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Just noticed there was a few spelling errors on the calendar… Hopefully we can get those fixed and edited at some point today! Sorry for any inconvenience

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[I literally hate everything I hate these mood swings it makes me want to cry I’m so all over the place and I don’t feel like I have any control anymore and sudjjfkfk I’ll try to respond when I can, but im gonna try and take another break.]

[I hate feeling so helpless and I’m really frustrated with myself. I dont know if I can keep my feelings out of what I do with the bot, and I only want to make people feel better, but I need to make myself feel better, first.]

[If there’s something bothering you, please confide in Jisung. He’ll try to help you the best he can, but I can’t promise anything.]

[I’ll try to keep the bot semi active because I feel so bad about taking so many breaks. I’m so sorry I can’t control myself and I can’t have fun with you all. I really am.]

[Please remember to take care of yourselves and stay hydrated. Again, I’m so sorry I can’t control myself better.]

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...I think Jolyne would have a pretty hard time as well, seeing her (twin) sibling struggling to remain in control from the enemy. The way they call out her name and the tears starting to fall from their eyes, snap her back to reality. (Oh no, they're still conscious and are painfully fighting it with so little effect..!) It makes her more determine to think of a plan to help and save them...


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More on sibling reader ask but take it from the perspective of an only child like what if the reader had always wanted an older sibling but obviously because they're an only child they don't so when they express to any of the JoJo's that feel like an older brother to them wouldn't that hurt a bit more? Because like it gives them a sense of pride because they can very easily provide something that reader never had. (Obvs I'm an only child who's very lonely)

Yeah and I mean when you take into account they tried to save that lil lonely child, now they have to destroy them, let me die

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“if they have to end their own flesh and blood they might actually lose their shit” :0 just thinking about that is crazy.


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So I found myself creating a good blog because I kept sending my friend pictures of stuff I cook and then someone told me to do this.

So here we are.

She won, as you can see.

Anyway, hi, I’m Ethel! You can also find me doing other stuff on Tumblr on @ethelphantom but this one is for food. I’m in no way a professional chef, but I’m good at what I do and absolutely love cooking.

If there’s a recipe you want me to try, or you want to ask me a question, my asks and messages are open!


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Sibling angst is my jam oh my god. Jonathan feeling helpless because he doesn’t WANT to fight his only friend - his own blood who’s been with him since the beginning. Joseph trying to make light of it, grinning and bearing any hit they land on him, making jokes the entire time. Jotaro being more stoic than usual, not saying anything, avoiding looking at their face as he runs and evades as much as he can. Josuke just... Not coping well. He’s upset Crazy Diamonds can’t just MAKE them better again.

It’s like I hope to god the sibling snaps out of it because if they have to end their own flesh and blood they might actually lose their shit

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I just wanna say I love your oc designs!! They’re so pretty and creative they make me go wksnsgdjdge🥺😳😳💞💗💖💞💕

AHHHHH THANK BBY 🥺 I really am trying to put a lot of effort into my designs and this means so much to me!!

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ahhh! I feel a lil dumb at not connecting that lol. thank you for the clarification!

Nah don’t feel dumb!! It’s a headcanon of mine anyways and I wanted it to be worded in such a way that reader can project any other person they want!

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Not a request! I was just thinking about sibling!Reader (regardless of who they’re the sibling of) getting possessed by an enemy Stand and having to fight their brother. Depending on who their sibling is, the angst just skyrockets. I can’t imagine any of the Jojo’s (or others that have been brought up as a sibling around here) not being utterly terrified of the situation.

Especially if the sibling is younger I think. You always want to protect the little one, even if you guys are fighting. I don’t think even Jotaro would want to fight, because he would still care just the tiniest bit. But if he has to do something to save them he’s going to try his damnedest to help. The one that would be the most torn would be Jonathan. Especially since sibling was to that day his only friend in the whole wide world.

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probably a dumb question but I just read your post about kujo!reader meeting their uncle (josuke) for the first time and you mentioned them having a first love. who was it??

Kakyoin :(

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