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#adhd artist
nicogoncesartcorner · a month ago
How to be an artist with ADHD
Step 1: Get a new idea
Step 2: Obsessively draw out that idea until it becomes the only thing you can reliably do for the next few days/weeks
Step 3: Inevitable burnout™️
Step 4: Go on hiatus until your next idea
Step 5: Repeat
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adhdbri · 9 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is a very personal comic, even though it’s not very long and doesn’t have many details. There were many opportunities in my life where my ADHD should have been caught, but I felt like I had been failed several times by the same professionals I had sought help from. It all boiled down to the fact they thought they knew me better than I knew me and therefore what I had to say was not deemed important enough to listen to.
It wasn’t until I started seeing my current therapist that I was actually allowed to speak for myself. At first it seemed to only confirm my Generalized Anxiety Disorder, but the more I talked, the more she began to realize that there was something else going on. One day she politely asked me to stop for a moment and point blank asked me “Bri, have you ever heard of Inattentive ADHD?” I had not.
And it was then I began my true journey.
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artdecielle · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
October is ADHD Awareness Month.
There are a lot of misconceptions about ADHD, from "it only affects children" to "it's not real". ADHD affects between 4-5% of adults and is very real. It is also very serious; sleep problems, financial struggles, lower life expectancy, difficulty maintaining relationships, comorbidity with anxiety + depression, and social stigma are just a few of the realities people with ADHD have to live with.
Fortunately, with support and medication it is very manageable, but that doesn't make it easy to live with. ADHD is challenging enough on its own, but you can make it easier by learning a bit about it.
October is ADHD Awareness Month, and Orange is our color.
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bubblebooming · 16 days ago
Credit for actual frame goes to the big mouth ...thingamajig
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stupidlittledoodles · 2 months ago
adhd stuff
hey so I am on some adhd meds now is anyone interested in me talking this sort of thing. I might start to brain dump on here - prob on another account/side blog so i don't keep rambling here. i feel like a lot of you are probably neurodivergent goblins too so idk are you interested? or is there enough of this on the internet already and I should just quietly journal to myself...
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yourlocaladhder · 6 months ago
Reblog/Like if you’re an Artist with ADHD and your style is really messy/painterly/sketch-y. I’m trying to see something.
Reply to the post if you have a clean style aka proper lineart, cell shading and/or vector art.
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yellowplumfruit · 3 months ago
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atesomerocks · 2 months ago
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all my posts have just been commissions huh. flhdiof either way nother commission down! the next two are quite large so they may take more time but im so honoured to be in the position im in to get all these commissions! especially this one, which was for my online little sibling (love you butter <3)
want your own piece? heres my commission sheet!
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adhd-vibes · 9 months ago
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Tumblr media
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I made “sitting in chairs wrong” stickers & magnets on Redbubble!
[my original post: an ADHDer’s guide to sitting properly in chairs]
[my redbubble shop: art-by-indiana]
i can make you custom stickers! DM me and I can customize colors, skin tone, and hair!
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nicogoncesartcorner · 3 months ago
Since we're talking mental health lately, let's shed some light on some of the less talked about ADHD symptoms and issues.
For one, getting diagnosed, especially as an adult, is REALLY HARD. I've had several doctors tell me they thought I was faking or exaggerating symptoms just to get the meds. It took me a total of five different doctors to finally get one willing to help me.
Executive dysfunction never really goes away, but in the rare moment it does, you often have to do the thing you've been putting off because of it right away and in one go, or else risk not completing it before the executive dysfunction comes back and this fucking sucks. So many of my projects, even simple tasks such as cleaning my room, have gone unfinished because my brain suddenly decided that it's had enough activity for the time being and needs to recharge.
STIMMING: Cracking fingers/joints, leg bouncing, fidgeting, etc. feels so good and can sometimes help you concentrate better. Too much of it, however, is never really a good thing. Most people find it annoying.
Time blindness is real and it probably has to do something with, or is extremely similar to, dissociation. There have been times where I found myself staring at the ceiling or wall without a single thought in my head and suddenly two hours have gone by and when I look at the clock I just go ????? Also goes hand in hand with the next one which is
Hyperfocus is probably just as bad as having no focus, except people don't often see it that way because they can get stuff done at this time. The bad thing about it is that sometimes you can go for literal HOURS doing something without taking breaks and, when you finally finish, you realize that your bladder is about to explode, you're dehydrated, and you've got a headache from not eating anything.
Hating yourself is common because mostly all your life you've had people tell you that you're a lazy good for nothing, who just needs to "try harder" or "focus more." I once had a teacher (I think it was in second or third grade) tell me I wouldn't get anywhere in life if I continued being the way that I am.
Dating is really hard because neurotypicals usually can't understand why your gaze is focused on that bright, shiny object in the corner of the room while they're speaking to you and often take things like this as a personal insult or as you thinking they're boring.
Keeping a list/journal or something similar is really hard because eventually it just becomes another unstimulating thing that'll just be ignored by your brain.
Short term memory problems are more common than you think.
Rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD) is one of the worst things you could possibly experience, because you just assume everyone hates you and you ruin so many opportunities/relationships because you're so afraid of being rejected that you cut yourself off from whatever or whoever the thing/person is before they have the opportunity to do so.
Sometimes your thoughts get so loud that it becomes impossible to focus on anything else.
Sometimes you don't have any thoughts at all.
People (read: Neurotypicals) will often see you as lazy or crazy or a mixture of both.
Honestly the way most people see you in a general sense is just wrong or hurtful.
The fact that any loud or crowded or overstimulating area can trigger sensory overload, leading to a total brain meltdown.
Medication stigma is high. Yes I take Adderall, no I am not a meth addict. They may both be amphetamines, but they are totally different.
Impulsivity is often high and can lead to many regrets.
Some doctors will outright refuse to give you your meds, even if you're already diagnosed and have been taking them for a while. The local urgent care in my area has often turned me away when I was in the middle of finding a new psychiatrist, leaving me unmedicated and unstable, because apparently doctors can have personal biases related to certain meds and that's totally fine or whatever.
I'm sorry this got so long. Honestly I just wanted to bring some awareness to some of the problems I or people like me have faced.
If you've got any personal experiences you'd like to add or share, please do! The more people that see this, the less ignorance there will be about ADHD.
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buggbuzz · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
but all those other reasons too let's goooooooo
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zzbabes · a year ago
Tumblr media
here we see a very gay roman flapping his hand because that's one of his favourite stims!!!!! he also has a military tag chew bc he's pretty moderate with his!!! he's also a big whistler, singer, hummer, and lots of moving and twirling always.
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thaterika · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I've literally been unable to do anything productive for over a week. Suddenly got some random hyper focus. Knocked out a realistic portrait in <4h wtf brain?!
I was (am) always really ashamed about how long something this skilled takes me bc getting all my school work done the night before and getting A* did NOT win me any friends and I was already a loner and being bullied. It sucks for other people who find it hard to find out that it looks easy for me - but what looked easy from the outside was me compensating all my life for a brain that wouldn't cooperate when I wanted it to.
This kind of art is one example of my skill masking my neurodivergent brain. Everyone is always impressed with the outcome, but art teachers be like - why can't you do this every time? If you applied yourself... We expected top grades what happend in the exam? Where is your working out?
I've made my peace with never being a consistent creator. That's why I started doing stupid little doodles in the first place. So I didn't place high expectations to produce work like this all the time. So when I had the urge to create I could do small things and still gain the reward from producing art that is 'good' for different reasons. So I could just have fun!
Now I am trying to learn how to trust my skill even when I can't focus like this. It's ok if it takes 8 hours and the outcome is the same. Like thats a normal pace for any human. And it's still fucking impressive.
I want to start being proud of my ability. Like yeah I did this super fast and it's a piece of work I feel proud of.
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