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dognoselover · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
im calling myself out on this one
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curiousfeline · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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cptsdstudyblr · 8 months ago
Chrome extensions I actually use as a mentally ill university student
Making websites easier to digest:
Dark Reader - Changes any webpage to dark mode.
Mercury Reader - Simplifies the layout of any webpage to eliminate distractions and irritating formatting.
Podcastle AI - Turns any article into a podcast. This is a lifesaver for being able to process what I’m reading, to be honest.
LanguageTool - Spelling and grammar check for those of us who regularly type in more than one language.
Grammarly - Spelling and grammar check for those of us who only type in English. Can be used with LanguageTool installed, which is what I do.
Google Dictionary - Define any word on the webpage with a double-click.
Google Translate - Translate an entire webpage or even just a short segment.
AdGuard Adblocker - After trying quite a few adblocker options, this is the one I find the best.
The Great Suspender - Automatically suspend inactive tabs to help with performance. <- as an edit, I don’t believe this is available anymore
Honey - Try coupon codes automatically to save money on online purchases.
Built-in Chrome tab grouping - Group your tabs to keep organized and minimize distracting clutter.
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justlgbtthings · a year ago
If you guys have ADD/ADHD, autism, OCD, or something else that affects your ability to concentrate, I highly recommend the chrome extension Mercury Reader. You just open whatever link you're using, then click on the MR icon (it should look like a rocket) and it'll simplify the page so that it's in a focus-friendly layout. Instead of having random pictures and word boxes all over the screen, it'll be in a vertical format with nothing to distract you so you can focus on what's important. You can also adjust the text size (small, medium, large), font (serif, sans), and theme (light, dark). And the best part is, it's completely free! It's honestly one of the best things I've ever downloaded.
Tumblr media
This is an article without the extension. See that messy format, and how the actual article content only takes up a fraction of the page? It's no wonder it took me 7 hours to write that paper.
Tumblr media
The same article, this time with Mercury. The user-friendly settings are at the top, and the rest of the article is formatted vertically down the middle with no free-roaming pictures or words. How nice.
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my-brain-is-hatching · 6 months ago
Actually, happy stims are beautiful.
Someone's so happy that they literally can't contain it? They just have to move? That's the definition of beautiful. It's joy in one of it's purest forms and is something that makes living feel worthwhile to me.
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serosfan · 11 months ago
So I’ve just started taking ADHD meds to help and even on a low dose right now things are a lot better. So I have something to say.
ALL THIS TIME TASKS WERE EASY FOR NEUROTYPICALS?! I’m sorry?! I spend all the time feeling INFERIOR and like absolute garbage because people could do tasks better than me and it turns out its because for them it’s EASY?!
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intergalaactic · 5 months ago
the fact neurotypicals can’t hear the electronics hum doesn’t sit right with me. they’re such strange creatures. what do you mean you can’t hear the computer going babdbbsjsbsbhmmmmmm? it’s very much there! in fact, at times it’s too loud and i cry over it! you have to be able to hear it!
edit: i phrased this wrong!! this is my bad!! NTs can hear it, however they tend to filter it out, and so they don’t notice it, and it doesn’t bother them!!
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tonysiron · 2 months ago
me discovering a new hyperfixation: this is it. This Is The One. there isnt anything on this goddamn planet that could overpower my Love for this Thing. what i'm feeling is an all consuming, overwhelming, incredibly overpowering Happiness, an immovable force within me. I will never stop tal
me, like two weeks later: i literally do not feel an ounce of human emotion about this Thing. i am an empty void, numb and dark. i have only known happiness once. and never will i feel it again.
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emsye-tries · 6 months ago
Reblog this post if you are NOT a white, fully abled, neurotypical, heterosexual, cisgender male.
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anexperimentallife · a year ago
Tumblr media
This explains so much!
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autism-rants · a year ago
Oh yeah? Could someone with ADHD do this?
*plays video games for 3+ hours straight without blinking or realizing the time*
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mentalhealth · a month ago
Tumblr media
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