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#admin post

Haha yeah I know! I was OBSESSED with The Devil is a Part-Timer in middle school, such an under rated anime… anyways Urushihara was arguable one of my first kins!

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Happy Season 3 Premiere Day!

I’ll be giffing again starting this week. Posts will be tagged ‘new amsterdam spoilers’ for 72 hours after the episode airs, and season (s#) and episode numbers (#.##) are always tagged.

I know there are a lot of new followers to the blog after the show went on Netflix internationally: this will not be a spoiler free blog, but if I should tag spoilers for longer, send me a message.

Gif requests are open, and you’re always welcome to stop by my ask box to discuss the show.

Enjoy the episode!

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Here’s my kin list! Reblog or respond with yours if you want :)


- Frederick Chilton | Hannibal

- Sonny Carisi | Law & Order: SVU

- Rodrick Heffley | Diary of a Wimpy Kid

- Urishihara | The Devil is a Part-Timer

- Abigail Hobbs | Hannibal

- Jaskier | The Witcher

- Wallace Wells | Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

- Louise Belcher | Bob’s Burgers

- Jim Halpert | The Office

- Michael Langdon | American Horror Story: Apocalypse

- Violet Harmon | American Horror Story: Murder House

- Kit Walker | American Horror Story: Asylum

- BENdrowned | Creepypasta

- Klaus Hargreeves | The Umbrella Academy

- Maka Albarn | Soul Eater

- Maxine Caulfield | Life Is Strange

- Harley Quinn | DCU

- Connor | Detroit: Become Human

- Kigurumi | Sanrio

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Over the last couple of months, since the blog was created, we’ve gotten a lot of similar requests (almost always the same character, ship, season, style of gifset). And while we get that it’s exciting there’s a new aos blog around for you guys to request some love for your underappreciated faves, at some point it kind of feels like you’re taking advantage of it. 

If your request is filled, please don’t immediately jump back into our inbox to ask for another one. It also becomes a drag for the members to constantly gif the same characters and ships after a while.

If you don’t know how to create gifs yourself, please feel free to message us off anon and we’ll happily provide tutorials on how to start!

We’ll finish the couple of requests we currently have in our inbox and please don’t let any of this dissuade you from asking in the future, just try not spam us with the same things, thank you! 

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hello, admin here! it’s been a long time since ive posted; i just wanted to check if you guys are still around and active! let me know in the tags or pop in and say hi!

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the real thanks goes to the people sending in confessions. Thank you guys for all the content!

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Hello, I’m currently working on editing the dates of all posts to be posted when the content was created. The blog is going to be set up as a timeline rather than the order that I find everything. This is so we can utilize the “archive” feature on tumblr to its full extent :) Message me here or on Twitter @canalslive if you have any questions or need help finding something! I’ll let you know when I finish, but I have been working on this for 4 hours so far today lol

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Well, the submissions are in! Thanks to those of you who submitted, we have enough responses to do a poll.

We will be collecting responses for this poll until March 19th. Once that day comes, the top 10 will be made into gifsets! The link to the poll is here (X)

Thank you for your submissions and responses to the poll.

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starting from tomorrow ’til Friday, I’ll be having mock exams so all the news will be uploaded later than usually.

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Here, I’m feeling nice today.

Have a video of your lovely admin talking about Miis

And you can also make my mii on your consoles too!

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Happy March everyone! my b-day month!

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And just like that, our first crop of IGRPDC guinea pigs participants are here! Thank you to all who signed up for your interest!

The authors participating in IGRPDC 2021 are:

As well, the most popular choice of weekly schedule was Option A: similar to AELDWS: (click the links below to see when these times are in your time zone!)

The first prompt will be revealed on Friday, March 5!

Writers, please check your emails for rules and guidelines. Good luck!

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hi guys! the members are hard at work right now completing the gifsets for the poll so unfortunately, the gifsets for the requests that have been submitted will delayed by a little bit. you are still free to submit new requests of course! but those won’t be posted within the next 2 weeks 

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happy birthday to one of enhypen network’s admins, @enhypen-jakehoon

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I’ve been getting so many comments on my new project fic. It makes me so glad that people are enjoying it. It’s the most comments I’ve ever gotten on a piece.


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YOOOOO WandaVision is so fucking good, ya’ll expect some Agatha Harkness, Wanda and Darcy shit bc I’m losing my mind over this show

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Please add basic information of your stories and Sunday Six. As @mod-queen and I said a few times before, a basic header helps us organize our lists, figure out which fics are suitable for everyone and which ones we must add the adult content tag and trigger warnings. But it also helps readers to find what they’re looking for. So, I kindly ask you once again.

Always add basic information: book, characters/pairings, ratings and warnings if the story has any.

If you’re not sure how to do it, check Fanfiction 101 posts.

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//…‘sup. I’m back.

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Attention, members of the MFPE who are artists!  On the non-mobile version of our Tumblr page, we have added a “Member Artists” section to the sidebar to promote our wonderful artists.  If you would like to be added, please email me:

  1. Which site you would like linked.  The link can be to your commission page or to any website related to your art that you would like to promote.
  2. A link to (or an attachment of) an image you would like me to use, unless you want me to just choose one of your icons (from Tumblr, Dreamwidth, Twitter, etc.).

The only requirement to be promoted is that you must be a member of the MFPE who has an interest profile in the member directory.  Your link will be associated with your artist or fan name, but not your fan number.

Note: We may also add a section for Writer Members in the future!

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