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…Does anybody want to see a gif of this cat?


Originally posted by acurvywoman

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I think I just had a big brain

So, majority of us know what gender dysphoria is and that it’s linked to trans people, right? So, if gender dysphoria can impact your ability to do everyday things, wouldn’t that also make transphobic people ableist?

Thank you for your time, but also don’t quote me on this, this is just some weird info-dumping thing I had to get off my chest or I might’ve started sulking about it. (Reblogs with your thoughts are greatly appreciated, I’d like to see what you think ^_^)

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Admin: Hey, I’m really sorry but I don’t really do show cross overs. Since I don’t know anything about the show I won’t be able to actually continue to make HC’s for it.

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Admin: This ask is super similar to this one here.

^^” I’ll be saying pretty much the same thing, so it’s a bit redundant to do asks so similar.

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I wonder that too, tbh! I like to believe there’s a strong sword/blade culture in Kirigakure, just about everyone (or atleast shinobis) carries around a blade on themselves no matter where they go, so it just seems odd we never see/hear of a blacksmith at all? They definitely do exist but I think because they’re not out and about doing cool ninja shit they’re pushed off to the sidelines.

Honestly I can probably ramble on and on about this topic alone but I’ll just write a somewhat short summary on what I think of this:

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Admin: For scenarios I only do one boy. (Typically scenarios are fairly long & take a bit more work). You’ll have to send this in again and ask for one boy or you can ask for a reaction of all the boys.

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hi just for future reference i won’t be writing any clc prompts that involve elkie as of now

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i dropped my candy and wanna pick it up so bad but my cat is snuggled up on me and I REFUSE TO RUIN THIS MOMENT

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Falling back into Magi but still need to finish my Usopp s/o headcannons despite the Uni deadlines closing in.

Guess imma have to try and do both. I wouldn’t wait around or anything though if I were you I take years.

Especially cause I need to restart the Usopp headcannons cause my phone broke and needed restoring. F.

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Afternoon gang! Tomorrow is the 1st and im excited to open the ask box, I will not however be awake at 12am as I need the sleep so this is just a reminder that….


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// Gojo. No. Stop. Bad Gojo *sprits you with Hoky water* Still kinfa curious on what the paper is tho… Knowing Gojo. Uhm. Oop sorry ‘Tsumu~ it ain’t gonna be easy reeling Gojo in now haha.

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// Fuck now I’m definitely screwed HEY BABY CAKES hope you’re doing okay™ so happy to see ya here in my run down Tavern :)

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// Oooooooo shit shots fired now now boys no fighting please 🥺 Taras Tavern is safe haven! Love my boys very much Baby Blue eyes and Owl Babe 💜💜

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Funny you assume I’d actually believe you’re old. Even funnier it miffed you to say that. Mwahhahah. As flirtatious as ever Satoru.

Bokuto honey don’t listen to him, your my best babe~

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Omg no one has ever asked me this before.!!!

Absolutely, I’d seriously love that so much 😍😍😍 current animus is angels of death Jujutsu Kaisen and Haikyuu!! ^^ mostly the last two atm since I haven’t gotten around to watching AoD fully yet.

  • Onghdhdh thank you nonnie this means so much to me I’m crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺I don’t deserve this. Anyone who wants to be a character moots for me I’m hella down ~
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I feel this crushing loneliness today

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I’ve become less busy which means I can finally tend to this blog. So expect to see me much more from now on <3

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