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The Adam and Merc dynamic summed up.


Adam:*on task*…..


Mercury:So are Trojan condoms called that because sperm is a hidden threat inside uncharted territory.

Adam:For the love of god, dude it’s two in the morning. Don’t do this to me.



Mercury:Hehe. Coffee is just bean soup.

Adam:*stressed out groaning* Should’ve brought Neo!

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RWBY Ship Headcannons #59: Business Venture

  • Adam is probably the most aggressive person Roman has ever met, but he’s extremely chill with it. He calms down with a few well-places scratches to his scalp, especially around his horns.
  • They started out as a one night stand, but when Roman stuck around until morning Adam found himself increasingly curious about him. It led to a lot of weird stalking and awkward eye contact in the ensuing weeks. Then Roman had enough and told Adam to just stick around if he was gonna follow him so much, and here they are.
  • They smoke together.
  • Roman has a problem with his covered eye, but only Adam knows what it is and why he keeps it covered. Likewise, Roman has seen Adam’s scarred eye and thinks it’s kinda cute.
  • Neither of them actually like brewed coffee, but Roman likes eating coffee beans for whatever reason. As such Adam keeps a stock of them through any means possible, which means a lot of stolen coffee.

Thanks for the suggestion! Remember ask box is OPEN for Ship Summaries, Ship Trials and Headcannon Requests!

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Ruby: *opens the door to the dorm*

Blake: *Yelps in shock*

Yang: Ruby! Hi! You’re back early!

Ruby: Why was there a sock on the doorknob? And why is it so dark in here? And why are you two wearing matching lipstick? Also, when did Blake start wearing lipstick?

Blake: Umm… It belongs to her.

Yang: Damn right it does.

Blake: I was curious…

Yang: Damn right she was.

Blake: So we were sharing it?

Yang: Damn right we were.

Ruby: Okay… Nothing suspicious going on in here… Oh, but Blake, be more careful with that stuff it’s hard get rid of it

Blake: Yeah, thanks Ruby.

Adam: *come out the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel and see ruby as his body is cover with lipstick* oh heey

Ruby: oh hello they got lipstick on you

Adam: Yeah

Ruby: *shuts the door and walks away, when Weiss crosses her path*

Ruby: Oh hey, I found Yang and Blake they with some guy

Weiss: Are they still fucking in there?


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Adam was meant to be a Villain

Ok this is probably going to turn into a long post because there is a lot to talk about when it comes to Adam Taurus. I feel like this post is mostly going to be irrelevant because Adam’s death happened over two years ago (I think) so there’s probably no one else talking about this anymore. But I only started RWBY last year and I only recently began to be more vocal in this fandom (chatting with others, making fanfics etc.)

Disclaimer: I am not making this post to start any arguments/controversy, I just want to voice my own views and opinions on Adam, his character and how he was used in the series.

To begin: Adam was not meant to be a “tragic hero”.

Now don’t get me wrong, Adam IS a tragic character (maybe he was once seen as a hero by the Faunus, but that act was simply a facade so Adam could climb the ranks of the WF and “finally get what he deserved” I.e revenge against humans). He’s a clear example of what being consumed by hatred can do to you (Blake literally defines him as “spite” in Volume 4 so it checks out). However, I have seen people describe Adam as if he’s this fallen hero that was meant to be redeemed. Which I have to disagree with, as far as I’ve seen, Adam has shown no redeeming qualities whatsoever. He has never shown sympathy for others or regret of his actions, if anything his methods just got more extreme (which was the point of his character; being the definition of “spite”).

From what I’ve noticed, Adam’s death can bring up two very opposing sides of an argument (especially on Twitter and YouTube, where honestly the fandom is it’s most toxic), there are those that are happy with his death and those who wanted Adam to live. I’ve even seen posts saying that fans wanted Blake or Yang to die in Adams place. Which is just… not right. Blake and Yang are the main protagonists, while Adam is an antagonist. RWBY is a show about defeating evil and overcoming darkness. So to wish the main characters deaths in a show about hope and overcoming obstacles honestly just baffles me.

Now let’s quickly discuss Adam’s story: based on what we know from character shorts, his card in Amity Arena and some recent answers from the Volume 7 commentary, Adam has had a tragic past, suffering discrimination as a Faunus and even having his face permanently scarred. That alone is enough to mess someone up, possibly for life, which in Adam’s case is exactly what happens. These are the building blocks of a villain, it’s the whole point of his story, what happened in the past is Adam’s driving force for revenge against humans, and it’s the reason he’s so stubborn to change his ways. He can’t let go of the past.

Now don’t get me wrong, Adam hasn’t always been that way. Not exactly. The Adam Character Short shows the first time Adam kills someone, he was doing it to protect Ghira.


And what happens when he kills that person? He gets praised by the other Faunus around him.


You can see the surprise on his face when this happens, this is when he realises, he is strong (like it says in his AA card).


Now let’s move on to Adam’s main crime: His abuse of Blake.

Now let me first say this: not all abuse is physical. Adam’s control comes from manipulation, which is exactly what he uses against Blake (in Volume 6 Chapter 5, Blake describes to Yang how Adam used to get in her head and “make her feel small”)

Adam would control Blake with gaslighting, making her feel guilty for having doubts in him. He also brings up Blake’s parents, which he must know is a sensitive subject for Blake.


Also, Adam uses possessive language when describing Blake’s connection with him (which honestly is a line that’s never sat right with me and is a clear example of what language abusers/manipulators use to feel power over their victim).


Now let’s talk about his position in the White Fang. He started off small, following Sienna’s (and maybe even Ghira’s) lead. But he eventually kills her off and take the role of leader for himself.

Adam never believed in peace, and he doesn’t care about the other Faunus around him, he disguises his motives for a greater cause when in reality, he’s using the people around him to get what he wants.


Finally, let’s talk about his final fight against Yang and Blake. Both girls gave him a chance to leave multiple times and each time he refused and kept fighting. Adam was the cause of his own demise. Which makes sense and is within his characterisation (once again; being the definition of spite). As Adam solely believes what happened to him is Blake’s fault, he refuses to take the blame (which is once again, something that is described in his AA card, which I would show but apparently tumblr only lets you put 10 photos per post which sucks. Also the quote “Why did you have to come into my life and ruin everything?!” Backs up Adam’s refusal to take responsibility for his own extreme actions.)

Blake and Yang didn’t murder him out of cold blood; it was self defence. We literally see Blake break down and cry after he dies. That’s not victory, that’s relief.

Adam was Blake and Yang’s personal demon, his abuse towards Blake and removal of Yang’s arm are life changing, traumatic events that affected them both severely, in terms of how they behave and how they view themselves.

Now I’ve seen posts talking about how Weiss should have been involved with this fight, especially since it was revealed Adam had an SDC brand on his face. Honestly, I can see where this is coming from and it could’ve been possible. But like I said before; Adam was a shadow on Blake and Yang’s life and was something they had to overcome together, which they did.

One further detail… No I don’t think Adam was reduced to a “psycho ex boyfriend” because from my point of view, Adam has been unhinged WAY before he met Blake (like he’s literally killed people, he’s not sane). He was already fighting before he met her and he only really started working with her when Blake ran away from home, which was five years before the beginning of RWBY (so Blake was roughly 12 years old when she left home, because she was 17 at the beginning of RWBY). Blake left home because Ghira stepped down as leader of the White Fang and Blake saw him and her mother Kali as cowards. This meant Blake had no one to go to, which unfortunately lead her straight into Adam’s controlling grip.

Adam’s story was meant to be a slow decent further and further into selfish and self-destructive behaviours, beginning with his traumatic past and ending with him desperately clinging onto whatever control he thought he had left on Blake.

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Adam: *looking Weiss over* So… you’re the new recruit?

Weiss: *nodding* I’m Opal-

Adam: I didnt ask for your name. *walks around Opal* Are you sure this is what you want to do?

Weiss: I am. 

Adam: Meet me at my tent in two hours. We’ll see what you’re made of.

Weiss: *smiling a bit* Right.

Adam: *pulling Ilia aside* That’s the Schnee bitch?

Ilia: Yeah, it is-

Adam: You do realize we’re going to have a target on us now because of this, right?

Ilia: It’s not like anyone has noticed she’s missing-

Adam: But… she can be of use to us.

Ilia: *not liking the sound of Adam’s tone* Y-yeah… she can…

Adam: *smirking and walking away* We’ll get her trained. And then we can use her to destroy the SDC. And her family.

Ilia: *hesitating and watching Weiss practice a bit with her rapier* Right…

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Adam gets a text on his scroll it reads


Adam: I don’t have a D in my name.

Cinder: *comes from behind him and wraps her arms around him as she whispers in his ear* But your D will be inside of me. *shuts off the lights*

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So my original mental concept for this was exactly that, Cardin tries picking on Velvet and immediately his entire team just throws him on the floor and starts kicking him in the ribs.

I haven’t decided yet whether to make it a dark comedy or a serious fic, mainly because what happened to Adam and Ilia in their canon backstories was just not funny, but the whole ‘Suitors of Blake Belladonna’ schtick is hilarious from a certain perspective.

In essence the story is this, Adam and Ilia have been de-aged to 17 to match Blake, they are both aggressively trying to court her and she is equally aggressively trying to convince both of them that they are just good friends. She decides to leave the White Fang and go to Beacon. She convinces them to leave, not because they particularly want to OR because they forgive humanity for the wrongs against them, but because neither of them trusts the other one around Blake. Essentially Blake weaponises their crushes just enough to get them out of a toxic environment. She promises they’ll all be on a team together, then grabs the first person she can find (Lie Ren).

Cardin is convinced that his new partner is a stoic badass with a cool ‘one-eyed ninja’ thing going on, whilst Nora is delighted to have a partner who can charge her up at a moment’s notice. Adam and Ilia are seething.

Featuring such plotlines as: The Jaundice Arc! (Ilia: Why the fuck are we bothering with this?) The White Fang Arc! (Ilia and Adam: *nervous sweating*) And the Dance Arc! (Pyrrha: Oh, no one’s invited me to the dance. Adam: I will take you myself if you just shut up about Jaune!)

Will not ‘flick the racist switch’. Cardin’s attitudes are deeply ingrained and will take time to unlearn. Will actually validate Adam and Ilia’s anger toward humanity and how they can move forward from it. CAIN will also not be taking ‘centre stage’, they’re very much a supporting act for the protags.

No ships really planned out, but safe to say it will not be Tauradonna or Catmeleon. 

No snippet for this one as its still in outline stage, all I’ve got is plot points.

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Prompt: 19. “I can’t do this anymore.”

[Continuation of 10.]

Fandom: RWBY

Rating: Teen and Up

Warning: Angst

Summary: Ilia puts an end to her nightmares.


The day’s training lessons had gone smoothly. The principles of self-defense weren’t hard to explain, and the recruits were diligent in applying new techniques.

Always the last to leave, Ilia pulled the training mats back into the shabby storage closet. As she marked off the things covered in class, her ears picked up the sound of something approaching.

She turned. At the door, she spotted a familiar fox. Brown fur, white paws. This time, there was blood coloring its mouth crimson.

Ilia narrowed her eyes. “You again.”

It sat patiently, waiting for her to accept the invitation.

Exhaustion sluggishly flowed through her body. She pinched the bridge of her nose, sighing. “I can’t do this anymore. Take me to them.”

With only the slightest reluctance, Ilia locked the door behind her. The fox led her outside and through more twisty alleyways. She trudged after it, getting ever so slightly more angry with each turn.

The fox trotted into an unmarked building. The interior was just as they’d left it before, fragrant but with an unnerving aura. She stared the fox down as it claimed its space in the middle of the rug.

“I better not see you again after this.” She said.

When the light came, Ilia held up a hand. As she brought it down, her eyes widened in surprise. Three figures stood before her. Corsac, Fennec, and Adam standing between them.

Adam stepped forward. “How nice of you to finally join us.”

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Ruby saw them every morning. The scarlet eyes for which she was named. Her only inheritance from the woman who gave birth to her. The woman who abandoned her. The woman who was anything to her but her mother.

Ruby Xiao-Long was determined to chart her own path beyond the shadow of Raven Branwen. But with a time of peace coming to an end, and fate shifting with every flap of a butterfly’s wings, the path of mother and daughter may yet intertwine. Only time will say if it shall be as allies or foes.


Not a new chapter, but I finally compiled the snippets on Ao3 for easier viewing. Enjoy.

@raybyanothername I believe you were interested in this.

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This one’s not a one that I’m sure I will ever pick up, but essentially Blake turns Adam in to Sienna after the train heist and Sienna exiles him from the White Fang. He goes to Atlas in order to settle his scores with Jacques Schnee and the SDC, but is shipwrecked off the coast. He washes up on the beach below and is found and nursed back to health by…Willow Schnee. They eventually agree to join forces to destroy Jacques.

The plot is pretty vague beyond that, but it’s a dual narrative of past and present, featuring snippets from Adam’s childhood as a ‘youth worker’ in the SDC mines, his escape and early years in the White Fang. The present will feature a revamped Happy Hunters with a Robyn Hill who is an actual Robin Hood expy, recovering alcoholic Willow training Whitley and Ironwood struggling to figure out exactly wtf is going on.

Here’s a snippet.


‘What is this?’ Adam hissed. He held up the sketch book.

‘It’s a gift,’ Willow said calmly. She found his temper tantrum strangely familiar, like dealing with Weiss or Winter whenever they didn’t get their way. ‘The polite response is to say thank you.’

‘I stopped drawing years ago. Bring me more books.’

‘Then now might be a good time to restart, perhaps?’ Willow replied. ‘I’m afraid you’ve quite exhausted my father’s collection on military tactics and political strategy. You have a choice between Classical Mistralian Poetry or whatever romance novels my daughters have left lying around.’

He dropped the sketchbook and turned away from her with an audible huff. Willow pressed her thumbs to her temples and yet again regretted forgoing a cocktail with lunch. She wondered how it was, across a lengthy career of robbery and bloodshed, that no one had taught this twenty year old man how to act his age and not his boot size.

Without aforementioned cocktail in her system she lacked the required liquid courage to ask him the question directly. Instead, she played the Jacques Strategy.

‘How is your hand?’


‘Can you wield a sword yet?’

A blue eye glared at her. ‘Of course I can.’

‘Really?’ Winter eyed the sabre leaning against the wall. ‘Because it does not look like you practiced at all today.’

This time he favoured her with the full glare of both eyes. ‘My throat hurts when I move too fast.’

‘Or maybe you’re afraid that you’ll drop it again and look like a fool?’ Willow drew the sabre herself and gave it an experimental flick. ‘I have another practice sabre stowed away somewhere. Shall we have a spar?’

‘Get to the point.’

‘The point is that your body is so frail that I do believe Jacques could bludgeon you to death with a balance sheet. You might not be able to train properly for another week, perhaps two. You need something to help you develop the co-ordination in your left hand. So I suggest that you pick up that pencil if you ever want to pick up a sword again.’

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i haven’t seen any asian ppl hc adam as asian, but i personally hc him as a white weirdo w an asian fetish. the guy who as all those anime girl figurines, collects asian swords, and tries to correct asian ppl on things from their own culture

i feel like ppl who aren’t asian probably shouldn’t have a strong opinion on him in what race he is, but i’m not going to tell other asian ppl what to do

i just don’t understand why anyone would want to claim him tho when he’s such a horrible person

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i can’t believe ppl rlly think adam is the most oppressed character and that blake is privileged and brought everything upon herself

adam is an abuser

he abused blake

blake didn’t fkn ask for that, but ok victim blamers

that aside

adam chose to work With ppl who oppressed faunus, oppressed ppl like him and blake, and pushed other faunus down

he didn’t care about his ppl, he cared about himself and about control

y'all r straight up delusional

also adam is dead so have fun sucking off an abusive corpse ig

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