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#actually traumatized
vilesweetboy · 2 days ago
the feminine urge to let yourself become a victim again
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rottingtrouble-child · 2 days ago
abuse survivors: *uses art to vent about their abuse*
people: is this romanticizing?
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anti-endo-stuff · a day ago
endos blatantly ignoring trans people telling them that terms like “sysmed” are extremely transphobic and as is “traumascum” on top of also being very insensitive to trauma survivors
Tumblr media
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sicksadstar · 2 days ago
hard to believe all people arent bad. that all people dont want to hurt us. i cant trust anybody. even small... im not coping.. i wanna die
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defiantsuggestions · 3 months ago
If a child is so afraid of getting in trouble that they don't come to their parents when they make a mistake that could possibly put their health or even their life in danger, then those parents have failed.
If something goes wrong, and the first thing that child thinks is, "oh god, my parents are gonna kill me," then the parents have failed.
If a child is afraid of their parents, if the child sees their parents as an active threat instead of a source of safety and guidance, then the parents have failed.
A parents job is to protect, to teach, to guide.
If a parent makes themself a danger to the child, in any capacity, then that parent has failed.
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nolongerangels · 10 months ago
"my child is fine" your child wanted to kill herself at 11 years old
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selves-acceptance · 3 months ago
your trauma is valid even if you can’t remember it clearly or at all.
your trauma is valid even if you doubt it sometimes.
your trauma is valid even if other people denied it was happening.
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anti-endo-stuff · a day ago
saw something on tiktok earlier, not gonna namedrop anyone, but it was a system who is very controversial on here claiming they had endogenic OSDD 1b.
now, it’s one thing for endos to claim to be plural but separate themselves from DID/OSDD communities, but to claim to have a trauma disorder without trauma is genuinely disgusting and also flat-out impossible.
the system also mentioned they had trauma though.. which is quite funny, because if you have trauma, and you claim to have a trauma disorder, but THEN claim that your trauma disorder didn’t form from trauma .. something isn’t quite adding up and you might want to start coming to terms with some stuff.
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defiantsuggestions · 4 months ago
Having a child is a long term commitment to a heavy, heavy responsibility which demands energy, attention, and time.
To have a child is to bring an entire person into the world. This person can not consent to this. This person is inherently vulnerable, hardwired to depend on you, and must be taught the skills neccessary to one day care for themself.
When you have a child, that child's well being is entirely on you. It's your job to keep them safe, to keep them fed, cloathed, and happy. It's your job to make sure they feel loved.
When you choose to have a child, you are signing up to spend years and years of resources on that child. That is your choice. The child was not alive and could not agree to your decision to drag them out of the void of nonexistence. The child was not asked if they wanted to experience an entire lifetime of conciousness, and all of the potential suffering and agony that comes with that.
That decision is entirely that of the parent who has made the choice to have a child.
You are not "granting the gift of life." You are not doing this hypothetical child a favor by having them. You are doing this for you, because you wanted to be a parent. You wanted to have the experience of raising a child.
This means that if you have a child, you owe that child. You owe them time, and love, and safety, and care. You asked for this, it is now your responsibly to follow through.
Children are not a toy. They aren't a fancy new car for you to parade to your friends. They aren't a fashion accessory for you to put on the shelf when you lose interest. They aren't a mini you. They aren't a magic cure-all to your trauma, and they aren't there to fill some void in your chest.
They are a vulnerable person who is easily abused and neglected and who will be at your mercy throughout much of their development period.
A parent owes their child. Failing to follow through with the responsibility they signed up for is a failing on the parent's part. Making the child feel guilty for the crime of existing is the fault of the parent. A child is never a burden.
Abusive and neglectful parents are failures as parents. They could not do the bare basics of what the job entails and then they blame the child for a crime that the parents themselves committed.
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