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little-bubble-box · 2 days ago
when will people understand that if they force me outside of my house (in between my studying srsly sessions) it will take me 2-3 days to think bout study another 2-3 days to only seat down with notes(not study) and finally a week more to actually study but then again smth forces me out for few days more and the cycle repeats and then i end up never studying-!
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disregardcanon · a day ago
Like I have a LOT of issues revolving around people thinking that I’m being purposefully lazy and forgetful. It’s not an always thing, but it happens frequently enough that I’m always kind of flinching with the possibility that people will assume any struggle is my fault because I’m being lazy and just not doing what I’m “supposed to” because I don’t feel like it.
Trying to think about what kind of teacher would have helped me as a kid was a lot of why I DID try teaching, but now the bad teachers that made me cry are my administrators instead of my teachers and there’s still no room for compassion for people like me
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lilacs-world · 8 months ago
If anyone ever tells me again that I'm not concentrating hard enough or I'm not focusing hard enough on doing my tasks or work or whatever, here watch this. No brain is the same and our ADHD brain looks different when focusing/concentrating!!!
©chalenejohnson on tiktok
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beercheesecasserole · a year ago
Welcome to ADHD emotions! Get ready to experience
The Anger Spiral
Wednesday Forever
Oh God they hate me. This whole Grocery Store hates me.
And *•.~°♪ lust *•.~°♪
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mr-squiggley-poufs · 11 months ago
Ok so I've found a way to describe what Neurodivergent Can't Do Task Mode™ feels like to neurotypicals
So you know how you can't make yourself put your hand down on a hot stovetop? There's a part of your brain that stops you from doing that? That's what Neurodivergent Can't Do Task Mode™ feels like
Even if we want to do it, there's a barrier stopping us from doing it, and it's really hard to override
And why does our brain see the task as a hot stovetop? Because when neurotypicals finish a task, they get serotonin, but we don't get that satisfaction after completing a task. A neurotypical wouldn't get serotonin from putting their hand on a hot stovetop, it would just hurt. When we can't do a task, it's because our brain knows that the task will hurt (metaphorically) and wants to avoid that.
It's not that we're choosing not to do the task, it's that our brain is physically preventing us from doing it.
Neurotypicals can and should reblog but please don't add anything
(Sorry/not sorry about the random bolding, it makes it easier for us to read)
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timemachinetyrant · 7 months ago
I wish people understood I’m not changing topic on purpose. A New Thought™ pops up and must be discussed immediately. The Old Thought™ has ceased to exist.
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meintheadhd-ocd · 10 months ago
Adhd moods:
No thoughts head empty
I want to do EVERYTHING
I want to do NOTHING
I want to do SOMETHING but can't pinpoint what
No eat...only hyperfocus
No pee...only hyperfocus
Bounce Off Wall
Cannot Stop Talking (Where Is Their Off Button)
No talk. Only space out.
No focus...only distraction
No distraction...only focus
I am going to clean my entire house in one go
I am never going to pick up my clothes
I am never going to put away the 2663683 random objects that are right next to me
Space out again
Ramble for paragraphs and paragraphs and expect everyone to follow what is being said
See paragraphs and paragraphs and not process a single word despite reading it overrr and overrr
Doodle or no focus. No in between
Typo city
I am so obsessed w this I don't think I'll ever get tired of it
*gets tired of it and has the same feeling about new thing*
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machamp · a year ago
Not 2 be fuckin weird but I think the best sound in the world is when ur pettin and rubbin a big/sturdy dog and ur suddenly compelled to do those real Firm Pats™️ and it makes that nice solid “thud thud thud” noise while the dog smiles and wags his tail real hard do y’all have any idea wtf I’m talkin about??
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honeyhemlocked · 4 months ago
people don’t talk enough about the weird grief that will randomly hit you when you have ADHD. for a good stretch of time I am so happy that I have answers about why I am the way that I am, and then I’m hit with an avalanche of “I don’t know how to do this” and “fuck, this is the way that I am, there is no cure.”
I genuinely believe that folks like me are bright and intelligent and passionate and creative and to be celebrated. this week though I just feel like shit that I can’t think “normally”. I’m struggling to make money and I’m frustrated because I know that I could bring so much to the table if I could “apply myself” the way that NTs can. I’m trying so hard, and the rejection is painful.
my head feels full of static. I have all of this energy in my body but I can’t move. I’m a musician and a birth worker and a writer and creator. I know this. just today I feel like I’m not much at all if I can’t do anything with that information.
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intergalaactic · 6 months ago
the fact neurotypicals can’t hear the electronics hum doesn’t sit right with me. they’re such strange creatures. what do you mean you can’t hear the computer going babdbbsjsbsbhmmmmmm? it’s very much there! in fact, at times it’s too loud and i cry over it! you have to be able to hear it!
edit: i phrased this wrong!! this is my bad!! NTs can hear it, however they tend to filter it out, and so they don’t notice it, and it doesn’t bother them!!
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adhdconfusion · 6 months ago
Person: “What’s your favorite song?”
Me with no object permanence: “UhHhHhh, it’s hard to choose.”
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adhbabey · a year ago
Here's the ADHD Checklist! I finally made it, it's originally from this post. But I've put it in a more easy to read manner.
Requested by: @partykeet I hope this helps!
If you don't know if you have ADHD or not but have an inkling you might, these are important questions to consider when self diagnosing and researching into the disorder!
Executive Dysfunction
Do you struggle with getting things done?
Do you mean to do it and you don’t?
Do you feel overwhelmed by trying to do it?
Do you forget to do it?
Do you feel like you can’t for whatever reason?
Emotional Dysregulation
Are you often told you’re overemotional?
Are you told you overreact?
Do you feel like you can’t control your emotions?
Do you often go from one emotion to the next?
Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD)
Do you react strongly without meaning to?
Do you get really depressed after wearing yourself out?
Do you feel awful after someone’s criticized you?
Do you often spiral when something goes wrong?
Do you feel like you can perk back up when that person asks you what’s wrong?
Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
Do you have a hard time waking up?
Do you have a hard time going to bed?
Do you have very vivid dreams?
Are you aggressive and irritable when someone wakes you up (for like, school)?
Do you struggle keeping a consistent sleep schedule over vacation or summer break, even on the weekends?
Inattention(Dissociation) and Hyperfocus
Do you often zone out?
Do you daydream?
Do you get disinterested often?
Do you feel like you can multitask (listen to music and read at the same time)?
Do you get so absorbed in something that when you return to reality, hours have passed by?
Hyperfixation and Emotional Hyperarousal
Do you have “obsessions” or things that feel incredibly pleasurable/taste good when you interact with them?
Do you have a loud mind that runs a thousand miles a minute?
Do you feel overwhelmed or stressed out by your mind?
Do you overthink or overanalyze things?
Is your head really foggy or thoughts blurry?
Working Memory, Inattention and Object Permanence
Do you seem to have memory problems?
Like you cant remember something someone told you to do (homework, chores)?
Or you easily lose things, having it just been there?
Do you forget that things exist after having them put away?
Do you forget important things like birthdays, dates and numbers, but remember other “trivial” things?
Do you have a hard time remembering the past or your childhood?
Stimulation and Stimming
Does listening to music help you get things done?
Do you need to watch something while you’re eating and get distracted if you don’t?
Do you feel dissociated or distracted when you can’t listen to music or have your phone out?
Do you constantly fidget, shake your legs, play with parts of things?
Do you feel like if you try to stop fidgeting, you’ll feel an urge to do it more?
Do you have a million phone games?
Do you feel like some games aren’t enough to play on their own but some are too much that you can’t focus on anything else?
"Money Blindness" and Impulsivity
Do you have trouble with money when given control over it?
Do you spend money on things other people find pointless or useless?
Do you have trouble with microtransactions?
Do you feel like when you buy something that you’ll have enough money left for things you need?
Are you often broke? Especially if you claimed that you would save money?
Do you often feel like the consequences of buying something aren't that serious?
Time Blindness
Do you have a hard time keeping track of time?
Do you feel like you’re often late to things?
If not, do you have anxiety, and often panic about the time?
Do you often have a hard time keeping a schedule?
Do people say you have poor time management skills, but no matter what you do, you can’t fix it?
Habits, Executive Dysfunction and Disorganization
Do you have poor hygiene?
Do you struggle to remember to brush your teeth?
Is it hard taking a bath/shower? If so, does it take a long time to get into the bath or shower?
If left to your own devices do you wear the same outfit for days?
Do you often look disheveled despite trying to be organized and clean?
Do you often rub off makeup or have messy hair?
Do you try to be organized but no matter what, you can’t?
Boundaries, RSD, and Volume Control
Do you struggle with boundaries?
Do you have a hard time controlling your volume (either too loud or too quiet)?
Do you feel like you’ve ruined everything when someone tells you that you did something wrong?
Do you think you’ve offended people when you haven't?
Do you have a hard time judging reality correctly (like you think you’ve offended or hurt someone and you feel awful but it didn’t bother them that much)?
Disclaimer: Don't say someone who self diagnoses is faking. If you relate to these questions and symptoms, you definitely are not faking. ADHD is a disability that is incredibly hard to manage. People who have it don't like it as they have likely struggled all their life. Being undiagnosed and unmedicated is damaging and traumatizing. Be kind to people, especially if they don't have access to medical help.
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beercheesecasserole · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
This extension lets you doodle on any webpage just like you would doodle on a piece of paper in class to focus. I just added it to my chrome and it's been a godsend. I watched an 11 minute video on LDAP servers without getting distracted once! I don’t know if other browsers offer this specific app as an extension but I know for sure it’s offered through chrome. I hope this helps other people as much as it’s helped me!
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givemebishies · a year ago
What people think hyper focusing is
Tumblr media
What hyper focusing actually is
Tumblr media
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