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paolando · 8 months ago
We need to talk more about this.
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adhdsoup · 5 months ago
you: i don’t really have sensory issues
also you:
hates your least favorite food because of the texture
wears the same 5 year old bra every day
wearing lots of jewelry irritates you
hates touching wet/soggy things
wore your socks inside out as a kid/always wear the same kind of socks
why won't that ticking noise stop!!
despises shirts with rough tags
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lilacs-world · 10 months ago
If anyone ever tells me again that I'm not concentrating hard enough or I'm not focusing hard enough on doing my tasks or work or whatever, here watch this. No brain is the same and our ADHD brain looks different when focusing/concentrating!!!
©chalenejohnson on tiktok
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mr-squiggley-poufs · a year ago
Ok so I've found a way to describe what Neurodivergent Can't Do Task Mode™ feels like to neurotypicals
So you know how you can't make yourself put your hand down on a hot stovetop? There's a part of your brain that stops you from doing that? That's what Neurodivergent Can't Do Task Mode™ feels like
Even if we want to do it, there's a barrier stopping us from doing it, and it's really hard to override
And why does our brain see the task as a hot stovetop? Because when neurotypicals finish a task, they get serotonin, but we don't get that satisfaction after completing a task. A neurotypical wouldn't get serotonin from putting their hand on a hot stovetop, it would just hurt. When we can't do a task, it's because our brain knows that the task will hurt (metaphorically) and wants to avoid that.
It's not that we're choosing not to do the task, it's that our brain is physically preventing us from doing it.
Neurotypicals can and should reblog but please don't add anything
(Sorry/not sorry about the random bolding, it makes it easier for us to read)
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yodaoflight · 8 months ago
This meme has teeth
Edit: I usually leave as much info about where I have poached a meme from to share with Tumblr as many do not venture from our dark cove into the social media abyss. 
The OG creator of this Glorious meme recently made themselves known in the comments and Her Memes are LEGENDARY on other Social media platforms so go check out her blog @jennhasadhd​ and giver her some love! 
Tumblr media
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pandora-s-shit · a year ago
Having ADHD is that your brain either feels like
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And it can switch in a matter of seconds.
Edit: I can't believe my most popular post was a minute idea I had in a day where I was utterly depressed and like the left one.
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ADHD studying tips from someone who actually has it
• Put something heavy on your lap to discourage you from standing up and walking away. Weighted blanket, Pencil case, large wooden cutting board, you name it!
• Use a blank piece of paper to cover the problems you aren't working on.
This will reduce the number of inattentive mistakes you make, and make you less likely to get distracted by other things on the page
• Chew gum or suck on a lozenge/lollipop
To stop keep your mouth busy, and reduce the likelihood of you checking the fridge... again
• Have an extra pen to write down ideas
If you get distracted by your own exciting ideas, write them down on your hand or a notepad so you don't forget them. This will make it so you don't spend all your time worrying about forgetting them
• If you need to do research, do it on a computer
If you do it on your phone you're 100% guaranteed to fall down a tumblr rabbit hole. This isn't a perfect fix, but it's slightly easier to break away from a Wikipedia page on Shrimp fried rice on a laptop, than a social media app on your phone that is wired to keep you hooked.
• Don't interrupt your hyperfocus
This one is just my personal experience. If you're hyperfocused on a project you need to finish, don't use a timer to schedule breaks (ex: Pomodoro technique) because once you break out of hyperfocus, it will be infinitely harder to start working again when you're no longer in hyperfocus
This is not a comprehensive list! Feel free to add more of your own and good luck studying! :D
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givemebishies · a year ago
What people think hyper focusing is
Tumblr media
What hyper focusing actually is
Tumblr media
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adhdsoup · 9 months ago
hello all and welcome to
✨the neurodiverse store✨
we are excited to announce our newest product:
adhd is our hottest new neurodevelopmental disorder! it comes with many features such as:
no focus
Tumblr media
too much focus
Tumblr media
sensory issues
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
rejection sensitivity!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
low self-esteem
Tumblr media
time blindness
Tumblr media
mood swings
Tumblr media
boredom so extreme it’s painful!
Tumblr media
all together these create very exciting new features, such as:
1,000 unread emails!
wait what did you say
how the hell did i lose that it was just in my hand
never shutting up!
i’ve already listen to this song 20 times in a row and there is no end in sight
mush brain
sorry to interrupt but!!
rewind the show 80 times to hear what they said in that one sentence because you still don’t know
can’t be anywhere at the right time!
i have to bounce my leg at all costs
and many more!
however, our favorite feature of adhd is:
call us at 400-GET-ADHD today to get 10% off! only available at the neurodiverse store!
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thatacegirl · 2 months ago
Do The Task™ ADHD edition:
1. write down the tasks you have to do
2. separate each task into smaller tasks (ex. Clean room- pick up clothes, fold clothes, put clothes away. Pick up shoes, put shoes away. Get trash bin, put trash in trash bin, put trash bin back.”
3. lie to yourself with the “might as well method” tell yourself you only have to do the very first task like “pick up clothes”, now you’re already in a position to fold (or just put away) the clothes, so “might as well do *insert next step to task here*”
4. Continue using the “might as well method” until all tasks are complete
5. Give yourself a reward (candy, watch a show, play a game)
6. Drink water you dehydrated neurodivergent :)
7. seriously, drink water, you’re gonna die
i also use small timers on my phone to help with the process going faster, like a game. Ex: “how many shirts can i fold before this timer ends?” or “if i don’t put all my shoes away before this timer ends, i’m gonna die”
this also works with songs :)
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i-never-shut-up-ever · 3 months ago
people with adhd be like:
well there’s 24 hours in a day, but i have to sleep for like 6-7 of them so then that’s like 17-18 hours. but i have to go to school for 7-8 hours so then that’s just like 9-10 hours. but at home i have to do homework which takes me forever so that’s like 4 hours so now i only have like 5-6 hours. and then if you count time to eat, bathe, use the bathroom, and talk to family that’s like only 2 hours. and during that 2 hours i’ll be so stressed about how i only have 2 hours that i won’t even enjoy my free time, so i’m not going to sleep tonig-
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jazinedraws · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
What do you do when it is hard to focus?
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