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mentallyrecovering · 15 hours ago
Signs I’ve come to realize meant I had a problem with alcohol addiction but could be with anything
1. I ALWAYS had to be drunk. I had to get drunk. I couldn't have just one I needed to be the drunkest one in the room whether I knew it or not.
2. I was obsessed with alcohol. I had to know who had it, where to get it, and how long I had access to it
3. I HAD to have it around just in case I wanted it. Not because I wanted to drink but because I wanted it there in case I wanted to drink.
4. I still drank even though bad things happened when I did. 
5. Being drunk put me in dangerous situations that caused me and others harm and I still drank.
6. I got pissed when I couldn't get drunk fast enough. A common phrase I would use is “I’ve had X amount of drink and I Can’t feel a thing” I HAD to feel it. I couldn't be happy unless I was feeling it
7. Others didnt drink as much as me. I always drank the fastest, the most, and got sick the most
8. I would make sure I had enough money to buy alcohol and when I didnt I manipulated people into buying it for me either with “favors” or straight lies
9. I hid my drinking. If its to a problem why’d I hide it?
10. I had to drink more to get drunk and im not talking about first time versus 6th time. I’m talking about progressively having to have more to drink than before. I was once able to get drunk on 2 glasses of wine then 3 then 4 then 5 then 2 bottles I was always progressing.
11. I put drinking before other things. I can't hang out I can't do chores I have to get drunk.
12. I ended up drinking alone most of the time (But it started out socially)
13. I drank when I was sad/mad/negative emotion
14. I drank when I experience any and all emotions.
15. My first solution was to drink. Get off work need to relax? Drink. Mad? Drink. Want to get amped up for something? Drink
16. I blacked out almost every time I drank.
Thats all I can think of now. Remember its a progressive disease so it may not seem “that” bad to you now but it will get there. 
Please add to the list if you have a sign.
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sonofmeatthawsmoth · 14 hours ago
We're approaching the one-year anniversary of me admitting I'd need something other than willpower to try and tackle my drinking problem. I'd admitted I was an alcoholic before then, but still tried to skirt around it by "cutting back," with varying degrees of success, and making excuses. On New Year's Day of 2021, I woke up with a pain in my chest and throwing up blood into the toilet. I told my roommate to take me to the hospital and that I’d go to an AA meeting if he’d take me.
There have been successes and - let’s not call them failures - setbacks. I still have mixed feelings about AA, and I haven't been going lately. But this year I set a sobriety record, which I hope to beat before the year is over.
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danewsea · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
daSlider 🌿
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plxviophile · 11 months ago
john mulaney has checked into rehab. here’s what we are going to do:
• support him
• wish him well
• respect his privacy
here’s what we are NOT going to do
• make jokes because addiction is not funny
• speculate anything about his marriage or personal life
• attack those in his personal life (*ahem, leave anna alone. don’t go asking pete davidson for details. none of that)
addiction is a serious disease, and while this news may be troubling, i am so proud of him for seeking help. you can too.
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paganowlsheart · 2 months ago
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theeonlyheartbreaker · 2 months ago
can yall think about how you treat addicts please. dont accuse people you dont like of being addicts like its some moral failing. stop treating addicts like abusive violent monsters or dirty homeless subhumans. stop using druggie as an insult. stop spitting bullshit about “attention seeking teens/young adults who romanticize their addiction and dont want to get help” when in reality young people (especially people of color, lgbtq people, and traumatized/mentally ill people) are most susceptible to addiction and alcoholism and people acting like being an addict is some horrible thing that makes you undeserving of sympathy only makes it 100 times harder for people to seek help. stop pretending you care about or support addicts if you really only give a shit about addicts already in recovery (and even then only as long as they never talk about struggling or relapsing or withdrawal).
if you dont care about poc (especially black people) who are addicts you dont care about addicts. if you dont care about disabled addicts you dont care about addicts. if you dont care about addicts who are sex workers you dont care about addicts. if you dont care about addicts who dont/cant work you dont care about addicts. all addicts deserve care, support, and respect period.
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dracosollicitus · 11 months ago
(CW: Subtance Abuse) A lot of people on this hellsite (rightfully) look up to John Mulaney for a number of reasons, so with the news of his return to rehab to handle SUD-related issues, please be kind to yourself and to anyone you know who’s struggling with addiction.
Addiction is not a weakness or a character flaw. Sobriety is often a lifelong endeavor. John Mulaney has been candid about his substance abuse in the past; he’s been working on his sobriety for over 15 years. He isn’t any weaker for a relapse, and his desire to go into rehab is commendable and honestly brave. He is absolutely still a person to look up to: his worth as a person has not “changed” with this revelation.
Addiction is isolating in regular conditions. Given the hell year we’ve had, where our existence has become even further defined by distance and isolation, people who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction are probably even more isolated than ever. Be kind to yourself, and be kind to any loved ones who are feeling isolated or struggling with SUD.
For US friends, here’s the SAMHSA resources page — their referral service doesn’t require insurance and is completely confidential. If you don’t have insurance, they can get you in contact with state sponsored offices; they also have a directory to search for programs.
(If anyone has more info on how to seek counseling and rehab for addiction with/without insurance, please add it in the notes!)
While I wish John Mulaney the best as a fellow human and want to thank him for all the happiness he’s brought me with his comedy, I don’t want him to work on his sobriety simply because I want to hear his next comedy special. I don’t want anyone’s battle for sobriety to be framed in terms of how they can return to their normal function, to their “usefulness” to society. I just want him to be happy and healthy with his wife and his dog and himself, full stop. I’d like to remind everyone that nobody — Mulaney, me, or the person reading this — ever, ever owes anyone a joke or a smile.
Stay safe and healthy this winter !
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themadcapmathematician · a month ago
Its rly easy to say "minimizing how many opiods we prescribe is statistically saving lives" when you only have to count opiod deaths and not death and illness from withdrawal, addicts switching to other drugs, and people who might have needed opiods and didnt receive them becoming addicted to tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs and taking unsafe amounts of otc medications. Its also rly easy to feel good abt what youre doing when you dont have to think abt the non-lethal impact on addicts and people with chronic pain bc you dont have to put it on your little chart
Edit: terfs/radfems shut the fuck up
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theconcealedweapon · 9 months ago
Step 1: Traumatize people to the point that they use drugs to cope.
Step 2: Use their drug use as evidence that they're moral failures and deserve the trauma.
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cacaohearts · 10 months ago
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danewsea · 2 days ago
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diskhorsedudes · a year ago
Drug addicts deserve common decency no matter what drug they are addicted to, how severe their addiction is, and whether or not they are receiving help for their addiction.
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firstgrave · 11 months ago
already seeing plenty of posts on twitter about john mulaney so let’s remind y’all that addiction isn’t “morally wrong,” addicts don’t look or behave in a specific way, and addicts who aren’t rich/famous/white deserve the same amount of respect and access to resources as celebrities who come out about their struggles.
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s4dgvrl · 3 months ago
Some do drugs, others go out for a run, but at the end we’re all just searching for that tiny space, perhaps a hole, that gives us shelter from the terrible reality of the world.
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peropoitorni · 3 months ago
"You know it when you can't stay away from each other"
Via @peropoitorni
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