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jay-the-day-away · 2 days ago
Un-normalize having to apologize for not getting the joke. Eradicate having to insult your own intelligence just because you find someone else to be unclear. You have nothing to be sorry for. You've done nothing wrong. People who call you dumb or mock you, or even just expect you to apologize for the way your brain works, are ableist shits who don't deserve you.
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ndcultureis · 2 days ago
nd culture is having over 200 songs in your playlist yet only listening to one on loop for a week straight
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80hd-izaya · a day ago
I just want to let everyone know that the witch school bell in the owl house is a very good visual depiction of what it feels like to hear a school bell in THIS world on a bad sensory day.
Tumblr media
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Edible stim tools
Ever wanted to take a sip from a sensory bottle, munch on some butter slime, pop in a tide pod, or cronch some rocks? Don’t do that, it’s not safe! Go for these instead! 
Marshmallow butter slime 
Taste-safe (not quite “edible”) moonsand 
Kool-Aid playdoh 
Edible glitter 
Crystal sticks 
Agar orbeez 
Hot cocoa slime 
Pudding slime
Fully edible moonsand 
Jello shots Tide pods
Seed slime 
Edible noise shaker 
Starburst butter slime 
Choco rocks 
Tide pods that won’t kill you recipe 
Semi-clear slime 
Kool-Aid sand 
Jelly orbeez 
Edible glitter bottle / potion 
Psyllium slime 
Complicated agar tide pods
Peeps playdoh 
Taste-safe oobleck 
Nutella slime 
Yogurt dough 
Choco playdoh 
DND dice 
A few edible slimes and spins on the recipes 
Crystal hoard 
Water seed beads 
Whiskey Tide Pods
Pizza slime
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irljackieboy · 2 months ago
boy my neuro sure is diverging today
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autisticprincezelda · 10 months ago
Not to be cringe but *enjoys my interests in a fun, harmless little way that makes me happy*
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mental-ch-illness · 5 months ago
“what’s wrong with you?” bitch what isn’t
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tfw-adhd · a year ago
Tumblr media
This ADHD and Autism Venn Diagram was requested even more highly than the ADHD and PTSD diagram, and I finally got round to making it...
(Click here to see other diagrams)
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bluest-fluff · 27 days ago
This one's for my neurodivergent friends who need the affirmation: the right people will not merely tolerate your differences. The right people will appreciate you for your differences. This appreciation can take many forms. I know the ND life can get lonely and uncertain, but there will be people who enjoy your flavor of weird. If they don't, they're not the right people.
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ndcultureis · a day ago
nd culture is your parents knowing about your mental illnesses and believing it's all valid, but still being shit at treating you with respect for/awareness of those illnesses (not even maliciously, they just don't quite... get it)
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alienjuuce · 2 months ago
pov your memory is so bad that you forget your interests and own age
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justlgbtthings · 8 months ago
sorry I'm not trying to make fun of you I'm just neurodivergent so I copied all of your speech patterns and mannerisms subconsciously. do you still like me
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orniidiien · a year ago
yall with adhd or autism or such ever just get.... bored. like so Painfully bored. like its not “oh hehe i was so bored and i made this” to flex or “oh im so bored bc i have nothing to do” but like a “i am physically incapable of ending this horrible understimulation with any activity i might attempt” and its genuinely fucking painful
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thedirtywordworld · 2 months ago
shout out to my homies who experience emotions and empathy in a way that is not conventional
you are not a monster for having low or no empathy
you are not sensitive for being hyperempathetic
you are not heartless for having alexithymia
you are not too much for experiencing emotional dysregulation
you are not clingy or a bad person if you have no emotional permanence 
the way we are, and the way we experience the world is just as beautiful, and just as human as the neurotypical ideas about emotion
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rowandor · a month ago
How Goblincore directly appeals to the Neurodiverse and Disabled
🍄 The focus on dark greens, browns and earthier colors helps prevent eye strain and sensory overload
🍄 The emphasis on getting dirty and not being super tidy all the time appeals to disabled people who may struggle with upkeep of themselves, their clothes and their environments
🍄 Collecting, especially of shiny things and those of sentimental value, is a great hobby for people with hyperfixations
🍄 Speaking of which, hyperfixations are actively encouraged in the Goblin community. Infodumping is a love language, and I’ve found that this community really respects that
🍄 Worn-out clothing is often very soft, which helps with sensory issues, and the emphasis on layering may provide a comfortable weight to those who enjoy pressure
🍄 Strange eating habits are often considered a staple of Goblincore culture. If you can’t see the appeal of this to a Neurodiverse person, I don’t know what to tell you
🍄 Goblincore is directly focused on Diversity. I’ve seen many Jewish people put forth the opinion that, as long as those who enjoy Goblincore steer clear of harmful stereotypes like greediness, money-hoarding and large noses, then being a Goblin is fine. If you disagree, that’s completely fine, but most Goblincore Enthusiasts have no intention of harming anyone (usually, there’s always someone in every community of course. Try to ignore them).
🍄 Goblincore directly banks off of imperfection. Unlike Cottagecore and Dark Academia, where there can be the pressure to do things in an aesthetically perfect way, Goblincore thrives off of instability and imperfection, a feat very few modern aesthetics achieve
🍄 A connection to nature is very appealing to Neurodiverse and Disabled folks, and the emphasis on decorating your room with nature can be very helpful to those who are bedbound and generally unable to leave home much
🍄 The fashion is simplistic yet stylish, which is very nice for someone who may struggle change clothes often or go with more complex beauty trends. There’s an emphasis on naturalness in Goblincore
🍄 Involves both indoor and outdoor hobbies, which is very good for all types of neurodiverse and disabled people, whether you can’t leave the house much, or can’t stand being cooped up inside
🍄 What Neurodiverse/Disabled person doesn’t want to be a frog resting on a dew-covered mushroom in the middle of autumn and finally achieving inner peace?
🍄 Many Traumatized, Disabled and Neurodiverse people gravitate towards things that untraumatized abled people may consider “creepy” or “weird”. By showing love to things like snails, rats, mushrooms and bugs, those with trauma reassert their own existence. We care for ugly and broken things because, on some level, it’s reaffirming that they deserve to exist and therefore so do we. When we care for a “creepy” rat or fill our comfort terrariums with bugs, it’s a way of affirming our healing and identity, and I think that’s really beautiful.
(Please take this with a grain of salt, I mean no offense by any of this. If you disagree, then disagree, but don't be a clown in the comments.)
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