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obeymekookie · 18 hours ago
Lucifer : MC, I am MOST peacefully asking you once again to NOT get involved in ANY of Mammon's schemes.
MC : I can't hear you, I must keep Mammon safe no matter what.
Lucifer : He's an adult. *frowns*
MC : If you keep that frown you'll get really bad wrinkles again
Lucifer : *frowns even deeper*
MC : At least I warned you.
Also MC : *runs away*
Lucifer : That annoying little sheep. They can't even properly run away with their hooves.
MC : I heard that.
Lucifer : ?!
Lucifer : I thought you left.
MC : I am once again back to propose to you.
Lucifer : How many times do I have to tell you to stop?!
MC : *wiggles eyebrows* I love you too much.
Lucifer : Get out.
Lucifer : Throughout my whole life I never thought I'd be dealing with such an annoying creature.
MC : I love how quickly we start talking~~
Lucifer : you have 20 minutes to pack your bags and move to purgatory hall.
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wolveswithblackpearls · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Cuddling with Suho
“Sundays are for cuddling and kissing.“ -unknown
(The pictures aren’t mine, but the edit is.)
~Admin J
Original date of publishing: July 21st, 2019
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obeymekookie · a day ago
Diavolo : MC, thank you for coming here. I just wanted to tell you how I feel about you, I like—
Mammon : Too bad. That's my human!
Levi : Yep yep, OUR human.
Satan : We're not sharing.
Asmo : Anything but not MY MC.
Beel : I'm not willing to share MC either, unless it's with Belphie.
Belphie : Same as Beel. So you can all fuck of—
Lucifer : What is the meaning of this? MC isn't even here. *frowns*
Simeon : Indeed,,, however since we all have feelings for MC...i suppose we should discuss.
Solomon : Yeah...
Barbatos : *nods*
Mammon Blphie and Levi: YOU WHAT?!
Asmo : *gasps*
Lucifer : *glares at everyone*
Luke : MC is a good person so it's okay to like them!
Simeon : Luke, Not like that... We Like MC in a romantic way.
Luke : Ah?! So like a date?!
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chronicillnessmemes · a day ago
Fraud Reporting
Just so you guys know you can report medically fraudulent claims on the internet to the FDA directly as possible criminal activity.  I will provide an example, so you can understand how to do this.
If any of you are feeling particularly spiteful, you can go through and see if they make claims for testing any other illnesses that HAVE NO SPECIFIC TESTS.
Here is the “example” website.  They are claiming to test for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but are charging for an Epstein Barr Antibody test, which is not medically accepted diagnostic proof.
Here is the FDA reporting website (I chose the subject vaccine, blood and biologicals):
Of course the FDA website will work for any fraudulent website.  But in case anyone wanted to practice on this quack...
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obeymekookie · a day ago
Obey Me! And who's older? Headcanon. (Because I'm confused.)
Satan. (A bit younger than Mammon.)
Asmodeus. (A little bit younger than Levi.)
Belphegor. (Around 1 second older than Beel.)
— Others
Diavolo / Barbatos. (Same age but Barbatos being born a few months earlier.)
Michael. (A bit older than Lucifer.)
Simeon. (Around Lucifer's age.)
Mephistopheles. (A few months older than Satan.)
Luke. (Baby)
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obeymekookie · 5 days ago
Ahem yeah.
Tumblr media
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chronicillnessmemes · 6 days ago
I found this looking for exercises for myself since I can’t go to PT.  If anyone has any other links or videos, feel free to add on to this.  Anything helps. 
I am mostly looking for upper and mid back exercises as that is starting to affect my mobility.  Thanks.
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obeymekookie · 6 days ago
Obey Me! Battles, Who would win?
Avatar of Pride.
The eldest demon out of his brothers.
A grown-ass man with a son.
Powerful Demon.
Someone who can destroy 8 or more worlds in 2 minutes of anger.
A demon whom everyone fears.
A sadist.
A very malicious man.
The man who knows 3000 years' worth of curses and all kinds of spells.
Goddamn Lucifer Morningstar.
The guy who started the Great Celestial War.
The man who LITERALLY rebelled against God himself.
Lucifer who knows how to burn someone in the blink of an eye.
Lucifer who can make someone perish.
The man who's literally a ruler in hell.
This guy whom knows all kinds of black magic and is still studying a lot about magic, potions, etc. At RAD.
A sheep.
A REALLY fluffy sheep.
Calculating results...
MC has won.
#obey me battles
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obeymekookie · 8 days ago
Obey Me! MC has turned into a baby
Seriously? He has enough work ahead of him but now he has to take care of a baby while doing it. Oh boy, and he can't trust his brothers in taking care of MC because Asmo would probably start a baby fashion show, Mammon would take the baby into some casino and get into more debt, Levi would keep them in front of a screen and forget about them. Beel would accidentally eat their food, place them on the counter and forget they were there, And... Satan? Not sure. Belphie could be trusted with MC. Though, Especially at nap time.
Buys a baby carrier and does all of his work at RAD with MC. He takes no questions from anyone. Still walks with full pride while carrying MC around. very successfully distracts and entertains MC while he's at it. He'll even gush about random things to them while no one is looking. "Look MC, it's a birdy"
Changes MC's diapers with magic because he has it.
Lucifer ended up not doing his paperwork because MC doesn't want to sleep and keeps on moving around. He's scared they might hurt themselves so he eventually calls Diavolo to inform him that he'll take the day off to take care of MC.
No one thought that they'll ever see the avatar of pride carrying a baby into a store with baby clothes, toys, etc. But it happened. Now he'll have to deal with the annoying RAD newspaper club and rumours.
Ah, and Lucifer almost had a heart attack when Mammon almost dropped MC on the floor.
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obeymekookie · 12 days ago
You can watch the leak of the full obey me! Anime here! ↓
You're welcome
Tumblr media
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obeymekookie · 13 days ago
MC : I fear no dog.
Luke : *fuming*
MC : But that— That's scary, Luke please stop
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obeymekookie · 13 days ago
MC : Help, there's a spider in the bathroom and I can't enter it because of that
Lucifer : 🤦
Mammon : 🤪
Leviathan : 💀💀💀
Satan : 😐🤨
Asmodeus : 😣😧
Beelzebub : 😬
Belohegor : *Seen*
Diavolo : ...😬😣🤔😔😕🙁☹️😮
Barbatos : 🗡️
Simeon : 👌
Luke : 🤨😩
Solomon : 😑
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obeymekookie · 13 days ago
Cater : And S—
Grim : SHADDUP! No more!!! Goodbye, Perfect now get me my fish.
Cater : W—
Grim : *glares daggers into Cater*
Cater : Gri—
Grim : One more word and I'll light your butt on fire!
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obeymekookie · 13 days ago
Levi : how do I know which one is the real MC...
MC's clone : nico nico nii!~~
Levi : Yap, that's the real mc! *Points at the clone*
MC : . . .
Lucifer : *facepalms*
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obeymekookie · 14 days ago
Can I get some Yandere Vil, crushing on a very beautiful fairy princess (reader). Bonus points if the princess has big golden wings, isn't aloud to be with anyone (basically when she gets crowned queen, she'll have to be a virgin queen), and is immune to a love spells and potions.
An : I didn’t know if you wanted a headcanon or scenario so I made this a headcanon!
Yan!Vil Schoenheit
Vil would first befriend his crush, invite her over to pomefiore for tea and snacks or a simple self-care day. He had never set his eyes on anyone more beautiful so how could there possibly be no self-care day, she looks absolutely beautiful and her appearance deserves to be taken care of. He'll use his best creams and oils for your skin. And of course, Vil would become best friends with his crush, he'll invite her to pomefiore but sadly she can't join his dorm, so he'll improve her living conditions in ramshackle dorm then. 
Vil is very patient and, eventually, he will ask her whats she thinks about dating, what's her type, etc. once he knows that she isn't allowed to date he'll hum, looks like he won't have to worry about any stupid potatoes asking his dear out.
Vil will first try making his crush fall in love with him by giving her a love potion, he won't confess when he knows that she will reject him. when that potion doesn't work he'll have Rook find out why. when Rook tells him that she's immune to love potions and spells Vil is angry, couldn't something be easy just this once in this life?! clearly no. as the days pass by he will get more and more impatient to have his crush return his feelings. 
He'll grow irritated and invite her to pomefiore where he pours a sleeping potion into her drink and she passes out. his crush will wake up in a well-decorated room somewhere hidden in pomefiore, when she starts screaming at him and demanding he lets her go he'll be truly annoyed, he's going to put so much effort into hiding her and keeping her away while helping her become even more beautiful and this is how she reacts? how ungrateful. even after everything that he's already done for her. careful darling, he wouldn't want those beautiful wings of yours to have any damage on them but they might if you misbehave. 
she's finally his now, she won't be leaving twisted wonderland but she can be sure that she will be crowned his beautiful queen.
and she isn't willing to give him her love then he'll just break her so she gives him her love. "Truly fortunate for the two most beautiful people in twisted wonderland to be side by side."
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obeymekookie · 17 days ago
MC : *Trying to plug in their phone's charger into the wall outlet*
Sebek : *punches through the wall and does it for them*
Sebek : GOOD NIGHT!!!
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obeymekookie · 18 days ago
MC : I am going to throw hands.
Mammon do it then.
MC : *throws plastic/rubber hands at Mammon*
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wolveswithblackpearls · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
EXO’s China Line x Pastel Candy Store
“I can be the subject of your dreams“
-Troye Sivan in “BITE”
(All the pictures belong to their true owners, the edit belongs to me.)
~Admin J
Original date of publishing: July 2nd, 2019
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obeymekookie · a month ago
MC : *accidentally damages one of Levi's manga books* uh-oh...
Levi : . . .
Levi : I hate you.
- - -
Also Levi : *crying in his bathtub because he hasn't talked to MC*
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