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Week 10 of My 2020 Quarantine Challenge!

✨ Fri  What is your favourite idiom? (in any langauge)

i’m not actually sure if this technically counts as an idiom but its something that we say where i live: i’ll be there now in a minute

it bascially means that you’ll do something/come very soon but not immediately. when you actually think it through it mades NO SENSE but i genuinely say this and i didn’t get it from TV or anything its just part of how i speak

if you’ve ever watched gavin and stacy (if you havent you need to cause it is god tier), you might know this phrase cause they make fun of it 😭

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29.5.2020 | friday

i am literally so close to completing my last anthropology course of this semester, i only have to finish the final assignment now! this one course has been honestly so tough for me for multiple reasons: the topic (biological anthropology) is really hard imo, mainly because i suck at biology. also online studying for this course has been an absolute nightmare bcs the lecturers didn’t give us the actual lectures most of the time. and lastly, my own mental health hasn’t been the best for the past months and i’ve been so low on motivation that i’ve just found studying really hard. so altogether it’s safe to say that this was my hardest course in uni so far but i’ve almost made it!!! (the pictures are totally unrelated to this caption lol i just wanted to rant about this course. but yeah i’ve been reading lots lately and also taking walks in the nature and i love it sm)

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28.5.20 / 15:20 (19/30)

i’m 22 today!! i’m glad all of that “get your life together by 20”-propaganda has been dying down in the last few years so my nerves are doing better than they were last year. also looked into interesting programmes in other universities in the world that interest me, and if tuitions weren’t a thing i would Go

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Week 10 - Languages

Wed - If you could become fluent in one language overnight, what language would you like it to be?

This is a really difficult questions cause I love learning languages and enjoy the process but I would say I’d like to be better at French so probably French or Chinese.


I wished my week was this calm, but I studied all week (and a lot) cause tomorrow I have an exam.

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25.5.2020 / 19:59 (16/30)

my notes during lectures vs my notes when i redo them afterwards, today wasn’t as tiring as last monday i’m so glad!!! i think it was the energy drink soooooo i guess i’ll be drinking it every monday from now on (i only like celsius)

my current focal points are swedish, the last anthro essay, summer reading and japanese revision

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25.5.2020 | monday

it’s getting sunnier and warmer, and all i want to do is spend my time reading on our terrace. i haven’t been able to order new books so i’m just rereading old favourites! do you have any book series that you just keep coming back to even after all these years? :’)

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how have online classes been for you all? figuring out zoom has been a journey, lol. one student got called out for watching a tv show because he forgot to mute himself, lol!

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What singer/band have you been listening to lately? I’ve been listening to Green Day after a long time idk I just missed pop punk music.


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21.05.2020 I first coffee, then library

bright yellow dots on every table. the busy noises of a cafe. clink clonk. laughter and smiles. lively discussions and focused silence. vacation planning and long to-do-lists. I can smell coffee and something sweet. maybe its all these memories?

song: july - noah cyrus

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2020 quarantine challenge by @myhoneststudyblr | week 9: wed

are you a clean or messy person?

clean in the sense that my workspace ain’t dirty. messy because that’s my workspace 80% of the time while studying. at first, everything’s all neat but it gets chaotic as time passes by and i usually don’t bother organizing everything until i’m done 😂

23/100 days of productivity

  • wrote some bio notes again
  • worked on my side blog
  • replied to messages in my inbox + directs

oh boi am i not used to 5 colors while notetaking. also taking notes from a video cuz as i wrote, i noticed i could’ve structured things more in the way i’m more comfortable with. i was kinda disappointed with how it turned out, but i quickly reminded myself it’s not so bad, just different. it kinda reminds me of my old biotech lecture notes which had a messy-yet-organized charm to them 😅

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Week 9 of My 2020 Quarantine Challenge!

✨ Tue  What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

i don’t think that i am an especially daring person and i tend to be overly-cautious and overthink every thing i do so this wasn’t really a long list of things to choose from. 

but i think the most daring thing ive ever doen is decide to move schools and essentially leave behind all of my ‘friends’ (who were actually incredibly toxic and made me so very miserable) and completely start anew at my current school. i had never moved schools before this (other than moving up to secondary school) and had been with the same group of people since i was four so it was *terrifying* because i knew no one at the new school and im not a particularly social person to whom making friends comes easy. but it was probably the best decision i have ever made because not only do i now have to most incredible friends but it was also the best decision for my education and i have teachers who really push me to be the best person i can be 

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I 19.05.2020 I

I miss coffee dates with my best friend D. we’ve decided, we’re both already seeing too many people, so to protect them and each other we haven’t met since march 13. we talk on the phone for at least two hours a week, but it’s not the same. I miss our cafe meet-ups, our trips to the museum and having dinner at her fantastic balcony. I miss her and I’m so grateful we’re close even miles apart.

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