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#actually went in-game lol

the way that nahyuta from a purely aesthetic perspective should be exactly the kind of character i go for but hes so goddamn annoying that it put me off him immediately….

#feminine man. long hair. earrings. even his outfit is not horrible if you ignore the weird floating scarf#unfortunately hes annoying and he went too long with no backstory whatsoever#like i wont pretend that i didnt initially dislike klavier as well but i think the difference is that#1. the game actively shows us parts of his personality that arent fucking insufferable when we talk to him outside of court#2. his backstory was so heavily hinted at from the very beginning of the game so i was way more engaged with it than with nahyuta's#3. it didnt take the entire game to characterize him. like im sure nahyuta's backstory is gonna fix all the lack of characterization#but currently i am 4 cases into the 5-case game and all i know about him is that hes fucking mean and he is apollo's adopted brother.#and i only know he's apollos brother from the photograph. theyve had maybe one interaction directly and it was almost completely forgettable#i think simon had partially the same problem with a lack of characterization until the final case of the game but at least he had the whole#convicted murderer thing to keep the player engaged#like you could tell what the payoff was going to be with him yeah but it gave you something to wonder about thru the filler cases#THATS ANOTHER THING ACTUALLY. soj drops the bombshell that nahyuta and apollo r siblings in rite and then#storyteller is an athena case. which dont get me wrong i love athena and she deserved her own case but it kinda lessens the impact of the#reveal. if we were to cut back to apollo and nahyuta having at each other in court with the player having that new information it might be#more engaging because like. you'd view the relationship in a new light. you'd be trying to piece together what happened to them.#but instead we cut to him being rude to athena and blackquill having to save her ass because capcom hates women#oh my god these tags got so long im sorry. this is a long winded way of saying i dont like nahyuta but i really want to ://#aa liveblog#soj spoilers#<< in tags lol
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crowley or lucifer or abbadon or metatron
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god same same i remember reading what they were saying and it was like watching todd howard’s ‘it just works/there’s no loading screens’, EA hyping sims 4 as ‘unbelievably intelligent mood system’, and the Fable game dude’s promises of ‘revolutionizing interaction’ all over again. I know you gotta sell yourself to sell the game, but please…please stop bragging about surpassing any known game in standards. You’ve just dug a grave for your wholeass company with something that is hyped way too intensely as it is 

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i was tagged by @wooseoks (thank you cat ♥️♥️♥️ you know I went through all kinds of pain doing this lmao) to do my top9 albums of this year, but being me i decided to put only korean ones here, because it’s a kpop side in theory and i want to make other releases list on my main blog later anyway, but treat it however you want to

tagging: @taeminnomuyeppeo @taesaqua @rvrookie @haveagoodniceday @younqhoonie @notyuta @ncityzen @cappujinho @neomuniverse @soft-pentagon  and anyone else who wants to do this tbh (don’t feel obligated to do this ofc, i just want to know what are yours fave albums this year ☺️ also yes I’m still scared to tag some of my other mutuals I’m so sorry🏃)

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