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#adhd stuff
theemotionalkiwi · 2 days ago
*me to my psychiatrist* : "I think I'm getting better!! I don't need most of my meds anymore (: "
*also me the second my day doesn't go as planned *:
Tumblr media
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janellejohnson · a day ago
I feel like having controlling parents have taken a toll on my mental health. I would feel like if they weren’t like that I would’ve been more happier and do more things that I would. My parents tell me how much I need confidence in my self and to be more comfortable yet they prohibit a lot of things that I can be able to do in order to do that. The fuck type of logic even is that.
I would’ve been more confident to say and do the things I wanted to if they wouldn’t constantly remind me to watch how I act whenever I I don’t react the way they want me to. I see how my friends are more like the,selves like I am myself. I feel like once I get out of the house the damage to my mental health would be done. That how my parents raised me and made me feel about myself is something I have to fix because of them. I get blames for the way I act because of how much internalized ableism they hold despite being neurolodivergent themselves.
If that was the case and I end up healing how the fuck am I supposed to forgive them after that. Does that have to do with feeling certain things they don’t and being gaslit that I’m the only one hurting myself and that they never did anything to make me feel that way.
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adhdconfusion · 8 months ago
Person: “What’s your favorite song?”
Me with no object permanence: “UhHhHhh, it’s hard to choose.”
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adhdsoup · 6 months ago
you: i don’t really have sensory issues
also you:
hates your least favorite food because of the texture
wears the same 5 year old bra every day
wearing lots of jewelry irritates you
hates touching wet/soggy things
wore your socks inside out as a kid/always wear the same kind of socks
why won't that ticking noise stop!!
despises shirts with rough tags
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angelicmalware · 3 months ago
As a neurodivergent person its fascinating and baffling to me that the base premises and assumptions behind police interrogation, and shit like micro expressions, basically any practice that claims to teach you how to detect lies, completely falls apart once neurodivergency enters the picture.
Lack of eye contact? completely normal if you’re on the spectrum. Same with exaggerated “put on” facial expressions (or lack of expression if you arent masking). Giving lots of unnecessary details? Autism and ADHD baby. Cant sit still? ADHD. Cant seem to remember extremely basic info, or conversely remembering “too much”? ADHD and Autism.
Like it’s honestly pretty horrifying, since these misunderstandings about how our brains work could literally be used as evidence of us committing a crime.
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autistic-af · a month ago
Just a reminder that if you have mental health issues, or are neurodivergent or both, it's 100% okay to toss out the conventional ideas of housekeeping.
Use the dishes straight from the dishwasher until it's time to fill it again.
Toss your clean clothes into baskets instead of folding them.
Shop on a daily basis if a big weekly shop is too much. Use Door Dash, Uber Eats, home delivery..
Leave your bed unmade (just change the sheets regularly, so have a few sets available to you to avoid executive function issues).
You don't need to function like your parents did in order to function like you do.
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louintotheocean · a year ago
The neurodivergent experience is talking about your brain as if it's a separate entity from your self
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adhdsoup · 9 months ago
hello all and welcome to
✨the neurodiverse store✨
we are excited to announce our newest product:
adhd is our hottest new neurodevelopmental disorder! it comes with many features such as:
no focus
Tumblr media
too much focus
Tumblr media
sensory issues
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
rejection sensitivity!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
low self-esteem
Tumblr media
time blindness
Tumblr media
mood swings
Tumblr media
boredom so extreme it’s painful!
Tumblr media
all together these create very exciting new features, such as:
1,000 unread emails!
wait what did you say
how the hell did i lose that it was just in my hand
never shutting up!
i’ve already listen to this song 20 times in a row and there is no end in sight
mush brain
sorry to interrupt but!!
rewind the show 80 times to hear what they said in that one sentence because you still don’t know
can’t be anywhere at the right time!
i have to bounce my leg at all costs
and many more!
however, our favorite feature of adhd is:
call us at 400-GET-ADHD today to get 10% off! only available at the neurodiverse store!
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i-never-shut-up-ever · 4 months ago
people with adhd be like:
well there’s 24 hours in a day, but i have to sleep for like 6-7 of them so then that’s like 17-18 hours. but i have to go to school for 7-8 hours so then that’s just like 9-10 hours. but at home i have to do homework which takes me forever so that’s like 4 hours so now i only have like 5-6 hours. and then if you count time to eat, bathe, use the bathroom, and talk to family that’s like only 2 hours. and during that 2 hours i’ll be so stressed about how i only have 2 hours that i won’t even enjoy my free time, so i’m not going to sleep tonig-
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I feel like there’s not enough love for people who stim by singing so shout out to people who sing constantly ESPECIALLY those who are not good at it but 👏 do 👏 it 👏 anyway 👏
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ohthesuspenders · a month ago
so was anyone gonna tell me that neurotypical people don’t just make random sounds at each other instead of having an actual conversation or was i just supposed to know that
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