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.THAT WILL BE A SOLID F. U. C. K. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES to all of the above as long as it’s not dubcon incest or pedophilia. I’ll help out whatever way I can dearie! I may not be writing as much as I like. Buuuut still don’t mean I can try and help with inspiration/brain storming / or letting y'all vent. I’m happy and honored to help in any way I can 😍😍💞💞💞💞💞 thank you so much for allowing this opportunity for me

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I would say something, but then I’d be a hypocrite bec ngl I do read smaut that 9/10 isn’t safe sex works. Which ig depends on the scenario, like if reader is with someone in committed relationship then boya.

Tbh I want anyone and everyone reading this to understand that just cuz it’s not mentioned in Fic writing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice safe sex IRL. be sure to do yer own research, do things at yer own pace. Remember, you have the right to yer bidy and have the right to say no, have the right to say yer not ready. Don’t ever let a POS male or female, guilt trip ya k? And always

A. L. W. A. Y. S. WEAR PROTECTION they also make condoms that’s latex free if you’re a allergic. I’ve learned this in my experiences, BE SURE TO URINATE. AFTER. INTERCOURSE. People always forget that part is just as crucial as the condoms are etc. Remember fiction writing smaut related is fiction, most time self inserts and to not attempt anything written in smauts IRL. Practice safe sex and learn your body, and don’t have sex UNTIL. you know you’re ready and or on the pill. Never ever feel invalidated just cuz your a virgin and yer friends ain’t.

Please guys I’m begging, take your time. You don’t have to go the pace everyone else goes. Remember. SMAUT FICS. ARE NOT SEX ED.

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Bruh…. I’m- *Frustrated Pterodactyl gremlim screeches and uncomfy noises*

Ewwwwww I’m shocked y'all talked to them for 2 HOURS I WOULDA RIPPED MY WE LASS HAIR OUT ME SCALP!!!???????? lemme. Just- SPIKE A VOLLEYBALL IN THEIR FACES????? “The age wasn’t specified and the creator said choose”. What kinda hillbilly Alabama shiznet propaganda is that!!!???????? How dare y'all put words in a creators mouth like tht.

Just as disgusting as pedos tryna claim age fluidity and weazle their way into the LGBTQ+ community so they can prey on minors. I’m very grossed out. All of that for a video??? Oh no baby no baby no. Thank you for sharing this rot with me. I definitely did chuckle at their squealing tho.

This was their face:



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This y'all ^^^^^ is why y'all needa tag shit accordingly, not everyone is a freak nasty person like some of you. And we don’t want to SEE that crap..

It especially sucks with the whole blocking system! Like you’ll find something triggering and you’ll go out of your way to block said thing. But guess what? If people don’t tag appropriately SHIT AINT BEING BLOCKED. And if so about the blocking method, people STILL. STILL. WRITE nasty shit like underage ships etc. You cannot win, and although I do respect and condone ships of any kind and if I don’t like said ships I WILL NOT EVER. Attack ANYONE over it. But minor x adult ships. Are fucking disgusting. Just cuz it’s fiction don’t mean ots okay my guys and it pertains to underage content like that.

Look I ain’t perfect I love writing and reading dark lore and content. But do I tag stuff as best I can and send out as many warnings as I can? Yes I fuckn do. Underage nonsense like ZackRay ew my dudes that ain’t my cup a tea nor is it anyone else’s. *hugs nonniebeans affected by degrading fandom antics like this* I’m so sorry you guys gotta see and struggle with this. Truly am.

Don’t worry about ranting and venting please feel free too. This is a safe space :/ and I’ll he damned if people can’t express themselves. (Not u pedos. Fuck off I will cut u. No touchy me blog. Go away if you’re that).

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sorry whenever u have art pls tag me I love seeing fanart boo I want to flood their ship tag with PLATONIC ZACK! RAY Content. If we band together. We can probs fuck the shippers up heh. Fuck yeah.

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⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️May be triggering content below please read with caution because I ain’t holding back making this OC. Im talking serious deep shit real world issue type stuff. Drugs, mental health etc. Read. With. Caution ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

Her Name is Cassidy Gallo 4'9" Red Tinted hair that down to her butt she keeps up in a military bun 99.999% and only let’s it down to fuck, sleep and at home dark brown eyes with gold tint around the irises.

25 Leo and she’s got a distant family apart of the Italian Mafia. She has a dorky idiotic Chaotic Neutral Twin Brother who suffers Schizophrenia and suicidal ideation. She cares for him alot and has killed his ex girlfriends for being plain awful to him. and her eheh Job pays sum damn good money bish was a SPECIAL OPS. She kills fast and swiftly, her fight style is inspired by Glima (Viking wrestling) and many other art forms, knows over 100 ways to kill a man. Tatted head to toe and likes dark humor and slasher films. But she’s got a hella soft side for downtrodden people struggling, animals and kids. Deep Down Cass wants her own family someday and to be able to have a normal life. But knows it’ll never ever happen (because in the military the position she was in is a male dominant place. And the men always gave her shit for being a women, and her periods were a pain to deal with so in order to be able to be fully dedicated to her job she had a hysterectomy at a very young age.) Cassidy loves music so much, mostly metal, rock and some EDM. She owns a cat and a Brindal Pitbull named Dozer. She has a 5 bedroom 3 ½ bath house, gosh typing about her makes me wanna have her be ma sugar momma. She is a too blunt bitch who can be selfish at times and cold to those undeserving. And fights tooth and nail for her and her little found families honor. Regardless of the gavt that she’s practically a killer. Sje knows what she does is bad and ‘unethical ’ to society standards but doesn’t care. It’s her life she’s doing what she can and wants to make the world a better fucking place don’t you DARE call her derogatory dehumanizing shit either she’ll blow a hole in ya.

She got a best friend whose the definition of a ride or Die. Victoria Deckard. Whose a major in psychology and works two jobs to support her daughter and is currently fighting her ex baby daddy to have full custody of said child. Tori is an ex addict and is trying so hard to get her life together so she can move her baby in with Cass and Eli (Cass bro). Cassidy deadass moved in Tori so she can afford collage tuition and pay for her daughter and only has T pay rent. That’s it.

I needa stop before I get

Too carried away Huehuehue. But if you wanna know more. I’ll be happy to type more about Cassidy. ^^

Not many people ask about my OCs.. So this. This really made me happy tysm nonniebean *many hugs*

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Uhhhmmmmm omfg thats

Disgusting I’ve heard of Undertale fandom. Horrid with shipping minors with characters that are canonical OLDER tham them. And that just makes me uncomfy and prickly. Im so sorry if you n yer friend been like attacked bc of yer disgust for said ships… Like ew. I cannot stress this enough. Fiction or naw my guys that kinda shiz is grss to like and hype about. I see under age 🔞 ships in EVERY. SINGLE. FANDOM. I see if obsessively with Jujutsu Kaisen too. Like. Ew. Pls. Stop…


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Sorry y'all I ain’t got no chill now lol

Please this idea sounds so cute fr fr!!!!

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Omg the sheeer softness of this. I love music it’s gotten me through some. Really tough shit in my life. Zack lulling to sleep with those ASMRs of out doorsy vids or beautiful folk music. But when he just wanna listen to music music with lyrics he pegs me as a potential Slipknot fan, I think he’d also like Pantera, Metallica, Tool and Avenged Sevenfold as well.

As for Rachel oof corspe definitely but I also see her listening to Killswitch engage, System of a Down, nickelback, The Birthday Massacre and Aesthetic Perfection ….


Y'know what. heres a playlist for Zack and Ray below the Cut•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°


Isaac Zack Foster Playlists

  • Avenged Sevenfold - Buried Alive

  • Metallica - For Whom The Bells Toll

  • Metallica - nothing else matters

Rachel Gardner Playlists

  • KillSwitch Engaged - End of heartache

  • System of a Down - Psycho

I cannot add anymore vids so imm list a few others.

  • The Birthday Massacre

Blue, Looking Glass, strangers

  • Aesthetic Perfection

A nice place to visit (if sensitive to not watch the music video. Just a warning there) , Spit it Out

Y'know when my brain ain’t fucked from drinking I’ll make a cleaner more organized playlists for both of em heh… Sorry y'all.

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Dude I love this. All of this y'all have way better brains than I do and. I just wanna share this fr fr. Tagging tf outta it. The new tag for Zack and Ray will be brother!Zack Foster & Sister!Ray and when we write platonic zack ray stuff even if it’s under father! Zack Daughter! Ray I'mma be fine with that to. I love this nonniebean. I really. Really love it. Cackled me up at the period part. Poor Zackieboo just tryna learn y'all

Lemme just cry and how awesome this shit warmed me heart. LET THE BABIES BE SAFE. HAPPY. HEALTHY. PLEASE

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I’m so thirsty for Gojo and Astumu. I’m willing to make myself believe their in the same world. Just so I can be sandwiched between em

Don’t @ me. This is my all time fantasy.

Rail me Gojo, while atsumu crushes me between his meaty thicc thighs. Degraaaaaaaaade me.

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Kindly stop pushing me back up to the top of my feed everytime I exit out of or reblog something.

And for the love of god at times when I Heart something, the screen goes black in the app :/ fiiiiiix diiiiiiiisss.

I'mma seriously send a hex spell to y'all.

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Sure thing!! I couldn’t figure out how to do so without sharing your name so I just SC and made a seperate post. But alas, I’m happy you liked it ^^ it seriously hurted my brain tryna type that ideky

Gojo can step on my anytime. 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

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Awww thanks nonniebean!! 💅😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺

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And that’s totally okay too. Everyone has their own views on things, like i said headcanons aren’t canon and don’t have to be thought of as canon. It’s really hard to explain lol.

Okay I had this idea so bear with me here. This is how I’d see Gojo handling their doubts. Since you implied the reader is female I went with she/her pronouns.

“Gojo.” So soft, and yet sounded so sad. He winced at just how quiet she was when saying his name. His surname and not his given no less. He turns to her, eyes clad with his blindfold and placing a gentle touch on her thigh for comfort. “Yes darling?.” He sees how her eyes watered, so deep in thought, he always thought you to be so beautiful when you’re thinking, how cute you looked while trying to think. “Is this. A good idea?.” There it was, deep down he knew this question had to be discussed soon, but not this soon.

“I know I’ve brought this up before, but I can’t shake it. We need to actually talk this out.” He hummed a response, scared to see where this conversation will head. Will they both be able to satisfy their warring minds? Be able to find a middle ground and stay this way? Or will this be the last time he gets to be in her room, sleep in her bed? Kiss her? “I understand this whole jujutsu

society you’re in, and from what I’ve seen first-hand the higher-ups do not see me in a good light.” Gojo visibly tensed and his teeth clenched at the mention of them. But he let her continue. “Gojo, I don’t want to risk your life and mine. Their right I am a distraction, what good am i for you?. I’m not worth anything compared to protecting this world, I’ll just get in your way I -.” She stops to take in a breath. He sees how distressed she is, and he understood what she was saying. Exactly what she was trying to explain. He knew as well as any sorcerer that although they can be with someone, love and cherish that special someone, deep down it is too much of a hassle. Most cases sorcerers had Kin only to increase the numbers.

“I’m learning so much from you, learning how to utilize this amazing power. But I feel like it’s not enough for you. I can’t compare to the seriousness of your job, I can’t compare myself to saving the world. Gojo.” Her sweet eyes looked right at him. “I don’t want to distract you.” Silence filled the air around them while both were stewing in their own thoughts, and for a moment y/n thought this is the part where he agrees. And let’s you go.

“You’re not a distraction for me.” He whispers, afraid that if he spoke an octave higher he’d scare you away. “The moment nobara brought you to me because you showed signs of jujutsu abilities, the moment I looked into your eyes and the longer you stood there in front of me.” He pulls down his blindfold and showing her his eyes. So deep, so beautiful. Like looking at the sky.

“I felt myself gravitate towards you, like an endless pull from the universe pulling me closer to you. I couldn’t shake it away, no matter how hard I tried. Everything about you is like calm waves. You give me as much hope and faith as my amazing students do. I- I can’t stay away from you.” He scoots closer to you, hips touching and face only centimeters away from yours. “Y/n.” He breathes wrapping an arm around your waist. “I do what I want, forget what those damned bastards say. And what I want more than anything, is to let someone in. And feel something, I have everything I ever wanted. Money, power and now my biggest accomplishment. You.” Tears fell gracefully from your eyes, desperate to hold onto this moment forever. Fearing that something will take him away from you at any moment. You glided your hands up his stomach, to his chest then placing them around his neck. Holding him there.

“I’m a greedy, selfish, powerful man. And what I want sticks. No one can and will tell me what to do, if I can juggle this and that. The immense power I own, protecting the world, being a teacher and being the most powerful sorcerer alive. Than why can’t I juggle you too?.” Breathless, and heart pounding so hard in your ears you nearly fell dizzy at how intoxicating this man is. You relented, no matter how much you’ve tried giving him a way out to protect himself. He still chooses you to be apart of his life.

And that’s far more than what you could ask for.

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Meh basic retail job atm. I have a dream career that I wanna do In crime scene cleaning. Been wanting to do some type of job that’s in crime / investigations/ police etc. Crime scene cleaning you pretty much come in after the police, ambulance etc leaves and disinfect and clean what was left in the aftermath. They do homicides, suicides, meth labs, real estate, decomposition etc. And that’s something right uo my alley. The closest Spaulding Decon business is in Austin TX. So it’s definitely gonna have to wait till my cars fixed 😭😭😭😭😭

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Not at all nonnie! Even if I wasn’t I wouldn’t respond to said hate. Thazd only fuel it more and give em the attention their demanding! So no worries dearie I’m alright^^ I’m terribly sorry you all have been attacked that way. We should be able to feel comfortable expressing our selves on platforms. :/ but people don’t wanna take you into consideration that their not the only ones online with different opinions. Hard pill to swallow but ashats gotta learn the hard way that we ain’t backing down. I sure as hell won’t at all. I haven’t played the game nor read the manga bit don’t worry! I will once I get caught up with Haikyuu and JJK. I bit off more than I could chewing getting into three new animes at the same time. Don’t yell at me.

Also Ur right. Adult x minor shit is gross. I see it everywhere. Especially teacher x student tropes I was shown a pic of gojo woth yuji and megumi and I was like. Noooo. Satoru Gojo. Ain’t a fucking pedophile. Neither is Zack from AoD. Neither are all the teachers in MHA. No. Just. No.

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