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Task completed: No task done, brain just being wonky.

I really like the feeling of a stuffed animal’s fur on my nose. Like, I’ll just nuzzle into it and slowly rub my face back and forth because I really enjoy how soft it is.

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How do you process grief? My grandfather just died and I’m stuck between bawling my eyes out and just staring into space

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Why confront your problems when you can just hyperfixate on Minecraft youtubers/streamers and cry haha

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i think we all need more praise for the extra effort we as neurodivergent and disabled people have to put into every day life! yes, even if you can’t tell!

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despite adhd being so common and widely researched there’s so little GOOD representation of it in media.

The only instance i can think of that’s not half bad is Luke from Modern Family but even then it’s only ever mentioned like once or twice as something that he MIGHT have, until claire and phil shut it down.

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Idk if this is a neurodivergent thing or a religious trauma thing but my pattern recognition is often triggered at my job as a receptionist. I see like 300 names a day but if I see two people named Maya I’m gripped by the intense feeling that that means something.

Numbers too. I’ll be like, it seems like certain birthdays keep showing up. And maybe birthdays are kinda clustered but mostly it’s just random. I’m smart enough to notice and remember certain dates that I arbitrarily started noticing and assigning significance to but not smart enough to accurately analyze this much data. I’m just sitting here processing names and numbers all day and it drives me a little crazy.

But I also know that my emotional associations with numbers are why I’m so good at remembering them which helps me type fast and be good at my job so i dk.

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So my boss has done something kind of shitty. But I’m going to try to use it to better myself.

Basically my boss has said cashiers start an hour after the store has opened because there’s not enough foot traffic to justify it.

So I think I am going to try to get on a set sleep schedule. Going to bed at 11 pm and getting up at 7 am.

I’ve never really had a set sleep schedule since high school because of worked retail. And at other stores the hours varied so wildly that you just went to bed whenever would get you eight hours of sleep.

Plus this allows me an hour of me time at the end of the night. Because while I love my husband I often just need an hour by myself to play video games or read or plan my D&D campaign.

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idk yall like i just think making fun of kids on the internet for strange behaviour that only really harms themselves (so to be clear this ISNT about saying the n word and whatnot) is kinda shitty and not helpful? like i know some ppl like to joke about bullying the cringe out of em but as someone who was bullied for being really cringey i can tell you it probably wont work and even if it did like it aint worth it bro

the better course of action is to 1) consider whether you should just drop it? like if its not hurting anyone who cares and/or 2) try making the world a nicer place for them? befriend them? just be cool???

most of these kids act weird as a defensive mechanism whether it be to try and communicate in a way forces people to listen (growling, hissing, etc) or to try and escape into a world that they know will be kinder to them (claiming their favourite book is real in a different universe and that they can travel there, acting like a weird anime protag, etc) because they think the world will always be an inhospitable place to them and all youre doing by trying to force them to be normal (read: make your life more comfortable by not having to confront the horror of being mildly socially uncomfortable or w/e) is proving them right

and i say kids cause i found the world a lot kinder as an adult in many ways and managed to develop some decent social skills through having actual friends who treated me well even when i was weird and cringe but this goes for adults too

idk it just seems like yall talk a lot about supporting neurodivergent and mentally ill people until you have to take even the smallest step out of your comfort zone and have to see someone make a weird noise in public or something

and most of the things i see paraded around are like

completely avoidable if you just block a few tags or stop actively seeking them out

its not even like you HAVE to interact with them

idk im just mad

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every day, someone likes my posts on tumblr dot com, and every day as i click the notification i am presented with a set of words i have never written.

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sometimes im like “im capable of managing my adhd without help” and then i remember that one time my roommate didnt say goodnight before he went to bed and i experienced the span of time between sunset and 5am in 3 blinks

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I made an appointment to see someone about my ADHD for the first time in seven years…I’m proud of myself but very nervous…I hope it goes ok.

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It’s so weird having noise sensitivity but also having auditory processing issues like I can hear a bee flying over a car that’s a few feet away but I can’t hear what someone is saying to me unless they repeat themself like 10 times

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Quick reminder that there’s a huge overlap bt autistic & adhd experiences, and anyone is welcome to reblog (and relate to!) any of my posts on those topics!

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a poem about ADHD.

Understanding ADHD (A Little More Like Me) - a poem about being newly diagnosed, trying to find a way to get to know your ADHD brain.

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