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Post about inattentive ADHD, some text bolded for readability purposes. Not emphasis. I’m not a professional, but I have ADHD, so I’m bolding based upon what’s readable for me.

I just saw an ADHD post about the way time passes with ADHD and how it feels like you’re constantly just waiting to be stimulated again between activities.

I’ve been getting treated since I got diagnosed in May so I’ll preface what I’m about to say with the fact that it is probably gonna be extremely difficult without treatment. I also have inattentive type, so if that’s not you and your hyperactivity is physical, this may not help.

My therapist as well as my friends with ADHD have helped me change my mindset. Some people will tell you to “let your mind rest” in between activities.

But my friends and therapist let me know that instead of letting my mind rest, which often doesn’t happen anyway, I can let my mind wander.

I’m not here to tell you to just do something, to take meds, to give up, to distract yourself, etc.

By letting my mind do what it does naturally, I find myself less frustrated when I actually have to go do the thing (unmedicated for casual social encounters with familiar people, medicated for more formal/professional situations with coworkers or unfamiliar people). Many people are unmedicated for one reason or another, so I wanted to mention that I do this unmedicated as well.

I always set a timer to let myself know when I have to get up and do something.


1. I am not a therapist or professional. Just a woman with ADHD who developed her own shitty coping mechanisms as an undiagnosed, untreadted child into adulthood trying to develop better ones.

2. This does not work for long periods of time. I think most, if not all, of us can agree that sitting for a few hours to pass the time just happens sometimes. But periods of less than an hour work just fine for me.

3. I don’t always hear/my brain doesn’t always listen to the timer. But this method has decreased the amount of time I’ve been late to stuff.

4. I do not do this for chores. Only for obligations with other people or necessary things like hanging out with friends, zoom meetings, teaching lessons, making lesson plans, etc.

5. If this doesn’t work for you, you are not broken. You are not worthless. Our society and cultural values are built in a way that works against how our brains work. It is not your fault. There are other things to try.

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Being way smarter than everyone else while you don’t show off and you have ADHD, because it’s like hmmm should I pay attention to this stuff that I’ll figure out later or I already know


Should I read this 100k merthur fic that I just found

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My current ADHD hyperfixations, not that anyone cares.

  • Doctor Who in general
  • Doctor Who, specifically Academy Era
  • Doctor Who, specifically Thoschei
  • Thoschei, specifically TenSimm, Academy Era, and Threegado
  • NBC Hannibal, specifically Hannigram
  • Jekyll and Hyde in general
  • Jekyll and Hyde, specifically the novel
  • Jekyll and Hyde, specifically the musical
  • Jekyll and Hyde, specifically The Glass Scientists
  • The Glass Scientists, specifically Jekyon
  • I would give my life for Hastie Robert Lanyon, I’m not even kidding
  • The Rusty Lake games
  • Specifically Rose Vanderboom and Roots
  • Steven King’s Dark Tower novels
  • Ants. Just like… Ants. Ant keeping, ant species’, ant colonies and the way they function. Good shit.
  • Arboreal fungi
  • The way TikTok cosplayers move. I don’t like it.
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So my dyslexia kicked in hard tonight. Was trying to read a book title to my mama toad here is a recreation:

“There’s one of over there bizarre something.”-mama

*glances at the super thick book*-me

“Bizzare traits.”-me

*confused look*-mama

*takes another look*-me

“Oh, bizzare trials.”-me

“Uh I don’t think so.”-mama

*leans to look closer*“bizarre turtles?”-me

“Bizzare Turtles?”-mama

*slides part of body off couch*“Ooh! Bizzar truths!”-me

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Tips for Studying When You Have ADHD/Never Learned How

Hi everyone! I have a few tips that I’ve gathered over the years to help cope with your brain not working like everyone else’s.

1. Find a way to turn part of your brain off.

For me, this means having something that is stimulating in the background, like a podcast or loooong video. I really like stuff like Critical Role, if it’s too funny it just distracts me so I recommend something serious but not really important to know.


2. Find a way to turn your body off.

I do this by crocheting. It’s like productive stimming, it’s fun, the progress mounts super quickly, and you can redo something over and over if you need to. I use this time to listen to something important. Because my hands and eyes have something stimulating them, my ears are free to listen intently. This is when you should listen to an audiobook or a recorded lecture.

3. Don’t read and have someone speaking in your language at the same time.

That’s a recipe for not understanding either thing and having your time be wasted, essentially. If you’re reading, keep any background to something that you can tune out but still have in your mind, like lofi or classical music. Sometimes I’ll even use albums that I’ve listened to hundreds of times because my brain goes on autopilot for those.

4. Keep your workspace as busy as you need, but don’t let it get cluttered.

If you are a maximalist like me (or love hoarding stationery) your desk might be a little… much. And that’s okay! As long as you can work with visual stimulation. This comes down to personal preference, but if you know that having few things helps your focus, try to downsize, or vice versa!

5. Structure your study time and plan your breaks.

Structure is so important for my mental health and function, so I always recommend it to others. Plan your study time, lay out what you want to learn by the end, and have some sort of timer or cue for when it’s time to take a break. I recommend short breaks every 90 minutes or so, and a long one after 4+ hours. If studying in tiny chunks doesn’t work for you, don’t do it! If you need bigger blocks of time that’s totally fine, don’t feel guilty about not being able to focus properly on 10 minute sessions.

6. Repetition is soooo important for conceptual things.

Math and science can be especially difficult for people with ADHD due to memory problems. It is very important that you work at these problems and repeat them over and over to get the concept memorized in your long term memory so you can reach it continually. So, do your assigned problems, do the other problems in the book, find some on Khan Academy, and do them until it’s ingrained. It’s so worth it, I promise.

7. Set your own deadlines and STICK TO THEM

If your procrastinate until the 11th hour and then produce decent work, I completely understand and see you. However, work with your executive dysfunction and trick your brain. Set deadlines for yourself and rewards for sticking to them, punishments if you don’t, and actually enforce them. Maybe if you don’t finish your rough draft by Thursday night, you have to finish it before you can FaceTime your friends. If you do finish it on time, call and play some games together. It helps to have a study buddy to keep you accountable and set deadlines with so you can both motivate each other and be accountable. ***Be very careful to not let this affect your mental health!!! Do not burn yourself out and lose your friends, your mental health comes first!!!***


8. Do not beat yourself up for not being entirely productive all the time.

You are human. You are already at a disadvantage due to your brain’s chemistry. Work with your brain, don’t berate it. Eat some candy or drink some Gatorade to give it the dopamine it needs to keep focusing. Take down time for yourself. Let yourself have free time to just exist, practice regular self care and hygiene. You are strong, valid, and brave for going against the odds and pursuing learning at this disadvantage. I am very proud of you, and I know you can succeed.

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The other day in class I was rocking (because that’s a good stim). And the person beside me (who has ADHD too) started rocking too. And it was great.

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Me: I finished some parts of my essay already, and I have tomorrow and Friday to work on the other parts, so I can take the rest of the afternoon off, right?
My ADHD brain: why aren’t you being productive
Me: I was productive today–
My ADHD brain: but how can you be MORE productive?

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