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#adhd feels
just-fan-of-everything · 6 hours ago
I want to thank the universe for given me Vi and Caitlyn just as soon Supergirl ended, like, yes bitch here's your next hyperfixation.
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yodaoflight · 8 months ago
This meme has teeth
Edit: I usually leave as much info about where I have poached a meme from to share with Tumblr as many do not venture from our dark cove into the social media abyss. 
The OG creator of this Glorious meme recently made themselves known in the comments and Her Memes are LEGENDARY on other Social media platforms so go check out her blog @jennhasadhd​ and giver her some love! 
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selfawaredonut · 10 months ago
“no thoughts head empty” is a fun little phrase i like to say for comedic effect but in reality i dont know what thats like because adhd brain go thinkthinkthinkTHINKcantnotTHINKthinkthink
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honeyhemlocked · 5 months ago
people don’t talk enough about the weird grief that will randomly hit you when you have ADHD. for a good stretch of time I am so happy that I have answers about why I am the way that I am, and then I’m hit with an avalanche of “I don’t know how to do this” and “fuck, this is the way that I am, there is no cure.”
I genuinely believe that folks like me are bright and intelligent and passionate and creative and to be celebrated. this week though I just feel like shit that I can’t think “normally”. I’m struggling to make money and I’m frustrated because I know that I could bring so much to the table if I could “apply myself” the way that NTs can. I’m trying so hard, and the rejection is painful.
my head feels full of static. I have all of this energy in my body but I can’t move. I’m a musician and a birth worker and a writer and creator. I know this. just today I feel like I’m not much at all if I can’t do anything with that information.
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r3conning7hell · a year ago
Literally just had a conversation with my situation about this. It's so hard, especially when you work a full time job and take care of a third party. I hope with time and feeling like I have a schedule again, and a better one, it will get better. I can move through the paralyzing debt that ADHD, being one of many mental disabilities I have, puts me in. I'm still growing, we're all still growing. And we're never grown from learning, connecting, or doing anything we want and still feel at peace with the world I've created for myself.
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givemebishies · a year ago
What people think hyper focusing is
Tumblr media
What hyper focusing actually is
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thatacegirl · 2 months ago
Do The Task™ ADHD edition:
1. write down the tasks you have to do
2. separate each task into smaller tasks (ex. Clean room- pick up clothes, fold clothes, put clothes away. Pick up shoes, put shoes away. Get trash bin, put trash in trash bin, put trash bin back.”
3. lie to yourself with the “might as well method” tell yourself you only have to do the very first task like “pick up clothes”, now you’re already in a position to fold (or just put away) the clothes, so “might as well do *insert next step to task here*”
4. Continue using the “might as well method” until all tasks are complete
5. Give yourself a reward (candy, watch a show, play a game)
6. Drink water you dehydrated neurodivergent :)
7. seriously, drink water, you’re gonna die
i also use small timers on my phone to help with the process going faster, like a game. Ex: “how many shirts can i fold before this timer ends?” or “if i don’t put all my shoes away before this timer ends, i’m gonna die”
this also works with songs :)
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theadhdadult · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
ADHD is the most treatable mental health disorder in psychiatry, only you can't treat something you’re not aware of.
ADHD is not just for kids and most adults with ADHD are not outwardly hyperactive.
If you have trouble prioritizing, starting, and finishing tasks, if you tend to be disorganized, forgetful, restless, and easily distracted then please, have a look through the self symptom check.
Adult ADHD is often misdiagnosed, it may hide itself under the guise of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and sadly, substance abuse as a form of self-medicating.
Misguided stereotypes and the stigma surrounding it's treatment are costing millions of us a decade of life worth living.
A diagnosis can be life changing.
Click here for more info
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yodaoflight · 3 months ago
Poached from a FB meme group...
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bigm00d-possibly · 2 months ago
Is Your Brain 5 Steps Behind Your Hearing?
Hi there random internet person! Do you ask people to repeat a question only to interrupt in the middle of them repeating themself? Do you have trouble listening to conversations if there's another conversation going on nearby? Do you need subtitles for every movie/youtube video you watch because you just can't fucking understand what they're saying the majority of the time? Do you make people repeat themselves like 8 times and still don't understand what they said, but you didn't want to bother them anymore? Do you listen to a Podcast/AudioBook only to realize you haven't been "listening" for the past 10-20 minutes and find yourself completely lost and frantically trying to find the last place you were paying attention to? Do you constantly mishear things all the damn time? Do you listen to a song all the time but realize you don't remember a single lyric to said song? Do you listen to multiple songs in a row and realize that you don't remember any of them? Well fun sexy news my dude, you might have auditory processing disorder!!!
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adhdclownnn · 9 months ago
"You have my full attention" she said with 25 racing thoughts, 5 distinct noises and a buzzing sound that no one seemed to notice.
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