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Love how this website sees a feral, pathetic man who desperately needs sleep and a therapist and just goes "sexy man, little loser sexy man, little baby sexy loser man, love him"
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Operation: Pop The Cherry | JJK
Tumblr media
Jungkook x Virgin!Reader
Genre: Smut
Warnings: rough bathroom sex, college au, unprotected sex, teasing, fingering, Jungkook has a virgin kink if you couldn’t tell by he title, lowkey sadistic JK, Gay BFF Jimin, mentions of alcohol and weed, brief mention of homophobia. bIG diCK Jungkook, more belly bulging, and I forgot what else
Word Count: 6.1k
Summary: Against you better judgement and thank to your best friend Jimin. You somehow agreed to let a stranger on campus known as the Cherry Popper, too well..pop your cherry.
Alternatively: You're a virgin. Jungkook has a fetish/kink for fucking virgins.
A/N: I guess i’ll keep putting this note until i stop reposting my old stories. I use to be lizardsocial, and this fic was previously called Game. You may still be able to find it somewhere on tumblr. I edited this fic heavily and it’s honestly a new story, but there are still some elements from the fic it used to be still in there. Unedited so please let me know of any mistakes or typos. Like, comment, reblog, let me know what you think. Enjoy!
Bass boosted pop music seeped through the dense walls of the energetic room. Strobing bright colored beams danced to the rhythm of the music in mesmerizing synchrony. The musty odor of marijuana, booze, and sex-saturated air shrouded the room in a turbid veil, covering the sea of drunken undulating bodies packed in the cramped living room.  Empty beer cans and other various booze bottles mixed with burnt-out blunts accompanied the young adults. You groaned with irritation and disgust. You didn't want to be here, but to your chagrin, you had a promise to keep.
It wasn't a secret that the college nightlife was unquestionably not your type of 'scene.' You quite frequently elected to willingly engage most of your time in your freshman dorm, wrapped in your weighted burrito blanket. A nightstand stockpiled with all your favorite snacks, lights dimmed low, and lavender incense burning, filling your room with the aroma of relaxation. The perfect setting to binge-watch your favorite show for the umpteenth time, the shifting distorted brightness of your computer screen, projecting the scenes against your face. 
It's kind of funny how you got yourself into this mess in the first place. The one time you decide to take the chance and branch away from the alternate antisocial hermit, your personality had adopted as its own had come back to bite you in the ass. You admit, lately, you've been neglecting your best friend. Your reasonings generally varying from the classic 'oh I was sleep' to deliberately silencing your phone, not wanting to hear the constant shrill ringing of the default ringtone. You loved Jimin, you truly did, but you could only take so much of his eccentric mashup of bubblegum and rainbow sparkles that was his personality. Eventually, guilt began eating away at you piece by piece until you ultimately caved in and invited your friend over for an impromptu movie night in your dorm room. 
Not even 30 minutes into the movie, one that you had been dying to see, might you add, Jimin commenced his drunk and high chattering. He had already started 'pre-gaming' before he came over; Six shots of straight Vodka and 2 blunts. Every day you prayed for this man's liver and brain function; with how much he drank and smoke, you would think he needed it to function. 
"Oh! Oh! Bitttch. Did I tell you about that football player, I fucckked last week!" Jimin started slurring on certain words. You noticed his eyes were glossy and glazed over. 
"No, you didn't, Chim." You sighed, completely giving up trying to watch the movie. You would have to watch it on your alone time. 
"Reeaally?" Jimin slurred, a goofy grin uplifting his lips.
"Yes, really. You haven't told me." Amusement lightly coated your voice. 
"Welll, his name is T-tae, Tae-tae something. Hold on, it's coming to me." Jimin said, rubbing the sides of his temples, trying to remember the guys' name. 
"Taehyung! That's it!" Jimin shrieked, snapping his fingers in victory.
You looked at him startled. You remember Taehyung from high school. You didn't recall him being at this college, though. Well, it wasn't like you paid attention to many things outside your bubble anyway.
"Wasn't he homophobic as fuck in high school?" You asked, genuinely interested.
"Yeah, he was. Buttt I guess he was trying to cover up, that he was actually on the DL." Jimin smiled, whispering the last part.
"DL? What's that mean?" You inquired
Jimin looked at you with a look of betrayal. "It means he's on the down-low, meaning he didn't want anyone to know he's gay. Girrl, I'm too crossfaded to be explaining this to you."
You chuckled, " My bad, Chim. So was it good?"
"Fuck, no! Dick was straight trash. The only thing that saved him a little was that his dick was huge." Jimin said, wiping away a pretend tear from the corner of his eye. 
You laughed boisterously at that. If Jimin wasn't so adamant about becoming a professional dancer. He could seriously take up a career in comedy.
"Speaking of dick. When are you gonna get some?" Jimin asked, turning his body to face you completely. As you looked at him, you noticed his eyes seemed a bit clearer, and his face wasn't as red as earlier. Not only did Jimin drink like a fish and smoke like a chimney. He was somehow able to sober just as fast.
"Oh my god, Jimin. Please don't sta-"
"Mmm, no missy," Jimin said, wagging his finger in your face.
"Don't you hear it?" He said, cupping his hand around his ear as if he was straining to hear something.
"Hear what?" You replied, rolling your eyes and crossing your arms against your chest.
"The cobwebs and tumbleweed living in your cunt."
"Jimin!" You shrieked, slapping the arm closest to you.
"Don't Jimin me! You know it's true, I swear you're gonna be a 40-year-old virgin, and by the time you finally make the decision to have sex, it'll be too late!" Jimin yelled, stumbling to stand up from the couch.
"First off, ouch. I won't be a 40-year-old virgin. That's very insulting. Second, I do plan to lose it soon. I just haven't found the time or the right guy." You said, looking down at your feet shyly. You did want to lose your virginity, but with being an introvert with a mix of social anxiety and just a dash of seasonal depression for added flavor. It was hard even to get out of bed sometimes. Much less going out and trying to find someone to do the do with.
"Oh! Well, if that's all, then I got you covered, babe. Time? Next week Friday at Jihyo's dorm. As for the right guy, I know a dude. He has like a kink for that kind of thing." Jimin answered nonchalantly, now scrolling through his phone, probably on his social media page.
You looked at Jimin, head tilted to the side, confused. "What kind of thing?"
"Oh, you know fucking virgins and shit. Popping their cherries." He said, popping his "P's."
You sputtered, exasperated. What the fuck. You didn't kink shame, that was for losers, but he can't seriously expect you to do something like that.
"What the actual fuck. Jimin, are you serious?"  
"Deadly." He said, looking you square in your eyes. His tone of voice haven dropped an octave lower.
"Jimin no. I-i can't."
"Jimin, yes! Err, I mean _____ yes, you can! Come on, it's a once in a lifetime experience. Plus, it's not like he's a total stranger. I've known him since he was 8 years old. I use to babysit the little shit head." Jimin said, waving his hand in the air, trying to swat away a rogue fly.
"Wow, Chim. You know, now that you put it like it makes me feel a lot better about the situation." You said tone dripped in sarcasm
"Really?" Jimin squealed, a delighted twinkling in his eye.
"Of course not! Don't be stupid!" Offended, you gawked at Jimin. You swear sometimes he could be so dimwitted.
"Come on, please? At least meet him, and if the vibe is not right, then you can leave no harm done." Jimin pleaded, his attention back on you. Was it crazy that you were actually thinking about agreeing to this? Jimin did have a point. It was sort of a once in a lifetime opportunity. He did know the guy, and if you didn't like the vibe, then you could just bounce, right? Right?
Sighing in defeat, your hands dragged down your face and turned towards a pouting Jimin. Grabbing at his deflated shoulders, you shook her lightly, and with urgency in your voice, you spoke, "Alright goddammit! I'll do it, but you have to stay by my side the whole time, no running off, you understand!" 
You watched Jimin's face quirk into a sly smirk. You swore you could see the cogs in his brain churning. Damn, you were going to regret this. You had the tendency to make deals when pressured. Most of the time, those agreements ended up backfiring on you, confining you in the proverbial rock and a hard place. 
"Yay! Operation: Pop _____ Cherry has commenced. Okay, so will meet at the auditorium on the art campus. From there we will walk to Jihyo's dorm, it's only five minutes. Promise me you'll actually show up and won't flake on me." A complacent expression rested arrogantly on Jimin's features, a single pinky finger extended towards you. 
"Don't give this situation a not-so-secret code name. And I can't believe I'm saying this but, I promise." You agreed, interlocking pinky fingers, yours thumbs coming up to press against one another.
"So I'll meet you at the location Friday, don't be late, and wear something sexy. No granny clothes." he chirped, making his way to your front door.
"Wait! You're leaving already?" you frowned, looking at the clock on your wall. He's only been here for an hour, and 30 mins of it were spent persuading you to hurry up and lose your virginity. You didn't even get to finish the movie together.
"Sorry babe, but I have a dick appointment." he shrugged, putting his arms through the sleeves of his jacket.
"Can you at least tell me the name of the guy who's supposed to fuck me?" you huffed, honestly you were done for tonight. As soon as Jimin left, you were heading straight for bed.
"Oh yeah, how could I forget." Jimin slaps the center of his forehead. "He's a real cutie. I would fuck him if he wasn't as straight as an arrow." Jimin looks off to a far wall, eyeing it with jealousy.
"Just tell me his name, please." You pleaded. Oh yeah, that's definitely a headache forming. You could feel it already. Jimin snaps out of his daydreaming and spins his body towards you.
Time skip to a week later, and precisely as you suspected, what a mistake that whole conversation was. Now here you were at this fucking dorm party with people you didn't know or care to get to know. Jimin had left you as soon as he saw his next piece of ass. Restlessly you hauled down the short black dress that insisted on riding up your ass, the soles of your feet protesting in the slim heeled shoes. Floundering your way into the packed building, you couldn't help but query where Jungkook was. Jimin was supposed to get around to send you a picture of the mystery man, but that never happened. Funny how now was the best time you decided to question why exactly Jimin was your best friend.
"Well damn, the pictures Jimin sent me doesn't do you justice at all. You're fucking hot." You recoiled from the closeness of the voice, the heated breath sending chills skittering down your spine, and the hairs on the back of your neck ramrod straight. Heat spurred to your face when you whisked around to meet an absolutely gorgeous guy. Like unfairly gorgeous guy. You stared wide-eyed, taking in his chiseled facial features, paired with wide doe eyes and bunny smile decorating his face. Somehow, someway he's mastered looked soft and sexy at the same damn time. And fuck was that a dangerous combination for your pussy. Your heart too, but more so your cunt.
"U-uh, thanks? Who are you exactly?" You watch as he recoils back from your with a look of apprehension on his face.
"A-are you not ____?" he stutters cutely. You think you can see the beginnings of a blush burning his cheeks. You nod your head once to confirm his question. He stared at you a minute longer before you see the recognition spark in his chocolate orbs.
"Jimin didn't send you my picture did he?" Shaking his head with his eyes close, you get the courage the scan his face a bit more. Yeah. He's definitely blushing.
"Sorry. I guess seeing you here, I thought Jimin would have...prepared you better." Shaking your head from side to side because your words refused to come out. You watched as he backed up a bit further from your personal space and thrust his right hand out to you. 
"The name's Jungkook, or J.K. Whatever suits your taste."
With clammy hands, you taking his outstretched hand marveled at how it almost covers your hand. Now that he's moved back from you, you now had to chance to see how tall he really was. Maybe about 6 to 7 inches taller. You look down at his feet and eye his combat boot, perhaps a little shorter but still taller. And big, yeah, definitely bigger. His oversized black jacket did little to hide the broadness of his shoulders and chest. You let your eyes travel down the length of his body. You bet he's hiding some killer abs under his shirt. And holy fuck, his thighs.
"You like what you see, baby girl?" Teasing, he's teasing but God, if his voice didn't make you pussy throbbing pathetically. Whimpering slightly, you let out a meek "Yes." God, you hope he didn't hear that.
Much to your dismay, he did, hear you. How he heard you with the music as loud as it was, was a mystery to you. But you watched his pupils dilate, and his nostrils flare slightly. Jungkook tucks his bottom lip between his teeth as his eyes rake up and down your scantily clad body. His heated stare scrutinized across your body, intrigue exerting over him, as he analyzed the way the snug-fitting dress molded to the curves of your shape. He could tell you didn't do this often. His dick twitched in his jeans with enthusiasm. 
It's the increase in pressure of your hand that makes you realize you're still holding his hand. You go to retract your hand from his. However, yelp shrilly as he tugs you closer to his body. Both hands now resting on his chest, and his wrapped around your waist. Fuck, you could feel the warmth and coarseness of his hands through your thin dress. A spontaneous tremor racked your body. The heat-transmitting from his frame mixed with the floral yet musky undertone of his cologne made you somewhat featherbrained.
"Fuck, you're so soft." You squeak as he squeezes your waistline, pulling you even closer against his body. You were now putty in his hands.
"Jimin told you my....preferences, right?" his voice caressed your ear. Just a slight movement or subtle twitch, and his lips would be on your skin.
"Y-yeah, he did." It should be an embarrassment how frail and breathless you sounded, but that didn't matter.
Jungkook hid his smile behind your ear. This was just too easy. Just how he liked it. He almost felt bad- almost. He was gonna ruin you utterly and completely, mold the shape of cock in the walls of your pussy. His name spilling from your lips, voice going hoarse by how loud he would make you scream. Fuck he couldn't wait. He's had virgin's before, a lot of them. That's his whole M.O. The cherry popper, virgin fucker, whatever. Jungkook's heard all the names in the book. But there's just something about you, you just had an air of genuine innocence, and he couldn't wait to defile it. 
Jungkook pulls his head back, enough to where his eyes can trail over the bared skin of your neck, and the sprinkling of perspiration sparkling off the bright strobing lights, no doubt from nervousness. His tongue traced over his thin upper lip, watching the droplets of sweat spiral down the curve of your neck. He wanted to taste you. 
"Alright, then." He jerks his body away from you. You're no longer touching his chest, but his hands are still on your waist. 
"Let's enjoy the party before the fun really begins. Every done body shots before?" Jungkook spoke casually, undeterred by the way you recoiled back or the look of stupor on your face.
"W-what? B-body shots, why?" you squeaked, failing to keep from stuttering over your words. Is this how it's supposed to go? Is this normal? You're bewildered, and just a bit perturbed. Were you just imagining that sexual tension that was going on just moments ago? For sure, you thought Jungkook was gonna throw you over his shoulders and haul you off to the nearest unoccupied bedroom or bathroom. At that instant, you didn't care. 
Jungkook regarded the war of emotions wage across your features, merriment and strobing lights twinkling in his eyes. Fuck, you were cute, so desperate staring up at him with a pout on your face a puppy dog eyes. He could honestly just take you back to the closest room and fuck the shit out of you. But he wanted to play with his prey, a bit more. The wait made it that much more satisfying.
"Don't pout too much, baby girl or I may not be able to contain myself. Follow me. The table is this way."
Jungkook didn't indulge in answering any of your questions you rambled off at him, delighted to see you trailing on his heels like a lost pup. Jungkook directed you further into the dorm, and like a dog on a leash, you followed. In the center of a sparse room sat a scraped up black table. You observed the area. It was devoid of many people. The several that were present made no recognition of your proximity in their intoxicated state.
"So who's first?" Jungkook asked, setting the bottle of tequila, rim salt, and limes down on the table.
"U-uh, I don't know. I guess it doesn't matter." You shrugged hesitantly. You were way out of your element here.
"Perfect then, you first." Jungkook should be ashamed by how excited he was at getting to sample your skin. It looked smooth, felt soft when he had you in his arms, and would no doubt probably taste as sweet as it seemed. You nodded in docility, wandering over to crawl on top of the table, being attentive to your dress. You lay flattened against the table, shiverings racking your body as he began pouring a trail of salt between your cleavage. 
He poured himself a shot in the depression of your throat and tore the lime in half with his bare hands. Smirking at how you flinched when he thumped the liquor bottle down beside your head. Jungkook pushed the other half of the unevenly split lime towards your lips, a silent gesture to take the lime in your mouth. Jungkook watched as your lips curled gently around the hull of the green citrus. A flare of lust stirred in his loins at the action. He couldn't wait to see your lips stretched around the head of his cock. He observed your eyes clamped closed as he began dropping his head forward to your chest. It was adorable and innocent. He noted the way your lips slackened around the citrus in your mouth, your chest heaving in speed, the closer his tongue trailed to your neck.
You tasted splendid, just as sweet as he thought. The salt on your skin did nothing to deter your natural flavor. If anything, it enhanced your sweetness, rendering your skin damn near mouth-watering. Jungkook's ears perked at the breathless moans slipping past the fruit perched against your lips, drawn out by the repeated pass of the wet, pink appendage lapping at the salt line between the valley of your breast. Committing your muffled moans to memory, he lapped persistently at the collection of salt and tequila in the hollow at the base of your neck.
You face flammed in embarrassment as panting moans effortlessly tumbled from your mouth. Who knew your chest and neck was such an erogenous spot. Despite your shame, you couldn't stop wriggling, shifting your thighs together for some form of friction to sate the rising arousal dampening your panties. You yelped at the sensation of blunt teeth nibbling at your skin before soft lips came to suck at the shallow indentations. Fluffy hair with an undercut came into your line of vision as Jungkook lifted his head up to your lips. Your heart stammered tortuously against your ribs, flirtatious eyes stared lidded with searing lust, his head advanced closer to your lips. Your eyes fluttered closed, lips puckering against the bitter hull of the lime.
Jungkook closed the distance, slanting his mouth over the lime, blocking his contact with yours. He sucked against the sour fruit, acidity puckering his lips, residual tartness flowing to your cracked lips. Jungkook withdrew from your mouth, taking the drained lime hull with it. Your saccharine moans were heaven to his ears. It had awoken something inside him, fueled his fire in knowing that possibly no one had ever heard such a sweet sound. He wanted more, craved more. 
"Have you ever been kissed before, sweetheart?" Your eyes followed the movement of his tongue, poking out to moistening his lips. 
"Yeah, once in like 3rd grade." Who hasn't snuck behind a tree or hid underneath the dark coverings of playground equipment to lock lips with a childhood crush?
He grinned salaciously, body moving to rest between your spread legs. Oh, now he was really excited. Your lips were practically untouched. Just another part of your body to claim first. You jumped when palms pressed flat against the revealed skin of your thigh. Gently, Jungkook rubbed lazy circles on your skin, never lowering or furthering than the hem of your dress. He felt you wiggle beneath his hands, observed your eyes, glimpsing―darting about, should you concentrate on his face, or his hand, uncertainty was etched on your face.
"Amazing." He groaned, eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks, before grinning again. His face inched closer to yours, his lips but a breath apart, warmth flickered against your lips as he talked, level and smooth. " Well, how about I become your second?
And then his lips were on you, the soft muscle mangled itself to your lips, tentative and sluggish to give you a chance to register his mouth slanted upon yours. Jungkook chuckled against your lips at your unresponsiveness. He guesses you were a little shell shocked. It only takes a few more stagnant seconds before you're shyly reciprocating his kiss. Delicate, shaky movements highlighted your inexperience. Increasingly, Jungkook increased the pressure behind lips, his hands spreading to enclose around your waist, dragging you closer against him. One of Jungkook's hands removed from your waist to bury itself in your hair, gently his fingernails scratched against your scalp, an airy moan was his reward. 
Hands completely abandoning your midsection, one gripped the meat of your thigh, pulling you to the edge of the table, flush against the tent of his denim jean encased manhood, the other embedded in your strands pulled sharply on your roots, a loud gasp tearing from you. Jungkook took that opportunity to advance his tongue into your gaped mouth. His tongue wrapped itself around yours, briefly wrestling for dominance before easily pinning your tongue in submission. His hips ground against yours, the heat of your covered core teased him through his jeans. 
He thoroughly explored your mouth, swallowing the now copious cries leaving your mouth. Reluctantly, Jungkook tore himself from your kiss-swollen lips. The ravished looked suited you perfectly. You looked beautiful, thighs brazenly spread, eyes glazed over in lust, your sticky chest heaving from the length of the shared kiss. Even in the dim lights, he could make out the taunt pebbling of your nipples. 
Your mouth gaped wide, flapping about like a fish out of water, trying despairingly to draw air into your lungs. Your first kiss definitely didn't compare to this much. Your wide eyes flicked between Jungkook and the floor, your bottom lip tucked firmly between your teeth, feeling shy as he just stares at you. Releasing your teeth from your lips, you timidly touched your mouth, admiring how plump they've gotten from the intense liplock.
Wordlessly Jungkook hitched you over his shoulder, winded with a grunt as his defined shoulder blades dug into your stomach and what sounded like a growled vibrate up into you. You squirmed lightly in his hold, scared he was going to drop you, and secondly, your panty-clad ass on display for the party-goers, not that anyone was looking. 
You watched the continuous panels of hardwood floor move beneath you as Jungkook carried you to an unknown destination. You couldn't believe you were really doing this. Were you actually going to have sex with a complete stranger? Someone who was known for explicitly fucking virgins. Realistically, you should be ashamed, yet, you conceded full control to him without a second thought. What did that say about you? About your character? Would you now be labeled as 'easy' or a 'hoe' after all this was done? What was going to happen between you and Jungkook? 
The flick of a switch stirred from your thoughts. You shield your eyes with your hand at the bright lights pouring into the room, or rather a bathroom. Jungkook loved the confusion marring your features. He wouldn't fuck you in his bedroom just yet. That was a privilege you would have to earn, no matter how intrigued he had become with you. There's always humiliation to be had in the corruption of innocence, and fucking you in the bathroom was a good start. He planned on making you watch him as he destroyed your body, popping your cherry, stretching your tight virginal hole to accommodate his length, and claimed it as his own. Jungkook shuddered at the thought, his possessive nature taking a turn for the worst. 
Impatiently Jungkook sat you on top of the bathroom sink counter, his lips smashed against yours, the previous tenderness was gone, vanished into a puff of smoke. Teeth banged, and tongues flailed recklessly against each other in the heat of passion, with you struggling to keep up with the demands of his dominating kiss. Thick fingers trailed beneath the hem of your dress, tickling the expanse of your thighs. Jungkook wasted no time in shifting your slick soaked panties to the side, a warm digit gliding effortlessly through your damn folds.
"Fuck, you're already so wet. You're enjoying this a little too much, baby girl." Jungkook growled, panting against your lips. His finger breached your sex, you tensed deftly around the foreigner intrusion, stretching your weeping walls. 
"Ah, Jungkook." You cried listlessly, rocking your hips against his stilled finger. He felt so good inside you, and it was just his finger. Maybe this experience wouldn't be as bad as you heard. Now you couldn't wait to see what his cock felt like embedded deep within your pussy. Jungkook pumped slowly, eventually introducing a second finger to help loosen you up more. You were gonna be a tight fit, very tight, but that just made it even better. You hissed at the slight burn as he began scissoring his fingers apart with each withdrawal. Your hands wrapped around his neck as you buried your head against his broad chest, your mellifluous moans suppressed by the fabric of his shirt. 
"G-go faster, please." You begged, your body adjusting and quickly becoming frustrated by the snail's pace his fingers were pumping. You bucked your hips against his hands, hoping he would ease the growing discomfort boiling in your stomach. 
"Have you ever had an orgasm before, babe?" You nodded eagerly at his question, whining as you bucked against his hand again.
"Oh, really? Who gave it to you." Slow, he was going too slow you wanted, no you needed more friction, more stimulation from him.
"M-me. I-i did." Jungkook loved how you stuttered, it stroked his ego and filled him with arrogance to know it was him, and only that was capable of making you stumble over your words.
"Mmm, and how did you do it? Did you rub this little clit of yours raw?" You cried louder when his thumb flicked at your clit, the stimulation further drawing the appendage from its hood.
"Or did you fuck this tight hole, with these tiny fingers of yours?" At those words, a loud, choked moan, even muffled by your face in his chest, echoed throughout the white bathroom. Jungkook had gone deeper inside, almost to the third knuckle. Another moan left your lips as he twisted his fingers inside you, his palm now facing upwards.
"Though you and I bought know they couldn't possibly reach deep enough to touch the spot you really want." It's euphoric, no better yet orgasmic, the sheer shock of electric pleasure that zaps through your body when he finds the spongy bundle of nerves. Your body jerked heavily, legs go to snap close, only to be stopped by his broad body between your thighs.
He chuckles softly, stroking your thigh with his other hand. Jungkook shifts his head down, bringing his mouth closer to your ear. He exhales quietly, warm air tinged with tequila and lime caresses the light hairs on you around your ear. " I found it, huh?"
You whimper, rubbing your head up and down against his chest.
"You want me to speed up the pace, sweetheart?" Jungkook's voice is delicate now, so gentle. But you're confused, overwhelmed, and scared. It's never felt like this when you did it yourself. Your not sure if you could handle the feeling, so you don't provide an answer to Jungkook's question.
"Don't ignore me ____, that's not nice manners. I'll ask again." You clench around his fingers as Jungkook inches just a bit deeper. 
"Do you. Want me. To go faster?" With each pause, he arches his fingers in a 'come here' motion, pressing deeply against your bundle of nerves, the sensation of having to pee accompanied with each thrust.
 "Y-yes, faster, more. Pl-lease." Fuck, you sounded so pretty begging for him if he wasn't addicted before. You had him sprung now. Jungkook buried his face in the crook of your neck, the sharp smell of tequila and salt still lingering on your skin. He sucked at the junction where your shoulder and neck met. You bucked harder against his fingers, your juices now dripping to coat his palm is sticky cream.
"If you wanted more. Why didn't you just ask?" Jungkook said deviously. Confused, you felt withdraw his sticky digits, walls gripping to stop their departure. Without warning, Jungkook flipped you over onto the counter, your knees buckled at the sudden change in position. Your faced burning at your displayed state, droplets of your essence dribbled from your pussy, slicking up your inner thighs. You yelped as Jungkook grasped at the length of your hair, pulling back pointedly, your neck craned back to observe him addressing you in the mirror.
"You've been wondrous for me ____. Such a sweet girl." He expressed, his empty hand disappearing behind your perked ass to fiddle with the groin of his pants. 
"Truly, you have. Your response and reactions to my touch have really gotten me riled up. It's been a while since I've tittered on the edge of losing control." You wheezed, starting to panic as you felt the thick head of his cock slap teasingly against your slicked throbbing hole. Oh, God, he's huge. Jungkook's cock might just tear you apart. You shifted your hips forward, pressing against the cold marble of the bathroom counters door.
"I-i don't think, I can t-take it Jungkook, you're too b-big. It's my first-time, r-remember?” Your stuttering worse now, but you're scared.
Jungkook pulls your hips back with the hand the was grasping his length, the side of your hip now coated in his pre-cum. His hand lays flat in the crease of your back, forcing you into a perfect arch. 
"You can take it, all of it. And don't worry, of course, I remembered your fragility. I'll go slow, I promise." You plead silently with your eye contact through the mirror. 
"You ready?" You nod once an advert your eyes down to the sink.
Your mouth shakily falls agape as he slowly began pushing the head of his cock into you. It burns, but not as bad as you had anticipated. You take the chance to look back up into the mirror, adamant about giving Jungkook a thankful smile for his gentleness. That vision that greets looks like it jumped right off the page of your favorite erotic story. 
Jungkook's got his head thrown back, the edge of his t-shirt clenched tightly between his teeth, your eyes trail the drip of sweat that follows the curve of his jawline. You have a clear view of his abs all the way down to the v-cut of his hip, to the happy trail that leads to a neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair. You clench tightly around him, efficiently aroused by the view. You feel his cock throbbed heavily inside you, even getting bigger if possible.
"You like that, sweet girl? You like seeing me struggling to contain myself because you're so tightly around me. This little pussy trying to milk me for all I can give you." You love it. You feel powerful in a way. Do you really feel that good around him?
"Yes." Jungkook draws out the 'S.' 
"You feel amazing, so warm and wet. I wished you could see how coated in white you've got me, and I'm not even all the way in yet."
You scream soundless as he bucks into you, shoving in half of his length. It doesn't hurt anymore. You just feel stuffed full. Lifting a trembling hand, you take the chance a feel the lower part. You noticed swelling that wasn't there before, intrigued; you push down against it, moaning in shock you realize it's Jungkook's cock. 
"Yeah, baby girl, that's all me, well, most of me. You ready to take the rest?"
"Yes! Please!" That's the clearest you've been all night. You don't get an answer as Jungkook immediately picks up his pacing, thrusting into you faster. He wastes no time pumping deeply into your tight pussy, his tip smashing against the entrance to your cervix as you pant and grit your teeth in slight discomfort, overshadowed by pleasure. The burning sensation is back as he fucks in deeper with each brutal and swift stroke. But you don't care cause it still feels amazing. You can hear yourself, sloppy and soaking wet, echoing throughout the bathroom. You're drooling down his pistoning cock. You can feel it dripping down your inner thighs. Your head jerks violently against your shoulders, to weak support your head from his menacing thrust. 
Tightened vocal cords released strained shrieks of praise; from your mouth, drool dripping from your lips, into the sticky cleavage of your breast, and sweat coated your skin. The coil in your stomach was quickly tightening, never had you felt anything so deep inside you. If you ever had sex with anyone else, they would never compare to Jungkook.  You were fucked both figuratively and literally.
Jungkook pulled you further from off the sink, the new position allowing him even deeper. You clawed at the marble tops underneath your fingers, your eyes rolling in the back of your head. That sensation of having to pee is back again.
"J-K, I-m. I have to-," You don't get to finish as the band in your stomach snapped. Silently you announced your release; if it wasn't for the new wave of cum coating his cock, or the fluttering tightness of your walls, Jungkook might have missed your orgasm. He wasn't far behind you. The constant clenching of your ridged walls around his cock, had him reaching his limit sooner than he would like. Jungkook had half a mind to pull out but decided to gamble his odds. You're the first person he's fucked raw in a while, and with three deep thrusts later, he was shooting his hot seed right against your cervix. 
Breathing heavily, Jungkook lets you fall against the sink, observing as you crumpled against the sink countertop. Pride swelled his chest as he watched his seed bubble out of your well-used hole. He's never contemplated going farther with the virgins he fucked. He wouldn't make any hasty decisions now though there were still a lot of things he wanted to do with you. He would sleep on it and revisit the idea in the morning.
"So would you say, Operation: Pop Your Cherry was a success?"
You giggled, winded, still having difficulty catching your breath. You straighten up against the bathroom counter, the majority of your weight still resting on the object as you had yet to regain the feeling in your legs.
"Jimin and his stupid code names. I swear when I get a hold ass, he's dead." You warned already preparing your revenge on your best friend. You stare at Jungkook in the eyes through the mirror, smile a bit goofy, you say.
"Operation: Pop My Cherry. Mission complete."
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gyukult · a year ago
from home 05 || jjk & reader
Tumblr media
title: from home  pairing: jungkook x reader genre: richkid!jk, baker!reader, fakedating!au, fluff, angst, e2l, smut in later chapters word count: 7.5k+ prompt: jungkook is the youngest of five boys, the last in line to truly inherit any his parents’ money. but what if his mom suddenly cuts him off due to his current poor behavior and he’s forced to learn how it feels like to be part of the working class? a/n: i was really excited to write this chapter and i still couldn’t get myself to make it longer... :( i suck...
please let me know if you’re interested in being tagged! but also let me know if you want to be removed! taglist: @scalubera @strugglingartistno16-2 @taestannie @teresaisla @drumsofheaven @vampgguk @christiandosworld @madjammil @jungkookieyoongs @bananagguknim @shuttheelleup​ @yobroitsjayden​
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Stating that Jungkook was 'on edge' is an understatement.
His palms and armpits were sweaty from the moment he arrived at your apartment to grab you before going to meet your parents, despite the amount of layers of deodorant he has on. He's never had a real relationship before, let alone met any girl's parents, and he can't help but feel something churning in his gut. "Good to go?" You ask, and he merely nods, suddenly bashful because he feels like he is definitely not ‘good to go.’ "Alright, let's head out."
The ride on the bus to your family home is only 30 minutes away, and truthfully, he has never ridden on one before. Walking to yours, Hoseok, and his home were less than 15 minutes, the thought of taking the bus being the absolute last thing on his mind. 
Jungkook isn't exactly sure how he feels about the bus. The constant starting and stopping makes him nauseous; then the unsteadiness of having to hold the bars and handles throughout the vehicle all around seems unsafe. When there's an available seat, you sense his fear, nudging him cautiously, gesturing him to take the seat. "Sit," and granting he wants to offer it to you instead, Jungkook complies to the demand because he swears he's going to vomit. 
After getting off the public transportation that he vows to never take again, you guide Jungkook through a narrow road, he notices the neighborhood here was more concentrated than the ones in Busan; tightly knitted with homes that stacked on top of one another, side to side, and back to back. People hung their clothes on lines that stretch from apartment to apartment, piles of boxes stored on balconies, and plants resting on the borders with owners sitting idle on their porches, fixated on their hobby of people watching. 
Jungkook is known to be popular to the public, from magazines, gossip TV channels, social media posts, and the types continue on to the point that you couldn’t name them all on your own ten fingers. People don't often recognize him on the streets anymore because he's unrecognizable in regular everyday clothes but today, he learns that you're the celebrity.
The people in their homes say their greetings, making comments here and there as you entertain them with a response back, laughter dispersing in the air. There's an old lady that lounges on the steps of her home, a smile stretched so wide that her eyes disappear, all with a blanket laying across her lap, knitting away. "I haven't seen you around, I assume your mother is having a dinner party for the kids? I see you brought a friend!"
"Something along those lines," you retort indirectly, nose snug into your scarf. "You're not staying indoors? It's cold out."
"My husband keeps the heater on the home too high, I sweat like I'm going through menopause like I’m forty all over again, so I much rather be outside here. Anyways, I don't want to hold you up too long, but please come by for Christmas, I do have a sweater I knitted for you as well!"
Then there's a grandfather, another grandmother, and a couple who seems just a bit older than the two of you, and the list just goes on. Despite the whisper exchanges at the supermarket mentioning that you're intimidating, mean, and scary, it's obvious that you aren't or else you wouldn't be swooning the hearts of these strangers.
But there will always be an exception. Especially when the two of you run into a girl who looks close in age, hair dyed blonde with her lips painted fusion red. He could tell how curvy she was with how tight the winter coat hugs her frame, swaying her hips toward your direction as she eyes you both suspicious. "I see our town loser brought a friend."
"Mm," You nod, attempting your best not to amuse her, or else you’d be pouncing on her back by now. "Jungkook, this is Somin. A classmate of mine when I was in grade school." He bows in politeness, zipping up his jacket further while stepping closer to you. "Nice to meet you, Somin."
"Oh, no!" She gasps, a hand on her chest in exaggeration, completely flabbergasted by something he said. "Don't call me that. I go by Bella, since... you know, I am an American now. Being an American deserves the right name."
"You got your citizenship there?"
"No, but, I spent enough time there to know." She grins, shrugging her shoulders. Spent enough time there—you want to call out on her bullshit yet again, knowing she barely spent a month there before dropping out of school and coming back, but it'd be humiliating to mention that with Jungkook standing by, a stranger that she had only met a mere few seconds ago. "You said Jungkook... Are you perhaps, Jeon Jungkook of the Jeon Corporation?"
You furrow your brows. "How do you even know that?"
"Well, daddy invests in their stocks, of course." Fluttering her lashes, she manages to make her presence known to Jungkook as she moves in his direction. "And I saw his pretty little face in a magazine and couldn't help but admire."
Possessively, your hand slips into his pocket, intertwining your fingers together, causing warmth to creep up his neck and into his cheeks. "Well, great to see you, Somin. Jungkook and I have dinner plans with my parents."
"Whoa, wait, dinner plans?" Somin nearly exclaims, shifting aside to block your way. "Also, it's Bella, get that straight, will you? And why is Jeon Jungkook with you anyway?"
"We're dating," Jungkook interjects, clearing his throat. The words are still unfamiliar on his tongue yet he loves to flaunt them anyway. "I'm her boyfriend." He adds, tightening the grip on your hand as if Somin could see it. Her mouth drops open, unable to grasp onto the fact that you were able to land on a hunk like him. If only she knew how much knowledge of basic life skills he didn't have... actually, she might still have the same perspective. "There's no way. This is fake, right? You realize how rude she is, don't you?"
"No, it’s not fake, and well, kind of," Jungkook admits, scrunching up his nose at the thought. "But it's endearing. Wouldn't be as exciting if she wasn't always trying to banter with me, so I don't think I'd have it any other way. People mistake it for her honesty. I love a woman who can be true to herself and genuine with her words."
Just then, your mother peeks out of the front door of your childhood home, waving her arm eagerly, calling out your name. "Well, that's our cue. Thanks, Somin, for congratulating us on our new relationship. Hope you find someone yourself soon!"
"What—" Somin barely finishes her sentence before you're zooming past her, tugging Jungkook along. 
"I didn't know you had so many enemies," Jungkook says jokingly, a playful smile upon his lips. You roll your eyes before squinting them at him, squeezing his hand hard as he winces. "Now you know how little I care for them, watch out because you might become one."
Upon entering the home, Jungkook observes too many things at once. Your mother is in the kitchen, frantically maneuvering through the junk that your family has hoarded over the years, searching for whatever it is she needs for the task at hand. Your father sits comfortably on the couch, feet on the coffee table with a controller in hand, dozing off with a combination of quiet and loud snores escaping from him. As a family home, Jungkook believes it's small considering that you had mentioned previously that you had two other siblings. To think that your parents are still living in the same home they grew up in is amazing to him, knowing that his parents moved at least five times within his youth while you only stayed in one home.
"Uh, hello," He greets your mom, bowing as she places her hands onto his shoulders, shaking him in excitement. She looks almost like a replica of you, except older and much brighter. "You must be Jungkook! It's so great to meet you, I'm so happy that my daughter found someone. She's known to be a bit... cold, so knowing that you were able to warm her up means that you're definitely special!"
"You make me sound like a bad guy." You hiss before your little sister walks in, in the midst of tying her hair up into a ponytail. She resembled your mother than you did, a delighted expression that matched exactly the one your mother had on. "That's because you are, and any guy who dates you seem to run away once they find out." She halts in her steps when she notices Jungkook's face. "Oh my god, you're that model."
"Model?" Your mother reiterates, glancing back at Jungkook and then your sister. "Yeah, yeah, that model in the new edition of Elle. He was in it—he's listed as one of the 10 most desirable men under 30. No flipping way, how'd you even get him to even date you?" She pauses before pointing at Jungkook with a suspicious look on her face as his eyes widened. "Unless... you need her for something. What's she offering? It can't be her body, she's not sexy... is it her brains? You heard about her—"
"Miyoung." Your mother says sternly, interrupting your sister. "Just because Jungkook is a model, it doesn't mean that your sister is incapable of being loved by a man like that."
"Oh, hey. You must be the boyfriend." A taller male enters the room, his hair messy and lids hooded from waking up barely minutes before. He's still in his pajamas, a loose grey shirt and red checkered pants, but from the outline of his shirt, Jungkook could tell this guy was built. "I'm Daehyun, also known as their big brother. It's nice to meet you." Jungkook is in awe, hand extending to shake with Daehyun's. He knows he's straight, but even as a straight guy he knows a pretty man when he sees one. 
Jungkook was starting to pick up as to why your exterior was so tough. With a younger sister who didn't have a filter to an incredibly handsome older brother, of course as the middle child you had to protect yourself. "Uh, yeah. And that's my little sister, Miyoung, who basically just attacked me for all of my insecurities within a minute. Thanks, kiddo."
"No problem, Unnie." She grins cheekily, seated on the high stool. "Did mom tell you I was back home from college for the weekend? That's why you're here?"
"Something like that," you respond ominously, hanging up your jacket along with Jungkook’s. Despite her preceding interrogation, she’s chewing on her bottom lip skittishly. "More like she forced me to come. Well, she didn't say anything yet but I felt a guilt trip coming so I just decided that I would come instead."
"Typical," Daehyun scoffs, leaning against the wall beside Miyoung. He sneaks a glimpse into the kitchen where your mother secretly runs back into, resuming in her work. "She's been desperate to get us all back together since the two of you moved out. Remind me again why I'm the only one stuck here?"
"Because you can't find a job." Miyoung and you remind him in unison and he frowns. The interaction between the three of you is crystal clear evidence that you guys are related. "Well, geez, hurt a guy, why don't you? See what I have to deal with, Jungkook?"
With some time left until dinner, the four of you crowd at your small dining table, conversing away about updates in your lives. Miyoung is in University an hour away from home, residing there for an easier commute, and Daehyun stays at home with an ambition to find a job that fits his degree. Daehyun still dates from time to time but he admits that he can’t tend to his needs because well, his mother is a room away, and oddly enough, albeit Miyoung babbles on about other things, she’s silent about her love life. Neither Miyoung and Daehyun are able to hold a steady job, he observes, and he’s starting to pick up as to why you’re so adamant about keeping both of yours. Jungkook learns that everything seems to gravitate toward one of the two phrases from your siblings when it comes to finances and they are: “Mom can handle it,” or “I’m going to let Dad do it so I don’t have to.”
From what Jungkook can gather, your siblings seemed to have different outlooks on life compared to you—they still depended on their parents whilst you were already hunting for opportunities of your own before Miyoung’s age so you didn’t have to ask for money.
“Are you still upset with me about what happened a year ago?” Miyoung finally asks you, chewing on her nails nervously. It seems to be something she’s been holding back from you, Jungkook takes a note of the way her eyes were filled with worry. “Of course,” You reply nonchalantly, leaning back against your seat with your arms crossed. “How could I not be? But you’re my sister, so I can’t actually be mad at you.”
Miyoung begins to tear up— glassy gaze with her bottom lip quivering, in spite of the previous aggressiveness she presented when you first entered the house. Before Miyoung could get another word in, your mom comes in with a guilty expression on her face. She calls your name faintly, a pout upon her lips. “Can you and Jungkook go out and grab me a couple things before dinner?”
Tumblr media
Jungkook can’t get the question that Miyoung brings up out of his mind. In the middle of an aisle at another one of his mother’s grocery stores, your lips are pursed in thought at which brand of soy sauce would your mom like more. 
“What was Miyoung going on about?” He eventually asks, but he holds his breath in case you decide to sock him for querying you about something so personal. Strangely enough, you open up. “Miyoung fell in love with my ex. He told me they didn’t do anything but he was in love with her, so we broke up. I thought I was going to settle with him but— guess not.”
Jungkook’s eyes expand like a deer in headlights. “Your little sister is dating your ex-boyfriend? And they were in love with each other during your relationship? I would’ve given her an uppercut if I were you— are you seriously still buying the banana milk she asked for?” He’s trailing behind you as you lead him toward the drinks; your face brightening from the lights from the fridges. How could someone who lost their boyfriend to their little sister seem so put together in the first place? Was this was Hoseok was talking about that your men streak was horrendous? 
“Because she’s my little sister. At the end of the day, I want her to be happy.” Throwing a pack into the cart, Jungkook continues to push it while following you, mind still foggy and angry about the situation. Here you were, with a guy who you’d fallen in love with to the point of considering settling down, then finding out he’s been in love with your sister... he feels like this is all a fever dream and isn’t an ounce real. “You’re fucking with me right?”
You look at him with perplexity. “What do you mean?”
“This sounds crazy. You’re serious? Miyoung stole a guy from you and you’re just going to be the bigger person here and not do anything about it?”
“What am I supposed to do? Throw a tantrum? Get in the way of their relationship that is obviously blossoming in a good way?”
Jungkook pauses. Was this what it was like in another family? Or at least yours?
In comparison, he perceives that within his family, outbursts were everything. Getting attention and being recognized for any wrongdoing was immensely important— he knew that if he stole a girl away from one of his brothers, he wouldn’t make it out of the house alive. His mother, including father, would never forget it. The chattering would be heard through the grapevine amongst the housemaids, drivers, and employees of the company. Even news media outlets would dabble a bit into the family drama, adding fuel to the fire. He could never react the way you did, at least, he hopes he would, but realistically speaking, he knew he wouldn’t be able to do it.
Yet, with you, it seemed simple enough. Sure, your heart was broken, but how were you going to be with someone who didn’t love you back?
“If you love someone, you let them go.” You say calmly when Jungkook doesn’t respond back. “Keeping them around for your benefit doesn’t solve anything. If he wasn’t truly happy with me, I want him to be happier with someone else. And if that person so happens to be with Miyoung, what am I supposed to do?”
“But... you’re not happy.” Jungkook declares with no hesitation. He recalls the time where you felt bad for him for not having the best upbringing, and he’s starting to understand the emotion that ran through you. “I’m happier now,” You concede, placing the last ingredient your mom has on the list for you to purchase, turning your back at Jungkook. “Now that I met you.”
His heart flutters at the comments, and he’s desirous about bringing up the topic of the kiss again. Jungkook resists the urge to because he could tell from the way your silhouette begins to quicken its pace toward the checkout line that you really didn’t want to talk about it. 
When the two of you arrive back at your house, your father is jolted awake. Jungkook greets himself to the elder man who only grins brighter than the sun—something Jungkook is trying to grasp where your grumpiness comes from— and instantaneously directs him to the dinner table where your mom has a ton of side dishes laid out with six place settings for you all.
During the meal, there was nothing but exchanging stories, laughter, and elation that swarms the room. If this was what family meant, Jungkook wanted it. And the more he thinks about it, the more he wants it to be with you.
Tumblr media
Nothing is working out for Jungkook.
This week, the pipe in his apartment burst. Something about— it’s winter and when it’s cold, the water freezes within the pipe and it expands the material, causing the pipe itself to burst, he doesn’t quite understand how the whole plumbing system works, but he knows that he can’t use the water in his apartment and has to go to yours and Hoseok’s for the week for a shower until the landlord can get it fixed.
Then, one of the deli guys called off because he apparently had the runs which meant that there was a shift change— Jungkook having to cover since whomever was working that day didn’t have the skills to do it.
Skills? Jungkook curses underneath his breath when he recites that word in his head repeatedly because he cuts his finger on the meat slicer as he winces, calling out your name. Coming to his side, you pull out the first aid kit and force him to sit down on one of the stools, tying elastic on a higher point of his finger to stop the blood from gushing out. “You alright?”
“Yeah, I just... I didn’t need to be put here, right? Someone else could’ve done this, I have no idea how to use a slicer.”
“I know,” You coo, wiping some of the antiseptic on the wound as he whimpers at the sudden sting. “The new shift manager panicked, she wasn’t sure what to do since the guy with the actual food preparation license is going to be here a bit late so she put you here. Not exactly the best plan.” After bandaging him up, you wash your hands underneath the faucet as Jungkook slouches in the seat.
Nothing really was going his way.
It doesn’t even stop there. Unexpectedly, his mother calls for dinner but you’re on shift, therefore you wouldn’t be able to attend. He’s tempted to down a glass of whiskey on ice, his signature drink, but when he opens the cabinet in his kitchen, he falters at the image of your face. Would you be disappointed if you saw what he was doing? And Hoseok? What would he say?
Retracting his hand back, he immediately slams the door shut at the thought of the consequences.
Dinner is the usual at the Jeon residence. Father sits at the end of the dining table, the typical beige cloth napkin spread across on his lap while in his usual work attire, glasses rested on the tip of his nose as he’s ready to dive in with a fork and spoon in hand. Mother is settled beside him, pretty as ever and calm in comparison to the hell that’s going to let loose in a couple minutes. The unknown? Who is going to blow up this time and who will they be comparing themselves to?
The answer? Jongseok and Jungkook.
Jongseok is upset to the point that he articulates every word with spit nearly projecting from his mouth to the opposite side of the room. The vein on his temple is stressed to the point that all Jungkook can think about is when it’s going to pop. “Why are you guys always babying Jungkook? You realize the kid is fucking working at a grocery store right? And not just any grocery store, either, but it’s mother’s chain.”
“Okay?” Father retorts, forehead wrinkling in puzzlement. “Isn’t he trying to prove himself worthwhile? Didn’t he find that job himself, despite it being your mother’s chain? He’s paying for his mistakes, learning basic life skills along the way, and even landed himself a serious girlfriend who can hold his hand through these tough times, since, after all, you’re the one who suggested we cut him off. If I’m being honest, I think we should give him access to our funds again.”
A scoff of incredulity comes from Jongseok. He’s a ticking time bomb in this moment; jaw twitching in frustration with the tips of his ears heated red. Even though he’s the target yet again, Jungkook is sober now, mind clear of the fog and the ability to defend himself for once. “I don’t get it. Why are you even mad at me? I’m trying here, right? You’re the one who wanted me to get cut off so desperately— and congrats, by the way, because I did. I had to find a job myself, one I’m not a fan of, and I’m barely making it by. I lost water in my apartment this week, cut my hand on one of those deli slicers, sprained my ankle on my way to work— and that’s only a portion of my bad week. Yet here I am, sitting at the dinner table with people who claim that they love me when you’re here flipping shit at father. What do you want from me?”
“For your name to be completely off the will.” Jongseok finally says what he has been actually feeling unperturbedly, not an ounce of affection in his tone with a gaze that could pierce through Jungkook. “You have nothing to offer to this family. Why we keep you around— I don’t know. Why should you have any portion of our estate and company assets when all you’re doing right now is working at the supermarket. Tell me, Jungkook, why do you deserve to be part of any of this?”
Jungkook hates how childish he’s being, but he feels like he has the right to. The flickering colorful lights and music booming through the speakers of the club are tuning out the words his brother exclaims at his parents, and the amount of alcohol passing through his lips are numbing the pain that tears through his chest. Your face pops up in his head; your laugh, your smile, and the comfort in the underlying messages through your tough love— he wishes that all of that was enough to heal the sting in his heart and fill the hollowness that his family left.
He doesn’t remember any of these people sitting at this table with him, even though they’re hollering in excitement that “Jungkook is back again!” The girl placing a hand on his chest with his arm around her shoulder isn’t you, but he knows that if it was, you’d be so displeased at how wasted he is. Honestly, this feels wrong. Nothing sits right in his stomach and when another pretty gal with her dress hiked up to the point he could see her thong from where he’s on the couch, he’s not even attracted to her. All he could think about was you, and that scowl on your face when he tells you about this night. He could hide it from you but he’s not going to lie to himself— if he wanted to improve for the better, it meant being straightforward and authentic. Jungkook came here to let loose because the events that occurred at the estate tonight was something he wants to forget.
Turning to the girl beside him, his eyes are hooded and vision is blurry when he asks, “What’s your name again?”
When her rosy plump lips open, she says her name but the voice that comes out of it is deep and oddly familiar. “Hyeri?” Why does she say it like a question, and why is her voice so low? Just then, a hand clenches the fabric of his shirt, pulling him up and he meets the proprietor of the response. Hoseok.
Hoseok drags Jungkook’s weak and frail frame out into the alleyway behind the club, fuming to the point that smoke could’ve been whistling out of his ears. “What the fuck are you doing here? And with Hyeri, of all people! I thought I told you to stop fucking around, dude! I-I thought you knew how much she means to me. Out of the people I’ve partied with— you were my actual friend.” He clenches his jaw before Jungkook could even answer, a fist tightening in his hand. “You’re such a fuck up, Jungkook. So much for a friend.” 
Then everything blacks out.
Tumblr media
His entire body hurts. His head is pounding, he can barely open one of his eyes, and his legs are so sore he can hardly shift on the bed— on a bed? He doesn’t have a bed. He has a futon but not a bed. Startled, he attempts to sit up against the bed frame, the other eye opening to skim through the room. 
He’s never been in your bedroom before, but the pictures of you graduating college hanging on the corkboard above your desk, concert tickets, Polaroids, and holiday cards thumbtacked beside them is all the evidence he needs to know it’s yours. Jungkook wants a closer look at them, he can scarcely make out the cute little smile on your face with your family in attendance in the picture, but when he puts weight onto his arms, he groans. Seconds later, you’re bursting through the door, out of breath and worry in your eyes. “Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself?”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m good,” Voice hoarse, he realizes how dry his throat is and you lean over to the bedside table to hand him the glass of water you had there originally. “Don’t move, idiot. You’re actually really torn up if you didn’t feel it with all that alcohol in your system.” Inviting yourself onto the foot of the bed, Jungkook frowns after he finishes the entire glass, much more dehydrated than he initially thought. “Trust me, it’s gone now. I feel every ounce of pain. What happened? I blacked out.”
“No shit,” you retort harshly, rolling your eyes at him. “You were drunk as hell, but you didn’t black out from that. Hoseok saw you getting all cozy with Hyeri and knocked the shit out of you. What happened, Jungkook? Why were you there in the first place? Did something happen?”
Reading the expression on your face, he fears for the worse but he doesn’t see any hint of dissatisfaction anywhere. There’s no anger, no resentment, no frustration— none of that. Just curiosity smeared across, genuinely worried about his well-being. “Are you upset that you found out I was there?”
“I was mad that Hoseok called me to come grab you, at first, so kind of, yeah. But if you’re trying to figure out if I’m disappointed in you, then no, I’m not. Old habits are hard to kill, so I understand that you’re trying to cope with something. I just want to know why you were there in the first place and why were you getting all lovey dovey with Hyeri—“
“I wasn’t getting lovey-dovey with Hyeri,” Jungkook exasperates, head falling back against the headboard, closing his eyes shut, interrupting before you lead the conversation into a lecture. “She was just some girl that sat down and claimed a spot next to me. I didn’t even know she was Hoseok’s girl.” There’s a pregnant pause in his explanation, and you don’t break off his train of thought. “I... I went because Jongseok called me useless tonight, yet again. It didn’t bother me as much as it did before, you know, before I met you, and it’s probably because I wasn’t intoxicated or the fact that I’m actually trying now and he still thinks I’m useless. He wants me out of the will.”
“He’s jealous that he’s the problematic child now, not you.” Making your way up the bed, you’re seated on top of the covers, settled adjacent to Jungkook. “If it makes you feel any better, I think you’re way more useful than you had been initially. I usually do the dishes at my parents’ house, mostly because I’m the middle child, but you did it for me instead. I consider that a huge accomplishment from who you were before.”
As much as he hates to admit how warm and fuzzy he feels inside just from that small achievement, it’s a resemblance of the time when he was younger and won an award for being most creative in his kindergarten class. How are you able to lift up his mood so easily by just saying a few words?
“I… is Hoseok really pissed?”
“A bit,” you reply sincerely and apologetically, even though none of this had been your fault. “He’s been in love with her even before I met him. She was all he could talk about, and I guess she finally gave him a shot, only to drop him a month later. I don’t know much about her, but I know she’s a gold digger from the stories he shared.”
Jungkooks face drops when his gaze meets yours. “Have you ever told him that?” You laugh—the melody that practically heals his wounds on the spot. “No, are you crazy? He’s blinded by love, Jeon, and any interference with that, I’m done for, probably cut out entirely from his life. Have you never been in love before?” 
He wants to say that he hasn’t, not until he met you, but you continue without expecting a response from him anyway. “Well, that’s just how he is. You could tell him a billion times that this girl isn’t for him but he’s never going to care about what I say until something actually happens.”
“I really care about Hoseok, though, and I want the best for him.” His doe-brown eyes are glossy, full of cherish for his friend. “And he cares for you too, Jeon. Just give him some time.” Quickly, Jungkook twists away, gaze avoiding yours as he clears his throat a couple times.
“Are you... okay?”
“Y-Yeah,” He says, choking up on his own words. “Hurts a little. Hoseok is strong.”
You furrow your brows. “Hey, look at me.” He doesn’t react. “Jeon,”
“Can... you give me some space?” 
Pulling your lips into a straight line, you contemplate whether or not to listen to his words or go against him. He’s been living in a home full of people yet still feeling alone, with no one to listen to his perspective on things. Maybe it’s time you change that.
Abruptly, you swing your leg over his thighs, hands cupping his cheeks just like you did that fateful night. He swore his heart stopped beating. “What are you—” There’s tears brimming in his eyes, you realize, with some escaping, trailing down his cheek. He sniffles. “You’re crying?” You’re stating the obvious, yet somehow it comes out as a question. “Don’t cry. Why are you crying?”
“I’ve never had a friend love me before, a friend who actually liked me for me and only wanted to spend time with me because of who I was, not who my family was. Did I really fuck up with Hoseok?” You frown, thumb rubbing against his cheek to wipe away his tears. Truthfully, you never really knew how to react when someone fell apart like this, but with Jungkook, it felt natural, the comforting. It might’ve been the sunlight peering through the windows of your room that made everything toasty, thawing out your cold heart, or it was just Jungkook. “Maybe. But I doubt he wouldn’t give you a chance to explain yourself though. I mean, yeah, you’re bruised all over because he really beat you up... but, I’m sure this evens things out. Plus, I’m your friend and I love you too.”
He sighs, shoulders plunging with his hands creeping up to your waist unconsciously, tenderly steering you to sit on his thighs. Swallowing at the feeling of his body flattened against yours, you’re attempting to shake your head from the dirty thoughts. Jungkook feels at ease, detecting the words come from your mouth, yet he wants more. He craves for more, especially since that night in Busan and he isn’t sure he can hold himself back anymore.
“I... What happened that night in Busan?” Lifting your weight off him, he only stops you by putting down more pressure to stop your escape. Despite being in an awful lot of pain, he still manages to overpower you in strength. “Please don’t avoid this. If Jongseok didn’t come to our door that night, it would’ve led to something more. I want to know, please, what does it mean?” Cheeks burning, you stare at the wooden headboard behind him, except Jungkook knows your next steps before you do because his finger is already on your chin, guiding your view back onto him. He doesn’t need to say anything because the look he gives you says it all, tell me.
“Okay, okay,” You cringe, the idea of talking about this makes your stomach feel queasy and want to recoil in dread. “White flag. I’ll talk.”
“Enough of this white flag nonsense, just tell me.”
Belatedly gathering enough courage, you spill. Although your heart feels like it’s jumping through hoops from suspense, you realize that you can’t hold yourself back any longer anyway. “I’m... attracted to you, alright? I mean, I’m not sure how I feel about you 100% emotionally, because I still feel like we’re on different pages here, but I feel like I kind of like you? If this goes any further, I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to it.”
That’s... it? Admittedly so, Jungkook was hoping for more of a confession, something along the lines of, ‘I really like you, Jungkook’ but he’d have to settle for this. This was definitely a step closer to where he wants to be. “So... you’d date me, that is. There’s still an opening somewhere.”
“I-I mean, I guess so... why?”
“Because well, I can’t stop thinking about that night, and I know that for sure that I like you.” He discloses. “And if there’s even a bit of an opening, I want a shot at it.”
You scoff. “With me? You want an actual shot with me? After spending time with my family, you want to still try to swoon me?” There’s a smile tugging on Jungkook’s lips; there’s a blackish-bluish bruise underneath his eye, the side of his lips red and blotchy and the entirety of his body is either swollen or bruised, and yet, he still endures the pain to be beaming brighter than the stars. “Of course, you met my family, right? Yours is nothing complicated in comparison... well, maybe your sister. But for once, I feel like I belong here, with you, I feel like I’m home. So, will you give me a chance to win you over?”
“Don’t you think you’re rushing this whole thing? This... you thinking you like me kind of thing.”
“Are you going to keep wasting your time?” He blurts, a hint of annoyance in his tone. “You wasted how long with some guy only for him to ditch you for your sister. What about your happiness, and what you want? None of this is fair to you. What if I could possibly give that to you, that happiness? Would you actually give me a chance?”
Sincerely, you didn’t know what the relationship with Jungkook held and what it would mean in the future. But what he asserts is right with the things he repeats in Busan about being selfish for once replays in your head again, and you finally decide to take a shot at it.
Was it the high of saying ‘yes, okay’ to Jungkook or the painkillers he took earlier because when your lips meet with his, he feels like he’s floating in mid-air. Your tongue is wet and soft when it fights with his, and when his hands on your waist pull you in closer, the bulge in his pants isn’t discreet, raging for attention, twitching against your thigh while your fingers knots through his hair tightens in response to your bottom lip suddenly tucked in between his teeth. The room feels steaming hot, especially when your hips start to move against his, emitting a groan from him as hand trails down to your ass to give it a harsh squeeze in consequence. His jeans from last night are still on and they’re straining in his crotch uncomfortably.
This is escalating so fast—just as quickly as his heart is beating in his chest, almost popping out of his chest cavity. Your natural scent is intoxicating, clouding up his mind to the point that he doesn’t think he needs the alcohol to forget the pain his family has caused him anymore, because you’re mending the pieces of him together. Your hands trail down to his neck, tugging him closer before they wander down to his biceps, giving him a gentle squeeze that releases a wince from him. 
Just as abrupt as the kiss, you pull away with a concerned and panic expression, with your mouth open in aghast. “Oh my god— I forgot you were still injured—” As you’re trying to move back, you stumble on his legs and collapse onto the floor.
“What— hey, are you okay?” He says, breathless as he leans over to check on you sprawled on the floor. Swiftly hopping back on your feet, he observes you clearly with your hair disheveled, cheeks tinted pink, and swollen lips. There’s a look of achievement on his face from the sight of a disoriented you. “Uh, um, yeah. I-I’m good,” Flustered, you push a strand of hair behind your ear. “I’m... I’m going to get dinner ready for the both of us, uh, I’m going to leave you to it,” you’re awkwardly gesturing his crotch before rushing out the room and slamming the door shut.
He can only laugh at your reaction. At least his week wasn’t that bad after that kiss, right?
Tumblr media
Jungkook stirs awake from the sound of chatter in the living room, voices familiar that he can associate them as yours and Hoseok’s. Unexpectedly, he sounds melancholic, the muffled sounds from your walls, almost to the point of whimpering mixed with your soft assuring words. He figures he should get a closer perspective of this, maybe enough where he can make out what the two of you are conversing about.
He’s not far off from shrieking when he angles his leg too far, but he bites his bottom lip in prevention of any sound, eyes rolling to the back of his head at the torment. Careful, he reiterates like a mantra in his head, chanting it until it’s engraved in his brain. When he reaches the door, he opens it slowly and just barely, to peek out and see the scene unfold before him.
“She told me that they didn’t do anything,” Hoseok exclaims, face in his hands as his elbows are resting on his knees. “That she chose to be there, and Jungkook was just lounging on the couch. That if anything, she wanted him to fuck her. Isn’t that ridiculous? How could she say that?”
You’re seated on the armrest of the loveseat, hand rubbing against Hoseok’s back soothingly. “I know, Hobi, I know. You might’ve been the right one for her, but at the end, she wasn’t the right one for you.”
“I could’ve changed,” He emphasizes, spinning his gaze to meet yours. His eyes are crimson and swollen from his tears, restlessness fills in those orbs. “I love her so much.”
“Well, and you love Jungkook. He’s in the other room, beat up and crying because he thought he lost you. He didn’t do anything wrong and you tore him to shreds! Earlier when we were making—“ You pause, clearing your throat when you realize where you were leading the conversation, Hoseok raising a brow in confusion at the action. “Earlier, I mean, I went to check on him and he was whining in pain. You really hurt him, Hoseok, and not just physically either. He’s both hurt emotionally and physically.”
He frowns. “I mean, I guess... I guess it wasn’t his fault.”
“There’s no guessing, idiot. It wasn’t. He was honestly too wasted to even realize that she was sitting beside him. Poor kid reeked of alcohol that I almost made him sleep on the porch. But he would’ve gotten robbed so... I let him stay in my room and I slept on the couch.” Jungkook glowers at the thought of you struggling to find comfort on the small sofa, wishing you would’ve chosen to sleep by him instead.
“Can I... talk to him?” Hoseok finally asks, looking down at his hands in embarrassment. His knuckles were red, contused from the one-sided fight he had with Jungkook the night before. “I fucked up, and I’m sure he thinks that he really fucked up.”
You hum for a moment before an idea pops into mind. “How about... you go out and get takeout? I’ll check on him, prep him for your appearance, and then you guys can hash it out?”
You don’t take no for an answer, pushing Hoseok out the door shortly, and a soft smile tugs on the edges of Jungkook’s lips before he lightly shuts the door and tip toes back into bed, pretending to be deep in slumber.
When you come into the room afterwards with a wet rag in hand and a bucket of warm water, his heart swells. Patting the towel against his wounds while seated at the edge of the bed, he hastily has a hand wrapped around your wrist, shocking you in the midst of your activity. “Oh— you’re awake?” He gingerly kisses the palm of your hand, heat clogging your face . “Yeah. And, thank you. For everything. I owe you a lot.”
“I—uh, maybe you’ll reciprocate this for me as well, one day?” You respond dubiously. “But... you also might not know how to do it so—“
“Are you still trying to make jabs at me after I made such a sweet comment?”
“Well, I’m just being honest, do you even know how to take care of another person?” You shoot back. “You couldn’t even get yourself back home, I had to be called and drag you back here myself, and my god, you’re heavy—“ He hauls your arm closer, dragging you along with it until your nose is inches away from his. “Can I kiss you again? I miss the way your lips feel with mine.” Even when he says the words in a volume that’s barely a whisper, his breath fans against your skin harshly, causing goosebumps to crawl up your spine.
The door pounds shut and before you can tear away from Jungkook’s hold, Hoseok is already standing in the threshold of the bedroom, mouth wide open in shock before it immediately fades into a mischievous grin. “What did I tell you, Kook? Which one was it first? You or her?”
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blondeboyfriend · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings: Grisha.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I would rather die than have children and knowing this man wouldn’t want to put a baby in me is easily the biggest draw. Like yes, king, don’t breed me.
Tumblr media
2. B A S E B A L L
Tumblr media
Of course I’m going to link my smutty baseball fic.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He can look at words and decipher their meaning. Can your fave do that?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m not gonna get philosophical in a shitpost, but it’s really sexy how nothing in life truly matters :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Look at my username. No, look at it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[insert witty yet respectful comment about intergenerational trauma here]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Add yourself.
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sugardaddykenma · a year ago
Tumblr media
𝕔𝕒𝕞𝕓𝕠𝕪! 𝕤𝕦𝕘𝕒
[18+] some camboy!suga thoughts and headcanons because apparently i like to cause myself pain. this turned out way longer than i expected oops. 
warnings: toy play, degradation, ass play, idk man he does cam work what else do you expect!!!! 
under the cut for the spicy stuff. and skip to the last section if youre really just here for the sorta smut.
Tumblr media
Sugawara really is the best of both worlds with masculine and feminine energy - like he can lean into either (or none at all) and just get everyone frothing at him. 
He is the type of guy with a whole room set up for his work, he has great lighting and a professional camera set up, and always looks good.
His set up is very soft, with plush fabrics and pink and purple lighting - but also has a st andrews cross set up when he needs it
Suga also has a playlist set up and viewers can add to, but lets be honest its mostly kali uchis and jorja smith.
Viewers send him stuffed toys, and he has them throw around the room as personal touches.
When Sugawara does videos with others, he always has them on his King Size bed - because the headboard is mirrored, and this way viewers can watch them fuck from all angles.
Aesthetic is more soft, hazy, and sexy. Just tune in for his Suga Seshes for the best smokey content.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Between live streaming, creating custom videos, and posting photos Sugawara is pretty much perfect at his job, but he shines with personalized subscriber work.
He does personal messages to long time subscribers, and remembers things about them to include in his work.
“Hope work was good today! He’s a video of me playing in the shower earlier just for you!”
If he knows someone likes him in certain colours or types of kinks, he’ll try to incorporate it.
People always send collars with their name on it, and of course he’ll oblige with a photo - but if you want a show with it, you have to pay more.
Sugawara keeps note of birthdays of his subscribers and when its your turn he sends a video of himself fucking his fist with your name on his lips.
Best of all, send him your panties or briefs and he’ll send you a video of him spraying it in his cum of course
Some viewers have a findom relationship with him, and get off to him telling them that “theyre a loser for not spending more on him”
He is also the king of petnames with his subscribers. He will find the name that shakes you to your core. What’s your poison? Pet? Kitten? Bunny? Baby? Oh, it’s filthy whore isn’t it?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He’ll always start streams asking about peoples days and engaging with them, because he’s a sweetheart.
Sugawara is a big fan of toy play - and uses various plugs and cock rings. And he knows how to use them.
His personal favourite is a vibrating plug that special viewers can pay more to operate. There is something so delicious of getting to watch the last of Sugawara’s resolve break when the vibrations in his ass go to the highest setting, and knowing his pleasure is your doing - and he doesn’t even know who you are.
His fans know that they’ll either get sweet suga or dark suga, the latter of which is who is more focused on degradation. Dark Sugawara will call you a filthy fucking slut for watching him, whereas Sweet Sugawara will call you royalty and beg you to imagine its his hands touching you.
Basically, you can get whatever you want with him.
He’s also a big fan of his suction dildo. He has it attached to a wall mirror, so even you can watch as he fucks himself dumb off it. The slapping sounds from him fucking himself back and forth, mixed with his own quickened pants are perfect to get off to. Sugawara looks so vulnerable, and yet watching his strong arms pump himself really makes you feel like you’re there.
Sugawara is not afraid to wear lingerie, and loves to wear silks and laces for clothed POV videos - one of his fan fav videos is from his sleepover series, where he doesn’t even finish on screen and it makes you want to beg for more. There’s something about hearing him whispering fuck off screen and knowing he’s cum that makes you feral. Plus the denial is sweet.
But Sugawara in thigh highs is the real show. You get to watch him slowly stroke himself while his tongue shoots up to lick his top lip in concentration, and yes you are absolutely drooling at him when he clenches his grip near his head as his thumb swipes across the head to gather the precum at the top of it.
He’s not exactly quiet, but he has such breathy moan that’ll make the hair rise on your skin, and it counters the rough grunts he’s capable of letting out. Sugawara just knows how to let out filthy, desperate noises that will get your blood racing.
When he finishes on his toned stomach and it drips down to his thighs, he stays in place for a while. He wants people to see how pretty he is completely coved in his own load. And for an extra fee you too can watch him taste himself, and let out the softest sigh in contentment.
And yes, you’ll pay so much to hear your name on Sugawara’s lips when he cums because his voice is so enthralling, and it is worth it to hear him whine or purr to your name as a chant. It feels even more special when its a stream open for all, and it feels like you’ve marked your territory.
But also this is Sugawara we’re talking about, sometimes when he streams he’s completely naked making fun of someone's rude message in the chat for thirty minutes - but no one even tells him they’re annoyed, because he’s so cute laying on his stomach calling out the viewer who wrote “im unsubscribing!!!!!!!!"
Either way, you can’t unsubscribe because he’s like a succubus of camboys, he’s there when you close your eyes, you hear him every time you hear the word whore, and you see him every time your bank balance shows a new charge. 
Plus it’s worth it to hear his muffled moans with a ball gag on, trust me.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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leaf-meadowrose · 6 months ago
Thomas’s characters plus C!thomas as things said in me and my friends group chat
Tw/Cw: cursing (a lot), religious mentions, food mentions, kinda derealization? (Saying an existing country doesn’t exist as a joke), suicide mentions, talking about kinks, daddy issue mentions, murder mentions.
Roman: my brother said he’d kill me in my sleep once.
Virgil: I didn’t get my hair cut like the fucking doomer boy meme just to be seen as cishet.
Janus: y’all really are mentally ill bitches, Huh?
Dr. Picani: did you know chocolate produces the same chemical as love?
C!thomas: holy shit..
Patton: boys will be bug my beloved
Remus: anyway back on topic, being tickled is hot.
Virgil: go back to Wattpad.
Roman: are there forks in Canada?
Logan: Why the hell wouldn’t there be forks in Canada????
Patton: Someone needs to tell my Spotify I have daddy issues. So they really need to stop sending me Father’s Day adds.
C!Thomas:oh my god ur all so gay
Janus:Look Who’s talking bitch
Janus: oh to be a cartoon villain dramatically singing about my tragic backstory and morals that makes the audience root for me instead of the hero
Patton: What’s up? :)
Remus: my dick
Janus: god fucking damnit
Roman: hey I’m gay.
C!Thomas: I just had an identity crisis in my sleep. How do these things happen???
Virgil: Happy Birthday to Tommyinnit! And rip to Prince Philip too I guess
Remus: mans looked dead anyway.
Remus: kinky
Virgil: I’ve been told that many times today.
Remus: emo ass bitch
Virgil: look in a mirror. Your not much better
Roman: Do British babies come out of the womb with an accent?
Virgil: Wdym Russia is obviously a myth!
Remus: #russiaisntreal ???
Roman: Shawty dont kys. You’re too sexy
Remus: eats hairdye
Remus: I’m horny.
Logan: We are very aware.
Remus: Ahaha sheeeeeesh wanna help with it???
Patton: I promise you I’ll only start talking horny when others do.
Remus: Haha!! Good luck. Because I’m your boyfriend and I’m so hot, so you’ll definitely need it.
Roman: It’s because I’m hot and sexy.
Logan: correct.
Roman: I’m dedicated to my musical phase
C!Thomas: Your just praying to any god now, huh?
Patton: I’m just so desperate.
Patton: Jesus is calling me a loser.
Logan: I’m sure Jesus isn’t calling you a loser, love.
Roman: We need to cancel Wendy’s. They burnt my fries >:(
Patton: Crunchy
Virgil: it looks like Prince Philip did.
Patton: Virgil, we shall kiss on the rocks.
Patton: I wanna live underground. Like the Teletubies house.
Remus: Take me with you.
Patton: Yes!!
Remus: hey gays, theys and milf lovers
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trafalgar-temptress · a year ago
We Can Live Like Jack and Sally | Dabi x Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: Yes, I’m aware that April has barely begun. But it is eternally Halloween in my world. So please enjoy this spooky season story in the spring time. Also, shout out to @lady-bakuhoe​ for beta reading, and @uwubvbe​ for hitting me with an unexpected spicy Halloween feeling the other day. Oh yeah, and thanks to blink182 for being a constant inspiration.  Warnings: Cemetery sex, public, slight degradation. 18+ obviously.  Word Count: 4,327
»»————- ☠ ————-«« 
A shiver ran up your lower body as the chill, late October wind swirled around you. The sheer white tights with black stitch markings did little to protect you from the chill and you desperately tried to tug the edges of your short patchwork dress further down your thighs. Halloween had always been your favorite holiday and you had finally convinced your boyfriend to dress up with you, under one condition – you made it look sexy.
The man beside you snickered quietly as he wrapped an arm around your waist to pull you closer to his side. “Gettin’ cold out here, doll? Ready to head back to the bar and have some real fun?” Dabi teased, gripping your hip tightly.
“No!” You huffed as you pried his lean fingers loose from your side, “I’m having plenty of fun out here. Let’s walk around a bit more.”
Dabi sighed and you could practically hear him roll his eyes. This was far from his idea of fun, but he did it for you. And because you had won it fair and square in a game a blackjack.
»»————- ☠ ————-««
Last weekend, as you sat together at the bar, sipping Jack & Coke and aimlessly playing cards; one of your favorite songs came through the speakers on some playlist Toga had found online. The mellow bass line was one that was practically ingrained in your soul from how many times you had listened to it over the years.
“Hello there. The angel from my nightmare… the shadow in the background of the morgue-”
You found yourself singing along quietly as you waited for Kurogiri to deal the next hand. He was usually happy to play dealer for you guys when you asked nicely.
Your boyfriend glanced over at you and raised an eyebrow, listening to you harmonize with the low notes of the signer. His lips barely moved, but you heard him lowly add in the next line without missing a beat-
“The unsuspecting victim – of darkness in the valley.”
You reached out to playfully punch him on the shoulder as you raised your voice and pointedly sang in his direction, grinning through the words-
“We can live like Jack and Sally if we want – Where you can always find me
And we’ll have Halloween on Christmas”
Dabi groaned at your cheesy jester and shook his head at you, before knocking back the rest of his bourbon in a single gulp. Toga and Twice had picked up the lyrics from across the room with you; Twice adding in the “I miss you; I miss you” part beneath the main lines. You went back to humming happily as those two preformed the rest of the song as a duet across the room, much to Dabi’s annoyance.
“Ya know – I liked that song until those idiots got ahold of it.” He said to Kurogiri as he poured another round into Dabi’s glass.
The older villain chuckled warmly, placing the bottle back behind the bar, “That doesn’t surprise me in the least.” Then he went back to shuffling the deck to deal a new round for you.
Glancing over at your boyfriend, you saw a small smile on his face. For all his grumbling, you knew he actually enjoyed nights like these, and he had mentioned before that he enjoyed hearing you sing. Plus, a few drinks into any night, and Dabi was usually leaning toward a generous mood, so you decided to vocalize the idea that had just popped into your mind.
“Hey babe, you know what could be kinda fun?” You fixed the villain to your right with an innocent (e/c) eyed stare and ran your hand gently over his.
“Depends on what kind of fun you have in mind, dollface. But I could think of a few things.” His eyes roamed from your hand on his, up over your chest before finally settling his ocean blue eyes on yours.
The way he looked at you never failed to rile your up, and the liquor in your system wasn’t helping with the heat rising to your cheeks. But a quick glance at the cards in Kurogiri’s hands had that feeling spilling over into liquid courage; you knew Dabi wasn’t one to turn down a bet.
“Let’s get dressed up and go out on Halloween.” You blurted out.
The confused look on Dabi’s face was enough to make you laugh out loud. His eyebrows knit together as he clearly tried to determine if you were joking.
“And do what, exactly? Ask for candy? Go ask Toga if that’s what you have in mind – sounds like some dumb ass shit she’d be into.” He turned back to his hand before signaling for Kurogiri to lay down the next round of cards.
“No, Dabi. Like a date. We get dressed up and just walk around the city so I can see the other costumes and all the decorations! We’ll wear makeup so no one will recognize us – it’ll be perfect.”
Dabi looked skeptical and on the verge of refusing, so you powered on-
“Come on! I’ll even bet on it. Whoever wins this next round gets to pick what we do on Halloween night, and the loser has to go along with it.”
Dabi grinned despite himself. He couldn’t resist the confidence in your tone, or the fact that he had a 50/50 shot of winning.
“Alright. Deal.” He said, tapping his fingers against the wood of the bar in front of him.
Kurogiri started to lay down the cards. When he came through to deal your second card, you broke into a wide grin and finished the rest of your drink in celebration.
A jack and an ace.  Blackjack.
Dabi looked at his own cards, a 5 and a 2, and admitted defeat. “Don’t make me regret this.” He grumbled as he tossed his cards back to the dealer.
»»————- ☠ ————-««
The two of you walked hand in hand down a residential district of the city. Apartment buildings and store fronts were decorated with strings of lights, colored lanterns, and pumpkins. Parents with young children, and groups of other children roamed around in costumes with bags of candy. It felt absolutely magical.
The fact that they were unaware of the two villains wandering their peaceful streets was giving you an additional high that you hadn’t anticipated. And though he wasn’t about to admit it, Dabi felt it too.
The heavy white costume paint that you had covered his entire face and neck with was doing a good job of concealing his very recognizable features, the black paint you had used to create the skeleton smile actually worked perfectly with the staples along his cheeks. But your personal favorite touch was the way that the large, black circles painted around his eyes made his piercing blue eyes stand out even more than normal.
Yes, you had managed to get your gruff and stubborn man to dress up as Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Yes, you had dressed up as Sally to complete the set.
Yes, he thought this was just about the dumbest emo cliché you could have forced him into.
And yes, the low v-cut patchwork dress that barely reached the bottom of your ass was fueling his consistently horny mind and making his tattered black skinny jeans uncomfortably tight in the crotch.
But, much to Dabi’s quiet annoyance, you seemed to be completely lost in enjoying the night just wandering the streets. He did his best to calm the aching in his balls, pushing away the thoughts of how he wanted to take you into the nearest alleyway. Because despite what anyone may say, Dabi did have a soft spot in his heart for you, and he was glad to see you happy.
The two of your continued walking in comfortable silence and you entered a more suburban area of the city. The houses were further apart with fences and shrubs lining the sidewalk. The groups of people became further between, and it was easier to see the sky.
It was getting late by now, and the only time you had stopped that night was to get an apple cider from a street vendor. You were starting to get hungry and figured it was just about time to tell Dabi you guys could head back to the hideout when noise further down the street caught your attention.
There were fewer lights at this end of the street and the entrance to a cemetery was just around the corner. A fight seemed to have broken out within a group of kids and your curiosity got the better of you as you crept forward to see what was happening.
Four boys, (somewhere in their preteens, you assumed) were dressed up as famous horror movie killers and appeared to be beating up a fifth boy dressed as a fictional superhero from some comic book. The victim of the assault was curled up on the ground clutching a large bag of candy. As you got closer to the group, some of their words became clearer.
“Fucking loser!”
“Who cares about those fake ass superheroes when Japan has the coolest real heros?”
“Give us your candy, you big baby!”
“Too bad no one can hear you crying, nerd!”
Three of the boys were kicking the boy on the ground while the fourth tried to wrestle the bag from his grasp.
Just as you were about to shout for the kids to stop, you stopped short – surprised by the sudden movement next to you. You froze, watching your boyfriend in quiet horror.
Dabi was moving toward the group with his arm outstretched, tiny blue flame dancing across his palm; a stance you had seen him use countless times, but never against kids. Was he really about to cremate a group of preteens? That was low, even for him…
“Oi! What the fuck are you crotch goblins doing, huh?” Dabi’s voice was laced with venom. The group froze in an instant. You couldn’t blame them, either. From their point of view, Dabi might even look MORE intimidating than normal with the light from his flames illuminating the texture of his scars beneath the white paint, and his blue eyes burning from the middle of black pits.
One of the kids grabbed the arm of a second one, shouting that they should leave.
“Real fuckin’ cool ganging up on someone weaker than you, right? How about someone stronger?” Dabi roared at the group, allowing his flames to shoot out further from his palm. The light illuminated the fear in their eyes through the eye holes in their masks. But you let out the breath you had been holding when you realized your boyfriend wasn’t going to become a child killer. If Dabi wanted to hurt those kids, he’d be done by now.
The four kids in killer costumes stumbled over each other in their attempt to get away from the flames, dropping their own candy bags in their hurry to get the hell out of there. In a matter of seconds, the group had disappeared around the corner leaving just the boy on the ground clutching his candy.
Dabi stopped inches away from the kid on the ground and let his flames die out. The boy looked up at him with wide eyes, still full of tears.
“Thank you, mister…” he squeaked out.
“Don’t thank me for shit, kid. Get the hell out of here and grow some balls. You can’t rely on people to save you.” Dabi growled before shoving his hands into his pockets and turning back to face you. The kid scrambled to grab his bag before running off in the other direction from there the group had disappeared.
You closed the distance between you and your boyfriend quickly and wrapped your arms around his slim waist. Looking up at his emotionless expression, you placed a quick kiss on his makeup covered cheek, “Well, that was a surprise.”
“Was it?” Dabi asked vaguely, leaning down to pick up an abandoned bag of Halloween candy. He glanced at the contents quickly before tossing it to you. “Trick or treat, doll.”
You both continued down the street toward the cemetery in silence for a moment as you contemplated what just happened. Reaching into the bag, you pulled out a lollipop and removed the wrapper before popping it into your mouth and sucking on it thoughtfully. Why was it always so tempting to provoke your boyfriend?
You pulled the candy from between your lips and swayed your hips to bump playfully against your partner. “That was pretty heroic of you, ya know?” Your voice was teasing, but Dabi’s eyes narrowed in response. In a flash, he had you pinned against the cold metal of the cemetery fence.
“What was that, doll? Heroic?” Dabi spat the last word at you like a curse. His eyes burned with hatred, but you knew it wasn’t for you.
“Yeah. You saved someone in need of help. Isn’t that what heroes do?” You kept your tone nonchalant as you raised the lollipop back to your lips and licked it innocently.
Dabi growled low in his throat, his grip on you tightening. “I’ll show you how heroic I can be.” The villain grabbed your hips and hoisted you up, barely giving you enough time to grasp the bars on the fence before he was pushing against your ass to get you to either climb or fall over the top of it on your own.
Gripping the stick of your candy between your teeth, you skillfully flipped over the fence and landed softly on the grass below. You barely had time to stand up and straighten your too-short dress before Dabi landed on his feet next to you. He picked you up in an instant and flung you over his shoulder, marching off deeper into the graveyard.
“Uh – Dabi? Where are we going?”
He didn’t answer you. Instead, he continued through a row of large, old headstones – moving further away from the street. Finally, he roughly placed you down on top of a low tombstone, forcing you to release your grip on the bag of Halloween candy and letting it spill all over the ground. The cool marble against your thighs and ass made you shiver, and you felt your nipples tense up under the material of your bra.
Your eyes had started to adjust to the moonlight, and you took in the sight of the graves around you. Some were well over a hundred years old, and clearly hadn’t had a visitor since the turn of the century. Others were newer, were lit with candles, and had small gifts left by remaining relatives paying their respects.
A calloused grip on your chin turned your face back to meet Dabi’s. His other hand moved to pull the lollipop from your mouth.
“I’ve got something else for you to suck on,” he prompted, taking the spit covered candy between his own lips.
Your cheeks heated up and you felt a dull throb between your legs at the suggestion. ‘Here?’ you thought to yourself, “Surrounded by the decaying bodies and restful spirits of the dead? On Halloween night, no less?”
The sound of Dabi’s belt buckle coming undone told you that he was dead serious.
“That wasn’t a request, doll. Get on your knees.”
Dabi roughly shoved you forward off the tombstone and took your spot, sliding his jeans down just enough to release his length. The sight made you lick your lips in anticipation – you never could deny him. Even if you wanted to.
You dropped to your knees in between his legs, and took his cock in your hands, giving it a couple of teasing pumps. Dabi hissed quietly at the feeling of your cold fingers against his skin. “I said suck. Not tease.”
The commanding sound of his voice made the warmth pooling between your thighs harder to ignore. You watched as he lazily pulled the lollipop from his mouth and crudely licked around the entire candy, flicking it with his tongue. The memory of how his tongue felt against your clit invaded your imagination and you groaned with desire. Impatiently, Dabi’s free hand came up to grip your hair and guide your mouth down to his length.
Your tongue darted out to lap over the tip, licking away the beginning of his arousal that had collected there. Sensing that Dabi was just getting started with you, you collected the spit in your mouth and let it drip down his length to help lubricate his lengthy cock. When you took him into your throat, you took him as deep as you could before pulling back and repeating the process. Looking up at your boyfriend through long lashes, you did your best to keep eye contact as you allowed yourself to drool and slobber, putting on a messy show.
Dabi removed the candy from his mouth and moaned quietly as he leaned back to enjoy the feeling of your mouth around his cock. “You’ve always been such a good cock sucker, doll. Fucking perfect. And all mine.” With his last word, Dabi pulled your head from his length, leaving you gasping in surprise.
Rough hands reached beneath your arms to pull you to your feet. Dabi’s mouth found yours and pulled you into a sloppy kiss, the taste of sugar on his tongue mixing with the salty taste of his cock on yours. His body pushed against yours until you felt your lower back brush up against another tombstone. Dabi tugged at the v-line of your dress and you heard the fabric rip, so your bra was fully exposed to him. Skilled hands pulled your breasts from their cups, pushing the lace and padding aside so that he could pinch and twist your nipples. You groaned with desire through the kiss and pushed your clothed hips against his exposed cock, feeling it twitch against you.
“Did you want something, doll?” Dabi asked before he moved his mouth down to suck on the sensitive skin of your neck. His teeth were sharp against your heated skin, and you knew he wouldn’t pull away without leaving an obvious mark.
You nodded in response and reached down to grasp his dick in your hands, feeling the slick metal bars on the underside of his length. His tip was pressed against the front of your dress and the precum leaking from it was sure to leave a wet spot.
Dabi ground his pelvis forward into your touch before releasing his hold on your neck. “Turn around,” he breathed against your ear.
You felt the cold marble behind you and turned around, bracing yourself against the stone surface and leaving your backside exposed to your boyfriend. He gripped your hips tightly and thrust against your clothed ass a couple times before lifting your dress up and gripping the thin material of your tights between his fingers.
The sound of fabric ripping filled the air again as your special ordered Halloween tights were torn to shreds. The cold air made goosebumps form along your bare skin as it kissed the moisture between your thighs. Dabi brought one finger up to hook underneath the thin strip of material between your ass cheeks, pulling your thong over to one side. He laid a sharp slap to your behind, causing you to cry out in pleasure before you could bring your hands up to silence yourself.
 “I don’t fucking think so. I want to hear every noise you make for me.” Dabi reached forward and grasped both of your wrists in one of his large hands, holding them behind your back and forcing you to lean forward against the tombstone, your breasts pressed against the cold stone.
He laid another sharp slap to your ass, causing you to cry out again, “Dabi! Fuck –“
“That’s better, doll. It's not like anyone is near enough to hear you anyway… unless you count the corpses around us.”
The mention of your silent audience had your emotions fighting inside you. This was supposed to be a peaceful and respectful place – and clearly that wasn’t the idea Dabi had in mind for it. And you couldn’t deny it, Dabi’s constant disregard for others was a turn on. All that mattered was that he wanted and when he wanted it.
“Dabi, please… I- I want you..”
Your voice was heavy with desire and you could feel your slick starting to slip out between your lower lips. If you could have looked into Dabi’s eyes, you would have seen his pupils blown wide with his own lust. Instead, you could just feel him thrust two fingers into your heat and start pumping them in and out; quickly spreading your slick and prepping you for himself.
As his fingers worked in and out of your tight cunt, Dabi’s thumb pressed against your clit – rubbing it with each thrust. You could feel a coil inside you starting to tighten and you ground your hips back against him to try and reach your release.
“Don’t stop…” you panted, willing your body to climax quietly. In response, Dabi removed his hand entirely, causing you to whine and wiggle your hips in disappointment; the feeling inside you slowly dying off.
Before you could beg for more, Dabi was dragging the head of his cock along your folds. Tapping it lightly against your puffy clit, teasing you. You rutted your hips back against him to try and get him to slide inside you.
“You’re so fucking needy. And such a slut for my cock. Do you even know what you look like right now?” Dabi’s voice rang out, “Bent over someone’s grave. Hot, horny, and begging to get fucked.” He continued teasing your needy sex as he spoke.
“I don’t care what I fucking look like, Dabi. Just fuck me, you bastard-” your words were sharp and they earned you a painful slap to your ass, harder than the others that came before.
“That’s some mouth you’ve got on that pretty face, doll. I don’t know where you get off talking to me like that.” Another equally hard slap had your eyes stinging as you whimpered, the pain and pleasure blending together and making your abandoned clit throb again.
“Hng – please..” you tired again, desperate to feel him inside of you again.
Dabi laughed dryly as he dipped thumb back inside your dripping sex again, briefly. He slid it out again only to drag his slick coated finger up to circle your puckered asshole before pushing against the tight ring of muscle. Your body instinctively tried to pull away from the unfamiliar sensation, but you were only pressed tighter against the marble beneath you.
Dabi pulled his hips back and pushed the tip of his almost painfully hard cock between your folds just as his thumb pushed through your puckered hole, causing you to call out his name and clench down impossibly tight around him. Dabi groaned as he thrust his cock forward until he was buried inside your clenching cunt.
“That’s right, doll. Scream for me.” He started a fast pace, fucking you against the tombstone of some stranger without a care in the world.
You rubbed your thighs together to try and create more friction using the weight of your combined bodies against the stone beneath you. The feeling of Dabi’s piercings against your walls always drove you wild, and tonight was no different.
To your surprise, Dabi released your arms to grab both of your hips in his hands. His thrusts were brutal, and you were sure your thighs would have bruises tomorrow.
“Touch yourself. Whatever you need to do – just cum on my cock. Now.” His words were strained, and you knew his release was close. Gripping the headstone with one hand, you brought your other hand down and felt the wetness dripping around where your bodies were connected. Using your own essence, you started to swirl tight circles around your clit- pulling yourself to the edge.
“Cum for me.” Dabi’s voice commanded again. And that was the last push you needed as you came hard around him, feeling your inner walls convulse around the pounding cock inside you. You pulled your hand out from under your dress because you needed to use both of your arms to hold yourself steady against the stone as your legs threatened to give in.
The villain never let up on his pace as your body quivered around him, gritting his teeth and groaning loudly as his own climax hit him hard. Dabi felt himself start to shoot ropes of hot, sticky cum into your cunt and kept thrusting, not wasting a single drop. He was determined to stuff you so full of his seed, it would be leaking out of your tight pussy the whole way home.
»»————- ☠ ————-««
 Dabi pulled a cigarette from the pocket of his jacket before throwing it to you. “You better cover up, doll. We don’t need the whole city gawking at those pretty tits.” He was casually sitting on top of the same headstone he had just fucked you against.
“I wouldn’t need to cover up if someone hadn’t ripped my dress.” You shot back at him. You tugged the black jacket over your arms and zipped it up to cover your ruined Sally dress. Looking down, you noticed the bright green grass stains on the knees of your tights and debated taking them off before heading home. You didn’t feel like hearing any shit from the rest of the league when you did your walk of shame back through the hideout.  
“So,” Dabi drawled, exhaling a cloud of smoke in your direction, “How many heroes would fuck you in a graveyard?”
You hopped up next to him on the stone, snatching the cigarette from his fingers and taking a drag. You pretended to think it over for a moment before answering. “Hmmm… None. And that’s why I only fuck villains.” 
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mega-aulover · a year ago
Chart Throb
This is for @deinde-prandium​ who urged me to write this ode to Steve Kornacki who was my “Chart Throb” crush. What would happen if it was Peeta at the Capitol counting ballots and Katniss was a home watching the love her life unable to touch him. 
So it’s T rated just in case a - Un beta’d and so all mistakes are mine
Tumblr media
Katniss watched Peeta from home her silver eyes knowing very much he needed a break, a nap, but knew he wouldn’t do it. He wouldn’t take a nap until the election was over. Peeta pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, his wavy blond hair flopping over his forehead. His white crumpled shirt did nothing to hide how wide his shoulders were. His khaki’s were hung low on his hips, his tie was askew and he looked scrumptious. 
The election was the most important election of Panem’s history. The despot that was President Snow was losing to Paylor Harris, a woman who clutched six of the needed nine Districts to win the election. There were four Districts who had votes yet to be tabulated. Peeta was Svengali at election time.  The nation turned to him, Caesar Flickerman, and Claudius Templsmith to relay the voting tallies and outcomes. The favorite one was Peeta, because of his earnest boy next door looks. 
He pushed his glasses off the bridge of his nose and wiped them. The camera focused on on his sparkling blue eyes and the little freckles that dotted his cheeks. A million ovaries exploded allover Panem when he grinned and that little dimple of his appeared on his left cheek. Katniss shifted in her seat knowing how appealing that dimple was up close.
The camera panned away from him and Katniss took a few moments to text him.
Katniss: You look like you need a nap.
Peeta: Just wait until I get home.
Katniss: Do you think Paylor will clinch it?
Peeta: Trust the system Katniss.
Katniss sighed. She didn’t trust Snow as far as she could throw him. In four years the entire country turned into a heaping mess. 
Her phone buzzed.
Peeta: Stop worrying about me and go to sleep, sweetheart. It’s 1:30 in the morning where you are.
Katniss muttered to the phone. “No way.” 
The camera panned back to Peeta. 
Behind him a map of Panem divided in the fourteen districts, with it’s multiple counties. Everyone knew going in it would be  a tight race. “Well here it is the results for District Twelve, went to Paylor Harris.”
“Peeta so there are only three districts in play for the Presidency?” Templesimith asked. 
“Right now Harris is in front with a total of seven districts. However historically speaking we’ve been here before where a candidate has seven districts and the last three come in that candidate loses. Either one can still win it,” Peeta said looking at the board.
“What are your predictions?”
“You guys I don’t predict how the Districts vote, but I did say it would come down to District Eleven, District Three, and District Four.”
“You did predict these would be the determining districts,” Cesar said.  
Katniss sighed watching the television. Peeta had been in the Capitol for a solid month. Elections always took a couple of days to count. Election started on Tuesday and by Thursday they had a winner. It was now Friday and there was still no winner.
These elections however people were ramped up and there were mail-in ballots, paper ballots, and electronic ballots.  The electronic ballots came in quickly they were mostly for Snow. The paper ballots cast on election day took two to three days. However the mail in ballots that that were sent that were sent from workers who could not take the day off to vote, those ballots were arriving in droves to the polling sites they had up to a week to arrive and couldn’t be opened until election day. The mail in ballots were making a huge dent in Snow’s numbers. 
The possibility that they could b free from Snow had the entire nation up and watching the election results, and the star was her humble baker who started as a correspondent in District Twelve but his easy charm and good looks had him doing a bigger role until he was now called the nation’s “chart throb.” 
“Yeah I did,” Peeta said bashfully rubbing the back of his neck.
Katniss sighed, she missed him so much. But she knew how much he loved this. How much coming to the Capitol and calling the race meant to him. 
“How are you so sure?” Tempelsmith asked.
“We all know District Elven always comes in last because of it’s immensity. They have the most votes to count and it is a slow process.”
“True, but what of District Three and District Four.”
Katniss hoped the numbers would be in favor for Paylor. 
“Well this is why I said the races to watch however were District Three and District Four. District Three had voted for Snow in the last elections, but the exit polls showed some interesting numbers. Now we’re seeing those exit polls turning into actual votes. The GE province where the Justice Building is located looks like they are leaning toward Paylor. We can see she has clearly won the provinces of Edison and Watt and if she wins two more provinces in southern area she can carry the district.”  As he spoke he was writing down numbers of votes and explaining how many votes came in and percentages.
Katniss salivated. She loved it when he geeked out on math, she shivered.  She checked social media and right now, #GeekMeUpPeeta was trending along with #MathTurnsMeOn, and #ChartThrob.
She grimaced feeling jealous but she tapered down her cave-woman instincts. 
“Surely District Four will vote for Snow?”
District Four was known as a one of Snow’s strong holds. Besides Peeta the other thing that kept her going was wanting to know who was going to win. 
“The trends for these past three nights the math shows District Four is a black horse it’s divided right now. Snow is hold a thin lead but I hear that the last of the mail in ballots has just arrived and they are still counting. So we don’t know how District four will land. But as I’ve said you never know with elections. It’s a question of weather or not Snow can maintain the lead he does and Elven comes in and so does District Three, Snow can edge out win.” 
Katniss watched him crunch numbers factually. She wanted too take a train go to the Capitol and haul him into a corner and have her way with him. But she couldn’t, Peeta had to concentrate. The last time she’d gone with him, his eyes had followed her everywhere on the studio. It was quickly agreed that she stay home. 
Katniss took his pillow and stuffed it to her nose. She missed him and seeing his back muscles the way they moved underneath that crumpled white shirt made her squeal.   
The hours rolled on as each province came in people were beginning to see District Three was leaning toward Paylor. The black horse and the deciding  factor would be District Four. 
Katniss yawned but she wrapped her blankets around her as she watched the TV. Somehow she fell asleep and the next morning, they were still meticulously counting ballots. It looked like Caser had a nap, he looked refreshed and shining in his glittering white suite. The man laughed. 
She grabbed her phone. 
Katniss: Caesar is stalling, why?
The camera spanned to Peeta as he still wore his rumpled white shirt and khaki's his tie was even loser and he looked even more roguish. She watched him add numbers up. The camera spanned to his broad chest, before zeroing in on the board. 
She sat at the edge of her seat. Watching his hands fly across the paper, his eyes dancing, his gaze intense. He looked delectable and when he came home, after a nap of course she was going to jump him.  
“So Peeta,” Caesar said. “The Peeta cam is quite the big smash.”
Peeta looked up pushed his glasses up the bridge of nose, “Huh, sorry Caesar.”
“The Peeta Cam, the camera that focuses on you when you’re adding up numbers.”
Peeta’s face flushed. “Oh, I forget it’s there. But we do have some surprising numbers coming out of District Eleven.” Peeta turned around and walked to the board according to these numbers Payor Harris and her running mate Joe Wolfe just won District Elven.”
“Well, let’s go to District Eleven, for live footage,” Caesar smiled into the camera. 
Her phone buzzed.
Peeta: Sorry I was occupied. We’re you able to get some sleep?
Katniss: Yeah conked out the sofa. Can’t sleep in the bed w/out U
Peeta: Promise to make it up to you when this is all over, go make yourself some hot coco. I’m going to make myself a cup we can drink it at the same time.
Katniss: ILY
Katniss scurried from the sofa into the kitchen and quickly made herself some hot coco. She sat on the sofa once more cup in hand Peeta was at the board he tipped the cup toward the camera, before sipping it. 
It was small things like this that kept them together even when they were apart. 
Then his phone went off and scrolled through it his eyes became wide. He turned to the board. “Oh my breadsticks!”
“Peeta what is it?” Cesare asked at Peeta’s outburst. 
“We just got the final numbers from District Three and Four.”
He grinned giving a loopy smile. “Ladies and Gentleman, District Three and Four has just made Paylor Harris our first Female President!”
The camera spanned away from Peeta and settled on Caesar’s face who coolly and calmly began to report the news. Katniss sat back. She sighed Peeta was coming home. 
That night she waited for the train to come in from the Capitol. It was well past 3 in the morning but Katniss didn’t care she needed her husband. When train doors opened and stepped out in his crumpled white shirt and sexy khakis, Katniss ran to him.
“Hey sweetheart,” he said as she jumped up and wrapped her legs around him. He was home. His lips met hers and she sighed. “You smell nice, better than I do.”
Katniss laughed. She reluctantly lowered her legs. “Let’s get you home, a shower and the bed.”
“Mmmm,” Peeta groaned. “Are you trying to seduce me.”
“300 count soft cotton sheets, soft pillows,” she whispered. 
“Tease,” he whispered into her ear.
Katniss winked and dragged him to the car and she drove him home. After the shower and they were finally wrapped around the other. “We did it,” he whispered.”
Katniss smiled. “Yes we did.”
That night they slept. The next not so much. In fact both she and Peeta called out sick on Monday and Tuesday as they had more than a month of celibacy to erase. They erased it so well that last time Katniss’s legs went numb and Peeta lost his vision for a least five minutes.
After that they settled into life. On the day of the inauguration Katniss was siting on the sofa next to Peeta. He was intently watching Paylor Harris take the presidential oath, when she got a devilish idea. She quietly smiled, when his phone chirped just as program went to a commercial. 
“I wonder who can that be?” Peeta said getting up from the sofa, and headed to the kitchen.
He barked out a laugh. Katniss grinned mischievously, mission accomplished. 
Katniss: Now that you’re up can you get your pregnant wife some potato chips?
Peeta: Sure anything else?
Katniss: Hot coco
Peeta: I told you I’d make it up.
Katniss looked down at her still flat stomach, her Election Victory Baby. 
Katniss: Yes you did. 
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carryonmywaywardbucky · a year ago
Prompt List!!!
kay I got bored and I have this over on my other blog so I decided it was time to bring it over here. So as you can probably tell, this is my prompt list. I’m going to sort it between fluff, smut, and seasonal (ie. Christmas, halloween, etc.(seasonal smut prompts will be marked with my usual ***)) and when I open my requests back up you can pick from this list and submit your requests to me. And, mind you, these apply to all the fandoms I write for. 
NOTE: If you have an idea for a prompt that isn’t on the list, send it in an ask and I’ll add it to the list with credit to you 
Fluff Prompts 
“Your hair is softer than mine”
“Go to sleep or I swear to God I’ll make you chamomile tea and cuddle you”
“Is that my sweatshirt?”
“I’m so not jealous”
“Is that a new perfume?”
“You changed shampoos”
“Let me rub your back”
“Take my jacket”
“It’s okay, I was awake anyway”
 “Wanna go down to the arcade and play Pac-Man until we get in trouble?”
“How is it the moonlight makes you look that much prettier?”
“You were talking in your sleep”
“You think I’m pretty?”
“I didn’t want to wake you up. You’re adorable when you’re asleep”
“Have you been hanging out with my mom?”
“Sorry, your bed was just really warm”
“When I look at you I get this fuzzy feeling in my chest and I don’t know why”
“Say that again, but in English this time”
“Who gave you permission to go out in public looking like that?”
“Kiss me again”
“You looked miserable, I thought I’d come save you”
“I’m not one for all this fancy ballroom stuff, let’s go hang out in our pajamas and get drunk”
“You got a new haircut”
“Quit being such a baby and let me put a new Band-Aid on your face” 
“Because I love you and I don’t know when it happened” 
“So… are we supposed to like, kiss now?” 
“I’ve seen the way you look at him” 
“You fell. Hard” 
“Will you two just kiss already?” 
“You’re my everything” 
“Shut the fuck up and hold my hand, loser” 
“I need a hug. Just a hug from a big, tall, strong *hunter/superhero/pilot* who smells really good after he gets out of the shower”
“You keep a photo of me in your wallet?”
“I can’t think of a life where you’re not by my side” 
“I’ve never, and will never, be happier than I am with you”
“Your laugh is my ringtone” 
“Isn’t this how most romcoms start? Two hot people stuck in an elevator?”
“What would you do if I kissed you right now?”
“Big bad *hunter/superhero/pilot* and you’re afraid of spiders”
“Come on, we’re going ring shopping” 
“I was going to try to be smooth and all but you’re super pretty and now I’m nervous”
“You look at them like they hung the moon” “To me they hung the galaxy”
“Are you gonna kiss me or not?”
“Can you- do you want to- please stay with me, I don’t want to be alone”
“That was dramatic” “You loved it”
“Will you to fake-prom with me?”
“Sure puppies are cute and all but have you looked in a mirror?”
“I can’t believe you’re the guy I decided to spend the rest of my life with”
“I have got to be the luckiest guy in the world”
“They told me you’d kick my ass, I wanted to see if they were right”
“If you laugh at something I said then write a fake number on my arm I win twenty bucks from each of them. Help a guy out?”
“Be the Pam to my Jim?”
“You’re lucky you’re cute”
“Sorry, I’m replacing you with this kitten”
“You have a poster of me on your wall? Do you kiss it before you go to bed every night?”
“Stop talking and kiss me”
Smutty Prompts
“You are so hot when you’re mad”
“Damn, I didn’t realize you were so flexible”
“Yoga does wonders for the body, you know” 
“I can’t wait to mark you up” 
“As good as you look in that dress you’d look better without it” 
“Don’t stop” 
“Wait for me” 
“Take it off” 
“Right there” 
“I wish I could see you right now but phone sex is gonna have to do it” 
“And you didn’t touch yourself?” 
“Can I tie you up?”
“No touching”
“Pull my hair” 
“After that picture you sent me I could barely focus” 
“You look so hot with that scratch on your cheek” 
“So sexy with all your tattoos” 
“This apartment doesn’t have thin walls” 
“I barely even touched you and look at the mess you made” 
“Be gentle”  
“Look at me” 
“You dressed up for me” 
“You tease me during my interview, I tease you now. It’s only fair”
“I don’t wanna hurt you”
“You might wanna use some foundation and cover that bruise up” 
“Bed. Now” 
“Honey I got all the time in the world” 
“It’s not like your parents are home” 
“I can do it in under five minutes” 
“Shut the door behind you” 
“If you don’t stop staring at my ass I will take you right here on this workbench” 
“Tell me what you want”
“Shower sex is complicated, but lucky for you I’m an excellent teacher” 
“Don’t act all innocent, you had me pinned against that wall ten minutes ago” 
“Where’d you learn to do that?” 
“What were you dreaming about?”
“Tonight is all about you, now put your hands above your head for me, baby” 
“The last time you did that I couldn’t walk for three days” 
“Your hands all over my body was the only thing I could think about at work today” 
“Take your shirt off” 
“You’ve always been my favorite meal”
“I was in the middle of an interview when you sent me that picture”
“Get a room, you two!”
“Don’t cover your mouth, you sound too good to do that”
“You’re the only thing that’s gone right today”
“You’ll be my first”
“I want to watch you touch yourself”
“I promise you I’m not going to break”
“Did I stutter?”
“You have a tattoo?”
“You and I are the only ones in here, baby”
“I’ve never known you to be the shy type”
“I didn’t mean to see you in nothing but panties and a bra, but you left your door open”
“I never knew you could do that”
“And in what frat house did you pick up that little trick?”
“Somehow you’re sexier tonight than you were last night”
“Has anybody ever touched you before me?”
“I’ll take good care of you, baby”
“You are officially on the naughty list”
“I haven’t been home for more than five minutes and you’re already on your knees for me”
“I knew you’d want dessert”
“There are only two reasons you’d call me at one in the morning and judging from the way you’re dressed nobody’s dead”
“Am I your first?”
Seasonal Prompts 
“It’s officially spooky season *insert character*, you know what that means” “Pumpkin everything?” “Pumpkin everything” 
“Who ate all the candy?!”
“You're not going trick or treating, you’re too old for that” 
***“I plan on getting more than one kind of freaky tonight”
“What the hell are you supposed to be?” 
“Nope, I’m not scared. Why would think I’m scared? I’m totally not scared” 
“I’m pretty sure I have claw marks from your nails” 
“Please tell me that’s syrup” 
“This haunted house was fifty bucks, I better die for that kind of money” 
“Supernatural marathon at my place later, you’re bringing the candy”
“Are we about to make out in a graveyard?” 
“Did you seriously injure yourself carving a pumpkin?” “Hey, the knives are sharp” 
“Pumpkin spice is the love of my life” “I thought I was the love of your life” 
“Don’t you watch horror movies? Splitting up always ends up with someone dead” 
“We should do a couples costume” “Yeah, no” 
“Nothing in this world is more satisfying than that crunch when you step on a leaf” 
“It’s staring at me, *character* why is the scarecrow staring at me?” 
“If someone asks, that skeleton of the Werewolf in my front yard is decorative” 
“You can jump in the leaf pile if you help me rake” 
“How can you love Halloween but hate horror movies?” 
“Yeah, bring out the Ouija Board, what could possibly go wrong” 
“We are not digging up Harry Houdini’s grave” 
“I think that zombie just grabbed my ass” 
“First question; is that fake blood? Second question; if it isn’t is it your blood?”
***“The movie isn’t the only reason you’ll be screaming tonight”
“What are you gonna do? Burn me at the stake?” 
“If you find an eyeball, don’t worry it’s not human” 
“Ten pumpkins seems a little excessive” “It’s not excessive, it’s festive” 
“Did that scarecrow just move or have I had too much punch?” 
“My fangs just fell out” 
“Yeah, let's go for a walk in the woods. I’m sorry, did you see Blair Witch Project?”
“It’s official, the house is haunted” 
Christmas/New Years
“That has got to be the ugliest sweater I’ve ever seen” 
“I told you I couldn’t bake, you didn’t listen” 
“Look up, there’s mistletoe” 
“This was my dream as a little kid, decorating a Christmas tree with a hot guy who just so happened to be my boyfriend” 
“You should wear red more often” 
“This is exactly how I envisioned you meeting my parents” “You envisioned me meeting your parents while running away from a flaming Christmas tree?” 
“Tell me again, slowly this time, how the table cloth caught fire” 
“You had the window seat on the way to Thanksgiving dinner, it’s my turn”
“This feels like the start of a rom com, two people stuck on a chair lift with a blizzard coming in” 
“So you’re the one with the obnoxious light display” 
“If I have to fake a smile for any longer I might actually commit murder so get me out of here as fast as you possibly can” 
“My grandmother will not hesitate to force feed you Christmas cookies” 
“I’ve always dreamed of having my first kiss on New Years Eve at midnight” 
“Looks like we’re gonna have a white Christmas” 
“Did you even use any wrapping paper, because this looks like it’s ninety percent tape” 
“All I want for Christmas is you” “Cheesy” 
“I never said I could skate” 
“I thought a sleigh ride would be romantic” 
“How the hell did you manage to hurt yourself putting up Christmas lights?” 
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crystalwillow · 11 months ago
Exes For A Reason
Pairing: Ethan Ramsey x Casey Valentine (F!MC)
Features: Harper Emery, Sienna Trinh, Jackie Varma
Word Count: 956
Summary: I’m adding a couple of extra scenes to Open Heart Book 3, Ch.1 because I am NOT buying into the narrative that is being put there. Harper is a well-respected surgeon and should remain so. Casey asks Sienna and Jackie for advice during their trip to the mall as they stop for lunch before heading back to Edenbloom. She later gets reassurance from both Ethan and Harper (mainly) that their relationship is over and has been for years now. 
Tags: @deansmyapplepie @sophxwithers
“I just don’t understand.” Casey sighs as she stabs at her salad, “I thought we were getting a new doctor on the team, you know. From outside the hospital.”
“A brand new employee?” Sienna asked
“Exactly!” Casey exclaimed in agreement. “But instead I find out it’s Harper, and then it’s suddenly like I don’t exist.” she rants as she eats more salad. “I mean,” she starts up again but pauses swallowing her food before continuing. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely fine that they have history. But he spoke over me this morning during our consultation, and Baz wasn’t exactly… present. I just felt… unappreciated.”
Jackie listens closely as Casey continues to rant, what’s left of her salad now completely forgotten. 
“I mean who does that? Asks for your opinion and input and then just decides that it’s seemingly not valid. Decides to cut you off. It… hurt.” she frowns. 
Sienna shares a look of concern with Jackie before resting a gentle hand on Casey’s forearm. “Don’t you think maybe this is a little bit of an overreaction? I mean we all saw you two this morning, you were happily holding hands and equally concerned about Bloom’s overhaul of the hospital.”
“I second that.” Jackie echoes as she finishes her pizza. “I mean anyone can see it. The man’s as smitten with you as you are with him. He’s in love with you, Casey. Whatever he had with Harper in the past has stayed there. Besides, Harper wouldn’t do that to you. She has no reason to.”
Sienna nods. “And Ethan wouldn’t even think of cheating on you with anyone, much less his ex. You just need to shut down the anxiety.” she adds, “I know! Why don’t we get milkshakes before we head back?”
Casey looks at her friends with a small and grateful smile. “That would… be nice, actually.” she smiles as the three stood collecting their rubbish and throwing it in the trash before heading to join the small line at the milkshake bar. As they left the mall, they linked arms laughing and joking about how Casey makes a terrible sore loser. 
That night after work Casey made her way to the diagnostics office to collect her jacket when she heard familiar laughter which made her stop in her tracks as she felt her heart drop. 
No, Casey. It’s like Jackie and Sienna told you. It’s anxiety, just breathe. He wouldn’t cheat on you.  
Taking a deep and calming breath, Casey exhaled and finished the journey to the office and walked in with a smile plastered on her face. “Hey, Harper. Hi, Ethan.”
The two elder doctors looked at each other with matching raised brows as Casey focused on collecting her jacket, shrugging it on. As she approached the door she stopped with a wince as Harper called out to her. 
“Actually, Casey. Have you got a moment? We’d like to speak with you.”
Turning around with a tight smile, Casey nodded. “Of course. I have a few minutes.”
Harper nodded to the table as they all took a seat. An uncomfortable silence hung in the air waiting for someone to address it, and eventually Harper sighed. “Ethan, I believe YOU should start this conversation.” 
“Hrm. yes, I suppose you’re right.” He nodded, turning to face Casey. “Are you okay? You seemed… off earlier.”
Opposite them Harper facepalmed with a loud sigh. “For crying out loud, Ethan.” she groaned, earning a small chuckle from Casey. It was a relief to see she wasn’t the only one Ethan infuriated. “We spoke about this. Don’t butcher it.” 
Casey looked back to Ethan with a raised brow. “What’s she talking about?” she asked.
“We… saw the look you gave us earlier.” Ethan said matter-of-factly. 
“Wh-what look?” Casey asked nervously. 
“The look a new partner gives someone and their ex when they get along. And it’s kind of.. Unexpected.” Harper interjects warmly adding a small smile with a shake of her head as she reaches out and places her hands over Casey’s. “You don’t have to, and shouldn’t worry. He wouldn’t do that to you. I wouldn’t either. I respect you, Casey. You're an amazing person and an even more amazing doctor. To be honest, you put this old man to shame.” she jokes. 
Casey chuckles with a sniffle as a tear rolls down her cheek. 
“Oh for God’s- I am not old.” Ethan exasperates. 
Casey laughs, “Yeah… you kind of are.” she grins. 
“I’d go careful if I were you, Rookie. You’re almost 30 and it’s all downhill from there.”
“Ethan, don’t scare the poor woman!” Harper scolds seriously. 
“It’s okay. I don’t have anything to worry about. I’m cute and sexy now, and I will be 10 years from now. Not much can be said for him though. The wrinkles are really setting in early for him.” she jests in goodwill, earning an eye roll from Ethan and light laughter from Harper who squeezes Casey’s hand. “Seriously, there’s nothing to be worried about. Our past is exactly that. The past. We’re exes for a reason. Besides, he’s all about you now. I’ve never seen him so smitten with anyone before. Not even myself.” she smiles sincerely. “Speaking of which, you two should be off or you’ll be late for your reservation.”
“Reservation?” Casey asked with a furrowed brow looking between them. 
“Right.” Ethan says, standing up and clearing his throat. “Thank you, Harper. We’ll.. See you tomorrow.” he nods as he takes Casey’s hand in his and interlaces their fingers together. 
“Wait, Ethan! What reservation?!” Casey exclaims in surprised protest looking back at Harper mouth agape and Harper chuckles and waves goodbye as Ethan drags Casey further down the hall towards the elevators.
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andromeda612 · 10 months ago
Too short!
Ok, I'm into Sk8 The infinity and Renga as much I'm into Nathmarc which means the fanfic ideas are flowing... here we go. This may have some spoilers!!! 📢🚨
Also idk if this count as a crack but the thing is I'm done with the angst so I came up with this silly idea.
So this is a canon divergence in which they boys get to talk about their problems and have the reconciliation they deserve and need.
They understand each other better, Langa even started to pay attention to all the rude things some people say about Reki and is ready to assure him when necessary.
Though.... there are some assholes that are just well... assholes.
Like this guy we will call Yoshio... maybe I'll come up with another name when I actually write the fic. Btw, Yoshio is their age and a jerk, he tried to get close to Langa because being friends with Snow would be cool and would gain him some points, however Langa was not interested, the guy was... not friendly, besides the friends he already had (Shadow, Joe, Cherry, Miya and of course Reki) are more than enough for him, especially Reki.
And well Yoshio can understand why Snow would prefer the company of people like Joe , Cherry and Miya, even Shadow but that slime redhead? At least Yoshio has his own name in "S" but that guy was just a nobody, so he didn't understand why the big Snow was so eager to spend time with with such a nobody, the genius even looked like he was looking forwards to just be seen by the redhead, why?
Of course since Yoshio is a jerk he doesn't think and gives his opinion on the matter. In a rude way.
"I don't get it. Why waste your time with a lowlife like him? What does have that nobody that I don't? At least people here knows my name!"
Langa is not a violent boy, he usually don't get mad or angry, but right now he just want to punch this boy until he backs off his words. The only reason he didn't was because Cherry and Joe interfered, but he did give him a piece of his mind. Fortunately Reki didn't let those words get to him.
For some time Yoshio leaves them alone, but he really wants to humiliate that slime, so he would finally understand his place.
Then he comes up with an idea which is at best childish, but it would make what he wants: humiliate Reki in front as much people possible.
So he challenges him into a beef. The loser would wear a dress chose by the winner.
Yeah, childish and kind of retrograde is XXI Century please.
Reki honestly doesn't think much about the beef, is just a dress, though they are not his style. Yoshio will bother him until he agrees. Reki was about to win but Yoshio plays dirty, even dirtier than Shadow, and what he did was actually dangerous, Reki lost and ends up with more bandages on his left arm and right knee.
Again, the only reason Langa didn't beat the shit out of Yoshio was because Cherry and Joe stopped him.
Now Reki has to go to "S" wearing the dress Yoshio chose for him. That day the gang meet at Joe's restaurant so Reki can put on the dress, they all decided to wait until he wear it to see it, so it was a surprise. But Reki was feeling very uncomfortable wearing it and was seriously considering to not set foot in "S" ever again or deal with whatever shit he had to face if he decides to not keep with the beef.
"Everything alright kid?" Joe asked outside the room Reki was changing.
"Y-yeah... I just... I'm not sure I want to do this"
"Uh, are you ashamed for using a dress? I honestly thought you didn't give a shit about it"
"Language!" Cherry corrects Miya, but he had a point, they didn't thought Reki really cared.
"Is not that, I mean is just a piece of fabric and is stupid to say is just for girls, but that is not the matter..." Reky replies a little hesitant.
"What's the matter, Reki?" Langa asks soflty.
"Well... I didn't take on account Yoshio would chose something so... revealing"
"What do you mean with revealing?!"
Shadow already bored with all that just junked the door open revealing a blushing and startled Reki wearing a pink dress that seemed taken of some magical girls anime, it had ribbons and sparkles and just like Reki said... it was kind revealing. The neckline was pronounced, if Reki were a girl... you have an idea, and the skirt was way too short. It gained different reactions.
Shadow and Miya explode in laughter, Cherry and Joe's parental instincts kicked in and were internally ranting about how their child won't wear that in public and thinking in ways to make anything that may happen to Yoshio to look like an accident.
And Langa... Langa felt for the first time what a gay panic was.
He knew he liked his friend in a romantically way, after that talk he had with his mother the night he lost against Joe in the tournament, it was like an ephiny and it didn't took much for him to accept it. He knew he was gay since he was like 12 and Reki was just the sunshine incarnated, it was hard for him to understand how people would not like him.
He always thought he was handsome, cute, adorable, gorgeous and even sexy... he is a teenager and he has hormones okay?! Don't judge him!
But this?
Yeah, he has seen Reki shirtless (which made him flustered) but it’s just... the dress and he looking so freaking cute and flustered, that is making things to his heart... and to another parts, not gonna lie, his legs look amazing and he can't help but appreciatee how the dress embracess Reki's frame so nicely.
"Ugh, close your mouth you are about to drool" Miya whispers to him while elbowing his ribs.
Langa snaps out his trance, Miya is watching him with a smile too knowing for his like. Langa can't help the deep blush spreading over his face
"Jeez! I didn't know you were into this kind of stuff, and you looked so wholesome" the kid tases him shaking his head, for once the Canadian is speechless at his young friend, if for what he implied or the fact he talked about it despite his age he doesn't know and doesn't want to know either.
He tries to justify himself but all that comes out his mouth are stammered words, Miya just laughs at him, he glances at Reki who is too busy yelling at Shadow to stop laughing to notice their little interaction, good, he feels too embarrassed and he doesn't need Reki to notice.
"Absolutely no! There is no way you are going to "S" wearing that!" Cherry states immersed in his parental figure mood. Joe immediately agrees, for once with the man.
"But what about the beef? I get he feels uncomfortable but Yoshio won't let this pass" Miya chimes in, right that is a problem.
"But we can have Reki walking in a public place looking like that! Who knows how many creeps or homophobes are there!"
The people started to talk about what to do, but Joe's words keep floating in Langa's mind.
Creeps and homophobes.
Right, if Reki goes to "S" everybody will see him like that.... Langa's chest tightens at the idea in a mix of concern and, even if he is ashamed of the last one, jealousy.
In one hand both the creeps and homophobes have him worried for Reki's safety, he doesn't want him to be harassed or assaulted.
On the other hand he doesn't want anybody to see him like this, he doesn't want anybody to see how stunning Reki looks, is he jealous? He doesn't have a problem with their friends but... Joe and Cherry are pretty much their parents, with Shadow and Miya there is an age gap and even if that wasn't a problem, they are like brothers for Reki and him(Miya is like their cat son when Cherry and Joe are not present), so he is pretty sure they don't count, buy anybody else? Yeap, he doesn't want them to see this side of his dear best friend. It sounds selfish? Maybe. He cares? Pfff no. He is thinking about this when an idea crosses his mind.
"Shadow, borrow us your cape"
"What is this?! Where is the dress!" Yoshio all but barks at the redhead, the Canadian can't help growl under his breath.
"Actually I'm wearing it, under the tunic" Reki explains with a smirk and even opens the tunic a little to show that indeed he is using the damn dress, he quickly closes it again.
"This was not the beef slime! Take off that cape or..."
"Or what, brat?" Shadow appears suddenly and glares at Yoshido, who gulps and steps back.
"Also, the beef was for the loser to wear a dress chose by the winner, you never said the dress had to be seen by everybody so technically Reki is receiving the punishment" Cherry adds as he puts a hand on Reki's shoulder, Joe and Miya also appear besides them.
Yoshido, outnumbered has no other choice but back off.
That night Reki decides to just watch to avoid any accident that would reveal the dress, Langa decides to keep him company, practically attaching himself at Reki's side, just in case.
Though, at some point, in which he sees Yoshido by himself, he ask Cherry to take care of Reki saying he wanted a drink.
After 15 minutes, a long time to go for a drink, Langa returns without drink but with a very satisfied smile.
Reki doesn't miss it.
"What did you do?" But Langa ignores it.
"Mom will make poutine for diner on Friday, wanna come?" He asks instead.
"Hey answer my question!"
"I'm sure mom will love to have you there, she adores you"
Knowing he won't make Langa talk Reki just sighs and says he will be there, Langa will tell him if he thinks is important.
Needleless to say, after that day Yoshido never bothered Reki again and every time he saw Langa he would look away scared and just avoid any contact with the two best friends.
Reki, Cherry, Joe, Shadow and Miya are sure Langa did something but, they are not complaining, the guy was pain in the ass.
"As far as he didn't do something we wouldn't do" is Joe simply state.
As for Langa? He is just grateful skirts and dresses are not Reki's style at all, otherwise he is sure his poor heart couldn't handle it.
This is a draft, the actual fanfic will come soon 👀
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smiting-finger · a year ago
Bin AU Headcanons
Part II of the (〃ω〃) 500 followers! unwritten-headcanon amnesty (some given in response to AO3 comment questions, and others given unsolicited, lol), this time for Out of the Bin and Into Your Heart and from me to you, my heart to yours
Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian
Pre-Wei Wuxian’s first arrest, Lan Wangji was quietly volunteering as general legal aid (helping old migrants with their internet/other service contracts, helping women with their domestic violence paperwork), and then Wei Wuxian gets arrested at a protest and Lan Wangji is not there and he doesn’t know this area of law so he signs up to get involved with Activist Legal Support the next day.
Relatedly: Lan Wangji’s approach to helping Wei Wuxian has always been to turn up, do what needs to be done for Wei Wuxian to achieve his goals and then silently leave again. So when the two goobers eventually move in together (and are finally fully in each other’s space, and fully across each other’s movements), Wei Wuxian goes through a period of constant realisations like “Oh, Lan Zhan, you’re the one who’s been doing this? This as well?! THAT, TOO???”
Pre-fake dating, Lan Wangji knows that Wei Wuxian won’t keep any gifts given by secret admirers, but will shamelessly accept anything that Lan Wangji gives him outright as a friend (”friend”). He derives a petty satisfaction from that, and so has responded more than once to a gift-incident by giving Wei Wuxian a corresponding gift of his own:
So if he heard about the gift socks, he’d go out and get Wei Wuxian a pair of novelty There’s No Planet B! socks, which Wei Wuxian would naturally wear both immediately and proudly with his shortest pair of 4/5ths pants. (And Lan Wangji would stand next to him and somehow radiate smugness without making any change to his expression.)
Needless to say, Wei Wuxian has received a lot of Lan Wangji chocolate (chilli, fairtrade), lunches (homemade, nutritious) and other small items.
Wei Wuxian never even considers the possibility of not putting all his fake-dating eggs into the Lan Zhan basket. And also never stops to think about why that iss.
In re kungfu practice: when sparring against normal people, Lan Wangji does annoyed-leg-sweeps because of “I’ll bring you down every peg to the floor” reasons he’s too well-bred to voice. 
Past recipients of this treatment have included:
Wen Chao, 
Xue Yang at his most obnoxious
Jin Zixuan when gossip about his comments in re Jiang Yanli not being pretty or successful enough to date him (”I can’t believe my mum set me up with someone so mediocre”) is at its height.
This is pre-Wei Wuxian onstage-punch. That comes during the second round of gossip.
With Wei Wuxian (and only Wei Wuxian), however, it’s always leg sweeps and pinning, which is because of ... “irritation”.
The Phoenix Mountain Reserve photo has been Lan Wangji’s favourite shot of Wei Wuxian since it was made publicly available, but he couldn’t use it as a wallpaper for obvious reasons.
Then he agrees to the fake-dating, sees how far Wei Wuxian was going to take it and realised: chansu!
At some point during the fake-dating, Wei Wuxian escalates from the phone entry of Oppa to calling Lan Wangji “Oppa~!” in real life, and then from there to a full “Oppa! Saranghaeyo~!” with the arms-on-head love heart. 
After n iterations of this, Lan Zhan responds with a mirror arms-on-head love heart and a deadpan “Saranghaeyo.” with his face still like (• _ •) and it’s an instant, supereffective K.O. for Wei Wuxian.
Every so often, when another one of his romantic overtures has soared right over Wei Wuxian’s head, Lan Wangji considers Jin Zixuan’s over-the-top demonstrations of affection and thinks (bleakly) “...Jin Zixuan got a singing telegram. Must I also resort to a singing telegram? ; _ ; “
In re: the concert hip-hop number, shirtlessness is the goal all along:
A-Qing (who is also a troublemaker on Lan Qiren’s radar - as soon as he receives the form that says that she and Wei Wuxian will be working together, his spidey senses start tingling) has been constantly referencing it throughout all their practices like: 
“Well, because you’ll be shirtless, you’ll have to make sure to-”
“Yeah, that’s a great idea, totally do that, but remember that you’ll be shirtless too, so-”
Even Song Zichen and Xue Yang know about it and have been visibly bracing themselves for the dress (or undress, lul) rehearsal
Wei Wuxian has missed all of this because of his amazing tunnel vision.
Speaking of Song Zichen and Xue Yang, while they’re having their Moments:
Xiao Xingchen is swanning around like “But do you think the performance had artistic integrity? A-Qing, I’m a little worried that the choreography didn’t do full justice to the abilities of all our members! I hope they don’t think I’m hogging the limelight!”, taunting them with his half-nakedness while he earnestly tries to make sure that all the other dancers are comfortable and happy with the final arrangement
A-Qing fully notices the heart-eye beams shooting over from the wings (and fully notices the same heart-eye beams shooting over during various practices), briefly thinks about saying something to put the two losers out of their misery (because Xiao Xingchen is not the special level of oblivious that Wei Wuxian is), but then thinks ... nah.
During practice back-painting, Wei Wuxian is so focused on Not Looking that his mistimes his ~sexy stretch~ and gets it in precisely when Lan Wangji has turned his back to get the towel, so it really is all for nothing, RIP.
In the reprise back-painting session (and there definitely is one, what with Lan Wangji’s love for marking and the fact that Chinese calligraphers usually sign their name on their work), the levels of both shamelessness and trolling shoot through the roof on both sides:
Wei Wuxian suddenly feels the need to do a lot more whimpering and moaning, and his flinches of “surprise” and wriggling to “get comfortable” suddenly happen a lot more in the hip area than they did before.
Lan Wangji does a lot more touching of the skin he’s about to paint to “warn” Wei Wuxian that the brush is coming (do warnings have to be quite so ... lingering? Only Lan Wangji knows), discovers a sudden need for wrist-pinning to “hold Wei Wuxian still while he works” and his blowing on ink to get it dry suddenly gets a lot more ... sensual ...
Lan Wangji is the teacher that all his babies are always proposing to. They lOvE him with every inch of their tiny baby hearts, and after they get together, Wei Wuxian watches on with a knowing nod, like “My fam, I getcha. Gege will support you in expressing your feelings and we can ALL win!”
Wei Wuxian doesn’t know it, but he has a group of grannies and grandpas wringing their hands over his happiness, too: It’s all well and good that he’s seeing the Lan boy now, but when are they gonna get married, huh? HUH?! WHAT’S THE POINT OF SAVING THE PLANET IF YOU’RE NOT GONNA FILL IT WITH BABIES, WEI WUXIAN???
So once they officially start dating, Wei Wuxian steps into the Cultural Centre like “Ah, our fresh new romance! Even after all this time of fake-dating, I’d better give people some transition time to get used to this new state of affairs!”
And in the background, 73 aunties and grannies are thinking “Look how behind schedule you are, Wei Wuxian!” (because it’s definitely his fault, and not Lan Wangji’s). “Where are the babies? WHERE ARE THE BABIES??”
The wedding advice Wei Wuxian got from the grannies during Mianmian’s wedding prep is liberally flavoured with real life anecdotes like:
“Don’t be like XX’s son. He made the mistake of trying to skimp on the dowry - so disrespectful to people who’ve poured so much love and energy into raising a daughter - and it poisoned the entire relationship.”
“That venue is no good - YY’s daughter had her reception there, and we all had diarrhoea after eating the prawns.”
(And Wei Wuxian is like: “How can you retain all of this bullshit detail about every wedding the Cultural Society has ever witnessed, but still not know how to say the phrase ‘Excuse me, what time is the bus coming’ in English?!”)
Mianmian definitely also gets strong-armed by her excited mother into some glorious(ly terrible) Chinese-style studio wedding photos (with industrial-strength airbrushing and wedding costume changes that span many cultures and many Chinese time periods).
Mianmian swears to never let Wei Wuxian get his grubby hands on that album, on pain of death.
But then her parents host something, and Wei Wuxian goes, and right there, hanging in their living room, is a floor-to-ceiling calendar, featuring Mianmian and Mian-man dressed as Chinese emperor and empress (because Mianmian certainly didn’t want it in her house, but it came with the package.)
Wei Wuxian makes a noise that Mianmian previously thought only dolphins could produce, and proceeds to take SO MANY photos with his phone.
At some point after Mianmian’s wedding, Lan Wangji comes out of the shower to find:
1 pair of pyjama bottoms waiting for him on the bed; and
Wei Wuxian in the corresponding top (which doesn’t cover his butt after all, but whatever, he’s committed), shooting him a double-thumbs up and wearing an expression like 8D!
(And Lan Wangji decides it’s not worth fighting and just goes with it.)
Lan Qiren
Lan Qiren is totally the kind of parent who never boasts about his children directly, but will listen politely to you telling him about how your son scored 86 in his maths examination, and wait for you to obligation-ask about his kids before casually saying, “Oh, Wangji? He scored full marks” and smiling thinly.
He’ll add “Sounds like your son worked really hard” for extra fuck you value if you were being particularly obnoxious.
The greatest tragedy in his parenting life is realising that if your children are The Best, it’s only possible for them to marry down.
His initial feelings regarding Wei Wuxian dating his nephew can probably be summed up as: “Wei Wuxian, I did not lovingly raise my precious Lan Wangji just to give him to you!!!” 
(The problem is that his nephew (inexplicably) likes Wei Wuxian so much, mumblegrumble.)
For weeks after The Resentment of Lan Qiren, every time Lan Qiren sees Wen Ning, he shakes his head sadly to himself and mutters “What a shame, what a shame.”
When Wen Ning responds with a slightly panicked “?!”, Lan Qiren just pats him on the shoulder, like, “No, no, it’s not you. We can’t choose our relatives. And isn’t that the greatest shame in the world?” - and then DOESN’T EXPLAIN ANYTHING.
And after many bouts of thinking and rethinking still lead him to the conclusion that Wei Wuxian is the best choice in comparison to all the other available options, Lan Qiren may or may not visit Cangse Sanren’s grave to burn some incense for an excuse to stand there and offer a sullen, “You fukken got me again, you bastard. I can’t believe you.”
He doesn’t know who he hates more:
Wei Wuxian for being himself and yet still the best choice
Cangse Sanren for not letting being dead stop her from continuing to be a thorn in Lan Qiren’s side
Wen Ruohan for being undesirable enough to disqualify the only valid competitor
The other parents for failing to produce children who are better than Wei Wuxian 
(Like: Surely it can’t be that hard if he (+ his brother + his sister-in law) managed to produce two)
So he settles for hating everyone.
For his next birthday, Lan Xichen sends him a box of blood-pressure-lowering supplements.
Lan Qiren is like “!!!” but he still takes them because just because his nephew is being impudent does not mean there is not also a Need.
In re 3zun:
Lan Qiren goes around determinedly Not Thinking about Nie Mingjue and Jin Guangyao. Every time his eyes approach something he doesn’t want to see, he just turns his head like NOPE.
He eventually realises that he and Wei Wuxian have this in common and that Wei Wuxian is therefore his most valuable ally - both in terms of having someone to pivot to and have very loud, very enthusiastic conversations about anything else whenever the 3zun do something they don’t want to see, and also having someone to commiserate with about Not Wanting to Know. (But because they’re them, they alternate between teaming up for self-preservation and using their mutual weakness to take petty jabs at each other.)
"-If two of them are dating, then where does that leave the third one?!"
"RIGHT? Imagine finding out that they were silently pining away, forced to third-wheel for their unrequited love and best friend - unrequited LOVES AND BEST FRIENDS? What would you say to that?!"
"That's not even considering which one the third wheel would be - I honestly don't know which option would be the worst, they're all terrible."
"I'm almost ready to say that I'd rather they all be dating each other, except then I'd have to think about how that would work, dynamic-wise, like - who calls the shots? Do you think Nie Mingjue is domineering all the time, or do you think it’s a public front, and he then goes home to be dominated by-"
Even before 3zun get together (both Lan Qiren and Wei Wuxian have chosen to Never Know when this is), Jin Guangyao is throwing out suggestive comments left and right and then immediately whipping out his (◔◡◔✿) face for anyone’s double-take:
50% to test the waters of public sentiment before he makes a move and it actually becomes his problem
50% because he’s a troll who likes dominance displays
Knowing this factoid, one of Wei Wuxian’s mental 3zun Dynamics possibilities features Superdom!Jin Guangyao, but he does his best to avoid thinking about that.
After Lan Qiren mentally accepts Wei Wuxian into the fold:
He still internally responds to at least 50% of the things that Wei Wuxian does with “Why, that little shit”, but it’s also implied that Wei Wuxian is their little shit now.
And for Lan Family! Qiren, this means: If you shit on him, WE shit on you.
Lan Qiren definitely Notices when Wei Wuxian calls him that, but it Doesn’t Do to make a fuss.
He probably has a conversation with Lan Xichen sometime around the first family dinner that goes:
LQR: You've noticed that he's still calling me 'Uncle Qiren' like we're nothing to each other.
LXC: ...If you want him to call you Shufu, should you perhaps not mention that to him?
LQR: What? No, he should already know these things!
And then after the wedding:
LQR: Your brother's boyfriend is finally acting like one of the family. LXC: Haha, oh my.
Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan
Although their mothers have been friends for ages, Jin Zixuan grows up in a different city, so they don't see each other growing up. The Jins later move for Jin Zixuan's high-flying corporate job, Madam Jin joins the Culture Society at her friend's behest and immediately falls in love with Jiang Yanli as a daughter-in-law. 
After a lot of cajoling (in both directions), she gets them to agree to one date, which is a disaster (I have more headcanons about this but they won't fit in here) 
Jin Zixuan has a lot of money and zero sense of proportion, which does not generally result in tasteful things. (Where Jiang Yanli is concerned, his desire to keep up a "cool" image is completely overpowered by his desire to please, so that doesn't help either. Like a golden retriever who wants people to think he's a cat.) 
After they get married, Wei Wuxian sometimes thinks about the peacock's peacocking rituals, like: "It's good that he's gotten more reasonable now that they're married - no, wait, what if he hasn't gotten more reasonable, but there's just no one around to see it because they're married?!" and never gets brave enough to ask his sister about it. 
After Jin Ling's birth, Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng (and maybe even Jin Zixuan) get locked in an ongoing battle for Jin Ling's affections. Jiang Yanli is the clear favourite, as she should be, but they all want to be #2, and their constant jostling is how he ends up with no chill despite being raised by one calm mum and one aloof (but secretly disaster) dad
But because Jiang Yanli is around, he's very polite about it: the kind of kid who barrels in screaming blue murder, skids to a halt and says "Auntie", and then tears out screaming blue murder again
Wei Wuxian tones it down a lot after he and Lan Wangji adopt A-Yuan because he’s got better things to do, but it’s still A Thing (during visits, A-Yuan spends a lot of time in Auntie Yanli’s lap being gently fed things while his dad and shushu yell at each other over the top of his cousin’s head)
Lan Xichen and Jiang Yanli
Initially brought together by their brothers, they now meet up for regular, peaceful, wholesome tea-dates where they discuss the lives of their mutuals and gently exchange advice (and strategies on how to keep their angry-angry parent/proxy-parent's blood pressure down.
Whereas Jiang Cheng gets closer to coughing up blood with every year that passes by without Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji getting their shit together, Lan Xichen and Jiang Yanli take the more optimistic view of "Look at how well-prepared we are, we've just run another year ahead of schedule!"
Dinner Crew
Jiang Cheng has been the unwilling audience to years of Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji’s bullshit. 
If asked, he would say: “And you wonder why I’m so angry?! What do you mean ‘dating’, you’ve been fucking married for the last five years!” but no one ever does :’D
Every so often, he thinks about how happy their sister is about the dating situation because she doesn’t know that it’s fake, and he grinds his teeth because why can’t he also not-know!?
To this, Nie Huaisang says, “If we didn’t know we couldn’t help!”
And Jiang Cheng replies, “WE’RE NOT HELPING ANYWAY, LOOK AT HIM!!!”
Meanwhile, Jiang Yanli continues to gush about how happy she is for Wei Wuxian and all Jiang Cheng can do is laugh really unnaturally because he has to “Be strong, Jiang Cheng! Be strong for A-jie! ╥﹏╥”
He goes to read the comments on the Society Facebook after the fujoshi conversation, and gets so angry at all these people who are like “Ah, their love is so beautiful!” that he has to uninstall his Facebook app, and go and shout into a cupboard somewhere.
The non-Wei-Wuxian members of the dinner group have set up a separate chat to act as a support group, where they all go to:
Wail and gnash their teeth after Wei Wuxian does something particularly dumb
Scheme ways into getting Wei Wuxian to get a clue
Console one another when someone’s brave attempt at getting Wei Wuxian to face the truth fails miserably (because while they play by the rules of ‘what a normal human would do’, Wei Wuxian lives by the principle of ‘lol norms are for losers’.)
Relatedly: for every resigned Nie Huaisang face or enraged Jiang Cheng face that Wei Wuxian notices, there are at least three desperate-yet-silent exchanges that he doesn’t. 
Wen Ning is always really optimistic about it, nodding encouragingly like “He’s gonna get it - he’s gonna get it! - oh no, he’s not gonna get it. Oh. Oh no. Ó╭╮Ò”
Wen Ning always has at least one small child hanging off him at all times when he’s at the Cultural Centre because they know he can always be bullied into playing with them and they think he’s great.
Past bullshit dinner group projects have included Getting Jiang Cheng a Date and Making a Picture out of Jin Guangyao’s Forehead Dot While He’s Sleeping
(In re the forehead dot, they end up settling for making it bigger every time he nods off during a movie night at Nie Huaisang’s house, and Nie Mingjue comes home to what’s basically a Japanese flag on Jin Guangyao’s forehead and is like ಠ_ಠ)
Future dinner group projects include providing Wei Wuxian with support for Grand Plans like Getting Along with Uncle Qiren and providing Jiang Cheng with unwanted support for things like Workshopping Jiang Cheng’s List of Partner Requirements
After A-Yuan’s adoption, Wei Wuxian and Lan Qiren redouble their efforts in Can we divorce an in-law?! because although they couldn’t save themselves from being related to Jin Guangyao, for their PRECIOUS BOY--
Therefore, when A-Yuan is five or six and starts to sound out how he’s related to people and why:
A-Yuan: So if Jin-yeye is Uncle Guangyao’s dad, then that makes him my-
Wei Wuxian: NOTHING!
Lan Qiren (springing up from the other side of the room): NOTHING!
Lan Xichen: lol
At around about this same time, Wei Wuxian, who is never gonna stop trolling Lan Qiren about ruzhui until the day he dies, runs A-Yuan through the “You see, my son, my family is not so well-to-do, and since your Uncle married into the Nie family-” talk, and then proceeds to reference it at every opportunity:
1: Despite A-Yuan almost certainly not asking, and
2: despite (/especially because of) Lan Qiren shouting “DON’T TEACH HIM WEIRD THINGS!” in the background.
(Lan Wangji probably lets it happen or encourages it because he thinks it’s funny)
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maxovanka · 8 months ago
Karate Kid/Cobra Kai survey
i'm gonna consider myself tagged
It’s the year 2021 and you’re obsessed with The Karate Kid. How are you feeling?: an unexpected turn of events but it's passing the quarantine, i guess!
Did you grow up with TKK or are you new to the series?:  to be completely honest, i don't really like the movies? i didn't vibe with them as a kid and when i went back and tried to watch them this year i couldn't make it all the way through.* i think they're well crafted movies, but i've never liked relatable young boy wish fulfillment (i couldn't even get thru harry potter as a kid), and i think the first one is guilty of burying the lede twice over with regards to mr. miyagi and later the relationship between kreese and johnny. and lucky me--these are exactly the areas that cobra kai delivers on.
*except for the third one, which imo is a camp masterpiece and also genuinely heartbreaking. it's the only one that allows daniel to be an genuine pain in the ass. i think i've finally figured out what the target audience for cobra kai is: people who's favorite karate kid movie was tkk3 (me).
We gotta do the basics. Favorite character: johnny! what is a man but a miserable pile of bruce springsteen lyrics? or aimee mann lyrics? or mountain goats lyrics? or otis redding lyrics? or--fuck, have americans ever written songs about anyone else? i have an unreal amount of good will towards this man and his late-life struggle for recuperation. he's the heart of the show both in terms of his relationships with other characters and in terms of zabka's chemistry with the other actors.
my deep dark double secret fave is kreese. he makes me feel real anger in a way that's usually reserved for characters in vince gilligan shows. i'm a bit obsessed with him and his preoccupation with johnny and later johnny's teenaged son (I Have Thoughts). the show does a great job of making what he did to johnny--and all the years and years and years of fallout from that--feel really real, which makes him one of the most viscerally despicable villains i've ever come across . it's unironically among the best portrayals of domestic abuse i've seen, may god have mercy on our souls. the decision to pop out from behind a fucking cardboard cutout of himself to scare daniel in tkk3 was also a hilarious galaxy brain move. aspirational stuff.
also--shout out to daniel-san. the writers really had to work their asses off to make him into a character that appeals to me, and i think they did a great job of it. he's a cringey tool who's capable of displaying a surprising amount of integrity under the right circumstances! he's tom wambsgans! he's pete campbell! he's wonderful i love him!
Favorite ship:  johnny & daniel (what if mysterious skin was a sports comedy??)
Underrated character: the True and Correct answer to this question can only be aisha, although i don't think she was actually underrated by anyone besides the writers. chozen is also lowkey my favorite katate child because c'mon, he had everything (spear fights! ziplines! teen death matches! formfitting disco-era polyester button down shirts worn with gold chains!)
Underrated ship (don’t say therapy, lol):  uhhhh... the only teen couple that could have been interesting is tory/aisha. they were cute together and their friendship rang true to me. it's that thing where you're the new girl and you're conventionally attractive, but on the inside you know you're a freak so you immediately gravitate towards the most obvious female outsider. i lived it, bay-bey!
i also think there are interesting things to explore with carmen and johnny's relationship. i don't know if the writers are even aware of it (i lean towards no b/c men amirite) but the entire premise of carmen's character is that she chose to live in poverty to protect herself and her son from a bad man with power. she's thereby the exact opposite of johnny's mother, who (at least by his understanding) married hollywood film producer shmarvey shmeinstein to provide her son with a better life. so, there's a lot to unpack in his attraction to her. also they're super hot hur hur i like sexy nurse thing hur hur.
Wax On, Wax Off or Sweep the Leg?: i can't look directly at it, but sweep the leg. zabka what the fuck man.
Which of Daniel’s dumb little outfits is your favorite?:  i don't think i've seen anyone mention this one yet, but the football jersey with the sweatpants. it makes him look so small and huggable, i wanna pick him up and set him on my shelf or something.
Character from the films you most want to return, who’s not Terry Silver: bring back ali's lesbian girl gang!!! or else--dutch. he was funny and iconic, i loved his exaggerated offended reaction to everything daniel said or did in tkk. also, i'm tacky so i'm a sucker for aggressively bleach blonde hair. the SCANDALIZED wasp couple standing behind ali and johnny in the spaghetti scene will also do. or terry's secretary (an mvp--i believe the original actress has passed away so in my heart of hearts she's portrayed by j. smith-cameron).
Scene that lives in your head rent-free: the whole character development speed run that johnny does from sweep the leg to crying while handing daniel the trophy to getting strangled in the parking lot by his beloved teacher. i'm especially transfixed by that last bit--what's the thought process of a man who decides to publicly execute his teenage student via strangulation? why did none of the many bystanders call the police? johnny is the real kitty genovese, prison for everyone.
from the cobra kai series proper: daniel's decision to greet johnny with a big hug after not seeing him for 35 years and never actually being friends with him (I Have Thoughts), the heinously creepy scene where johnny is repeating the cobra kai mantra for miguel and his entire disposition completely changes (demonic possession shit), and johnny's tiny go-ahead-and-kill-my-abuser nod (his face is so stoney after being so animated at dinner) coupled with daniel's shaky little sign of relief (macchio is really the cutest when he looks scared).
it goes without saying that every johnny & miguel scene lives rent free in my HEART.
Will Anthony LaRusso ever be relevant?: anthony becomes relevant for one (1) episode next season when amanda and daniel finally get around to putting him up for adoption.
You live in The Valley and are forced into the karate gang war.  Which dojo do you join?:  i enter the cobra kai dojo decked out in all of my snake-themed clothing and jewelry (it's a lot). i approach kreese and explain to him that the open mouth of a snake, viewed head-on, is a yonic symbol. i am permanently banned from the cobra kai dojo.
(seriously though, assuming i'm a teen in this scenario i think i would have vibed with tory/miguel/aisha. dimitri and sam would have driven high school me up the fucking wall though. the cobra kai style looks like more fun/better exercise. do i also genuinely believe most young girls could actually benefit from someone yelling no mercy down their neck? maybe so 💖)
What’s your training montage song?:  50ft queenie - pj harvey (it takes place in the alison bechdel feminist karate dojo ofc)
It’s the crossover event of the century! Which TV show are you combining with Cobra Kai for an hour-long Saturday night special?: it's a full episode flashback to the time johnny got arrested in albuquerque, new mexico. johnny's court-appointed attorney is a weirdly hot babe who seems like a super straight laced killjoy at first, but soon reveals herself to be an unhinged woman. one thing leads to another, and johnny winds up in bed with her and her loser husband. there are lots of great themes about punitive justice, people's ability to change for the better (and worse), and what makes someone "good" or "bad" to begin with, but mostly it's just really hot sex. the husband tries to sell johnny a prepaid cellphone and johnny tell's him that cellphones are never gonna catch on, cause who want's to be bothered by people all the time like that?
better call saul. it's a better call saul crossover ep.
(fwiw think that greg 'hbo succession' hirsch should also be terry's cousin greg on the non-roy side. think about it--the roys are small people, but cousin greg is really tall?? and who else is really tall, and a blue eyed brunette to boot? terry silver. it all adds up! this never becomes relevant to the plot, in any case, i'm just considering it canon until the writers come to my house and explicitly tell me i'm wrong.)
Tagging: anyone who's interested 😘
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moxleyunstable · a year ago
I'll Protect You
Tumblr media
I stretched on the couch as I played a game on my phone while my boyfriend, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, was getting ready for his match against Orange Cassidy tonight. I was already dressed for the show, wearing a red shirt with MJF in black glitter and black shredded leggings with MJF on the butt. "My beautiful queen," he said, walking over to me, "are you ready to watch me win another match for you?" He grabbed my hands and pulled me up to my feet, kissing my knuckles. "Of course I am, my handsome king," I said, smiling at him. What started out as a TV romance soon became real after a month of getting to know each other and we soon became official, Max telling the world and I that I was his most prized possession and that no one else could have me and he would protect me from anyone who threatened me or what we have. "Good girl. Now let me add one more thing." He walked back to the table he was just at and returned, slipping a bracelet on my wrist, our initials engraved in it along with the date that we became a couple. "It's beautiful. Thank you so much," I said and kissed him. "Anything for my queen. Now let's go get this over with so I can enjoy the rest of my night with my lovely and most beautiful queen," he smiled, kissing me once more before we walked out of his locker room. He put a protective arm around me as we walked to the guerilla and waited for his entrance. Orange Cassidy was already waiting in the ring along with Trent and Chuck. Max took a few deep breaths and fixed his scarf before his music began to play and we walked out. We stood on the stage and he took my hand and I spun around slowly before he pulled me close and we shared a kiss before making our way to the ring.
He helped me through the ropes before he stepped into the ring and smirked at Cassidy before posing. Trent and Chuck gave Cassidy a pep talk in the corner while Max showed me off to the crowd before the ref got into position. "Just stay in the corner and look beautiful as always. This will be quick," he whispered to me, kissing my cheek before helping me out of the ring. He removed his scarf and gave it to me before turning his focus on Cassidy. The ref signaled for the bell and the match was on. Max took control in the early going off the match while Cassidy was busy doing his usual shenanigans to get under his skin.
As the match went on, I played my role as cheerleader and cheered on my man as he beat down Cassidy. Max threw Cassidy outside of the ring near me. Trent and Chuck raced over to check on their fallen friend. Max slid out of the ring and kissed my cheek before making his way towards Cassidy. Trent stood in the way and the two went back and forth trashing each other. Trent pushed Max back slightly which stirred something inside of me. I balled up my fist and marched towards the men, standing between them. "Get out of the way so you don't get hurt," Max said, tugging on my arm, but I didn't move as I glared at Trent. "What, she's fighting your battles now," Trent chuckled. I smirked at him and shook my head before slapping him hard across the face before giving him a pump kick to the chest, causing him to fall. "That's my girl," Max chuckled, kissing my cheek before walking over to Cassidy and tossed him back into the ring to continue their match. Chuck walked towards me, asking me what my problem was as he looked at Trent who was still on the floor. He turned to look at me and I gave him kick to the stomach before I hit him with a DDT. "That's why no one messes with my girl," Max cheered as he hit Cassidy with his finisher and got the win. I got into the ring and hugged him as the ref raised his hand in victory. He picked me up and spun me around as he kissed my lips. He helped me out of the ring and we made our way to the stage and gave one last look at the trio before leaving and returning to his locker room.
"I'm sorry for what I did. I wasn't thinking at all. It was like my body had a mind of its own," I apologized once we were alone. "Beautiful, no need to apologize. That was amazing what you did out there. I taught you so well and that showed. Plus I enjoy seeing that side of you," he chuckled. I blushed at his kind words as he closed the gap between us and pressed his lips against mine. His hands rested on my hips as the kiss deepened. He walked us further into the room until my legs touched the arm of the couch. He lifted me up and sat me down as he kissed on my neck. "There's something sexy about watching you beating up losers," he whispered, his breath fanning my skin and sending chills up and down my spine. His hands slipped under my shirt and went to my bra, unhooking it as he continued to kiss on my neck. "I just wanted to make sure that it was a fair fight," I barely managed to get out as a moan escaped me. "Thank you so much for protecting me, beautiful. I think you deserve a reward." He grabbed my shirt and pulled it off of me, tossing it to the floor as I slipped my bra off. "What kind of reward," I smirked and he chuckled.
Without a word, he pulled his trunks down and kicked it off, his hard erection springing to life. I licked my lips and stroked it slowly, causing him to suck in his breath. Our lips connected once more as he helped me out of my leggings and panties. His large hands covered and massaged my ass as his dick pressed against my thigh. "Max," I moaned as my body burned with the desire and need for him to be inside of me. He grabbed his dick and rubbed the tip slowly onto my slicked folds, drawing more moans out of me. "Someone really want me, I see," he whispered into my ear. "Yes. Max, please," I moaned, gasping when he pushed inside of me, slowly filling me. He kissed on my neck softly as he pulled out and pushed back inside of me before finding a slow, steady rhythm. I moaned against his lips as my legs wrapped around his waist.
"You're always so tight for me, baby, no matter how many times I fuck that sweet pussy of yours," he grunted in between thrusts. He gripped my hips as he thrust harder into me, his groans and my moans filling the room before we kissed once more. I nibbled on his lips to keep myself from getting louder as the pleasure intensified. He used his thumbs to rub circles on my breast adding more pleasure to me. "You feel so good, Max," I moaned as he licked a line on my neck slowly. "Thank you, baby," he groaned before pulling out completely and flipped me over so I was bent over the arm of the couch and reentered me, thrusting harder and faster, giving my ass a nice slap as he grunted. "Max! Please don't stop," I cried out in pleasure as I felt my orgasm building up. "Wasn't planning on it even if you begged me to stop, my dear," he groaned, kissing a trail up my spine as he squeezed my breast. I pushed back to meet his every thrust as I moaned his name. "That's right, baby. Say my name. I love hearing my name come out that beautiful mouth of yours while I'm fucking your pretty little pussy, baby," he grunted out, causing me to cry out in pleasurable ecstasy.
He pulled out once more, turning me to face him before picking me up and laying me down on the couch and we kissed once more as he thrust harder into me. "Max! I'm so close," I cried out, my orgasm nearing. "Are you going to come all over my dick, baby?" I nodded as he thrust faster into me. "Good girl. Come with me, my beautiful queen. Coat my dick with your sweet juices." He captured my lips once more as well reached our pleasurable height and we came together as he slowed down before completely stopping. Our bodies covered in sweat as we're left breathless from our love making. He pulled out of me and ran his fingers through his hair. "That was amazing," I sighed and sat up as he chuckled. "I aim to please, my dear. There's plenty of that whenever you need it," he winked, pulling me up to my feet, "in fact, there's a shower with our names on it right now." I bit my lip as he walked away and headed for the shower, my heart fluttering from the thought of what he meant and I quickly joined him for round two.
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veraynes-blog · a year ago
If you feel like it could you do Tensimm 6 or 7 for the cuddle prompts? I love your writing
6. For warmth
7. For comfort
This is the most delayed response ever, I'm so sorry anon 😭 This was for the long-ago Cuddle Prompts I was doing. It took a while to be back in the mindset, but hopefully it's still of interest.
This is technically just cuddling, but like... slightly sexy cuddling. I hope that's okay. 😶
The Tardis is still exactly where he left it.
He hadn't been expecting that, honestly.
The Master frowns at the blue box, breath misting in front of him as he stands shivering in the remnants of his coat. The ship is still ensconced almost out of sight down the tight alleyway where he'd made his escape from the Doctor's hospitality almost three days ago now. More than enough time for him to have taken the alien city, if he'd really wanted it. The Doctor would have known that, should have come to stop him.
Only he hadn't, and the Master had spent his three days' impromptu shore leave slumming aimlessly round the lower levels, debating with himself and growing increasingly frustrated. He'd had some half-formed idea of commandeering another ship at the port, but no real destination in mind. He'd played with the thought of making a real bid for control, delivering a blow that would have shattered the frozen city like glass so he could pick through the shards at his leisure. But somehow it had seemed a lot of effort for little entertainment value, when he was the only one playing the game.
In the end he'd been lazy and petty, spending his hurt feelings on bar fights and low-level chaos in the poorer sectors. Enough to have drawn the notice of anyone paying attention.
But apparently no one had been, because not once had the Doctor come looking for him.
He seethes resentment as he glares at the Tardis, conspicuous and infuriating in how little it's moved. Would it have been worse to have slunk back here and found it gone entirely? Or is it more humiliating to realise the Doctor seems to be patiently awaiting his ignoble return? He supposes it doesn't matter. Not like he finds himself with a surplus of options.
He crunches through the last few feet of filthy snow towards the Tardis. The door opens easily enough at his touch and the Master slips inside. He finds the control room dark and silent, and hardly much warmer than the icy street outside. His breath still mists visibly in front of him and he shivers slightly in the damp, ripped clothing he's wearing. He picks his way past the central column and along the walkway, familiar with the layout even in the dark, leaving a pair of scuffed leather gloves discarded atop a console as he passes.
The Master trails along the dimly lit corridors of the Tardis. The layout has shifted somewhat in his absence, but he keeps his destination in mind and brushes a hand against the wall as he walks, until a softly pulsing strip of lights illuminate the correct turnings. It occurs to him to wonder at the Tardis's uncharacteristic cooperation, but for the moment he'll take what he can get.
He shucks his sodden wool coat as he goes, letting it crumple carelessly to the floor behind him. His suit jacket joins it after a few more meandering steps, and then he really is shuddering as a chill creeps through the thin, wet material of his shirt. He clenches his teeth, hands flexing restlessly at his sides.
He's expecting to have to hack the security lock barring the Doctor's bedroom when he gets there, and isn't quite sure what to make of it when the door slides open for him without issue. Warmth seeps from the room, and he sways toward it without conscious thought. The lights are out in here as well, and the air smells of sleep and familiarity. He's not sure he belongs.
The other Time Lord is curled on his side in the centre of the mattress, not stirring at his presence. The Master cocks his head, regarding him narrowly for a few moments.
He scans disdainfully across the messy floor, then picks his way across the room and tries to ignore the vague sense that he's intruding. Movements stiff, he sits carefully on the very edge of the bed, barely willing to rest his weight. Even so, he feels the exact moment the dip of the mattress wakes the other man. Something comes alert in the dim room, the prickle of attention sharp against his back.
"You came back."
The voice emerges low and slurred from the nest of covers behind him, faint disbelief evident in the words.
The Master glances down, plucking at a loose thread in the sheets. "You didn't leave," he counters eventually, for lack of anything better to say. He keeps himself quiet too, reluctant to disturb the sleep-thick atmosphere.
There's a lengthy pause, and then the sound of the Doctor pushing himself upright against the pillows. He clears his throat. "Yeah, I... I wanted to wait. This time."
The Master exhales briefly through his nose. He kicks his ruined shoes and socks off, then shoots an arch look back over his shoulder.
His eyes have adjusted enough to the darkness that he can make out the details of the other man. The Doctor's sitting with his knees raised in front of him, covers pushed away. He's wearing a loose cotton T-shirt and striped pyjama pants, hair in disarray from the pillow, watching him with a bemused frown. He looks rumpled and soft and safe in a way the Master thinks is one of his better deceptions.
The Doctor blinks as he catches sight of the Master's face for the first time, noting his split lip and the bruise he wears along one cheekbone.
"What happened?"
The Master begins unbuttoning his shirt, irritable when numb fingers fumble the delicate work. "Disagreement over who buys rounds," he lies blithely, peeling off the damp shirt and letting it slither to the floor. "You should see the other guy."
The weak joke holds double meaning, they're both aware: first the more typical dismissal of further conversation down this route; second the knowledge that the Master is being entirely genuine in his implication he was not the loser of the confrontation that left him slightly bloodied. He suspects the Doctor would be far more upset if he did see 'the other guy'.
Tellingly, the Doctor doesn't pursue the matter.
"Have fun?"
The Master ignores the question, unable to determine if it's as passive aggressive as it sounds. Besides, the Doctor doesn't need to know his answer would be a resounding no.
"You didn't come after me," the Master says abruptly, the near-accusation escaping against his will, and immediately has to look away and close his eyes against embarrassment for himself.
The Doctor fidgets. "I'm not forcing you to stay. I said I wouldn't."
The thing is, he hadn't been too sure on how seriously to take that particular promise. It had seemed like one of those empty principles the Doctor offers so easily. He'd wanted to prove it to both of them, fully intending to crow smug victory when the Doctor inevitably came to fetch him back, all high-handed duty.
The Master doesn't know how he feels about being wrong.
"I'm... glad you came back though," the Doctor adds cautiously.
He wants instantly to insist it doesn't mean anything more than practicality. That he'd been cold and tired and this was as good a shelter as any other he could think of. That he won't be tricked into staying put by whatever attempt at cheap reverse psychology this is. The excuses come so fast they catch in his throat.
As if he can feel the unspoken protests mounting, the Doctor lets the moment go easily enough. He shifts himself to lie down again with a stifled yawn.
"Come on. Get in."
The Master darts another glance. He thinks if the Doctor had looked even slightly calculating he would have resisted the temptation out of little more than spite. But the other man appears to be halfway back to his interrupted sleep already, dozing and unguarded, one arm flopped carelessly towards him across the sheets.
Giving in, the Master quickly unbuckles his belt, shoves the worn slacks down and off himself, and then turns onto the bed. He doesn't bother keeping his distance, sliding smoothly across the space and over the other man's prone form.
The Doctor hums pleased surprise, loose-limbed and accommodating as the Master moves him as he likes. He slots himself between the Doctor's spread legs, rocking his hips down even though neither of them are hard. That's not what he's after, for the moment. Rather, he wants to know that he's still permitted here; that he can bury himself in the warm body and ridiculous pyjamas and be welcome, all the cold, sharp edges of him. The Doctor stretches indulgently beneath him, letting his legs fall further open so the Master can lie properly between them, tilting his head back when the Master presses his face against throat and collarbone to inhale the familiar smell there.
"You're freezing," the Doctor murmurs in lazy complaint, making no effort to push him off.
The Master lets his weight rest heavy, enjoying the way it pins the other man in place. He smooths a hand down the Doctor's waist, feeling the groove of prominent ribs and pointy hipbone beneath the thin cotton. The Doctor hisses protest as he slips under the T-shirt, arching helplessly away from contact with his frigid fingers.
"You only want me for my body heat," comes the whinging accusation, and the Master is glad he can hide a smile against the other man's collar.
He says nothing to confirm or deny, instead letting his other hand find skin as well. One dips below the Doctor's back where he's arched up off the mattress, flattening against the base of his spine. The other he spreads across the plane of the Doctor's stomach, pushing his chill fingertips into the vulnerable spot. The side of his thumb strokes idly along the trail of dark hair there and he rolls his hips down again, with more interest now, although still not enough to do anything about it until he's warmer.
The Doctor shifts so they're both more comfortable, one bare ankle hooking over the back of the Master's thigh, arm draped across his shoulders. "This is awful," he mutters, already sounding half asleep again. "You're awful." He reaches down and grabs blindly for the covers, managing to tug them into place across the two of them.
"Hm," the Master agrees. He feels the Doctor slip back into sleep, utterly at ease beneath the weight of him, and wants to scorn the display of trust - but he's pulled under too fast by stolen heat and comfort, and they sink together into contented oblivion.
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ugokuna · a year ago
shopping au pt.two
park ilypo, taek jegal, and commissioner/judge r x g/n reader
warnings: a little bit of spoilers for commissioner/judge r, esp if you didn’t watch the last episode and tiny bit of spoilers from the manhwa, if you’re okay with that then ignore this lol. fluff. angst (in r’s part). if i used improper pronouns for g/n then pls pls pls let me know!
a/n: this is part two. if ya’ll missed out on part one, it is here. i honestly did not know what the heck i just wrote, like it’s still shopping, but not really lol. i’m so sorry for half-assing ilypo’s part, his character was kinda hard to do??? for some reason??? ooc??? i also went off in r’s part, that’s why it’s the longest. it’s funny bc i personally don’t like him but um yea. anyways, i still hope you enjoy it!
park ilypo:
he actually calls you right when he finishes his ssam-su taekkyeon practice, knowing you’d probably be finished with your club bc, stay in school kids 
“hi.” you both sound breathless.
“sorry, did i call you at a bad time?” it makes you smile to hear his voice.
“no, i just got out of my club meeting. how was practice?”
“it went okay, could’ve done better. i called bc i was wondering if you would cook something for me at your place? i hope i’m not imposing.”
your smiling over on your side of the line. but he doesn’t know that. bc if there’s one thing you learned about your boyfriend, it’s that he hates being a burden. he rather take things into his own hands rather than have someone else do it.
“i can tell how excited you are,” he teases.
“i haven’t even said anything!”
before you even know it, you’re running along to the nearest store, backpack and uniform still on. but you don’t care. a chance like this was NOT going to be wasted.
you grab a shopping basket rather than a cart for your convenience.
you are the definition of lightning mcqueen at this point, you are speed, zooming thru the aisles as you try to come up with what you should have for ilypo.
you turn the corner and end up running into someone like a bulldozer.
“ah, sorry. are you okay?”
you freeze.
he freezes.
both of you just end up staring at each other like 👁👄👁
“w-what are you doing here?” you ask him, rubbing your forehead.
he laughs, his eyes turning into smiles. “i think i should be asking you that question.”
and that’s how you both end up shopping together. it’s mutual shopping, talking and pointing at which ingredient would be good. which ones would be best. which one would taste better. which one was cheaper.
as you add more and more things into the basket, you start to struggle to carry it. 
without evening offering, ilypo notices and smoothly takes it from you and carries on walking as if it were nothing.
for some reason your face is heating up at the small gesture. 
ilypo turns back to look at you. “what?” he says obliviously.
“what?” you mimic, dropping your voice an octave lower and scrunching up you face. you stomp your way to him, pouting as you wonder why your boyfriend could make you fall in love with him more. all you can do is rub the top of his head annoyingly. and you swear, even tho he’s a bit surprised, you can just see his nine tails wagging gleefully at your petting.
n e ways, after you both split the cost, the both of you end up just standing there awkwardly in front of the store bc you just bought all this food. and ilypo didn’t come by car, he ran as well. and the walk to your house is far. 👁👄👁
all you can do is sigh.
ilypo on the other hand just rolls up one of his pant leg. grabs the other half of the grocery bags from your grasp along with his. and runs off. “last one home has to cook the food!”
“ilypo! you idiot! i’m the one already cooking!” you run after him.
by the time you reach your house, you’re covered in a thick layer of sweat. you’re out of energy. grumpy. furious.
when you find ilypo in the living room, you are ready to beat him up. but you short circuit when you see him sprawled on the couch.
you make his way to him, falling on top of him.
he groans. opening one of his eyes. “took you long enough.”
“i hate you.”
“let’s get cooking.”
“no. i’m tired bc of you.”
ilypo pushes himself from under you, getting up and taking off his tiger sweater and putting it over you. “it’s ok. dinner’ll be ready by the time you wake up.”
taek jegal:
he told you that he’d be back, leaving you alone in his empty mansion during your study date. 
as you’re about to sigh, the front door slams open and you scream.
you see him come in with his body guards, their arms full of bags of groceries. his? empty, he doesn’t like getting his hands dirty. i don’t make the rules. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
“make me food, loser,” he tells you nonchalantly. as if it’s normal to barge into his own home with more than necessary bags of ingredients and demand you to make him “food.”
at this point in your relationship, you still hated how much he called you by that nickname. 
you peer into the bags. fruits. vegetables. snacks. meat. “this already is ‘food’ you loser. eat it as it is.”
“well aren’t you miss little smartass,” he teases, grinning down at you.
you both argue and have trouble on settling on which dish to cook. you prefer to make one big dish to share together while he opts for multiple dishes.
you argue that it’ll take too much time. that you’ve never even seen half of the ingredients he’s brought in. bc you speak broke.
he tells you that you have enough time since he has more than the typical four stoves. that he’ll help you cook with the ingredients you don’t know. bc he doesn’t speak broke.
in the end, you settle with a compromise of one of your favorite dish and two of his. in your opinion, you feel like it’s too much, but you don’t tell him that bc you’re pretty he caught on to it.
“nexttime,” you sigh, “at least tell me you’re going shopping.”
you stare at him. “bc i want to actually take part in deciding what to buy. and bc i want to go shopping with you.” you murmur the last part, too shy and embarrassed to say something so cheesy out loud. 
you watch him get ready, pulling his aquamarine hair into a messy ponytail. this man is fineeee with his hair up, i don’t make the rules. like, the way his shirt rides up a bit at the waist, the way his arms flex under the matieral, sir have mercy on my- sorry i’m just going off at this point bc altho he may be the villian of g.o.h. he was a sexy one at that
he could choke you with his hair and you’ say thank you lolll
lemme eat you instead, you think to yourself
n e ways
surprisingly, this is your first time cooking at his place. and you’re so amazed at his culinary skills that you gawk at him like a fish out of the water. his mincing skills? on point. he even can cut an onion faster than it can make him tear up. you had expected him to be horrible at cooking with him being so rich, but you were so so so so wrong.
and he KNOWS that you know that he had you stumped. and he isn’t even trying to hide his big teasing smirk. you bonk him on the head.
ngl, you expected him to cut things up by summoning his megalodon. 
as you’re cutting something, rather fast too, you end up cutting yourself. nothing too deep, but enough to bleed. “ouch, i cut myself.” you go to the sink to rinse it off before grabbing a towel and putting it over the cut.
“lemme see,” taek jegal hums your way. he peels off the towel and examines it. he sighs. “just how clumsy are you, loser? bandages are on top of the cabinet over your head.”
“okay.” you turn away from your boyfriend to get a bandage when you feel something wet on your cut finger. you shriek as you look down. “w-what are you doing?!”
your boyfriend had licked your cut finger, blood along with it before sucking softly on the tip. “you were taking too long and the blood was getting everywhere.” he licks his lips.
as aggressive and merciless as taek jegal can get with his enemies, he was surprising careful when putting the bandage on you. you wonder why he didn’t show this side to others more. even tho you’ve been dating him since the start of high school, you realized that you barely knew what was going on inside his head.
“you’ve gone quiet. what is it?” his voice is surprising soft too, nothing like the usual gruff tone.
“it’s nothing.” you shake your head. maybe another time you’d bring it up.
“you’re such a bad liar,” he tells you, raising a sharp thin eyebrow.
“shut up, you loser.”
he erupts into a laugh before bringing you hand up to his lips, kissing the tip of your finger. “i’m your loser.”
commissioner r:
just like taek jegal, he goes shopping on his own. not bc he wants to, no, rather, bc he needs to.
about a month ago, you and r had a very heated argument to the point where he even was about to use his borrowed power on you, a non-power borrower.
“are you sure you want to go through with your plan?” you ask him, sitting across from him in the living room couch. it was late at night when finally he told you of his plans of going against park mubong and work with nox. you had your suspicions, but what he just told you confirmed it.
he only looks at you, which ticks you off.
“what if it doesn’t go the way you want it to? do you have a solid plan if it goes south?” with him staying in his quiet and calm demeanor, it only makes you more worried. r was the type to bottle and keep everything inside.
“i know what i’m doing,” is all he offers you.
you clench your fist into his shirt that you were wearing. “ok, i believe you. i’m just worried about the worst case scenario. i know how serious you are about this, and i trust you but-”
r looks at you though the slit of his eyes. “if you trust me, then there’s no need for you to worry.”
you frown. “i think i do. bc what if you die, i can’t help but jump to that conclusion. it’s like you don’t even care if you do.”
“i won’t,” he growls out, his patience beginning to crumble. “i can’t explain it to you right now, but i will when i set things my way.”
you turn your head away from him. “isn’t that what you always say?”
“then...then what do you want me to say?! that i won’t die?! i won’t! i’m not like you lowlife humans who all deserve to die!”
you whip your head his way, scowling at his cruel words. “then you must want me to die as well then. that’s what you want right? if you’re so bound on hating humans, then there really was no point in dating me right? It’s better to just kill me right? i could have have told park mubong of my suspicions but i didn’t! i trusted whatever you were planning! why can’t you see that i genuinely care about you bc i love you?”
“that’s what they all say, but i know better than to trust a human’s words. let alone yours bc in the end, anyone can betray anyone.”
you rise from your seat. “fine, let’s break up. that’s what you want, right?”
“shit,” he curses to himself, banging his fist onto the shelf of the store aisle, breaking it and making the items fall onto the floor. he hated his mind kept pulling that memory out of him.
he looks up to see an employee staring at him. “what?”
“excuse, but, if you keep causing such a mess, you’re going to get kicked out. this isn’t the first time.”
all r can do is set his lip straight and move onto another aisle. 
here he was at the store, trying to shop for the ingredients for the dish you used to make him after a long day at work. but now that it’s been a month since you moved out of your shared apartment, he was craving it more than ever. but dammit, he couldn’t quite recall what ingredients you used. he should’ve paid more attention to it. to you.
“do you think my daddy will like this, (y/n)?”
r looks up from his dress shoes at the sound of your voice. 
there you were, at the other end of the aisle with a little boy.
he watches as you smile brightly at the boy, nodding before saying, “he’ll absolutely love it.”
the boy shouts a hooray before turning his way to put the gift into the cart. “look, auntie (y/n)! it’s r!” the boy runs up to the commissioner.
you look up.
and you both lock eyes.
r notices how fast your eyes turn dull. he stays quiet. like always. before sending a small quick wave to the little boy.
“hello,” you greet him formally when you reach him.
he nods your way.
“hi, r! do you remember me? i’m naoko, it’s been a long time since we saw each other right?”
you intervene. “i’m so sorry, sometimes he can get carried away in a conversation.”
“i remember,” he tells you.
“r, r, r,” naoko nags excitedly, “i’m almost ten, can’t you believe that?”
he looks at you from the slit of his eye before looking at the boy. “i heard you were seven.”
“i’m almost ten.”
you whisper to naoko to put the item into the cart before looking back to your ex. “i’m sorry about that. we’re shopping for his father, my brother, who you met before, right?”
he only remains silent.
you bite your lip, what did i expect? “anyways, what are you doing here?”
his eyes open at your question, not sure if he should tell the truth or lie. “to...buy... q some food since he’s broke.” somewhere, q sneezes.
“no you’re not,” naoko skips back into the conversation. “i recognize those ingredients anywhere. those are what (y/n) makes when i want to eat that dish.”
“oh, are you trying to make that dish?” you ask him.
and so that’s how it ended up with you and naoko shopping for r. technically, it’s naoko shopping for r since he remembers all the ingredients while the both of you stayed behind to watch him enjoy himself.
you both watched as naoko happily walked through the aisles, collecting the correct items --and sometimes carrying too many in his small arms-- and putting it into r’s basket.
the silence was too thick. the curiosity to how things have been since the breakup is heavy. the yearning to just ask is burdensome between the two of you.
“how’s it going?” you ask him cautiously, not looking at him. “with, you know, nox.”
he looks at you, wanting you to look at him. there’s silence. and you don’t expect him to answer you at all. you just wanted to put it out there. “it’s going smoothly.”
hopefully it remains that way, you think. “that... that must be good.”
usually it’s you who would always keep the conversation going, but now that you weren’t dating, there was no point in putting in the effort. not anymore.
r insists on paying for both of his and your things, and no matter how hard you try to refuse, he ends up doing it against your wish.
to say the least, it was embarrassing, especially when the cashier assumed that naoko was your shared kid and called him cute and all the boys did was smite brightly and the other remained silent.
before you part ways, r speaks up. “will you come over and show me how to make it?”
and so here you were, in r’s apartment --the same one you used to live in-- after you dropped naoko off. you note that r had rearranged everything in the apartment.
you help him unpack, prep, and show him step-by-step how to make the dish.
he watches how you do everything and commits it to memory. he watches you closely, committing you to memory. bc he wasn't sure if this was the last time he’d see you again.
and when he begins to feel that the dish is almost done cooking, like when you just know when a movie is almost to its end, he blurts it out. “stay.”
you look at him from over the fallen strands of hair your hair tie didn’t catch. it’s your turn to stay silent.
“stay,” he repeats to you, much softer than the first that it almost gets drowned out by all the noise being produced in the kitchen. his gaze is steady and strong and unrelenting. just like you remember. you can see how serious he is.
and you wonder, does he mean to stay for dinner? or stay forever?
all you can offer him is a sad smile and the shake of your head. 
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holylulusworld · a year ago
Most prized possession
Tumblr media
Summary: Dean Winchester, notorious mobster, lady killer – the man holding your life in his hands will not let you go.
A/N: I had a request for a stripper!reader fic with Dean so here we go with a mini-series to this request.
Pairing: Mobster!Dean x Stripper!Reader, Benny Lafitte
Warnings: angst, language, Dean being an emotional tornado, tension, light dub-con touching, dominant Dean, masturbation (sex toy), longing
Explosive - Masterlist
Tumblr media
Dean leads you out of your apartment, a big smile plastered on his lips as you slump into yourself. There is something about Dean making you feel safe and scared to hell and back at the same time.
“Why did you destroy the mug? I liked it…” Sniffling you try to break out of his embrace. “I loved sliding my tongue over the rim of the cup.”
“You can slide your tongue over anything you want to in my house. I’d love to see your tongue all over me…” Dean whispers and you shudder as his tongue slides over your pulse point.
“It was ugly, and I want to make sure you are surrounded by pretty things from now on.” Pecking your neck Dean smirks as you whimper when his teeth sink into your skin.
“But…” Without your permission, your hands move to his head to press him closer to your neck. “You know me for like six hours, Mr. Winchester.”
“Love it when you call me like that.” Nibbling at your skin Dean grunts when Benny clears his throat behind him. “Remind me I have to tell you about the rules later.”
“Rules…” Whispering the word you follow Dean and Benny toward a black SUV.
Dean prefers driving his Impala but to get all your belongings Benny insisted on taking the bulletproof monster.
“Get in, Sweetheart.” Opening the door for you Dean watches you clumsily crawl into the backseat. He can’t resist. Squeezing your butt, he chuckles as you squeal. “Such a cute ass, Y/N…hmmm…”
“Boss, we should get going. People are staring at us.” Benny points toward not very friendly-looking people. “Gang or something. That’s not the safest place to live for sure.”
“My girl is safe with me.” Opening his jacket Dean smirks at one of the gang members, as he reveals his hidden gun. One of the men shakes his head, dragging his friend away. “Thought so, loser.”
“Dean let’s roll. I don’t think those assholes will wait any longer to attack us.” Benny nervously glances around. “Boss…”
“Fine, let’s bring my girl home.” Dean finally enters the car to sit next to your shaking form. The whole day was nerve-wracking, and you would prefer to have a few drinks and wrap your body in your favorite blanket.
“Boss got the blanket and pillow she told me to get.” Sniffling you want to take the blanket, but Dean narrows his eyes. “Dean, if you want her to feel better, just give it to her.”
“Give it to me.” Taking the blanket out of Benny’s hands Dean eyes it suspiciously but he can see you desperately reach out for it.
“Come here, Sweetheart.” Wrapping you into the warm blanket he rubs your back. “Let’s go, Benny…”
Nodding the tall man glances at your scared form. Benny is a mobster, but he pities you. Dean is one of his best friends, but he knows his boss is hard to handle. Especially for a shy girl like you.
“Where do you live?” Snuggling into the blanket you uncomfortable shift on the backseat. “Is it far from here?”
“Outside of town.” Dean can’t watch you squirm any longer, so he brings you onto his lap to wrap his arms around you. “Head against my shoulder and close your eyes.”
“Did you always live here?” Following Dean’s order your rest your head against his shoulder and close your eyes. “I never wanted to live in a big city like this, but I wanted to dance…”
“I was born and raised in a small town. Lawrence, Kansas.” Dean gently rubs your back to comfort you as he keeps on talking. “When my mom died, dad dragged Sammy and me around. My whole life was filled with…”
Dean’s eyes meet Benny’s in the rear-view mirror, and he clears his throat before he looks at you in his arms. There’s something about you, a hint of innocence and pureness Dean hasn’t seen for a while.
“You’re a small-town boy…” Giggling you nuzzle your cheek into the soft fabric of your blanket. “Not many boys from a small town become rich. I know one, Garth. He tried to make money and works as a waiter now. Poor guy…he’s a bit…”
“Don’t talk about other men! You’re mine and you will only talk about me.” Angrily clenching his jaw Dean narrows his eyes.
“Garth is an odd little guy. Funny but I would never…” Sniffling you look at Dean. “Why are you always angry at me? I wanted to compliment you for your success.”
“I…Still, do not talk about other men…” Benny shakes his head, not knowing how long you will bear Dean’s behavior.
“Not even about my dad or a priest?” Not looking at Dean you sigh heavily. Around the mobster, you feel like you need to walk on eggshells to make sure he does not explode.
“Your dad is fine.” Mumbling the words Dean pecks your hair. “But I am the man in your life now. I’ll be the one you will talk about, dream about and whose name you will scream…”
“I still don’t know why you want me. You don’t even know me, Dean…”
Exhausted you close your eyes, not wanting to talk to the dangerous man holding your life in his hands any longer.
“I know you…”
Tumblr media
“Bathroom, bedroom, walk-in wardrobe.” Dean points toward several doors while you are barely able to keep your eyes open. “Left side is all yours…”
“I got like twenty pieces of clothing. I don’t need half of a room…” Glancing at Dean’s huge collection of suits, shoes, and button-ups you gasp. “I never met someone owning so many clothes…”
“We will place your stuff on the left side tomorrow.” Wrapping his arms around your waist Dean smirks as you do not fight his embrace this time. “I’ll show you how to get the best water pressure and leave you alone.”
Nodding you nibble at your lower lip as Dean opens the huge bathroom. It’s rather a ballroom than a bathroom and your eyes round at the sight of the hugest shower you ever saw.
“Wow…” Giggling you look at the bathtub. “I didn’t have a bathtub since I moved out of my parents’ house but theirs wasn’t that huge.”
“You can have a bath instead. I’ll get some food and you can wash your sexy body.” Humming you look at the bathtub again before you touch your cheek, hissing. “I’ll get you some ice too, Sweetheart. Now relax.”
Tumblr media
Squealing you play with the rubber duck you found hidden behind the towels. It looks a bit odd, is taller than any rubber duck you ever played with but it’s pink and you like it.
“Ah, you found the good stuff…” Striding toward the bathtub Dean smirks as you look up at him with glassy eyes. He’s only in a shirt and tight jeans and you must admit, you like this style more.
“You look good in normal clothes.” Licking his lips Dean kneels next to the bathtub to grab the rubber duck. 
“That’s not a toy or it is but…” Pressing a hidden button Dean smirks as your eyes round. 
“Spread your legs, Baby Girl and press this nice duck to your clit. Do it for me…” Husking the words Dean moves closer as you hesitantly take the duck. “Just place it where you need it most, Sweetheart.”
Dean’s voice is smooth like silk now, full of lust as he moves his hand into the water to take the toy out of your hand. “Let me, Y/N…”
Gasps leave your lips when he moves the toy between your legs, placing it between your folds.
“Just enjoy and relax.” He’s slowly moving the toy up and down your clit, adds pressure to it as he can watch your mouth fall open. “Give me one, just one tonight…”
“I…this is…god…” Grasping for the edge of the bathtub you close your eyes, grinding against the vibrating toy. “It’s…uh…”
“Give in, Baby. Just let me hear the sweet noises you make when you cum for me. I want to hear it…” Your eyes flutter close and you wrap your hand around Dean’s wrist to make sure he doesn’t remove the toy.
“Come for me…” You are a goner moments later. Cry out as Dean won’t remove the toy. “Good girl. So pretty when you come for me.”
“No more. Take it away, it’s too much…” Pecking your neck Dean removes the toy, satisfied with your wrecked state.
“How long didn’t you cum like that?” Nibbling at your skin he let go of the toy to slide his fingers through your wet folds. “Your pussy feels like velvet, Sweetheart…”
Tumblr media
Dinner is awkward. You can still feel the buzz in your body from the orgasm this dangerous man gave you.
It’s not that you do not feel drawn to the mobster, still, he’s an emotional tornado and you never know if he wants to kiss or kill you.
“Eat, Y/N. It was an exhausting day for my girl.” Pointing to your untouched food Dean moves closer. “Do you need another orgasm to become hungry?”
“I…” Clearing your throat you grab the fork Dean offers. “Can I ask you something without you getting mad?”
“Try me, Sweetheart.” Pecking the hand holding the fork Dean looks at you, mischief in the most beautiful eyes you ever saw. “I’ll try to answer it honestly.”
“Why me? Why are you that obsessed about making me your girl? You don’t know me, Dean. In a week or two, you will get bored and then I will have almost no clothes, no home, and no job.” Sniffling you poke the food with your fork.
Slamming his fist onto the table Dean gets up, panting heavily. “You still don’t understand, Y/N. You are the one, my girl. You are my most prized possession. The moment I saw you in the theater, ready to dance for those assholes I knew you’ll be mine…”
“Theater? Wait…” Looking up at Dean you feel a cold shiver run down your spine. “You were there?”
“To be fair, I wasn’t stalking you or anything. It was more that I wanted to meet a business partner. Didn’t know anyone else would be around.” Standing behind you Dean slides his fingers through your hair. “I saw you.”
“I didn’t dance…”
“Later, Baby Girl. When those asshole's not giving you a chance were gone, you danced only for me.” He’s silent for a moment, remembering the way you moved your body. “You were so beautiful, like a fairy and innocent.”
Speechless you glance at the food, not knowing how to process Dean knew you for over a year. “I watched the whole performance and then I wanted to leave but I followed you.”
“You’re a stalker…” Scared you feel Dean’s arms wrap around you as he nuzzles his nose into your hair.
“No…no. I didn’t see you for months, I swear. You were just a pleasant memory and then, you came to my club out of all the places and asked for a job. It was me, not Ellen suggesting you shall dance.”
“You made me a stripper?” Sniffling you wiggle in Dean’s embrace. “Why?”
“I wanted you to do what you love, dancing.” Huffing Dean let go of you to cup your cheek. “I know its not a theater, not even close but you are so beautiful while dancing. Maybe we can have a show. You don’t have to strip your clothes off, just dance for me…”
“I got at least ten clubs and we have events sometimes. Usually, the girl's strip at the end but you can be my special event. The fairy among whores…” Dean exclaims as you don’t know if you shall believe a single word. 
“I am not a fairy…” Grumbling you try to look away, but Dean holds your face in his palm, pressing his lips to yours. “You’re beautiful and my fairy. I’ll keep you safe and wrap you in silk.”
Tumblr media
That night Dean paces around the bedroom waiting for you to sleep in his bed just like he imagined since that day he saw you dancing just for him.
“Holy…” Biting his finger Dean watches you crawl onto the bed, only wearing one of the pairs of panties you saved and one of his old shirts. “You look so fucking sexy in my clothes…”
“You stole mine!” Muttering you place your pillow onto your side and cover your body with your favorite blanket. “I still believe you are crazy…”
“Yeah.” Dean lies next to you, smirking as you turn your back on him. “Crazy for you, Sweetheart…”
“Why are you always so loud and angry? You can be sweet too, even caring but then you yell at me…” Sniffling you feel him shift behind you. “You could be a nice man if you wanted to…”
“Hmm…” His arms wrap around you and his face ends up in your neck. “I’ll try to be nice for you, but I want you to say it. Say you’re mine, my fairy…”
“I…” Lips pressing against your pulse point Dean hums against you. “I can try too…”
Tumblr media
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taegis-gf · a year ago
Forbidden - Part 1
Tumblr media
Dealer!yoongi x Reader
Warnings ➜ phone sex, sexting, heavy drug use, alcohol use
Summary ➜ You never meant to lock eyes with the beautiful stranger at Namjoon’s house party, you also didn’t mean to completely fall for him, knowing exactly how dangerous it was.
Word Count ➜ 9.3K
NB: if drug-taking in fics isn’t for you/or makes you uncomfortable, also reader is literally getting with a drug dealer so if any of this isn't for you  - please don’t read!
Part 2
Tumblr media
As you tried to finish up your final assignment of the week, you sat on your dorm room bed, legs crossed in front of your laptop. You were almost there just a few more paragraphs to go.
As you finished writing the last sentence your phone began to buzz, turning it round to see who it was you read the name with a small smile, tapping your finger on the screen to answer. 
“Hey! You ready to party?” Jungkook’s loud voice yelled down the phone to you.
You rolled your eyes at his excited tone, the youngest out of all you was always down for a party, and to his own credit, he definitely knew how to do it right. 
“Yeah, whose house is it at this time?” You asked.
“Namjoon’s house, you know he has that huge ass mansion and his parents are away on some business trip so it’s gonna be a fucking good night.” You could practically hear him shaking with his excitement over the phone.
“Sweet, did anyone get any pick-me-ups?” You asked, closing your laptop and stretching your legs out.
“I didn’t ask but I’m sure someone has something.” He replied. “So be there in an hour and let's live it up.” And with that, he hung up. No further information or even a goodbye, but that was Jungkook for you.
“Crazy bastard.” You mumbled under your breath before going to get showered and ready.
As you pulled up in your taxi to Namjoon’s house you could hear the music blaring from inside the car, you paid and thanked the driver before walking up to the doorstep. You had dressed up a little tonight, rocking a black skirt with black ankle boots and a jumper to keep it a little more casual, however you were showing a lot of leg, which wasn’t usually your style, but you had thought to change things up a little couldn’t hurt. As you pulled down on the handle you weren’t surprised the door was unlocked, stepping in to be hit with the smells of smoke, weed and alcohol you were a little taken aback not expecting the party to be in such full swing already. 
You could never quite believe how big Namjoon’s home was when you walked into it, it was huge with 4 floors and about 10 bathrooms, you had been here countless of times but every time it still shocked you, he wasn’t even the richest out of your small group of friends which was the even more surprising part, you knew Jin’s parents were just as well off and when you went to his house you really couldn’t believe who you were friends with, having lived not the most privileged life. However, the rest of them were not as rich, still rich by your standards but definitely not to this extent which had put you at ease when you were just beginning to know them. 
Them. The 6 best friends you could have asked for, knowing them from childhood you had grown up with them and you were still as inseparable as the beginning.
You walked down the long hallway and saw a few people loitering on the grand staircase but you knew where to find your friends. As you went into the kitchen there they were,  sitting at the table which could seat about 20 people, but it was just the 6 of them, sitting around with their drinks in their hands.
Taehyung was the first one to spot you and he gave you a small cheer
“Look who it is! I saved you a seat.” He said, patting his thigh.
You rolled your eyes, pulling up a chair beside Jin to see him lining himself up a line of something white. 
“Is that coke? Are you going to share?” You asked nudging him slightly. 
“No fucking way, this is the last of it, ask someone else.” He said.
You looked around the table to see them all looking at Jin.
“Jin what the fuck man, we always count on you to have shit, what do you mean that’s the last of it?” Jimin asked from across the table.
Jin looked up from intently splitting the powder into 2 thin lines his brows creased.
“You mean none of you have anything on you?” He said looking around at everyone as they all shook their heads.
“Hoseok I thought you got coke from that new dealer you met at that party?” Jin asked.
“Nah man turned out his product’s dodgy as fuck, I only trust the stuff you get and since you won't give us your dealer's name…”
Jin let out a long sigh.
“Fine fine, I’ll call my dealer to see if he can get me anything in the next hour if not, looks like we’ll be snorting alcohol tonight.” He said with a small chuckle.
“Oh fuck that, he better hook you up, this needs to be a great night.” Jungkook chimed in.
“You can have a good night without it you know.” You shot back.
“Yeah I don’t want a good night, I want a great night, call him Jin.”
Jin took a crisp 20 out of his pocket and began rolling it up.
“Jin! Please, man, I’m begging you.” Jungkook said again after receiving no response.
Jin put his face to the table running the makeshift tube up the line snorting it all at once with one huge sniff and he sat back one holding his other nostril taking a few more heavy sniffs and wiping at his nose.
“Okay fine.” He said breaking out a small smile.
You laughed so hard tears formed, there was something so darkly comical about the event that had just unfolded you couldn’t help but laugh.
“Since you’re the only one that finds me funny around here Y/N you can have the other line.” He said passing it over to you.
You looked at him a little in disbelief, “Really? Fuck, thanks Jin.” You said before sniffing up the line in one swift movement.
You immediately felt the small rush to your head and broke into a small smile.
“Jin! Come on man this isn’t fair! You’re already having a good night and I’m not.”
Jungkook complained again and you smiled a little at his childish behaviour.
“I’m going I’m going. Let me give him a call.” Jin said pushing his chair back and standing up.
Before leaving the room Jin walked over to Jungkook, standing in front of him he stuck his palm out. 
Jungkook looked at him confused.
“You going to pay for your share?” He asked, sounding serious.
Jungkook looked at him in disbelief, “What about everyone else?!” He asked, his voice rising in pitch. Everyone stayed silent, trying not to burst into laughter.
“I’ve got everyone else covered I just want your share.” He said.
Jungkook looked well…distressed for lack of a better word, reaching into his pocket he pulled out a crumpled 10, which Jin plucked out of his hands.
“Thanks man.” Jin said, a small smirk on his face before leaving the room.
Everyone laughed loudly, tears falling.
When Jin had returned to the room he gave everyone the thumbs up letting them know his dealer was on his way and would get him sorted in about an hour.
“Jin man you have to give me your dealers number he sounds like an angel sent from heaven,” Hoseok said.
“A little coke angel.” Namjoon chimed in, which gave everyone at the table a small chuckle.
“No way I already told you all. None of you are getting his name or number, you’re all losers and he won’t want to deal with me if I introduce you to him.” 
You knew you should have been offended but honestly, you kind of knew what Jin was saying, he had always been the chilled, cooler one out of the 7 of you, people trusted and respected him because he just radiated that sort of aura, not to mention he was a little older than the rest of you.
Funnily enough, no one argued back, Hoseok just gave a little sigh of defeat and went back to his beer.
As the night really began you were definitely having fun, the coke had really kicked in and you began drinking beer to add to your buzz. 
You soon enough found yourself in the huge living room, which was insanely crowded, the music was the loudest in here and before you knew it you were up dancing in the middle of the room, which had kind of become a makeshift dance floor for the night. 
As you got up and began dancing with a few girls you knew, you spotted someone sitting on the edge of the couch who you had never seen before. He wasn’t looking in your direction but the pull you felt looking at him was indescribable. You had never seen someone so beautiful. You really studied him for a moment but you soon realised you didn’t know who he was, which was unusual for you considering you knew or had a least seen most of the people in here at least once before. Just before you went to focus your attention back to the girls - feeling a little stalker-ish for staring – he looked at you, scanning the room he locked eyes with you and you immediately glanced away, mentally cursing yourself out for staring.
As you focused your attention back on dancing you couldn’t help the heat that spread across your cheeks, you still felt like his eyes were burning into you and that was all you could think about. 
That was when you felt a pair of hands snake around your waist, you immediately turned only to be faced with Taehyung, he always got touchy with you when the both of you were drunk, and to be frank you behaved the exact same way.
“Hey, sexy you come here often?” He asked with a small wink.
“Hm, sometimes, what about you?” You said sliding your hands up around his neck feeling a little flirtier than usual, maybe it was the thought of the handsome stranger watching you.
Taehyung didn’t even need to reply, sliding his hands down and resting them at your hips and you began swaying back and forth with him.
After dancing for a while your mind went back to the guy you had saw and you wondered if he was still there, you glanced over to where he has been sitting only to see the space now empty.
“I’m gonna go pee.” You half yelled into Taehyung’s ear before manoeuvring through Namjoon’s large house. 
When you finally reached the closest bathroom it was locked, typical.  By the time you reached the 6th bathroom, you knocked on the door only to be greeted with silence. As you turned to go to the next you one you heard the door opening and turned back around, thankful you could finally pee. 
You turned ready to thank whoever it was only to be stunned into silence to see it was the guy from earlier. You felt frozen in place, looking at him up close was a completely different experience; he really was as beautiful as you had first thought.
He was looking at you with such a cool calm demeanour you almost felt embarrassed about your thoughts. 
“Sorry I just needed to use the bathroom.” You said almost choking on your own words. He gave you a small nod and stepped to the side. You walked passed him to go into the bathroom and as you turned to close the door he was already walking back down the stairs. 
Something in you wanted to call out to him and something in you did call out to him, you realised you didn’t know if he was staying or going and this could be only your chance.
“Sorry, excuse me! Do I know you from somewhere?” You asked.
He stopped mid-step in the middle of the staircase.
He turned to look at you. “No, we’ve never met before, believe me, I’d remember.” The line itself was cheesy but he said in such a way you could have swooned.
“I’m Y/N- Wait actually can we do this after I pee? Wait there one second.” With that you closed the door, you were a little too drunk to even feel shame at this point so after peeing the fastest you could and washing your hands, you got out of the bathroom in record time. When you opened the door you heart dropped a little that he wasn’t there anymore but as you approached the stairs you saw him standing at the bottom of the staircase talking to none other than Jin.
“Hey...” You said cautiously as you approached them both.
Both of them turned to look at you and you stopped short of the bottom step, not really sure what you were interrupting.
“Y/N, hey, I’m just talking to Yoongi here, I’ll meet you downstairs.” Ah, so the mystery man’s name was Yoongi but Jin was being curt with you and to be honest it irked you a little bit.
“Actually I’ve already met Y/N, we just had a nice chat.” He said a small smile on his face.
Jin’s eyes widened a little which confused you; you had chatted up plenty of guys at parties before what was different about this one? 
Then it hit you. 
This was Jin’s dealer. 
You suddenly felt a little stupid, but were dealers supposed to be this attractive? You always pictured them as sketchy older men who always looked twitchy.
Jin was glaring at you and you knew exactly what he was getting at, he did not want you fucking around with his dealer. 
You let out a small sigh before glancing over at Yoongi. 
“I guess…I’ll see you around?” You said, making it sound like more of a question.
“I’m sure Yoongi has better things to do than-”
“Actually,” Yoongi interrupted, “I was going to stay a little while if that’s okay Jin, I saw a few people I recognised earlier downstairs, would be nice to catch up.” He stated.
Jin cleared his throat a little, “Yeah no problem Yoongi, stay as long as you like and thanks again for coming on such short notice.”
You realised you had really overstayed your welcome in their conversation as you turned and began walked down the stairs.
“Y/N!” Jin called from above you. “Your ass is showing, pull your skirt down.”
You felt your cheeks burn as you immediately grabbed your skirt and tugged it down, at least you were wearing a sexy red thong, Jin was lucky for the show, you just prayed to all the god’s Yoongi hadn’t seen. 
About an hour had passed and you were back in the full swing of dancing, Taehyung had his hands all over you again and you didn’t even care, you were so coked up it was fucking shameful. 
“You know,” Taehyung was whispering in your ear, “me and you would be so fucking good together.”
You were smiling, eyes closed, still dancing up against him.
You and Taehyung had always had this strange attraction growing up, he always told you he thought you were beautiful and the fact he was offensively gorgeous didn’t help. 
But you saw how he treated women – he would fuck them and never speak to them again, you told yourself that you weren’t going to be another one of his conquests. 
However, that didn’t stop you and him from being make out buddies every now and again.
“Tae…” You whined as you felt his hands digging into your hips a little harder than usual, his actions were definitely getting to you more than they usually did and you could feel your whole body heat up.
He leaned in to kiss you and you immediately returned the kiss letting his tongue slide into your mouth, you began to run your hands through his offensively soft hair.
“Fuck, I want you so bad.” He said, his breathing heavy.
You wanted him too. 
Admittedly it had been a long time from you had gotten laid and to say you were frustrated was an understatement. But it was a bad idea and you knew that no matter how drunk you got.
“Hm, you can’t have me Tae. You know that.” You said, smiling at him solemnly.
“Why is that beautiful? We’ve known each other forever, you could at least give me a little something, you know we’d be great together.” He replied, looking at you with that stupid smirk.
“Taehyung, I like making out with you but I’m never going to go farther than that, there is no together with you, you’re a classic fuck boy, we’d have sex and you’d never look at me again.” You said, sighing heavily.
There was a short time when you had been hopelessly in love with Taehyung, he was beautiful and you had been young and stupid. 
When you saw the sort of person he’d became your romantic love for him had slowly died out, knowing you never wanted that for yourself.
“You really think I’d do that to you? You’re my best friend Y/N.” He said, pouting his big beautiful lips.
You let out a short laugh, “That makes it worse, Tae, just drop it. I’m gonna go get another drink.” And with that you walked away from his embrace, you knew by the time you’d even reach the kitchen he will have already found a new girl to dance with. You loved him but god was he a player.
You found yourself sitting at the ridiculously big dining table once again, beer cradled in one hand as you looked around your surroundings, most of your friends where elsewhere but you could see Jungkook chatting up some beautiful girl out of the corner of your eye, you were feeling a little down and you realised it was because your high was slowly beginning to wear off, you needed another little pick-me-up you decided as you stood up in search of Jin. 
You searched the place for him finally seeing him sitting on the couch in living room number two, deep in talk with none other than Yoongi – god damnit, there was no way you could approach that situation and not embarrass yourself, but your low was coming on strong and you knew your night was only going to get worse.
“Hey guys…” you wavered, both heads turning to look directly at you, pulled from their conversation.
“Jin can I see you for a second?” You asked casually, pulling at a strand of your hair, you didn’t know what was making you jittery, the drugs in your system or Yoongi looking at you so intensely you felt your cheeks burning, you must’ve looked like a damn tomato.
“Hey Y/N!” Jin smiled at you widely, he must’ve been more gone than you were.
“Me and Yoongi were talking about music, you like music too don’t you?”
You let out a small laugh, “Yeah Jin…I think most of the population likes music.”
You heard Yoongi let out an airy laugh at your joke, although Jin just kept grinning up at you like he was making perfect sense.
“Okay then! So you talk to Yoongi while I go take a piss, perfect plan.” 
Before you could even begin to protest Jin was already heading upstairs, so with nothing better to do and in your drunken state you decided to plant yourself beside Yoongi. You sat a little too close, as both your knees touched you sat forward, resting your chin on your hand.
“So I’m guessing you two were talking about…let me guess…music?”
Yoongi let out another small laugh, causing you to smile, you liked that sound a lot.
“Yeah… I was just telling Jin about how I like making music, producing ya know? I don’t think he understood a damn word I was saying tho, dudes so blitzed.”
It was your turn to laugh “I think everyone here is blitzed.”
“Yeah sometimes it’s hard being the only sober one at a party, but at least I can take videos of Jin if he decides to get shirtless and dance on the pool table again.”
You laughed loudly this time, “Fuck! Has he really done that before? Do you have pictures, I must’ve missed that one.”
“Sadly no, I didn’t take any I was too busy making sure he didn’t kill himself, I was just dropping something off to him, but no one was else was making sure he didn’t die, so I stuck around a bit.”
“Have you known him long? I can’t believe we’ve never met before.” You said, resting a hand on his knee.
You were being bold and forward and you knew that but you hoped he didn’t mind.
You couldn’t really tell however as he didn’t even react to your advances, simply responding to your question instead.
“A few years, yeah, you’ve probably never seen me, I don’t stick around, I’m usually working.”
“Ah.” You said knowingly, you didn’t know if it was awkward to bring up the fact that he dealt drugs but you also knew he had figured out by now you knew what his ‘work’ was.
Before you could say anything else Jin's voice cut through the room as he made his way over to you both, you jerked your hand away from Yoongi’s knee, knowing it would do nothing but bring you trouble if he saw.
“So, did you guys talk?” He asked planting himself down beside you, a smile still on his face.
“Yeah-listen Jin I gotta go,” Yoongi said, his eyebrows low as he looked intensely at his phone.
Jin began to pout, “Stay Yoon, it’s been so long since we’ve talked like this.”
Yoongi smiled big at him and your heart nearly beat out of your chest then and there.
“Yeah, it’s been good Jin, but I gotta bounce. I’ll see you next time, okay?” When he began to stand up, you found yourself standing with him.
“I can show you out if you want.” You said, nerves completely overtaking you. You can’t remember the last time you really had to work for a guy’s attention like this, you were used to drunken gropes and getting to the sex bit quick enough, but that was all meaningless, drunken fumbles and hungover regrets.
You wanted Yoongi in a completely different way, and you couldn’t just let him walk out the door.
Yoongi nodded, and you walked in front of him making your way to the front door.
You stopped when you reached it, turning to face him, he stopped as well, looking at you, wondering why you stopped.
“I wanna see you again.” You said boldly, this wasn’t you, but you decided it was going to be your only chance.
Yoongi’s eyes widened in surprise at your confession and you shyly looked down at the ground, unable to meet his stare.
When you looked back up he was smirking, but it wasn’t smug.
“I’m really glad you said that.” He began “But wasn’t that guy you were dancing with your boyfriend?” He asked.
It was your turn to be surprised as you took a moment.
“Oh! You mean Taehyung? No, no he isn’t my boyfriend, he’s just a friend, he gets handsy when he’s drunk, to be honest, so do I.”
“I noticed.” Yoongi shot back.
You let out a nervous giggle.
Yoongi was smiling fondly but his facial expression quickly turned hard and cold.
 “I’m sorry, I’m being too forward, I just- I-” You began, but you were interrupted.
“I’m sorry, Y/N, it’s not you, I’ve enjoyed meeting you, a lot actually, but I’m not in the habit of getting to know women like you. I don’t live the safest of lives and I don’t like to drag anyone into it, I’m sorry…”
And with that, he walked out the front door leaving you feeling cold and rejected.
As you walked back in you took a seat on the couch once again beside a very drunk Jin.
“You know,” he began holding up a single finger. “Yoongi is such a great guy…I have known him for so long.” He slurred.
“That’s nice Jin.” You said, not really wanting to talk anymore about Yoongi.
“He just got dealt a shitty hand you know, I doubt he ever wanted to be put in this situation, but if my dad was the head of some terrifying gang slash organisation slash whatever the fuck it is, I would put my head down and do whatever he asked as well.”
“Wait, what?” You asked, curiosity peaking.
“Yeah, I knew him from a class we took together a few years back, we were friends then, but he left college before the first year was out, I guess his dad didn’t approve, wanted him to stay in the family business, ya know? Such a bad situation for someone so intelligent, he had his whole life ahead of him…” He continued.
“You know he’s never even tried any drugs before? I guess when you grow up around that, you see enough to be put off…my heart aches for him sometimes…”
Jin was still talking but you could only hear bits and pieces, completely lost in your own thoughts.
The rest of the night was awful, you’d ended up leaving early, almost sober and mostly sad. You couldn’t believe what Jin had told you. 
You still were in shock at Yoongi’s words to you as well, maybe it was just genuine concern on his end…
But the point had been you wanted to get to know him. 
You tucked yourself in, not even bothering to remove anything but your shoes and fell into a deep but restless sleep.
Two weeks had passed since that party and for the most part, Yoongi was entirely out of your mind, I mean, after all, you had barely known the guy and you weren’t gonna let one silly drunken moment bring you down.
It was Jin’s party that was on your mind for tonight. Your rich friends usually had some crazy party once a week but you only attended when you could, and tonight it was gonna be a good one.
“So Jin do you want me to come over early with some booze? I can help set up.” You said over the phone to your friend.
“Yes, actually I would really appreciate that Y/N, it’s not like any of the other guys offer to help.” Jin said with a resigned sigh.
You let out a small laugh – “Cmon Jin, you’ve met them all, when would they ever offer to help for anything, lazy bastards.”
It was Jin’s turn to laugh this time, “You’re right I don’t know why I expect any more from them, I may have grown up rich Y/N but my parent’s made sure I knew how to respect those around me.”
You were nodding even though Jin couldn’t see, but he definitely was the most humble out of all the guys, he had been raised right.
“Shall we say seven? The party doesn’t kick off till nine but you can come help me set up and we can drink in peace for a bit before the madness ensues.
You chuckled, “Sure thing Jinnie! See you later!”
You could almost hear the eye roll over the phone before Jin hung up.
As you let yourself in – Jin had told you to do so – you took a second to appreciate the modern beauty of the house Jin lived in, it looked so bold and beautiful…very much like himself.
You tucked the bottle of vodka under your arm as you carried a bag of snacks in the other, you knew Jin didn’t need this, he was always more than prepared but you always felt strange showing up to his house empty-handed, maybe it was the fact he had done so much for you.
“Honey I’m home!” You yelled from the hallway hoping Jin would reply and give an indication of where he was in this gigantic house.
You didn’t get a reply. You furrowed your eyebrows in frustration heading for the kitchen so you could at least put the alcohol and snacks down.
However, as you neared the entrance for the kitchen the bag that was holding the snacks ripped, spilling all over the floor you groaned in frustration setting the bottle of vodka down, you got down on your knees and reminded yourself to stop asking for paper bags and just bring a tote with you.
“Fuck,” Was all you breathed out and you began picking things up.
As you started, a pair of hands joined the mission and you sighed in relief.
“I was wondering when you were gonna show your face, were you in there the whole time? You could have answered when I called, also-“ You stopped dead in your tracks as you looked up and realised it was not Jin’s eyes you were looking into.
They were Yoongi’s.
“Uh- oh my god, you don’t have to help I’m sorry, I’m an idiot I thought you were Jin, you know, I was thinking those were so not his hands but I carried on anyway I’m sorry again.” You were speaking from a place of sheer panic, you had no idea how to handle being this close to Yoongi, especially sober.
 Looking at him was an entirely new experience like you were seeing him for the first time all over again.
You were still scooping up the bags of snacks whilst Yoongi helped and as you stood up he stood up with you, his arms full now.
“I’m sorry-“
“You said that already, it’s fine, I’m not just gonna watch you struggle now am I?” He said with a slightest of smirks on his face. God, he really was beautiful.
As you both entered the kitchen you dumped the snacks in the corner of the counter. Of course Jin had an array of more expensive-looking stuff already laid out, but it kept your mind at ease knowing you hadn’t shown up empty-handed.
“Thank you for that.” You said, afraid to meet his gaze. “Why are you h-“ You cut yourself off, embarrassed you had even begun to ask that question, you knew why he was here.
“I mean- where’s Jin? Did he leave you here all alone?” You asked.
“He just had to run upstairs for a second, he should be down any minute,” Yoongi replied and you realised as he spoke he was checking you out.
His eyes skimmed over your body, quick enough that he wasn’t lingering but slow enough for you to notice. 
You weren’t wearing anything fancy although you had to admit you had chosen these jeans because you loved the way they hugged your curves and your camisole had some cleavage on display.. but nothing major.
“Ah okay…well… I guess I’ll get started in the living room. Jin likes me to set up the playlists and everything, he says he doesn’t like the responsibility of being judged by the party music being bad.” You said with a small laugh.
Yoongi just nodded, looking at you with that intense stare. The atmosphere tense, you wanted any excuse to leave the kitchen.
“Maybe one day we can play some of yours!” You said, remembering the small conversation you had with him.
To your surprise, Yoongi’s eyes widened. 
“You remember I said that?”
You nodded, “Of course, I know I wasn’t exactly a model for sobriety, but I wasn’t that bad!”
Then there it was. A smile. A genuine one with even a small laugh.
“Well, I guess you weren’t as bad as Jin.”
Like a scene from a movie, Jin walked into the kitchen right on cue, 
“When was I bad? Why are you two talking about me? Also last question, why was there a bottle of vodka on the floor?” Jin asked holding up the forgotten vodka bottle you had set down when the snacks had spilt.
You merely laughed as you walked on past him, grabbing the bottle from his hands and headed for the living room.
As you played about with the sound system you had regrettably took a few large swigs from the bottle of vodka, trying anything to ease the anxiety you got around Yoongi. It wasn’t a bad anxiety per se, he just made you feel things you weren’t used to, which in turn made you queasy. So you figured getting a little buzzed would help take the edge off. Admittedly drinking vodka raw wasn’t your style, but you didn’t want to interrupt whatever they had to talk about, so here you were.
As you fiddled about with the bass and everything – admittedly you hadn’t one clue what you were doing but it was killing time – you took out your phone to open up your trusty party playlist, always a winner in your book when it came to house parties when you were suddenly interrupted by Jin’s voice.
You nearly jumped out your skin at how close he was.
“Jesus christ Jin! You could've just called me from a distance there was no need to give me a heart attack!” You said, a little on edge. You knew why you were though.
“Sorry, I’m sorry, by any chance…have you got any cash on you?” Jin asked, “I’ve forgotten to take some out of the ATM.”
You nodded, “Yeah I have like 40 on me, is that enough?”
Jin chuckled, then grew serious. “Of course not, look I’m going to have to drive to the nearest ATM, will you keep Yoongi company, I think he likes you and I trust you to be the only one who won’t act strange around him.” 
God if only Jin knew what he was saying.
You gulped and looked up at him “Of course, but don’t be long.”
Jin simply nodded already making it for the front door.
“I should be back in 10!” He shouted from the hallway, not sure who to, maybe the both of you.
You took another big gulp of the vodka scrunching your face up at the way it burned down your throat.
As you decided the best thing was to turn back to the sound system you heard Yoongi clear his throat, letting you know he had come into the living room.
“Hi, sorry…I’m trying to figure this stupid thing out, I act like I know what I’m doing, but in reality, I’m clueless.” You said with a sheepish smile and burning cheeks.
Yoongi looked at you crouched on the floor and returned the smile, “Well maybe I can help…this is probably all I know how to do.”
He crouched down beside you and you felt the heat radiate off him with how close he was, sides almost touching he reached his hands out to the many buttons on the system. He definitely seemed to know what he was doing, you wondered if his fingers were as skilled in other areas…
You shook the idea from your mind trying not to look as flustered as you felt.
“I think that should do it…” Yoongi said, standing up. You stood up with him looking up at him. He wasn’t by any means tall, but compared to you he still had a few good inches.
“Are you gonna play something?” He asked.
You nodded, pulling out your phone and connecting it up to the speaker.
You hit shuffle on your playlist and nodded enthusiastically when the song came out sounding great just the right amount of bass and whatever else it was called.
“Thank you this sounds amazing, Jin will be impressed, as I am going to take sole credit for this.”
Yoongi pouted and you swore your heart skipped a beat. 
“What exactly do I get then?” He asked.
“Anything you want.” You stated, boldly. You knew the vodka was beginning to hit as only the drunker side of you would say something like that.
Yoongi’s entire demeanour darkened at your words, he was 100% picking up what you were putting down, he was looking at you like a damn meal and you honestly loved it.
He shifted back to his neutral expression clearly shaking himself out of whatever daze he had been.
“Maybe I’ll steal some snacks on my way out here.” He joked.
You couldn’t help but pout a little, slightly frustrated that he had changed the topic.
His words from the other night rang in your ears. 
He said he didn’t like to drag anyone into his life, considering it was dangerous; what he did for a living. 
You knew it was probably not the best thing in the world for you to want a drug dealer this bad, but he seriously held no qualities of one, he was just as normal as any other guy, well, except for the fact he was so hot he made your head spin.
But what if you didn’t really care about all that? Although in all honestly, it did scare you a little…but what if you wanted to risk getting to know him?
You were annoyed now, annoying yourself with your thoughts, your mood had soured fast.
“Yeah do whatever you want.” You said offhandedly, turning to walk back into the kitchen. 
He was following you, you could hear him behind you, but you refused to turn around, it was hard acting like you weren’t bothered though, considering you were.
When you finally made it to the kitchen you kept your back to him, setting cups out and trying your hardest to make it look like you were busy.
You heard Yoongi sigh. 
“Did I say something to hurt you?” He asked, but you could tell by his tone that he was on the defence as well.
“No.” You replied curtly, you knew what you were doing, you knew you were being a child but you couldn’t help yourself. You honestly embarrassed yourself trying to basically throw yourself at him but he shut you down every time.
You knew how to take a hint, you needed to leave whatever it was you two had alone, you didn’t want to do anything that would cause him to be uncomfortable, although he had definitely given you some hints that this wasn’t a one-sided thing.
“God, Jin’s taking a lot longer than he said he would, right?” He said. 
You couldn’t see his face but you knew he was grabbing at anything to make the situation less tense.
“Yeah, I’m sure he’ll be back soon though.” Was all you could say.
As if on cue once again, your phone pinged in your back pocket, you pulled it out and saw it was Jin texting you.
Jinnie: i am stuck in traffic, tell yoongi i am sorry, will hopefully be another 15mins! :P
You put your phone back in your pocket and looked up at Yoongi finally, he was rubbing the back of his neck and looking at the ground, clearly distracted.
“That was Jin,” Yoongi lifted his head. “He said he’s stuck in traffic, going to be another 15 minutes, can you wait that long?” 
Yoongi took a second to think before nodding “Yeah I have time.”
You turned your back again, looking at how everything was set out you took another couple of minutes to reorganise and pour some more snacks out into bowls, you honestly didn’t know why Jin went through all this trouble but you weren’t gonna judge him.
As you went to start mixing a cocktail in a bowl, you heard a voice directly behind you.
“You need any help? I feel bad just sitting there.” 
You jumped a little and when you spun around you couldn’t believe how close he was to you.
You were silent, just looking at him for a second and he seemed to be doing the same thing.
“I think I’m oka-“ And just like that he cut you off mid-sentence, only instead of using words, it was his lips on yours.
He pulled away after a quick kiss, trying to gauge your reaction, you searched for any hint of doubt on his face and you think he was doing the same, when you saw none you pulled him in again for a kiss once again.
You immediately wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you.
Yoongi obliged – pushing you a little until your back hit the kitchen counter, pinning you between it and him.
He was kissing you slowly, and it was setting your whole body on fire, he brought his hands to your hips and you took that your cue to slip your tongue inside his mouth, he lightly sucked on it.
You moaned into his mouth, loving every sensation he was giving you.
Yoongi moaned back into your mouth, pushing his body close to yours.
He finally pulled away to catch his breath and you did the same, your head was in the clouds, it had been so long since someone had kissed you like that.
Yoongi spoke first, “I’m sorry about that – I know what I said to you the other night, but you have no idea how crazy you’re driving me.”
“Hmm.” Was all you could say, too dazed to think of a proper reply.
You don’t know who started kissing who again, but this time there was no mercy. You kissed each other so fervently and you even let out a small squeal of laughter when Yoongi lifted you up so you were perched on the counter, he moved in between your legs and you boldly wrapped them around his waist, pulling his as close as you could.
“Fuck, I – jesus –”  Yoongi muttered between kisses.
You shushed him, trying to encourage him to keep doing what he was doing.
You were both panting heavily, so hot and turned on it was sinful.
You had just begun kissing again, completely unaware of the passing of time, when the sound of the front door closing made you both jump.
Yoongi moved away from you and you jumped down from the counter, fixing your clothes and hair as quickly as you could, you prayed you didn’t look a hot mess as much as you felt it.
You looked over at Yoongi who had taken a seat at the kitchen island, you could see his chest still rising and falling and you couldn’t help but giggle a little.
He simply smirked at you and you really couldn’t keep it together as you heard Jin approaching you turned your back to try and make the cocktail you were about to start, you needed a distraction.
When Jin walked in, you heard Yoongi stand up. 
“Hey sorry Yoongi, traffic was crazy.” Jin began. 
“It’s fine man don’t worry about it, me and Y/N were just talking.” He said, as cool and as casual as if that what you both really had been doing.
You were pretty sure if you turned around your face was going to reveal everything Jin didn’t know.
You took a second to catch on what was going to happen and you made yourself scarce, running for the living room with a quick “Excuse me.”
As you sat on the sofa, you pulled out your phone to see you had a missed call for Taehyung, probably wanting to know when the best time was to show up.
You sent him a quick text instead of calling him back.
You: hey tae, party will probably start around 9ish? i think… i forgot to ask Jin actually x
You phoned pinged almost instantly 
Taehyung aka sexy mf ;): okay i’ll leave in an hour then, see u soon ! x
You sighed a little, you kept forgetting to change Taehyung’s contact name, he had taken your phone and made the change when you were at a party with him, you had laughed about it, you never made any effort to change it either.
“Hey.” You suddenly heard from behind you, farther away this time, it had you standing up and spinning around.
Yoongi was standing in the doorway.
“Hey yourself. Please don’t tell me you’re leaving.” You said, walking closer to him.
If you had it your way, he would be fucking you on this sofa right now.
You playfully tugged at his belt buckle, trying to pull him into the living room.
“Come say bye.” You said, looking up at him, eyes full of lust.
You leaned in to kiss him and he returned it, but only for a few seconds.
You never took your hands off his belt, keeping him securely in place.
“Listen, I have to go. I can’t stay, I told Jin I’d let myself out.” He said.
You audibly whined you were so horny you could’ve cried.
“Fuck, please don’t make that sound…I don’t think I can drive with a hard-on.”
You stomach flipped and your core throbbed all at once.
So he was taking it …there.
“Well, I could always help you out in that department you know…” You trailed off.
Yoongi took a deep breath and closed his eyes, clearly trying to compose himself.
“God, you are making me crazy, you know that?” He asked, you knew he wasn’t really looking for an answer but you shook your head anyway, trying to play coy.
“What if Jin saw us like this? I’m pretty sure he would kill me and then kill you.” 
You laughed at his statement.
“He wouldn’t kill me, he likes me too much.” You stated.
Yoongi scoffed a laugh.
“Okay that’s fair enough but I really do have to go, give me your number I’ll text you.” He said, taking his phone from his pocket. 
You called out your number and he saved the contact. 
You didn’t ask for his if he really wanted to text you he would.
You walked him to the front door. 
“I guess we can talk later? About what it is we’re actually doing?” You asked, hopeful.
Yoongi nodded. “Of course. I’ll see you soon.” 
And with that, he was gone.
A few hours had passed and the party was in full swing. You were nicely drunk and you were enjoying swaying back and forth as the music flooded your senses.
You had opted to take no heavy drugs, wanting to not be so blitzed incase Yoongi decided to text you before the night was out.
You were dancing when you felt a very familiar pair of hands snake around your waist.
“Has anyone ever told you how fucking great your ass looks in those jeans?” Taehyung whispered in your ear.
You shook your head no. “Well, I’m here to tell you, your ass looks fucking great in these jeans.”
As he started peppering kisses on your neck you pulled away from him.
“Not tonight Tae, I’m not in the mood.” You said you couldn’t, knowing you had only kissed Yoongi a few hours prior.
Taehyung raised his hands in defence, stepping back a little, one of his redeeming qualities – he actually listened.
“My bad, so who’s the guy?” He asked.
You made your way to the couch and he followed suit.
“What guy?” You asked.
“You never let me kiss you at parties if you have some guy on your mind, so who is he?” He asked again.
You shook your head, “There is no guy…” You knew you were a shitty liar, but what were you supposed to say?
Taehyung laughed. “Okay fine, if you don’t wanna talk about him yet I get it.”
You hit his shoulder playfully. “There is no guy jackass!”
“Okay, I believe you!” Taehyung said and if his tone of voice was anything to go by he definitely did not believe you. 
You scoffed, “I am going to pee.”
“Okay, I am going to find a new dance partner.” And with that, you both went your separate ways.
As you made you way up the stairs and found a bathroom, as soon as you closed the door your level of drunk really hit you, what was it about bathrooms that did that?
Enjoying the quiet for a second you pulled your phone out of your back pocket and saw that you had a message from an unknown number.
You let out a small noise of excitement.
Unknown: hey guess who?
You quickly saved his contact.
You: heyyyyyyyyyyyy i knwo who u are ;)
You got a little excited as you saw that he was replying immediately.
Yoongi: hahaahahah how drunk are you exactly?
You: Come to jins party and see,, im not that dru nk
Yoongi: What exactly would happen if I were to come?
You: i cant even pretend to play coy,,, i would suck your dick and beg you to fuck me :) 
You saw the dots rapidly disappearing and reappearing. You laughed out loud, he was clearly at a loss for words.
You wanted him to know you wanted him badly, you needed him to know.
Yoongi: fuckdkkck, that is so hot u are so hot, u know that whole time you had your back to me i was just satring at ur ass in those jeans,.,.,, also the  night we first met.. ur skirt had rid up and you were wearing that red thong..,fuck i couldve ruined u then and there..
You paused, remembering what had happened, you thought only Jin had seen that, but knowing Yoongi had seen it riled you up so much you thought you were going to explode.
You: yoongi please come here i am so horny pleasseeeeeeeee
Yoongi: fucl
Yoongi: fukc i want too but i cant im working im sorry
You left the bathroom, walking up more stairs heading for Jin’s room, you wanted some peace and quiet… and somewhere more private to sext…
Jin’s room was super off-limits at his parties, but you knew he wouldn’t mind you being there.
As you walked in, you kicked off your shoes and propped yourself up against the headboard, phone in hand you smiled as you typed your text.
You: god that sucks so much, i would loveee to pick up where we left off,,
Yoongi: i know :(
Boldly, you switched your phone to its camera. You shoved off your jeans and took a picture of your hand lingering at the waistband on your black laced underwear.
You hadn’t been lying when you said you were horny, you felt insatiable.
You sent the pic, biting your nail in apprehension, this was definitely a bold move for you, but you wanted to get him as frustrated as you felt.
As he took a little while to reply you started to panic, maybe you had been too hasty.
You phone pinged and you couldn’t unlock it fast enough.
Yoongi: are you kidding me right now? Where are you? fuck that is the hottest thing i have ever seen
You couldn’t help but move your hand under your underwear, running a finger down your slit you couldn’t believe how wet you were.
You: im in jins room… its off limits but i couldn’t help myself, if u could feel how wet i am…..
Yoongi: FUCK 
Yoongi: are u touching urself rn???
You: maybe……
Yoongi: jesus hold on.
You gasped slightly when your phone began to ring. Why was he calling you… was he mad?
You answered tentatively.
“Hello?” You said, confusion in your tone.
“Will you let me talk you through it?” Was all Yoongi asked. 
His voice sounding so deep and husky it only turned you on more.
“Talk me through what?” You asked innocently.
“The orgasm I want you to give yourself.”
“Yes.” You practically moaned, applying a little pressure to your clit out of the excitement alone.
“Take your panties off completely, spread your legs, get comfortable.” He ordered.
You did as he asked, panting heavily.
“Okay, how wet are you?” He asked.
“I am so fucking wet, can’t stop thinking about you kissing me.” You replied.
Yoongi cursed under his breath.
“Okay, put two fingers in then, put the phone on speaker, set it beside you.” You did as he asked. 
As you inserted your fingers you let out a little cry at the relief, you had been craving this all night, granted you wanted it to be Yoongi’s dick…
“Feels good.” Was all you could manage to say, closing your eyes tight.
“Okay fuck yourself slowly, rub your clit slowly as well.” 
You eyes nearly rolled into the back of your skull.
You moaned in pleasure, completely in awe of how he was talking to you, he was a fucking pro.
“Want your cock,” you said breathily. “Want your cock in me so fucking bad.”
Yoongi was breathing heavily on the other line. “Fuck fuck – I know I wish I was there so bad. I’d fucking wreck you.”
You only moaned louder at his dirty talk.
“Start moving your fingers faster, put a little more pressure on your clit for me.” He said, hardly able to keep his voice steady.
“Fuck! I think I’ll cum soon.” You said as you did what he asked.
“Hm so soon? God, you must be so fucking needy baby.”
You could only moan at his pet name for you.
You loved being called baby, god you wanted him.
“Keep going, I wanna hear you cum.” He spurred you on.
You were losing yourself. Your orgasm was coming on so quick you were chasing it.
“Y/N? Are you close?”
“Ah- fuck- yes! I’m so close.” You said it was really all you could manage.
“Cum for me, fucking let go, god you are so fucking hot, rub your clit, I bet it’s so swollen, just begging to be sucked on.”
Jesus christ you were going to explode.
You gave yourself a few hard quick strokes before you pulled your fingers out and focused solely on rubbing your clit until you came so hard you were seeing stars.
“Fuck fuck fuck, I’m coming, I’m coming so fucking hard – fuck!” 
You were silent for a minute, trying to come back down after your orgasm hitting you with such a force.
As you came back from your orgasm you had completely forgotten Yoongi was on the other end. 
“Y/N are you okay?” 
You grabbed the phone putting it against your ear.
“Yoongi jesus christ.” You said.
Yoongi chuckled on the other end.
“You just came so hard you were practically screaming. Let’s hope the party guests didn’t hear you.”
Oh fuck, you had completely forgotten where you were.
“I just came on Jin’s bed.” You said biting your lip.
“Yeah you did and it was probably the hottest thing I’ve ever heard, I wish I had been there.”
You were visibly pouting even though he couldn’t even see you.
“Next time.” You said.
“Next time?” He repeated.
“Next time.” You confirmed.
“Fuck… listen I’ve got to go, I wish I could talk more, I don’t like doing that then just hanging up, but I’m really busy. I can call you tomorrow.”
You smiled at how genuinely sincere he sounded.
“It’s fine, we’ll talk to tomorrow. Bye Yoongi.” 
“Bye Y/N.” He said something else in his tone…you hoped it wasn’t regret.
And with that he hung up leaving you to clean yourself up and try and fix Jin’s bed, it wasn’t THAT bad, well maybe except for the small (not that small) wet patch.
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brandstifter-sys · a year ago
Kopi luwak
Word Count: 1115                (Ao3)
Pairing: Dukexiety
Characters: Remus, Virgil, Roman
Rating: T
Warnings: Food mention, violence mention, swearing, remus-grossness
Dukexiety Week: Day 4 - Coffee (shop) Virgil is a tired barista, but sometimes interesting people come in. Like the wily snack who came in with a regular and friend, Roman.
Virgil was used to strange requests at work. The occasional mocha latte without the espresso drove him up a wall—that's just chocolate milk! Of course nine times out of ten it was just a parent trying to appease their kid, which was something he could understand. There were people who wanted ungodly amounts of espresso in their drinks. There was one time an old man wanted 'just coffee' which would be fine except there were some simple options he could have been a little nicer about—"dark roast or medium roast?—dark roast tastes stronger, that's all—do you want regular, half, or decaf?—Sir, I would rather be sure that I don't give you anything that could cause heart problems—it's a precaution I take with most everyone—Would you like milk?—no sir, if you want I can offer you a pitcher so you can add what you want." 
Difficult people loved the cafe during his shift and he had no idea why. It was quiet for the first time in forever, and he was busy wiping down the equipment when two people came in. One was a regular, and a pain in the ass, Roman, but at least he was patient. The other person looked like him, but with a mustache and a less preppy style. He wasn't half bad. 
"Virgil, my darling storm cloud!" Roman sang as he approached the counter. Virgil forced a smile at the dramatic dork in his stupid Hawaiian shirt and loafers. At least the other guy cringed for the both of them. 
"Hey, Princey, the usual?" Virgil asked hopefully. Roman shook his head, nearly sending Virgil into cardiac arrest. A medium coffee, ⅔ regular, ⅙ half, and two shots of espresso with almond milk and three strong pumps–not two, not four–of caramel, topped with whip, chocolate syrup and caramel sauce. If that specific wasn't what he wanted, it was usually worse!
"I would like it on ice this time. No need to fret," Roman said apologetically. He knew he was needy. 
"Will that be all?" 
"Do you have any cat poop coffee?" the other guy asked loudly. Roman cringed and inched aside. The other guy, who was in a studded vest, neon green Tripp pants, and a spiked collar, moseyed up to the counter and leaned on it, showing off the tentacle tattoo on his arm and his studded bracelet. He was really cute.
"Does this hole in the wall cafe look like it could afford to sell kopi luwak to you?" Virgil asked far too sweetly. 
"No, not really, but they've gotta have some funds to hire a snack like you!" 
"Remus!" Roman yelped, "No flirting with my exhausted friends! Virgil doesn't need your brand of indecency!"
"So that's what this version is called," Virgil grumbled, letting his smile fall. 
"Yup! I'm the sexy version of this loser!" 
"I'm the version Mom loves." 
"Ouch," Virgil winced. 
"She sure does! Who doesn't like having a dog instead of a kid!?" 
"She certainly prefers having a kid to an  edgy little bitch!" Roman retorted. Remus flipped him off and turned his attention to Virgil. 
"Since you don't have any kopi luwak, and I doubt you're on the menu, what would you recommend for a trash disaster who needs low caffeine?" he purred and fluttered his lashes. 
"Some kind of herbal tea, iced and sweetened." 
"Sweetened? But you're the kind of eye candy that could rot my teeth! You can have them if you want." 
"Just what I need for my collection," Virgil droned sarcastically, completely dropping his customer service schtick. Roman winced, well aware that the customer service voice was the only thing keeping them safe. 
"You have a collection?! You should definitely show me before dinner!" 
"Are you asking me out?" 
"Yeah! Glad you caught on!" Remus beamed. Roman's face fell. Remus was pushing it and he knew that if his idiot brother kept this up, Virgil would spit in their drinks or worse, mess them up. 
"I'm working, try ordering something instead," Virgil responded with a teasing lilt to his voice that was so slight Roman missed it. 
"Okay, a medium iced tea—your favorite!" 
"So one iced caramel staircase and a medium iced Scary Berry tea with lemonade, sweetened. Anything else?" 
"Your number." 
"Not on the menu." 
"That will be all, Virgil," Roman said hurriedly and paid with a card. Virgil shrugged and motioned to the end of the counter. 
"When you said you wanted coffee, you never told me there'd be a snack behind the counter!" Remus giggled while they waited. 
"I swear if you pissed him off with that stunt and he messed up my coffee because of it, I will kill you." 
"You don't want to go to jail for murder," Remus cooed and batted his lashes. Roman growled and grabbed him by the vest. 
"If you get me kicked out of the only coffee shop in town that manages to get my order right every time, you'll wish it were a simple murder." 
"Iced staircase for the murderous princey," Virgil said and slid him his drink. Roman cautiously took a sip and relaxed. Remus didn't ruin him.
"And an iced Scary Berry for the skunk," Virgil said and slid Remus his drink. It was blood red and bubbling slightly. Remus took it with a bright grin and took a sip. Okay now that was good! 
"Ooh now I know I have to come back! Thanks Scare Bear!" Remus cheered. Virgil leaned over the counter on his forearms and stared at Roman, waiting for something. 
"Oh, right! Thank you Virgil! How could I forget to say that! No matter, farewell!" Roman rambled and dragged his brother out of the shop. Remus could have sworn Virgil winked at him as they left. 
"Mom doesn't want us home before dusk. I was thinking about maybe visiting that one store—" 
"Where to next?" Remus asked between long sips. Roman shrugged and walked along the main street without much thought. 
"With the lingerie and the—?"
"Yes, that store. Patton has a birthday coming up and I thought it would be a good place to find a gift for my sweet kitten." 
"Gross!" Remus laughed and shoved him lightly. He held up his cup and stumbled when Roman shoved him back. 
"Holy shit!" Remus shrieked, causing Roman to spin in a panic. He didn't push him that hard! But Remus wasn't hurt, far from it. He was cradling his cup with glee. 
"What is it?" 
"I got his number! And he drew a scary bear on it!" Remus squealed, "He actually gave me his number!" 
"There's a first time for everything," Roman shrugged, secretly thrilled for his trashy little brother.
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In The Blood - Chapter Twelve.
Tumblr media
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Previous Chapters - One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Eric's POV.
The light from the open fire bathes my whole apartment in a deep, orange glow, illuminating her nakedness as she lies next to me. Her beautiful eyes could light up the whole room anyway, I feel. Just looking down at her, watching her as she studies my face and strokes my hair, I feel the kind of contentment I haven’t experienced in many years.
“Your mind is restless. I can see it in your eyes,” she states, a small frown of concern shadowing her otherwise perfectly beautiful, flawless face.
“There's nothing wrong, nothing on my mind other than you,” I tell her, watching her shake her head.
“Eric, you should know by now that line works on other people, but never me, love,” she replies, leaning in to kiss me.
“I never could lie to you, could I?” I ask, watching her shake her head as she strokes the side of my face. At the very moment I decide it probably is the best option to alleviate my mind and reveal my troubles, the door flies open and in run three huge, black wolves.  
Before I can jump up fast enough to protect her, to put myself in harm's way, they tear her from my arms and rip her to pieces, until the only thing that's left of Tyra is her blood and torn off limbs all over the floor, while all I can do is sit and watch in utter horror.
“Being a vampire means a lot of human pleasantries are lost forever. Why can't dreams be included in those pleasantries, too?” I mutter to myself after waking with a start, looking at the time and seeing it’s only 11am. Four hours after I shut my eyes and four hours after I began dreaming about Tyra, like I have for the last four days since I saw her.  
Is it not enough that I spend a lot of my waking hours with the woman on my mind, now I have to suffer thinking about her in my sleep as well? This constant quest to find out what she is, why her blood and the energy she transmits affect me as much as they do is becoming a bother to me, since I'm still no closer to discovering what she is.
Even though my blood flows through her veins now and hers in mine, I still cannot decipher what she is. I find it vexatious, especially since I often find myself thinking about her for reasons that don't involve what she is, or my desire to pin her to my bed and fuck her until she can't move for a month.  
I confess, I've been starting to wonder if there's something else about her that attracts me so heavily, pulls me in further than any other woman I’ve ever met. I swiftly pull myself together and realise that at my age, I'm immune from such emotions and feelings. However, I cannot justify or discount how her energy makes me feel, her blood either.
When I visited her after finding out that it was indeed Russell who murdered my family, that very energy I felt when I held her hands to my face made everything melt away completely. The painful memories, the dangerous rage, the longing for vengeance, when she held my face in her hands, it just went away. She made me feel at peace, nourished by her even, healed. I still cannot fully describe it, how her energy acts upon me.  
I cannot comprehend why her blood made me change to something close to human in the way I regarded her either, the guilt I felt for being the cause of her falling down the stairs, or the contentment I felt at looking after her, just having her lying next to me. It doesn't make a shred of sense, and it doesn't add up either.  
Also, I see it as a weakness, and that is a word that does not enter my vocabulary. Unless I'm applying it to somebody else, that is. Otherwise, I do not have weaknesses, yet I can feel I have one slowly building up where Tyra is concerned. That energy I feel, I have a weakness for it. Also, when I drank her blood, how I felt, I confess that I liked it. I cannot allow myself to, though. No.  
“I’m fucking sick of this,” I mutter, frowning.
“If you're so sick of it, then admit defeat. It won't make you any less of a vampire to realise what is good for you, Eric. Surely that is something I managed to teach you?” I hear, looking over to the couch, where the ghostly form of Godric sits.
“You also taught me it is bad for any vampire to have a weakness, to form a soft spot that can be used in manipulation. You always vehemently instructed me to rein in my emotions!” I fume as I sit up and stare at him angrily, or rather his form. He just laughs softly, annoying me further.
“Admitting you feel something towards Tyra is no act of weakness, my child. You will understand why you do, one day soon. You will know then that what you feel cannot be helped. No vampire ever could resist the charms of her kind. You'd be the first in all of history if you did.  I'm telling you right now, you shouldn't resist her. Pretty soon you'll discover that you can't, it will be impossible,” he explains cryptically, causing the flames of my fury to burn more intensely.  
“You still cannot tell me why either, can you?” I spit coldly, my temper only being met by good nature.
“Of course, I can't! That would make everything just too easy. To be rewarded with what you will one day claim as yours and no one else's, you will see why you had to work so hard to attain it. You are not far from having everything fall into place for you. You must not give up now. The answers, they are all here now, just waiting to be discovered. As I've told you before, have patience Eric, have patience. On this you must trust me.”
These are his final words before his image becomes fainter and fainter, vanishing into thin air. Trust you? I've trusted you for over a thousand years and you've never infuriated me to this level before, Godric. Never.  
This is the only thing I can cling to, the fact that all this guessing and his cryptic behaviour, must be concealing something big. Whatever Tyra is, she's been sent for a reason, one of great importance. I am starting to lose patience with wondering what on earth could possibly be worth all this fucking effort, though
“Let me see that!”
“No, it's nothing!”
“Nothing my cold, dead ass. Hand the cell phone over, Tyra.”
“No! Fuck off, Pam, stop!”
“Oh! This is who you're hiding from me, then? You dirty cat, could your tongue be any further down his throat?”
That's the sound I’m greeted with upon waking up hours later and heading upstairs to the bar, Pam and Tyra having one of those playful bickering moments all female friends seem to insist upon sharing with each other, usually when one wants information the other is reluctant to give, as is the case here.  
With the last comment made by my progeny, it doesn't take a genius to work out what the exact topic of their conversation is, another potential boyfriend I'll have to glamour away by the sound of things. Moving back to conceal myself behind the partially open door, I eavesdrop in order to garner the information I need.
“Oh hush! He took that picture anyway, not me. I was just trying to delete it when you came a' spying on me,” I hear Tyra reply, looking through the crack in the door and seeing her trying to snatch her cell back away from Pam, who looks like she's having too much fun snooping to let that happen right now, moving the cell faster than Tyra can try and swipe it back.
“Who is this mystery - and may I say very attractive, for a man - young gentleman you’ve been sucking face with? Also, why didn’t you tell me about him sooner?” Pam then asks, finally giving her the cell back.
“Because I only met him a week ago. Even still, something clicked with him. He’s really different to the long line of losers I've dated recently. So far, he appears to be a very good choice for me, too. He’s into all the same things as I am, doesn't want to be and won't be under my feet twenty-four seven since his job keeps him away for most of the week. Also, yes. He is just a little bit gorgeous, isn't he? “Tyra replies, while I watch Pam nodding.
“He's a keeper, then, is he? This Mr Black hair and green eyes? Give me name!” Pam then demands.
“Danny,” Tyra begins, pondering for a few moments. “You know me, though. I never rush into making a decision but yeah, so far I have a real good feeling about him,” she finishes with, while I feel something inside me swell with anger. Danny, make the most of her while you can, because you're on limited time.
“Either that or it's the fact that for the last year you've been celibate, which is still something I find very hard to believe with someone as criminally sexy as you, my friend,” Pam compliments her, giving her a playful prod in the shoulder with her fingernail
That piece of information does nothing but make me want her more. The fact that she's no slut really piques my interest, despite my otherwise – and fairly obvious - liking of women who are quick to invite me between their legs. Tyra's resistance to give in to me attracts me more, though.
“Pam, if you've quite finished distracting my bookkeeper, I'd like her to be working for what she's paid to come here to do, not gossip with you about her love life,” I say as I finally decide to enter the room, watching Pam give a 'well, I guess that’s told me' look from under her long eyelashes before she saunters out, leaving just me and Tyra alone.
“Could I ask that you actually do some work instead of chattering about unimportant babble with my progeny? Surely that's not too much to ask of a fucking bookkeeper, is it?” I request, envy rising by the second as I keep seeing an image of her in my head kissing another man, becoming furtherly furious at myself for letting it bother me.
“Duly noted,” is all she replies with her usual insouciance.
“Don't give me that tone,” I warn her firmly, leaning across the desk and into her personal space, so much so that she has no choice but to look up at me.
“Why? Don't blame me for your own envy, Eric,” she correctly deduces, my fury burning. How fucking dare she, how dare she have the measure of me like this.
“I am not envious of anyone! All I want is for you to do the job that I pay you for, Tyra! I roar, beyond enraged that she stirs me like this and completely furious at myself for letting her push my buttons.  
“Shouting at me like that goes a long dissuade your assertion.” she replies with heavy sarcasm. There it is again, the urge to either kiss her or kill her, polluting my mind so much I don't answer, leaving quickly as my burning temper shows no signs of subsidence.
Tyra's POV.
Envious with a capitol E, that's exactly what he is. Well, that isn't my problem. I'm sick to death of him blowing me hot and cold, one minute interested, the next far from it, playing his stupid little games with me because I won't do the one thing he wants and open my legs to him. Fuck him if he's going to be like that. I really want no part in it all.  
After I happened to meet Danny just eight days ago, while I was having a relaxing afternoon working away on my laptop at Starbucks, I decided to give up on anything that might or might not be with Eric and just move the hell on. I decided it was time to find someone who wants me because he wants me and not to fuck with my head as much as he can.  
I'm seeing him again tomorrow night for our third date. It’s moving along fast, but I can hardly wait. Until then, I do have the company of a certain male to enjoy, since we never did get round to rescheduling that little dinner date of ours.
“Sit your ass down and tuck in to some serious chow, honey child,” Lafayette tells me, pulling out my chair for me and tucking it underneath me as I sit down to perhaps the largest burrito I've ever seen. There are also refried beans, dirty rice, an array of freshly made dips, homemade tortilla chips and tamales. He really went all out.  
“Well, if I manage to finish all this then I think I deserve some kind of prize,” I reply, thanking him as he pours me a glass of wine, mixing his with cherry Coke in the same bizarre way he always does. 'If it's good enough for Jimi Hendrix' he often says in way of explanation, referencing the late guitarist’s liking of red wine and Coke together.
“Cheers. So then, ice princess, how are things with Danny boy? You got that third date lined up yet?” he asks me, as I cut into the mammoth burrito, the smell of freshly seared spicy chicken hitting my nose as the steam rises from the middle.
“Tomorrow, he's taking me to see a band. You know I've spoken to him on the phone every day since I met him. I never run out of things to say to the dude, it's amazing. We just mesh and it's a little scary to be fair, how instantly we clicked,” I inform him, watching him nod as he blows on a forkful of rice.
“Well that definitely sounds like you found yourself self a keeper, I'll drink to that,” he announces, swallowing his mouthful of food and lifting his glass.
“You're the second person to say that to me this evening,” I comment, watching him stare at me for a minute, looking a little unnerved.
“I assume that since you’ve been at Fangtasia, you mean you told that Pam woman and not Eric, right? Because I can imagine that'd go down as well as if you bought the dude a silver watch,” he snorts, while I laugh quietly.
“Yes, Pam. I don't talk to him about stuff like that. He did come in part way through our conversation though, so heard what we were talking about. He didn't like it one bit, either. He was envious as hell, truth be known,” I confide, still feeling a touch proud I managed to inadvertently ruffle his feathers as much as I did. Damn, he was pissed.
“You look way more pleased by that than you do about your third date with Danny boy,” he observes, while I stop eating momentarily to gape at him slightly.
“What do you mean by that, exactly? Yes, I'm aware of the dialogue used, but I kind of picked up on some underlying connotations there,” I ask, watching him look uncomfortable for a moment, before erupting.
“Damn it hooker, you playin' Eric Northman just as much as his dead, white boy ass be playin' you, shit!” he exclaims, dropping his fork somewhat dramatically and grabbing his drink. “I feared this would happen, you're into him and you's just using that poor fucker to either make Mr dead man envious, or you’re tryin’ to hide from the fact you like him more than you’re prepared to admit, either of the two. Or maybe both,” he shouts, adding “truth!” just before I'm about to speak.
“Okay, so maybe I've thrown myself into this whole Danny thing a bit quickly, but it's so I can just move on from Eric and not get all messed up in him. He isn’t what I want!” I justify, to the sound of Lafayette snorting.
“Yeah? All I ever hear you bitching on about is Eric! Eric, Eric, fucking Eric! You playin' him, and you loving every last second of it. You know you’re playin’ with more than just fire honey child, you playin' with the devil himself. I know I don't gotta tell you how fucking dangerous the son of a bitch is, but either way you gotta do something here. If you ask me it's either of two things,” he tells me, eventually calming down more as his speech goes along. I know he's only worried for me, that's why I'm not losing my shit back at him. I'd be doing the same if it was him and someone who I didn't approve of.
“Alright, big poppa. What are those things?” I inquire, taking a gulp of my wine.
“Stop being a vampire dick tease permanently and quit the job, or fuck him and get it the hell out of your damn system. I advise the former, though,” he reveals neatly and simply. I can't help but to suddenly laugh.
“Sweet cheeks, I'm being serious over here! You gotta decide what it is you want, and stop second guessing everything you think Eric wants,” he then barks at me, but with no anger in his voice, just his usual boom.
“You're right. As usual, Lafayette, you're absolutely right,” I concur, figuring it's useless to try and find any other way out of this. Still, something has to be said for the fact that leaving my post at Fangtasia is not the first option that crosses my mind, no matter how much my friend sitting opposite might disagree with that notion.  
Strangely enough, the person who that notion would be carried out with sends me a text just a few minutes after I've finished eating my huge dinner, or rather as much of it as I could handle.
‘Can you come back to the bar? There's something I forgot to give you, and it's very important that you receive it tonight.’
‘Why can't it wait until tomorrow?’ I text him back, as Lafayette re-joins me at the table after taking our plates into the kitchen.
‘It just can't. Come back as soon as you can, please.' I receive a few minutes later.
“Danny?” He asks me hopefully.
“Eric,” I sigh.
“Thought so,” he laments. “What does he have to say for himself?”
“He wants me to go back to the bar, tells me there's something he forgot to give me and it's important that I get it tonight,” I tell him, while he nods and then surprises me greatly with his words.
“Go,” he says simply at first. “Go now and get whatever he has for you. But you've got the half hour it'll take for you to drive to Shreveport to decide on what you tell him when you get there. If you hand in your notice, or if you hand him the booty. That's a fair enough deal, right? You know you can't sweat on it forever, Tyra,” he follows with, his words very wise. Once again, he's right.
“I will, I'll do just that. Thank you, I'll come back and let you know what I decided,” I reply as we get up, Lafayette folding me up in a big hug.
“If I don't answer the door, it's because Jesus and I are gettin' busy,” he confides with a wink, referring to his new boyfriend of sorts.
“Then I'll text and make sure the coast is clear first.” I chuckle. After he's seen me out, I walk straight back down to my house, put on a jacket since it's started to rain and then head out to the car.  
As I drive, I begin thinking, thinking hard as I take the long way over to Shreveport, buying myself little extra time while I mull over my choices and nervously crunch my way through a whole box of orange tic tacs to pacify my juddering teeth.  
Suddenly, the thought of never seeing Eric again leaves me short of breath, just as the idea of having sex with him does. In this moment, I have no idea what to decide upon, which conflicts strongly with the knowledge of what Lafayette said being right, and the only decision I must make. I have to end my own torment one way or another.  
Even as I'm walking across the main floor of Fangtasia, after Pam tells me Eric is waiting for me in his office when we kiss cheeks in greeting (she surprises me all the time with such friendly gestures) I'm still no wiser as to what to decide upon. All I know for sure is that I’m burning with nerves.
“So? What's this important thing you forgot to give me, this thing that can't possibly wait until tomorrow?” I ask, somewhat wearily as I enter the office. This better be fucking good, or I'm gone. There, decision made.  
He looks up at me, holding my gaze from behind the desk, holding it so fast, in fact, that I can feel my resolve weakening. His stare so powerful that I’m stuck to the spot, feeling like a deer being stalked by a wolf. Silently, he holds me there as he gets up and walks slowly towards me.  
The way he's looking at me, he's never looked at me like this before, coming to a stop in front of me and reaching out over my shoulder to push the door shut, while I feel my heart starting to thunder in my chest. I’m suddenly incandescent, but not with anything else other than the purest way he makes me feel, the way I’ve trying to ignore for weeks.  
“This.” He leans down and without even a flicker of hesitation, kisses me with the kind of force that knocks the wind clean out of me.  As I kiss him back with every bit of urgency returned, everything else just melts away as I fall into the most passionate, unbreakably strong, intense kiss I've ever received, ever participated in.  
At the very moment I feel him try to lift me I jump, up into his arms with my legs locked around his waist, his arms around me so tightly he's crushing me to him, and not once does our kiss break...not now...and not for the entire time that follows it either. We’re locked in this kiss for what seems like forever, reality far, far away.  
“Go,” he finally says when our lips finally part, dropping me down to my feet. Thank god I have the landing skills of a cat, or I'd be on my ass about now.
“What?” I ask, incredulously.
“Go!” he demands, his face contorting as he screws his eyes shut, before literally vanishing and leaving me to wonder one thing. Have I lost my mind? Why am I doing this to myself? Why am I giving in to this man’s demands time and time again just to be rejected at every turn in this complicated saga that is me and him?
I don't know, but I do know one thing, on the drive home I tune into total rock radio and the song 'Where is my mind?' by Pixies comes on, coincidentally enough. It feels like Black Francis is posing the question directly to me, too. It feels karmic in a strange way that I hear this song now, perhaps the universe is letting me know I'm right. Where is my mind?  
Honestly, where is it? I must be some kind of masochist to keep torturing myself like this. Then again, I'm not the only one doing the torturing, the game playing. Oh no. For when I arrive home, he's standing on my porch waiting for me. I cannot believe it! The audacity of him!
Getting out of my car I look right through him as I head up to my house, unlocking my front door and hating myself for feeling like every tiny hair on my body is standing on end as I feel him right behind me, turning to look at him once I’m inside, feeling tingles I don't want to feel run through me as my heart somersaults.  
“You kiss me and you tell me to go. Now you're here! I mean, what the fuck? What do you want from me?” I cry shrilly, totally exasperated, my cool lost long ago.
“I don't know, but I know one thing. I can never be satisfied with just kissing you ever again.” He states vehemently, advancing on me and then taking my head in his hands, his mouth connecting with mine again in a kiss so deep, it doesn't break. 
I feel every single barrier I've put up against him break in half, letting him in totally as he floods my senses entirely. We make it roughly another two steps back into the house before the floor is where we fall, our kiss only breaking to pull each other out of our clothes, until all that covers our skin is each other.
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