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yvesdot · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
A translation of 星新一 (Shinichi Hoshi)’s short story, 誘拐 (Kidnapping.) I quite enjoyed reading this in Japanese and wanted to give it a shot as my first translation project.
注: I benefited greatly from flashfictionjapan’s translation; the perspective of prior translators was vital in my efforts. I am a complete beginner, so I do not stand by this as the “one true” translation of the work (nor do I think such a thing exists!) Critique is welcome so long as you keep in mind that I am doing my best, and also that literal =/= correct.
And, without further ado, the story!
The doctor leapt up at the phone’s ring. He put it to his ear, and from its jet black depths came a thin voice.
“Hello, is this the master of the house?”
“That’s me; what is it?”
“That would make you the famed Dr. Estrela; is that correct?”
“Yes, that’s right, but who in the world is this?”
“I’m afraid I won’t be introducing myself, but I’m sure you’ve guessed by now what I’m here to discuss with you. Isn’t that right?”
And here the voice succumbed to a chilly laughter.
“Oh—then you—!”
That cool voice interrupted the doctor once again.
“Precisely. Your child is, of course, just falling asleep here.”
The doctor’s voice shook. “You’ve taken my son? And what do you plan to do with him? He’s my whole world—not even a year old—”
“If he meant so much to you, you wouldn’t have left him in the car while you went about doing your silly little errands.”
“So that’s when you took him? When I’d just gone in to get a magazine! You must’ve had your eye on him from long before.”
“Now, Doctor. Instead of panicking, why don’t you accept reality, like any good scientist?”
“Why on earth are you doing this? If you had some kind of grudge against me, we could have settled it personally. This kind of cruelty—”
“No, nothing like a grudge, Doctor. If anything, I’d say I quite respect you.”
“Then what are you going to do? My wife is being driven mad; she’s bedridden!”
At this, the voice donned a layer of concern.
“Oh, Doctor, you don’t say! You haven’t called the police, have you?”
“No, not yet. I thought, just in case, I’d better wait to see if you called first, and that’s where I was when you did. Now just don’t hurt my son.”
“Just as I’d expect from you, Doctor. Given all that, you see there’s no cause for alarm. Your son is quite safe. Now, to business.”
“‘Business’. But you must know that to kidnap a child, to demand money for a child, is a heinous crime.”
“Of course, yes, I know that. But let me tell you this, Doctor—what I don’t know is what will happen to your child if you try anything funny.”
“Please—please just wait! How much do you want?”
“Let’s put it plainly. What I want is the Doctor’s recently completed, most heavily rumored secret—that is, the blueprints to the robot.”
“What?! No, that’s impossible.”
“Now, now, putting it that way just sounds like selfishness, Doctor.”
“You’re talking about something I made to punish evil. I can’t even consider the idea of putting it in the hands of someone like you. I’ll pay anything you like, so just give me an amount in money and have done with it!”
“But, Doctor, it’s just as you’ve always said: research can’t be bought in money, can it? Speaking of which, by the way, when it comes to turning those blueprints into money, I’m certain I’ll be far more effective at it than you.”
“Oh, to hell with you! And you dare to still call yourself human?!”
“The very same. And here’s your evidence—just like anybody else, I’ve got my cravings.”
“A bastard like you shouldn’t be allowed to live!”
“Come now, don’t get excited. You mustn’t forget, you’re responsible for the life of your child.”
“Fine. There’s nothing I can do. Let me respond to your proposition.”
“Yes, of course! There’s my rational Doctor.”
“But first, you’re telling me that my son is definitely there with you now?”
“Don’t you worry about that. Yes, right here on the sofa, sleeping soundly all this time.”
“Alright. That’s a relief, I suppose. But let me hear his voice, just to be sure.”
“He doesn’t talk yet, does he?”
“No, even a cry is enough. Please, let me hear the cry of my child, so I can respond with surety.”
“It’s really alright with you? To make your child cry?”
“To be sure my child is safe? Of course. Just pull one ear hard for me, please. No matter what, the nerves of his ear are quite sensitive; even in sleep it’s certain to make him cry.”
“That’s an oddity, isn’t it? Well, alright. I’m going to try it now. But a baby’s cry is loud, and we wouldn’t want anyone to come running... I’m going to shut the window.”
“That’s just fine. If you’re worried, go ahead and lock the door, too.”
“Whatever you like. Quickly, let me hear my child’s cry. Prove to me that he’s safe and sound.”
“Please, patience. I’m about to do it. Let’s end this and get back to our business.”
For a moment the line grew quiet, followed by the sound of a window closing. Then a distant voice could be heard.
“Alright, son, your father says he wants to hear you cry. This might hurt, but you’re just going to have to deal with it.”
The doctor pressed the phone to his ear with all the force in his hands.
A violent explosion sounded.
Returning the phone to its cradle, the doctor laughed to himself.
“They never guess that the ear is the trigger. One more villain down.”
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osomagine-san · 41 minutes ago
Yeah exactly! Oso proeminent traits isn't his perversity but his childishness. He is officially described as being a grown ass man with the mentality of a grade schooler. Even if this is not canon you need to see what other game depict him as : they have to come with an easy way to make Oso recognizable and shimamatsu and tabimatsu both came with Oso being a troublemaker who can easily have fun and can also help when necessary. Do you see that in imagine blog? No. You can just see how OP of blog like this don't even try while making of Kara the perfect boyfriend.
And yeah I am sure this anon would have never dared to make Kara aphobic for their request but again for Oso this is free game. People love to mock Oso and I wouldn't mind if they weren't half serious with their post. I pretty much given up to even visit the tag because I know this is all I am going to get.
What is crazy is that I started a fic because of these reason : I wanted to see the more nervous, thoughtful, playful and cute Oso actually used. That been 3 years. 3 years and the fandom's vision of him refuse to evolve even with actual proof that he have more depth than that.
So as a ace Oso stans. I am tired. But this is fine I guess as ace fandom already don't give a damn about people like me. I just maybe didn't need to have my fave be bigot against me specifically this morning? But hey it's ok. All Oso is is a pervert right? 🙄
I’m sorry you had to see that. Oso is my second-fave & I’m right w/ you on how shitty it is. I totally understand & if you need some comfort from him, well, you’ve come to the right place hehe ;)
#This seems v conclusive and I don’t have anything to add!!#If you DO request know I might not get to it right away because it’s 5:30 in the morning for me and I need to go to bed dfkjgdfkhg#Osomatsu has so much not-so-hidden depth and I wish fandom at large would realize that more#I mean this can all fall into the fact that people aren’t interested in art when consuming media#They’re concerned with tropes and representation and labels#Tucking characters into neat little boxes of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘problematic fave’ or whatever else#And sometimes? It’s easy to do that#Especially in a show like this#Where all of the characters have been forced to rely on their similarities for a sense of identity for their entire lives#But now that they’re adults it’s not cute anymore#Now they need to go on with their separate lives#And they’ve barely even begun to crack the surface of independent identities#They ride their respective gimmicks hard because#As sextuplet kids#They all HAD their own gimmick— which was being one of six#This show gives me a lot of feelings#Also it’s a personality trait of mine to go ‘I have nothing to add’ and then add a paragraph of information gkdjgfhdkjfghkdjfg sorry#I just think the show is good!!!!!!!#And that reducing characters down into an easily-digestible cube is bad!!!#It’s disrespectful to the creators#And it’s terrible for comprehension skills#Okay okay I’ve gotta STOP talking#But please feel free to send me the link to that fic [eyes emoji]#ALSO CAN I JUST SAY THAT PEOPLE THAT DO THIS TO OSOMATSU TEND TO INTERPRET TODOMATSU’S WHOLE CHARACTER WRONG ON PURPOSE#I HAVE TO STOP DGKJSDHGKJSDGHJKSHFS
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mcytagere · an hour ago
you asked to hear hcs and im like BRBRBRNRB vibrating trying not to just ramble abt my hcs cuz i like hurt/comfort so i tend to get angsty hcs but dont wanna make anyone sad hbrbrbrbrbr im glad youre okay!! -🟢 anon
I Would Like To See It 👀👀👀
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Tumblr media
“I know Ruthven seems like the villain right now, but for some reason I feel like he isn't? I feel like he's the type of villain that once you find out their objective, it actually makes sense? Like maybe his means are wrong, but the end might be justified in a way. I don't know. Who knows, maybe the true villain might be the Teacher/The Shapeless one.“
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smokedanced · 2 hours ago
seeing people are still getting into lost (the tv show. i feel like i have to clarify that’s how long it’s been!) in 2021 makes me so happy and also but also
the sweet summer children who’ve not experienced the entire show yet.
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boomerang109 · 2 hours ago
okay im gonna be a little self-centered and lazy with this one and ask if you have read this ask i sent hella a while ago. do you have any thoughts on it? i know kanut is your favorite so i just wanna hear your opinion and see if you have anything to add!!
i vividly remember the first time i saw that ask and going into the replies to try to type something — anything — to communicate how feral it was making me. and i couldn’t find words
because it’s so perfect and it’s something i hadn’t put together specifically and i love it.
i feel like you covered the parallels pretty amazingly, so im gonna let myself go on a tangent cause it’s not like i can really improve on your thoughts anyway. so basically, you just barely touched on it when you said something about how zuko was angry before fong and that !!!
i think that a very important part of zuko’s journey is going to be learning (probably from kanut) that it’s okay to be mad at ozai. cause anger at a parent is so—it just feels fundamentally wrong, like you’re betraying the one person you’re always supposed to love, who you have always loved. it’s very different from any other sort of toxic/abusive relationship where you have lived without it (which isn’t to say those aren’t terribly difficult to leave as well), but parents have spent your whole life telling you that you should be grateful to them and you’ve believed they loved you and were doing their best. (and i know the parent’s bond to a child is supposed to be the most special one in the world, but i personally think people discount the love of a child for their parent. that’s literally their whole world, of course the child loves their parent with their whole heart). so you make excuses when they make mistakes or you “deserve” punishments, especially cause they’re the firelord, so you can’t question them
but as much as zuko needs to learn to accept his anger and let himself feel it, he also needs to let it go. he needs to let go of fong and ozai (and ursa and his past relationship with azula) so that he isn’t drowning in that negativity. so that he can fully commit to loving zi se and sokka and his friends and uncles and family. and he really hides it, but i think kanut is really emotionally mature. because he doesn’t have to use up any brain space on romance, so he knows all about dedicating your brain to your family—for better or worse.
i don’t know if that made sense exactly, but i guess im trying to get at the fact that zuko needs to start directing his anger outwards (cause, as much as i was team ‘don’t kill fong cause he deserves to suffer more and also murder will weigh on your conscience,’ it was actually a big step to blaming someone other than himself for his struggles) but then he needs to just let it out and let it go so he can move on
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fernsehn · 2 hours ago
I feel slightly embarassed by folx reblogging a late night binge-post of mine. :/ But anyway. Y'all seem to love its good sides as much as I do which warms my broken heart. THIS really has incredible strengths and gets things right that the revival sometimes doesn't get at all. I stand by that. Have a good day! And: thanks, Glenny!
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sepulchritude · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Found [this tma picrew] that I really like! There was a good range of options so you could have as much or as little body horror as you want, which was nice. I ended up making a before and after of myself 😄
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andys-labrys · 4 hours ago
about me
name: zem/zemmy
age: 21
pronouns: she/her
current brainrot: maya and carina from station 19
tv shows:
code black
station 19
movies (there's too many to mention but these are my main:
the old guard
jojo rabbit
les miserables
the perks of being a wallflower
v for vendetta
the haunting of hill house
the haunting of bly manor
queen's gambit
game of thrones
the sinner
for the love of god i need to finish these:
the 100
the umbrella academy
new amsterdam
i watch a lot of musicals
i love me some mindfuck movies/series
true crime
folk music
music in general
taika waititi films <3
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pumped-up-cat · 5 hours ago
This is kinds dumb, but i'd love for there to be this iseki where there are consequenses for meeting god.
Like, for this if I could write like I wasnt posessed by a sixth grader everytime I tried, would like to see a girl thats about my age get killed by a filing mistake in the afterlife, and channel her inner lawer so she could get reincarnated with benefits.
So it takes a good chunk of time, fast pacing, and she finally gets reincarnated. As a boy. With problems. But memories so its fineee.
It would be about slowly coming to terms that she was reincarnated as her mental state at her point of death, so some medical issues to refrence some mental illness, like coughing up blood when he gets triggered and skin drying up easily and when its really bad peeling off like she got that part slammed in a door and its sliding off like that? If that makes sense?
And they read the fine print so they vaguly know that theyre mental state at the time of death would be what theyre new body would look like, but why is he a boy?
So after a mild mrntal breakdown with some bleeding they relize theyre not entirely cis, or het for that matter but that comes later.
Anyways, for consequences for knowing what god, an incomphrendible being, looks like i was thinking all the face holes like ears eyes nose mouth start bleeding and she goes almost completely catonic for about an hour or two just remembering it, and while she was getting her case argued is basiclly like a vague dream that you only remember one plot point maybe and five minutes later you forget you had the dream in the first place.
Mortals were not made to comphrend it, nevertheless try and get whatever they can after being wronged from them so basiclly everyone want to forget it happened, but for completely different reasons.
So after rebirth, hes a noble in a fantasy world as is cliche because im absurdly fond of the idea, but a mid level noble if a little more upper class. Not duke level but up there.
The magics based on six main parts that can be divided into subclasses. Fire, water, air, earth, space, and illumination.
Im thinking that the subclasses can be, (and intended to be added to)
Lighting, explosions
Ice, blood
Gravity, item box
Light and dark
I think itll be fueled by food and physical strength, and that itll be kinda like blood types in that if you try a combo attack between like air and water itll really fuck up your magic and be deadly. For all parties involved.
Im thinking that the mc cant do combo attacks at all because she got them through godly court and only other mistakenly ko'd can do it with them. And of course therell be mistakes, theres way to many people and not enough gods. And they kinda push their mistakes to one world so they cant fuck up any of the worlds they acctully care about. Basiclly a garbage can.
So more common than you think, theres at least one or two in every generation.
So, also, theres this magic school that the nobles put together so theyre kids could socalize and make friends for future buisness deals. Its easeir to make connections that way and way more hands off.
Pretty classest tho, if your not middle class or have disposible income fuck you sucks to suck.
Not really homophobic because the rich can just.. adopt, forcibley or not from some poor couple whos kid has some jacked up power and potential.
Kinda racist to, cause to play into another cliche i kinda wanted vampires, elves, orges, goblins, werewolves, fishmen, and the works in this.
But its more like "skin color? Nobody cares, but if your a fucking elf istg im gonna break open your lawn gnomes and shit in them, then glue them back together so you have no fucking clue where the smells coming from!"
Economys in shambles, like the rich are the only ones who have opinions that matter. Bribes are abundant, its an open secret the tge prime minister kills his one night stands but gets away eith it because money and girls with 'but i can change him' syndrome, and the.. imma call tgem imperial enforcers for the moment are like the police. So not good.
And id like to apologize for any and all typos, this is just brain farting that probably wont get past two pages but will still keep me up at night. Also for grammer, its one and i go to bed at ten usually
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