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bad kids but that one episode that had an arcade and instantly made me think of cabinet man

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I wish the fantasy high fandom had a bigger multiship element cause i think kristin x adaine would be neat :))

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congratulations to Fabian and Aelwyn for finding the only dynamic more insufferable than being a disastrous couple. everybody’s always asking Adaine to verify if whatever bullshit the two of them are coming up with now is real or not (most of the time it’s not). “hey Adaine is it really illegal to wear white linens to a high elven dinner party? i heard Fabian and Aelwyn say–” “i don’t even know please leave me alone”

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Ruz and Adaine end up together in the end, just because.

This, of course, leads to a lot of “ball and chain” jokes

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“Are we really sure that this is necessary?”

“Don’t be such a baby about it!”

“I’m not being a baby, I just don’t see how this would ever be relevant to my life—“

“May I remind you that your dear mother tried to heat up a whole cantaloupe in a pan in an attempt to make it ‘pop’ when I went on a short vacation, Master Fabian?”, Cathilda interrupts Adaine’s and Fabian’s argument.

Fabian opens his mouth to speak, then shuts it again before crossing his arms over his chest. Cathilda regards him fondly and pats him on the shoulder.

“Master Fabian, there might as well come a time where you will have no one to take care of your food, so I have to agree with Mistress Adaine. A little bit of independence never hurt anyone”, she says and watches as Adaine smiles triumphantly.

“And I do not want to risk you or your mother hurting yourself over such a simple thing as a cantaloupe.”

“Okay, maybe the cantaloupe was a bit of a disaster, but I feel like we can put it aside now”, Fabian says only for Adaine to mouth “A whole cantaloupe. In a pan!” at him. Cathilda pretends that she doesn’t notice and steps closer to the kitchen counter.

“So, Master Fabian, are you ready for a new challenge?”, she asks with a smile and feels accomplished when she sees Fabian’s eyes spark. He’s still his father’s darling boy and backing down from a challenge was nothing that Bill ever did.

“Well. I guess. Let’s make some pasta.”

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C: Cooking for @dimension20alphabet 

Summary:  With all the adults in Mordred Manor gone at the same time, which is a rare occasion, the girls of the house decided they were going to try and cook something for themselves. With this group of teenagers, what could possibly go wrong?

Characters: Aelwyn Abernant, Adaine Abernant, Kristen Applebees, and Fig Faeth

Word Count: 1.5k

read on ao3!!

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“You ready?” Fabian asked, gently reaching out and letting his hand hover for a beat above her shoulder before it landed, giving her just enough time to lean away if she needed to. He was watching her, steady and careful, eyes shining in the dim lamplight of the lobby. His suit was tailored to perfection, of course, he’d probably been to a dozen of these things, probably grew up knowing exactly how to act and how to move gracefully through a crowd just like he did in battle and- god. Adaine needed to pull herself together. She didn’t have time to spiral about the fluttering electric uncertainty in her stomach when Fabian smiled at her, they were on a mission.  

She nodded shakily, gritting her teeth into what was surely an unholy grimace-smile amalgamation, but to his credit, Fabian didn’t falter. He just smiled, effortless and confident, and tucked her arm into the crook of his elbow. “Spring break, I believe in you,” he whispered, and even though there wasn’t any bardic magic in his words- not yet, they might need it later in the night, Adaine was still hoarding her divination rolls for the day in case it all went sideways- they still comforted her.


check out @dimension20alphabet to keep up with the rest of the event!!

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Sibling rivalries where one sibling is greatly preferred by the parents for being more skilled, but the other one is actually well liked by outsiders, and both siblings are jealous of each other are my favorite thing

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Cis!het Adaine is a utility caster who doesn’t have any attacking spells, and spends every battle in the back row, hiding behind one of the boys

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Fabian white knight’s Adaine and Aelwyn, and is the one to kill their dad

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Prompt fill #2 for @dimension20alphabet:



Adaine finds the first book two weeks after Aelwyn moves into her room. At first she is confused because Adaine knows her books and the one she finds lying on top of her pillow has a blue cover with silver rimming that she’s never seen before. As she steps closer and takes it into her hand she wonders if Aelwyn forgot it here.

The title reads “Divinatory Practices Across The World”.

It certainly doesn’t seem like a book Aelwyn would be interested in so Adaine sits down on her bed, opens the book and flips through the pages. She finds it interesting to read about divination magic in other nations, especially because she insists on being the oracle to all people.

When Aelwyn comes back she finds Adaine still reading on her bed.

“Is this yours?”, Adaine asks as Aelwyn takes off her jacket and kicks her shoes into the corner behind the door. Aelwyn’s eyes dart over to her.

“No”, she says before she starts rummaging through her closet.

Adaine considers asking more questions, but the book is too interesting to stop reading. She files her questions away for later and opens the book again.

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Riz knows that he’s a good detective. He has solved many mysteries, big mysteries even. He solved the case of his missing friend Penny, he solved the case of his dad, he solved—or well, helped solve—the puzzle of The Nightmare King. He’s good at his job.

But there is one mystery Riz has trouble solving, and that is the mystery of himself.

He’s not good at asking for help even though he’s sure he could need some. Maybe he could talk about this with his mom. The thought of that alone makes him break out in a nervous sweat. It was already kind of the worst to talk to his dad about it. Jawbone is probably good at this, but Jawbone is poly and had sex with many people just like everyone else he knows.

Everyone else he knows is just so goddamn horny. All the damn time.

Riz stops pacing in front of his desk and stares out of the window for what feels like two minutes straight but is probably only a millisecond.

Finally he decides to be brave. He managed to walk through the forest of the nightmare king, this is going to be a piece of cake. No big deal. As easy as stabbing a huge dragon, probably.

His mom is sitting at the kitchen table buried in a bunch of papers and thick textbooks.

“Hey mom. Can I—uh. Can I ask you something?”

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