s EASY?!
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kyahcreate · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
autism is not a disease you can catch, plus vaccines have nothing to do with brain development. I know people who believe vaccines cause autism and it hurts my feeling because its like they think autism is something “wrong” with me and its has to be caused by something like a vaccine. 
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study-of-chaos · 7 months ago
Books to help you deal with life when you have ADHD (totally not free 👀)
Delivered from distraction
The queen of distraction
The ADHD Advantage
Smart but stuck
Tumblr media
Driven to distraction
Driven to distraction at work
Smart but scattered
Finish what you start
Tumblr media
The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD
Organizing Solutions for people with ADHD
Self-regulation & Mindfulness
Tumblr media
ADHD: A guide to understanding
The disorganized mind
Overcoming distractions
Coaching college students with executive problems
Tumblr media
Learning outside the Lines
Faster than normal
ADHD 2.0: New Science
Thriving with Adult ADHD
Tumblr media
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mentalhealth---awareness · 11 months ago
Friendly reminder that if you are mentally ill or neurodiverse in some way and can’t work: it’s not your fault. You are not a failure or less worthy than people who work. The workplace is inherently ableist and tends not to accommodate people with mental health conditions of any kind and it is not your fault that it is this way or that your condition makes it harder for you to work than someone who doesn’t have it.
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autism-fucking-rocks · 8 months ago
I feel guilty after losing a special interest, especially if I've had it for a long time. Like, I basically dedicated my life to this thing and made it a part of my personality. This is gonna sound dramatic, but it's kinda like falling out of love with someone.
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interesteddisaster · 3 months ago
Please stop ignoring nonverbal and semiverbal/nonvocal and semivocal people when they are trying to talk to you. This goes for neurotypicals AND other neurodivergent people.
The amount of times I've been ignored, talked around, talked OVER, etc. in real life and online conversations just because I was stuck on a word, using emoji to communicate, using text-to-speech (those videos always get lower views, have you all noticed that?) or using nonverbal cues, etc, is absolutely infuriating.
And it's not just neurotypicals who do this! Other neurodivergent people, especially those who don't have shifting vocality/verbality, also are guilty of this!
Stop ignoring us! If we are making an effort to communicate to you/with you, listen! Talk with us! Just because we aren't communicating in a way that you're used to doesn't give you an excuse to pretend we don't exist!
(AN: I used both "verbal" and "vocal" in this because I know there is some discussion around it, and I wanted to include the language that best describes different people's individual experiences!)
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cowardnthief · 9 months ago
me: yeah anyway so because of my autism/adhd—
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mimiswitchywrites · 5 months ago
My favourite thing about Tumblr is that I can tell what my ND friends are hyperfixating on based on the reblogs that cover my feed. I may know nothing about this video game or TV show or whatever but I know you care about it and it makes me happy
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parotcardsroxy · 4 months ago
hi fyi, if you don’t support people with low/no empathy, unfollow me.
people with low/no empathy are not:
terrible people
incapable of being sympathetic
incapable of being compassionate
incapable of being nice
punchlines to a joke
people with low/no empathy are:
deserving of love
human beings
capable of holding a stable, healthy relationship
just as valuable to the world as empaths are (many surgeons and er doctors have low/no empathy!)
we are just as human and as deserving of love as anyone else. we’re not something to be afraid of - we still have morals and a value for life.
we do not deserve to be demonized as we are.
affective empathy (the kind we can’t feel) is the ability to share feelings with others. for example, if your friend was anxious, you could become anxious through seeing them anxious. those of us born with low/no empathy have no control over it and cannot change this (no matter how much one may want to!)
cognitive empathy (the kind we can feel) is the ability to understand others’ feelings. for example, if your friend was anxious, you would be able to understand what they’re going through, even if you’re not necessarily feeling anxious through them.
compassion is concern and pity for others. for example, if your friend was anxious, you would feel bad for them and want to help as a result.
a post that explains it with more simple and easy to understand format
low/no empathy people can be sympathetic and compassionate. it’s not a bad thing to have low/no empathy - again, some of the most crucial occupations are dominated by low/no empathy people, as they can handle messy situations better than many empaths. first responders, surgeons, trauma doctors, morticians, to name a few.
it’s okay if you’re empathetic and this is the first positivity you’re seeing about this! i was the same way for a long time, i thought no/low empathy people were scary because i didn’t realize i was one of them. you don’t have to be perfect, you can still be learning, all that matters is that you try!
low/no empathy people are not something to be afraid of. we are not monsters. unfollow me if you don’t support low/no empathy people.
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ohthesuspenders · a month ago
so was anyone gonna tell me that neurotypical people don’t just make random sounds at each other instead of having an actual conversation or was i just supposed to know that
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