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npdsafe · 9 months ago
Things that don’t make you a bad person:
Displaying “scary” symptoms of mental illness
Being diagnosed with multiple disorders
Having one or various personality disorders
Being diagnosed with NPD, BPD, or ASPD
Having very low empathy, or no empathy
Having symptoms that cause anger, emptiness, or paranoia
Having triggers or “strange” personal boundaries
Needing extra help or accommodations
Having intrusive thoughts about upsetting or scary topics
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siickangel · 4 months ago
“you’re so quiet” i’m dissociating and ive lost connection with reality
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lilwarehouse · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
One word from you and I would jump off of this ledge I'm on.
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foggybruise · a year ago
I wasnt loved as a child so now I'm evil and dont go to bed on time
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siickangel · 4 months ago
“are you okay?” no i’m not can we please change the subject before i start crying
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