#additional number 2: you would sell your soul to be reborn as a kender
c-3poh-dear · 4 years ago
Bold What Applies To You: DragonLance Edition
You like Chronicles more than Legends
You like Legends more than Chronicles
You like them both equally
Your favorite Chronicles character is: Tanis, Caramon, Raistlin, Tika, Sturm, Goldmoon, Riverwind, Flint, Laurana, Fizban, Gilthanas,Tas, Kitiara, Bupu, Other
You think Kitiara was the villain
You dislike Tanis
You ship Raistlin/Crysania
Your favorite type of mages are: White Robes, Red Robes, Black Robes
Pick one: elf, dwarf, or kender
You secretly hoped that Takhisis would triumph
You want to be a Knight of Solamnia
You think kender are annoying
Silvanesti or Qualinesti
Solace or Palanthas
You preferred Raistlin when he was a Red Robe
You prefer Raistlin as a Black Robe
You don’t like Raistlin
You feel bad for Caramon
You love Dalamar the Dark
You’ve read DragonLance: The Second Generation
You’ve read Dragons of Summer Flame
You’ve read The Annotated Chronicles and/or Annotated Legends
Your favorite DL book wasn’t written by Weis & Hickman
You’ve read 10+ DL books
You’ve read 20+ DL books
You’ve cried while reading a DL book
You’ve yelled at a DL book while reading it
You’ve written DL fanfiction
You’ve drawn DL fanart
You’ve convinced someone to read the series
You started reading DL when you were 16 or younger
DragonLance was your first fandom
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