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#adhd memes
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Already trying to speak 3 sentences ahead while I'm still saying the first one across my mind
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likebubbles · 2 days ago
does it ever happen like you r getting anxious bout smth while smth else and midway u forget wht was getting u anxious and why r u anxious and then u have to pause to remember it-
or just me?
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Boy my executive sure does love to dysfunction
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ham-napkin · 3 months ago
Is this funny? I can't tell anymore
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dognoselover · 9 months ago
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Tumblr media
im calling myself out on this one
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adhdsoup · 3 months ago
you: i don’t really have sensory issues
also you:
hates your least favorite food because of the texture
wears the same 5 year old bra every day
wearing lots of jewelry irritates you
hates touching wet/soggy things
wore your socks inside out as a kid/always wear the same kind of socks
why won't that ticking noise stop!!
despises shirts with rough tags
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akirisa19 · 9 months ago
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