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#adam driver

Originally posted by gaybuckybarnes

“My feet.”

Adam emerges from the bedroom stark-naked, bleary-eyed as he pads towards the counter. Toes wriggle as he hops about, making more than a bit of a racket in your shitty one-bedroom apartment.

You lick the yoghurt from the back of your spoon while sitting awkwardly on the sofa, examining the tub. Contains probiotics. Those sound…good.

“Your feet, huh?”

The fridge door opens and closes; the sound of plastic from the juice carton as Adam gulps down a few mouthfuls. A sound hitches in his throat as you hear him moving closer; and Adam just so happens to put his whole fucking foot on your shoulder from behind.


Shivers run right through you at his ice-cold foot unceremoniously slumping on your collar, and you nearly drop the damned spoon without a moment’s thought.

“Fuck’s sake, Adam!”

He pulls it back, moving around the couch and nearly tripping over the edge of the fucking couch. Nothing’s left to the imagination as his morning wood juts to his stomach; right up until Adam bends down to eye level with you.

“You’re a fucking…blanket raccoon. You hoard blankets for some fuckin’ evil nest, and now I’m dying of frostbite.”

You pinch his cheek, turning his lip upward on one side.

“I bought you socks. Top drawer. Avocados on them.”

Adam leans in, kissing the tip of your nose with stale breath.

“Next time you steal the blankets,” Adam puts his hand on your shoulder, “the cold foot’s going elsewhere.”

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Slow Burn: Epilogue (Clyde Logan x reader)


Originally posted by bai-feng-jiu

*Three years later (2020)*

Clyde wakes up, his wife’s head on his chest. He smiles, kisses her head, then carefully gets up so he doesn’t wake her up. He walks down the hallway of their home. They bought a house shortly after getting married in 2018. He walks downstairs, makes breakfast. Clyde has been trying to keep some semblance of a schedule while in quarantine. His wife, (Y/n) wasn’t too concerned about keeping a schedule, but she’d go along with his schedule.

(Y/n) wakes up and stretches, yawning. She walks downstairs, sees Clyde in the kitchen. She smiles, “Good mornin’, my handsome husband.” She never got tired of saying that he’s her husband.

Clyde burns some bacon, “Good mornin’, my beautiful wife.” He smiles, cooking for the two of them.

(Y/n) pours them both each a cup of coffee, makes Clyde’s how he likes it, then makes hers.

Clyde smiles, sips his coffee, “Thank you babe.” He kisses her cheek, she returns the favor, then she walks to the living room.

(Y/n) turns on her favorite show, Girls, even though she’s seen it many times before. Clyde doesn’t mind the show, he thinks it does have some funny moments.

Around 5 in the afternoon, Clyde’s cuddling (Y/n), his head on her stomach, her fingers in his hair. He had been thinking about asking her for a baby for a while, but he figured a baby could wait for now, due to the state of the world. He looks up at (Y/n), “Want to play a game or somethin’ tonight?”

(Y/n) giggles, “What kinda game?” She kisses Clyde softly, he kisses back, smiles. (Y/n) smiles, plays with his hair.

Clyde chuckles, “Maybe a board game or somethin’, I know, not too excitin’.”

(Y/n) smiles, “Love, I married you because I love you, not for bein’ jerked around left and right by action.”

Clyde sits up and pulls her into his lap, “I love you too, sometimes I can’t believe I got so lucky, gettin’ to marry you.”

(Y/n) cuddles Clyde, “Well, you did, and you’re stuck with me, handsome.”

Later that night, (Y/n) and Clyde play Sorry™, (Y/n) was losing, but she didn’t care, it was worth it to see Clyde’s smile.

After the game, Clyde kisses (Y/n) and pulls her close. She kisses back and climbs into his lap, deepening the kiss. Clyde lays her down and kisses her neck, she moans and giggles a little, his facial hair tickling her neck. Clothes quickly come off, while they kiss and smile. (Y/n) straddles Clyde, gently lowers herself onto his cock, rides him slow and hard. Clyde smirks and moans, watching her. He likes when she takes charge, but he also enjoys dominating her. (Y/n) speeds up her riding, causing Clyde to feel weak in the knees. They both cum one right after the other, and Clyde gently pulls her close, rubs her back. She falls asleep on his chest, totally relaxed.

Waking up in bed, (Y/n) sits up, seeing Clyde hard passed out. She gently moves his hair out of his face and kisses his cheek. She gets up and walks down the hallway, suddenly overcome with the urge to vomit. She bolts to the bathroom, purging her stomach into the toilet. When she’s done, she sits up, she thinks back on the last several weeks, she hasn’t eaten anything that would make her sick. She and Clyde haven’t worn condoms, ever, they’ve relied on birth control. She wonders if she could be pregnant.

Getting dressed, (Y/n)’s careful to not wake him, and she writes him a note telling him that she went to the store, she’ll be back soon.

(Y/n) goes to the store, buys a few pregnancy tests. She drives home, hoping that Clyde’s still asleep.

Clyde wakes up and sees the note, decided to make some brunch food for him and (Y/n).

(Y/n) walks in and kisses Clyde’s cheek, then goes to the bathroom.

After half an hour, she looks at all the tests, every single one was positive. She panicked, would Clyde want kids right now? Are they ready as a couple? Will having children ruin them as a couple?

Clyde knocks on the bathroom door, “Darlin’, are you okay?” He slowly opens the door, “What’s goin’ on?”

(Y/n) looks up at Clyde, blurts out, “I’m pregnant.”

Clyde grins and picks her up, kissed her deeply, she kisses back and giggles. He smiles, “That’s amazin’!”

-The End-

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Boi howdy watching Paterson again and I noticed something.

Beginning of movie Laura mentions a dream about her and Paterson having twins. And throughout the movie you see twins from the twins Paterson sees walking to work,brothers in bar, twins on the bus, girl who shared her poem to Paterson and guess what has a twin sister.

Basically Paterson and Laura will have twins one day lol it’s a sign

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I am so sorry for the delay, but here it is! Also thank you for the kind words, it warms my wee heart!


Originally posted by driverdaily

It’s not the first time he’s been shot. You’ve been in this exact scenario before: getting a call and rushing to the hospital, finding him still tipsy from pain meds but composed for you, ready to soothe your fear.

“Don’t worry honey, I knew what I was doing. Jimmy had my back the whole time and it was all under control. Well, mostly.“

He speaks so assuredly but you can see his eyes darting towards where Jimmy is nursing his own wound, as if dreading the older detective will keel over at any moment.

Flip rarely says these things out loud, but he cares deeply about the people in his life. You are the pillar of stability in his personal life, Ron and Jimmy are his pillars of stability at work. You don’t even want to think what losing any of his people would do to him. It’s a well-hidden, yet deeply rooted fear of his and right now it’s closer to the surface than ever.

You turn to your husband’s colleague. “Jimmy you ok?“

“A-Okay,“ he chirps and gives a thumbs up, knowing exactly what you are doing. “It’s nothing more than a bullet graze. Unlike someone else, I’ll easily be discharged tonight“.

Flip returns Jimmy’s meaningful look with a glower, but a glower that speaks of relief. Tension leaves his body and he finally rests his head on the pillow. His hand blindly seeks out yours and squeezes it tightly, expressing the things he can’t bring himself to verbalize just yet.

You know he’ll bring it up in his own time. Meanwhile, he could use some distraction from all the heavy thoughts. Leaning close to his ear, you whisper: “Do you still favour the red Jell-O?“

His eyes shoot open. “You have some?“

 You pull the precious loot from the deep pockets of your coat. “I swiped it off a passing nurse’s cart.“

“Oh honey, this is why I love you.“

“That’s theft, a violation of the law we represent,“ pipes up a third voice.

“Shut up, Jimmy. You’ll get some too.“

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Request: Can I request for Kylo Ren? The reader knew him before he left for the dark side, and during that time, they had feelings for each other. When he left, she joined the resistance. When Chewie gets taken by the knights of Ren, it was the reader instead who was taken. When Rey tries to get the ship that was thought the reader was on back as she was battling Kylo, it was when she thought she had killed her and Kylo didn’t know that she was supposedly to be on the ship until Rey screamed her name. He finds her alive when he goes back to base as she was trying to escape with Finn, Poe, and Rey. She convinces him to back with her to the Resistance and they start a relationship in the end.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1426

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Your (E/C) gaze focused on a single red light as you  stood in thought, hidden away in a tiny supply closet aboard the First Order Star Destroyer. As your heart pounded against your chest, you bit down on your lower lip.  The darkness emanating from Kylo - Ben Solo - plagued the entire atmosphere of the ship. Being Force sensitive yourself, it was sickening to sense  around you. Although you hadn’t openly embraced the dark side, its pull on your Force Energy was numbing, almost as if it didn’t need your consent to take over your mind and soul. 

A soft sigh escaped your plush lips as your hand fell to the silver saber clipped at your side. With your finger, you tapped against the warm metal. The others were on the opposite side of the ship preparing to capture the ship again to leave, waiting for you to hurry back to them before escaping. It was only a matter of time before you all were stormed with troopers, putting urgency on your escape even further. 

You carefully rolled up your sleeves to your elbow as the  raw skin around your wrists from yanking yourself from the durasteel restraints that held you captive stung. The First Ordered had captured you, separating you from the Resistance. When you learned that they had boarded the ship, you forced yourself out of captivity. That the stars that you had been able to reach out to Rey and assure her that you would meet up with that, that you were alright for the time being. 

Huffing out, you used the Force to push open the door and bolted out of the supply closet. You darted down the gloomy corridor, sending life forms every now and again to avoid them crossing your path. The echo of clicking boots sounded through the halls, stopping you in your tracks. Your foot slid back as a pair of troopers rounded the corner, but before they could raise their blasters to you, you slammed them against one another to knock them out in an instant. 

Your eyes widened, heart sinking as a chill ran down your smile. “Ben…” you breathed out in retaliation, sensing the very man you had been waiting to meet him once more after years of being apart. For years, you worried for him as you could sense his pain ever so slightly through your bond with him through the Force. There was no telling what was happening to him, but it certainly couldn’t be anything that he deserved. 

“You’re really here?” you heard a familiar voice breath out in disbelief, his modulator distorting his deep voice. Breaking from your thought, you turned to him, his broad form wrapped in his black cloak. Kylo took his mask by the sides to pull it off of his head, holding it at his side as his honey brown eyes stared at you as if he had seen a ghost. Tears pricked the corner so his orbs as he took in the sight of you before him.

Sensing no ill intent within the man, your muscles relaxed with slight hesitation. “Of course I am. Your Order kidnapped me and brought me here.”

“When they told me they captured you, I couldn’t believe that it was you,” he came to confess in a low tone of voice. 

“I’m here now, but I’m not staying,” you glared at Kylo. He was still a new person, far different from who he was during his Padawan days. Deep down, however, you had faith that he would cease to hurt you in retaliation to your escape. There was still a glimmer of hope in him as the light side still burned with the darkness that had consumed him. Although it was nothing but a tiny flame, there was still something in him that proved he was not too far gone. “please don’t try to stop me. Don’t let it come down to us fighting. I don’t want to have to hurt you.” 

Kylo’s free hand balled into a tight fist at his side, gaze ceasing to fall from you. He swallowed a lump stuck in his throat as he tried desperately to stop his tears. “Even after all this, I could never do that to you, (Y/N),” In the years that you were apart, although it had been ingrained in him to let everything of his past go, you were the one thing that he refused to forget about. 

Your heart rate skyrocketed as he breathed out, still pounding in your chest. The pain in his eyes was fresh, as if it had been ages since the last time he let himself accept his emotions. It radiated from his aura, just how much he hurt. What in the stars had he been subjected 

You were his trigger. 

“Ben, leave all of this. Leave the First Order and everything else behind. Come back with me, we miss you,” you pleaded with him suddenly, tears welling up in the corners of your eyes. “your mother wants to see you again and she tells me every day that she would do anything to have you back. Chewie, even if he is willing to try accepting you back over time. But me? I’ve been so lost without you, worrying about you every day. I don’t want you back. I need you back.”

“You know as well as I do that I can’t do that, (Y/N),” Kylo insisted. The very moment that he betrayed Luke and joined under Snoke, he assumed that he had damned himself to such a life. How could he ever deserve anything different than the pain that he had led himself into? 

“You’re wrong,” you shook your head in protest. “there isn’t anything stopping you from coming with me. I know that you don’t want this, and that you want to put an end to Palpatine. If you just come with me, then we can do that together. And then we don’t need to be apart again. I kriffing miss you, Ben. I really do want you back. I’ve never stopped loving you since we were Padawan, even now I still do.” 

“You what?” Kylo froze, eyes sharp on your gaze as he stared deeply into it. 

“I love you,” You slowly approached Kylo, reaching your hand out for him. “come with me. I miss you so much and want nothing more than to have you with me again. I can sense the pain and I want to take that all away from you. If you would let me.” 

His mask dropped to the floor with a metallic crash, eyes flickering down to your hand. “I-“ he started to say until he stopped himself.  “I swear on the Force that I won’t leave you again,” Kylo promised, reaching for your hand. He gave it a small squeeze, taking in how warm your Force aura was after missing it for so long. “we can’t go with your friends, it’ll be too suspicious. Tell them to leave without you and we can go to my personal ship.”


“No buts. Just listen to me,” he begged. “trust me on this.” 

“Fine,” you sighed, holding his hand close to you. After you spoke out through the Force to Rey to assure her that you were alright and had a way off of the ship, your focus returned to the raven haired man. “where do we go?” 

“Just follow me,” was all he said before he dragged you along with him, racing down the long hallways of the star destroyer for his personal hangar bay. As the Supreme Leader, he had his own shuttle in a bay with no other ships, a private wing. He huffed out as he scanned the hangar bay, thanking the Force that there were no officers or workers in sight. “come on, you’re going to need to sit in my lap. I’m sorry about the lack of space,” he apologized. 

Kylo hopped up onto the top of the TIE, using the Force to lift you up with him. He opened the hatch and let himself in, standing up as his gaze returned to you. “(Y/N)?” 

“Yes?” you raised an eyebrow as he stalled. 

“I want you to know that I love you too,” he whispered softly, pulling you in close by your tunic. Your lips collided with his, instinctively melting right into the kiss. Your hand trailed up to cup his freckled cheek, caressing his soft skin soothingly. “I always have, and I always will. That’s a promise.”

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A/N: you sure can! I hope you like it :)

warnings: explicit, kylo is not very nice, until he is, violence against the reader, slut shaming.


Originally posted by darkestsiide

Working as Hux’s secretary had it’s ups and downs, the man was usually in a terrible mood, he demanded perfection from you and you were constantly running up and down the halls of the ship delivering news and updates, but you liked it, it’s was going to make you resume impeccable, and you were sure that you could get every single job your heart desired if you were ever to leave your current position. Despite the downsides of working for the General, the worst part of your job was Commander Ren, every time you went to deliver something to him, you felt your heartbeat on your ears, you knew it could be the last time you ever talked in your life, after all, he was known for killing messagers. It wasn’t unusual for him to leave Hux’s office with rage boiling and leaving through every pore of his body, and it wasn’t unusual for your work table to be the one to suffer with his temper. If the General’s anger was a wave, Ren’s was a tsunami.

You were walking through the Starkiller base once again, your heels clicking on the floor, anxiety eating your insides. You were making your way to the Commander, to let him know that once again the teams responsible to find the map he desperately needed failed their task. You knew it was a touchy subject for him, and that it usually led to the destruction of entire rooms, this time you were pretty sure that you would meet your creator, but a job is a job and you wouldn’t let Hux down. It didn’t take you long to see a tall black figure standing on the command bridge. Carefully, you got near him, trying to think of the best way to tell him what you needed without angering him too much.

“S-sir” you whispered trying to get his attention, in which you failed. “Commander Ren” you said, this time being capable to make your voice sound steady and hearable leading the black figure to turn your way, obligating you to see the mask that haunted your nightmares, he gave you a short nod as signal that you should continue “General Hux sent me to tell you that the team responsible to find the map still hasn’t been able to locate it, Sir”. His hands closed in fists and your chest tightened, you were terrified.

“Follow me” the mechanic voice you feared so much said as Ren stared to make his way out of the bridge with loud and determined steps. Quickly, you started to follow him through the ship’s halls, quickening your pace to keep up with his. When you entered a desert conference room confusion overpowered your fear, the Commander didn’t have a problem to kill anyone in front of a crowd of people, so why would he bring you here. Your thoughts were cut off by his voice “On your knees”. Trembling, you got slowly on your knees, keeping your eyes closed and waiting to hear the sound of his lightsaber echoing through the room, letting you know that your end was coming soon.

The sound never came, in its place, you heard the sound of a zipper being open and clothing being moved, causing you to open your eyes. Right in front of your face, the swollen head of his cock rested in his hands, making you shiver and your cunt clench with arousal. Your eyes travelled to his mask trying to understand if you were really understanding what was going on there. Impatiently, his gloved hands took a fistfull of your hair guiding your face to his cock, making your lips rest on the tip of it. Opening your mouth, you gently put his red head against your tongue and sucking on it. Slowly, you put whatever you could fit of his length on your mouth and started to bob, what you couldn’t fit you made sure to tease with your hands, stroking it in the same rhythm that you sucked him. The small sounds coming from above encouraged you to be bold, attempting to take all of him inside your hole.

When the tip of his cock finally touched your throat and your nose started to get near his pelvis, he took control of the blowjob and started to roughly fuck your face, steading you with the hand with your hair as he started to move, making you gag on his cock. He gave powerful trusts in and out your mouth, you kept your hands on his covered thighs trying to keep yourself still, so he could fuck your mouth freely. Tears started to drop from your glossy eyes, and your cunt was aching to be touched, but not knowing if it was allowed and not wanting to end the moment you fought the urge to touch yourself and started to focus on the sounds Ren was making. As his rhythm started to become sloppier, his groans started to become louder, and suddenly, without any previous warning, you felt the taste of his salty release on your mouth. Quickly, he put his now softening cock back on his pants, leaving you behind with a face full of droll and a very confused mindset.

After the incident, as you called it, Ren didn’t acknowledge you existence for quite a while, every time he entered and left Hux’s office, his mask didn’t even turned to your side, making it seem like you weren’t even there. The news you gave him were replied with simple nods and nothing else. So you followed his lead, you ignored the constant dreams you had with him, the thoughts about his dick and everything that remembered you of the incident. For a month, things went well and you were finally leaving it behind. Until you got a message on your datapad. Ren was requesting your presence at his quarters.

That night he ate you out until you were a mess of sobs and pleas for him to fuck you, and he fucked you until you forgot how to say a word that wasn’t his name. After you saw his face, ignoring the indecent and constant thoughts you had of him became an impossible task, his brown eyes, his beautiful aquiline nose, the freckles panting his skins and his soft dark hair never seemed to leave your mind. Thankfully, your sexual encounters with him started to be more frequent after that, which didn’t stop him to be a total jerk to you.

There was never any aftercare, he never really talked to you if it wasn’t dirty talk or when you gave him something the General asked you to give, he sent you away immediately after you two were finished, and the tantrums he gave still often interfered with your job. You knew that to him you were just a cockwarm, but you couldn’t stop yourself from falling for him, he was so gorgeous and so powerful, whenever you were with him you felt safe, like nothing could touch or hurt you. You were sure he knew how you felt about him, your eyes gave it all up, the way you praised him during your moments with him were also an obvious evidence, but he never said anything. When he wasn’t fucking you, you were none of his concern.

Rumors spread really fast on the Starkiller and it wasn’t long before your encounters with the Commander started to become a subject to the gossip going through the ship halls. People called you “Ren’s slut”. You tried hard not to care, you knew that everything you achieved in your life was because of yourself and no one else, you also knew that you didn’t belong to him, but it still hurted. You had no one to talk about this with, no close friends, you couldn’t talk about this with your family and you couldn’t make yourself seem weak in front of the dark knight.

It was late in the night, you had just left your desk in front of the General’s office after a very long week, you were looking forward to go to the workers bar to get a drink and soon after, get your tired ass to your bed and sleep for at least ten hours. The walk to the bar was very uneventful and quiet, the bar was crowded with troopers without their masks celebrating the end of their shift. Silently, you made your way to the bar stools and asked a very colorful drink. When you finally sipped your drink a moan left your mouth, you hadn’t noticed how emotionally and physically tired you were until that very moment . Your week was a living hell, Hux had been specially mean, nothing you would do had seemed to please him, so you redid a lot of documents, ran through the base to get whatever he would fetch. You had also met the Commander every single night, leaving your body sore from the sexual effort and your head confused and hurt with his attitude. On top of that, you had dealt with the constant judging looks you would get and the whispers that followed you everywhere you went.

Your thoughts made you drink faster than you normally would. Seeing that you were a little tipsy, you decided that it was time to get back to your quarters and get your well deserved rest. Ignoring the nasty looks you were receiving, you made your way out of the bar focusing on keeping an unbothered posture, and everything seemed to be working out, until you were stopped by a group of male troopers saying all kind of nasty things to you. You tried to ignore it and fight the tears starting to accumulate on your eyes, but when you were finally getting away, a hand grabbed you arm.

“Come on, baby, I assure you that I can fuck you better than Ren can” the man said, the alcohol on his breath hitting your face. Slapping the hand holding you, you gritted through your teeth “I will never touch your disgusting dick”. His hand held you tighter as he pulled you towards his figure, his anger clear in his face. His other hand went straight to your neck, stopping the airflow in your throat, you could listen him calling you a bitch, but it seemed far away, the lack of air making you consciousness start to fade. You did your best to fight him, you scratched his arm, tried to kick him, but nothing worked, his grip on you continued too tight.

You woke up in the med bay, as you tried to move your neck you realised that you couldn’t, there was some kind of protection around it, you wondered how bad the bruises were, the next thing you tried was to talk, but that failed as well, you did make a noise, but it was like a whisper, that’s when you noticed you weren’t alone.

“Calm down, y/n, your vocal cords were damaged on the attack, you went through a small surgery to fix it, the doctor said it will take a couple of weeks for you to regain fully your vocal capacities” Kylo said, running his hands through your hair “But you can think in what you want to say, I’ll listen”

How did I get here? What happened?

“I sensed your distress and went to the bar to see what was happening, when I found you unconscious in that scum’s hand. I took care of em and rushed to get you here” for the first time since you met him he seemed vulnerable.

Why would you help me? I thought you didn’t care”

“I do care. I know I have been a jerk to you, and you don’t have to forgive me for it, I was just trying to push my feelings away, I don’t knowhow to deal with love, I never really felt loved in my life and so I convinced myself that love was a weakness. Until you came, with your praises, your soft eyes and started to break my walls, I was terrified of you and what you were doing to me, but I didn’t have the strength to stay away from you.”

Does that mean that you have a heart?

The question made a tiny smile crack in his face, and you wished that he would smile more, he was so beautiful like that. “I guess it does. And it belongs to you”.

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