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#addy answers asks

LQR would definitely catch on to the fact that this is a prank or a alternate universe, because there is no way these two managed to not be best friends.

Also, world’s biggest extrovert and world’s calmest person perfectly describes them lmao

(Feel like he’d be very happy to see them married tho 🥺)

(Also also, u sent an ask before & I’m in the process of answering because me and titles don’t go well together 😔)

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Every Wednesday, Dazai goes to Chuuya’s penthouse and steals random shit (and leave little gifts in return). It annoys the fuck out of Chuuya, but sometimes Dazai will leave a cute little drawing or a roll of bandaids or some canned crab, and memories of when they were Soukoku.

He’s not saying he’s fond of them or anything! Dazai is still an annoying piece of shit, but… you know. Nostalgia. And maybe, just maybe, he… misses them.

So, when Mori & Fukuzawa come up with the ~amazing~ idea that soukoku should be a thing again!

Dazai stops visiting. A week later, Chuuya opens the door to the sight of Dazai and a suitcase filled with everything he owns.

and they were roommates! omg!

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I got a similar ask once, but it was abt Father’s Day or smth lol. Anyways:

Birthdays are usually small-ish celebrations (except for Jin Ling’s, bc JC spoils that kid) 

Mother’s Day… Sizhui can’t even lmao, but he does go out to see WQ’s and granny’s graves since they were the closest things he had to maternal figures. Jin Ling also goes to visit his mother’s grave… (or a shrine for her or smth, idk if that’s in canon). Zizhen spends time with his very alive mom (unless this is the au where his mom got eaten by a spider) and Jingyi… he hangs around lsz since lsz cause lsz is basically a mom friend lmao (that was a joke, please don’t hurt me).

On wwx’s birthday (halloween) Jingyi religiously enlists the others to give everyone at the cloud recesses a heart attack/qi deviation bc why not lol

Lunar New Year is a pretty big thing. They go out to the festival and run around and have a lot of fun!! Jingyi loves this one chicken stand that comes every year and mysteriously disappears, and Zizhen thinks the lights are super pretty! Sizhui usually spends the beginning with his dads before running away to hang out with his friends. Jin Ling just likes spending time with them, though he can’t say that lol.)

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Ty I’m doing ok!! Stressed rn bc school & misc. fandom events, but besides that I’m fine. & dw, you’re never a bother!! Asks are usually fun for me too lol <33

Wwx… losing the juniors… again? I feel like this has happened before lol but let’s do it!

So, the juniors are all at the Cloud Recesses, bc bc. Wwx is sorta watching over them, but also is planning to

Jingyi & a Ling get into a little argument, as they do, so that night JL hightails it to Meishan. To cool off, bc everyone needs healthy coping mechanisms. So the others wake up and “oH nO tHe yOunG miStrEss iS gOne!!!!!!” !o!

Which means wwx has already lost a junior, and soon they’ll all have poofed.

Oyzz suggests they go to lotus pier, bc that seems smart, and jingyi & him basically run out the door

Sizhui takes a moment to breath and question his life decisions before

So wwx wakes up, goes to see how his son is doing, and finds four empty beds. Which means. Oh no.

They’ve either been kidnapped or ran away (probably a mixture of both tbh)

So now wwx is freaking out (cue title drop, lwj help me) and they search all the main sect areas and some of the side sects and they can’t find the ducklings ;-;

Eventually they find them sipping tea w/ the very scary Meishan sect leader, which, fun!

Idk, honestly wwx needs to put a tracker on all of them

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yeah, it’s just that i don’t want to upset ppl since i have a decently sized following & most of em are here for junior content. it’s nice to see another oofuri fan here tho! :D

(the fandom is kinda dead & i joined so late that it’s hard to be motivated to make posts for it esp. since i have to be careful on main since ppl i kno follow me there 👀👀)

anyways, ty! i want to have some input from my followers, but so far it’s been p. positive, so i might just start posting some other fandom stuff onto here. or just fanfic? i’ve been writing a kanomiha fic recently lol

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gives me jin ling being soft for oyzz vibes 👀

summary: Jin Ling doesn’t know why the disciple in green is so determined to be his friend, and Zizhen isn’t having it.

bc we love tsundere jl. which is basically the only jl. so, yeah.

the actual fic’s plot would go along the lines of oyzz following jl around and yelling “I’m your friend!” at him lmao, bc we all know that jl isn’t very good with emotions. but if anyone can befriend jl while he’s moodier than usual, it’s oyzz :)

pairing would be lingzhen (zhenling?) bc it is just,,so good 🥺

ty for the ask (!!) , sorry for the long wait ._.

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istg Tumblr keeps deleting my answers =_=

anyways, Elise & fukuzawa have tea every Wednesday bc mori gives fukuzawa cat cafe recommendations on the condition that he babysit have tea with Elise! :D

Kunikida tries finding the director during an emergency, nd sees this shit going down. fukuzawa is being dolled up by Elise-chan, Kunikida is never the same. Dazai thinks the whole thing is hilarious. atsushi is tired but not surprised. Chuuya & kouyou sometimes have tea with them, bc Elise loves them and what Elise wants, she gets.

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I knoooo I need to appreciate y’all more ._.

but I did queue a couple asks so there’s that :)

ALSO: if you’ve sent me a ask in the past week or two and it hasn’t been answered yet, it’s probably somewhere in my drafts & don’t be afraid to spam me! except for the pirates one, idk what to do w/ that one yet lol

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The whole Jin family is too big, and everyone fucking hates each other, so crack it is.

Honestly if this family isn’t crack its just plain sad.

Anyways, fake summary time!

  • Jzx, the only hope this family has left, decided it would be a great idea to get everyone together! I think he’d be super family oriented.
  • That means like twenty or so half-siblings he managed to find (there’s more) all mingle. + jgy!
  • All of them are insane. Not like, jgy’s level of… you know, but they’re a crazy bunch. except for one who lives on a small farm and has a pet sheep. he’s cool. :)
  • Jgy is actually wondering if it’s too late to spike the drinks and kill everyone. But sadly, he invited lxc, who invited nmj, who brought along nhs, who is way too happy abt everyone’s suffering, and who also invited along wwx. Wwx declined, because he gets to spend the holidays being exorcised by lqr. Oof.
  • Anyways, jgy hates this. Everyone hates this. The only good thing abt it is everyone dislikes jgs, so they’re all plotting jgs’ death. Honestly, the holidays are just an excuse for them to daydream abt murdering jgs, which, valid.
  • Jgy meeting likeminded ppl! Woah.
  • Jgs probably spends the whole event flirting with the women, which, ew, bc he’s related to them one way or another.
  • At this point, even Madam Jin is abt to stab her husband.
  • jl is younger during the first couple holiday get togethers. He has a couple half-cousins he plays with. It’s fine. Really.
  • He makes a couple enemies, looks forward to seeing them only once a year. Most of the time, he just curls in a corner and sips his Yakult. As you do, when almost everyone in your family is batshit crazy.
  • Jyl is possibly the only one not actively trying to murder jgs. Actively. She still thinks he deserves to rot in hell.
  • By the tenth get-together, there are so many plots to kill jgs (who in this AU is a rich businessman) that they all coincide with each other. It’s a contest: who gets to murder that bastard first?!
  • Jgy probably wins, though he needed to enlist nhs’ help.
  • Anyways, the moral of this story is killing ppl is okay if they’re jgs. :)
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Cultivation partners!! :D

Zizhen is super excited and has had this planned for at least three years. They’re older now, mayb mid twenties?

The Jin sect has generously offered to pay for everything, but it’s not super necessary since it’s gonna be a p. small event. Jingyi dreads the long guest list… 0-0

Actually I think they would have a public event & a private one, bc jl is a pretty public figure since he’s a sect leader. Technically cultivation partners are different from being married ( I think??? ) but I feel that it would be more meaningful (plus poly marriage isn’t allowed, even back then I think).

Though multiple cultivation partners is probably rare, not as common as pairs. But j think cultivation partners are also ranked higher than sworn siblings? Honestly idk but the first is more likely to be romantic I think

The ceremony itself would prolly be pretty traditional (honestly lqr would have a qi deviation if there were any more surprises). The public one is held at Carp Tower, and the private one is held in the back mountains of the Cloud Recesses near the stable. Many bunnies are present.

Zizhen probably helps plan the big, public ceremony bc he’s been dreaming of getting married for a while. He also helps out for the private one, ofc. For the small one the guest list is just family; sect leader ouyang, jc, wwx, jgy (in au where he’s not dead), lqr, lwj, lxc (if he’s outta seclusion), the ouyang siblings, etc.

The big ceremony’s theme consists of red and a whole lotta gold! Smaller one is softer. Think fairytale, lace, white, that stuff. Candles. Yk.

Ty for the ask!! :)

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He hates them. He hates them all. They’re so happy and in love -disgusting. No rights for them, nope.

Seriously though, I think he’d try to ignore it. Attempt to distance himself from them as much as possible (esp since lwj probably hates him). I don’t think wwx & jc could fully reconcile in canon, at least not with quite a bit of mental gymnastics. Honestly their relationship crossed the border into unhealthy for the both of them, imo.

In an ideal world, they would probably have a sort of closeness, but nothing like they had before. Like, a point where they have a bit of their old dynamic, but not quite. It’s awkward nostalgia for both sides.

As for brothers, he really only has one brother: wwx. His thoughts on brothers in general? Overrated. The Lan are too perfect (scarily so, in fact) and the Nie bros are chill. The Jins were all wack, and jc will probably always hate jzx & jgy.

As for brothers in law, first is lwj. They both dislike each other at best. I think he would eventually have some begrudging respect for jzx, but they wouldn’t end up close (plus, jzx is sorta dead, so that’s problematic).

Disaster bi’s? Hmmm that would be ljy & wwx, probably. I’m pretty sure lwj is wwx-sexual (demisexual maybe?).

Jc doesn’t really have an opinion on ljy besides person jl is annoyed by. Probably learns that Jl and ljy are actually friends, is confused but doesn’t really care.

As for wwx, we all know jc’s very conflicted thoughts on his brother. ._.

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Uh yes we stan healthy communication in relationships!! And honestly, it’s understandable that he might feel that way since jingyi & sizhui are basically attached at the hip, and i hc that jingyi’s very outwardly affectionate to jl for the sake of annoying him.

poor zizhen though 🥺 he deserves better

it would probably take oyzz a hot second before he tells them abt his insecurities, bc of obvious reasons, but lsz probably notices that something’s off with zizhen.

maybe sizhui pulls him aside and asks what’s up? and ofc, you can’t lie to lsz, that’s like illegal, so zizhen spills.

and oh. oh.

sizhui immediately feels a little guilty, bc he should have noticed sooner, but he’s also glad that zizhen brought it up. zizhen asks sizhui not to tell the others just yet, bc he doesn’t want them to take it the wrong way. sizhui reluctantly agrees.

he spends the weekend overanalyzing everything they’ve done since the start of the relationship. jingyi maybe notices that sizhui is super out of it, but when he mentions it offhandedly,

so when jingyi hangs with zizhen and just talks abt sizhui acting off ofc zizhen is…concerned, but also a little sad bc when they do actually spend time together they just end up talking abt sizhui.

and oyzz doesn’t know how the others will react to this! is he overthinking it? is this just him? what if they want to break up- and oh he’s spiraling.

so he becomes more reclusive than jl before he befriended them, bc he doesn’t have the energy to be sad and around bfs at the same time. probably spends some time with his family, yk.

& sizhui is seeing this happening, and worries immensely, as you do when you’re sizhui.

jingyi & jin ling realize that zizhen is kinda sorta maybe avoiding them, and ask abt it on the next occasion the four hang out.

zizhen is sorta freaking out but sizhui manages to somewhat calm him down enough to explain everything. jingyi is more offended at himself for messing up so bad. a ling feels guilty, and also very upset that zizhen’s upset. but they wouldn’t break up with oyzz anyways, especially not for this. and they tell him that. apologies are made & they hug it out!

it’s all very soft and zizhen feels better, which, yay! and after, the other three make sure to better at balancing a relationship w/ four ppl.

hope you liked it anon! :)

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