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School: we’re continuing all classes online!

My ADHD brain: oh so what you’re saying is Time doesn’t exist, Sleep Schedules are no longer apparent, and The Classes may still exist but only as a strange distant entity that I can no longer interact with in any meaningful way

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its like. will adhd hurt me forever? will rsd plague the back of my mind until the day i die? will i always be unsure of my place in the world no matter how many times im told im welcome? will i always have to fight myself? can i be at peace? can i exist? am i allowed? am i allowed? can i be happy? is that allowed? will this guilt ever subside? can i feel without it being burdensome? can i exist? can i exist? can i exist? can i exist please?

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hey genuine question for my adhd friends uh do y'all know any meds that can help me focus but doesn’t suppress my emotions too bad? my vyvanse is good for making me focus but it suppresses my emotions so much that i just feel so sad i can’t do anything. i’m on depression meds and the vyvanse is even suppressing That so any help would be great

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so i’m super poor but also seriously understimulated and need stims that won’t make my symptoms worse!

basically among other stuff i’m photosensitive and motion sensitive (flashing lights and fast/shaky movement give me migraines, muscle spasms etc) & have bad chronic pain and joint issues so i can’t play most free mobile games & i can’t play anything with violence. stuff that’s meant to be calming tends to just make me painfully bored. i like pocket camp but can hardly ever manage to play it

so does anyone know of any nonviolent but still engaging games without strobing/flickering/shaky cam or loud sounds, that are free to play online or on windows 10? i don’t know if that’s a thing that exists but i’d love suggestions if anyone has any!

(edit: also need captions, since i have auditory processing disorder)

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I’m an undergraduate studying psychology. I also have ADHD (diagnosed, medicated) and very likely am autistic, or at the very least have strong autistic traits (noted by professionals).

I just feel so stupid because of my neurodiversity, or maybe I just actually am somewhat of an idiot.

I just got essentially fired from my psych lab job. “Essentially” because I’m technically allowed back but only under the premise that there’d be a plan for me to improve. Either way, I’ve been rejected from doing an honors thesis in this lab. Probably no recommendation (which I really needed).

I’ve held down a few jobs before successfully (childcare, research job) but this isn’t the first time I’ve been either fired or almost fired. It’s happened once at a camp, and now.

From what was said, it seems to be because of me being unable to learn fast enough? Even after (sometimes subtle seeming) correction? Forgetting a few things that I really tried to remember. For struggling with some lab tasks and having to ask a lot of questions that maybe I shouldn’t need to ask? There were a few times that I misunderstood a task and thought I was doing it totally correctly when I was not. As hard as I tried it seems like I didn’t remediate fast enough.

I know I should be better than this. I just don’t know why I’m not. I feel so slow and useless.

AS A STUDENT, I get really good grades, mostly A-‘s. IM NOT A SLACKER. I try so hard in all my classes, and seem to be actually competent at that.

I just want to know if there’s any successful psychologists out there that have adhd and/or autism that struggle with this, or if maybe I’m just never gonna get the hang of……. holding down a psych job? Or any job ?

I enjoy research, but I’m generally more inclined towards the clinical side. FUCK if I’m bad at this stuff, how am I ever going to do well as a clinician???? I love to delve into peoples problems, but how are people going to want to do that with someone who has trouble with social interaction ? Is psych just not meant for me? I really love psychology, and have planned on this being the foundation of my career. It really interests me, and that’s why I excel in my classes. But maybe I’ll never succeed in it professionally.

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