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We need big family content in this god forsaken land because I cannot deal with losing more family members as time goes on. I’m perfectly happy being hounded to death to wear a sweater by my beefy great great grandpa.

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I asked my followers on Instagram what they were *personally* afraid of happening with either presidential outcome. my goal was to see if Republicans are afraid of losing some rights or their way of life drastically changing, as I know many of my friends are afraid. I found that:

1. Republicans are concerned about jobs (not theirs specifically, but jobs nonetheless), mass COVID safety measures being forced upon them, and America’s public image (not a personal issue unless you count pride)

2. Democrats are concerned about financial stability, healthcare, human rights, and safety of minority friends and family

this fully confirmed my hypothesis that conservatives have very little on the line vis a vis their daily lives while liberals have a lot on the line. sounds about right.

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Sorry i had to read this a few times because i needed to ingrain it into my mind so i could remember it, thank you. I dont got many friends so i feel obliged to stay with them and love them, i dont want to blame them for their predicaments but DAMN they didnt have to do me like that!

I love you very much, thank you for this message, you dont have to fight anyone for me but i appreciate the thought my dear💕🥰❤🥺💕🥰❤🥺💕🥰❤🥺💕🥰❤🥺💕🥰❤🥺, also i live in le olde England 😂.

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i just want to say thanks for all the lovely messages the other day :) you guys all made me feel better. hope you’re all doing well

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Mr. Big’s Stand Ability SHINE gives the user the ability to be instantly liked by everyone except the secret is its just a placebo effect. User already has a shining personality.

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𝓑𝓲𝓻𝓽𝓱𝓭𝓪𝔂 𝓓𝓻𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓾𝓹!

CW! // FOOD (the birthday cake)


Admin Nana: Happy birthday to you-

Shut up. Why am I even wearing this dress again?

Admin Nana: cause you look pretty in it? Like c'mon, let the Winderella live 🤧

😒 you’re lucky I’m not dropkicking your ass right here right now-

Admin Nana: You wouldn’t uwu and it’s your birthday! Just be happy and enjoy the cake, yeah :D

….. *Sighs, posing with the cake* fine fine. The things you make me do, Nana-

Admin Nana: *takes a few pictures* UWU yet you still love me 😌✌️ nOW SMILE FOR THE CAMERA-


Admin Nana: but all in all, I’d like to wish a happy birthday to the one of the sweetest, kindest and most hard-working member of NCT that I’ve loved for so long.

Sicheng, Winwin, I still remember the first time I got to know you through Boss. It was brief, you barely had any screentime and little to no lines at all. But the impact of the few seconds made me want to get to know you more. You were taken out of 127 not long after Simon Says, a fixed unit and that enraged so many fans. Us Czennies fought to keep you in the group, only to later find out you’ll be placed into WayV.

We still felt hurt, 127 didn’t feel the same anymore without you and your name and face was removed from all 127 merch from that day. But within WayV you might’ve gotten the chance to truly flourish your talent. A man that could’ve gone to the most prestigious art academy, the one that got chased by SM scouters to enter their entertainment until he finally relented only to be mistreated. But hey, there’s no rainbows without a little rain right?

You’re getting more screentime these days, you’re getting a good amount of lines too. Even if I didn’t end up bias-ing you in WayV you’ll still have a soft spot in my heart, just like you probably do in all of your members’ hearts too.

Keep being yourself, Sicheng. The one that’s naturally cute, the naturally good dancer and the naturally good person you are.

Let’s hope for better days and more years to come for you, for Weishennies, for Czennies, for us.

Happy birthday Winwin 💙


This goes to all the Winwins out there too! Happy birthday to you all 💙💙💙

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I’m very very picky with this thing, but well. Let’s do this.

Considero husbando a ese personaje masculino que se queda jodiendo en mi mente por más de 3 meses, y pues.

There was Once upon a time Diabolik Lovers 1st season. I got the anime first, obviously and only by chance. So, despite my opinion on other characters, there was one of them that totally cought me. From the mere beginning:



I was down cuz he didn’t showed up so much, but then I used: WIKIPEDIA, there I found out his tsundere personality.

Things got waaaaay better once I played the game, and honestly I love his sweetness, his pervy times and his jokes.

Then I started role playing with a friend of mine, and I was slowly understanding that we both couldn’t spend a night together without arguing all around on an absurd topic. Reason? We are like the opposite side of the mirror. We’re too similar. Plus, it’s hard for us to get along with new people.

At the same time my friend and I were writing a DL’s fanfic, and with the same peace I kinda “started hanging out” with…


This man.

Heh…. 😅

For some may not be a radical choice, but to me, it was (specially cuz I’ve never paid many attention to him Xd). Maybe it was up to how my friend played him, but he’s definitely a happier person and I don’t mind joking and pranking around with him. May be suicide but his moody face is very funny.

So… Yuma started walking slowly but firmly. And I got an existential doubt on how the fuck this man was pushing my only husband out of the window. It took time, indeed, for me to realize that maybe, in my fantasy world I would be happier with him. One of the things that made me take a decision was the Bloody Bouquet CD drama: while Subaru was completely ready to die with the heroine due the curse, Yuma kept trying and trying, he was sure he’ll succeed. Both did their best at the situation, but Yuma’s positivity got me in the end. I mean, seriously, that performance… Literally made me cry. Ya van dos veces que este hombre me hace llorar :v.

Well, in few words, he took the top1, having Subaru in top 2.

(I’m still trying @yuma-mukami to notice me but I’m so fucking shy!!! My tongue/fingers goes like kdbxhqcsixgqiqbdo)

So, until now, my husbands are all from DL, but next one I have to mention him now or now!!

Everything started with a meme, this character got my attention, and years later, I got the opportunity to see the anime, and right after, to read the manga. And…. Um… Here he is:


Yeah, I’m starting to see a pattern.

Yeah, I love this guy’s personality. I mean, being a complete idiot when he’s comfy and relaxed, but when the situation changes, he’s the first one that plugs the serious switch. Despite being cherish, pervy and protective like Subaru and Yuma above, this thunderbeast has a bit more common sense than the others Xd. This kind of assholes (Yuma and Hak) make me feel relaxed, and at the same time cautious, cuz I don’t want to commit any stupid clumsy mistakes around them, but that’s just me.

This man came in like a fucking tank breaking everything around and I can’t get it out of my head!!


Anyway, I still don’t know in which top Hak is, but it’s definitely one of my top 3. The only certain thing here is that I would marry them very gladly.

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AAAAAAAAAAAA YOU MADE MY DAY OMG THANK YOUUU 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤💘❤💘💓💝💞💖💞💝💞💝💓💓💘💓💘💞💘💘💓💝💝💗💖💖💗💖💗💖💗💓💖💓💖💓💖💓

side note: oh gosh I’m so sorry for suddenly disappearing like that asdfghjkl I forgot to mention a few months ago that school started 😂😂

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Rebrand rebran rebrand🥺🥺🥺

I really like the Pokémon concept, but it’s so hard to keep up and I’m so sorry😖 I’ll be rebranding and posting a teaser thingy either tonight 10-26-2020 EST or tomorrow 10-27-2020 EST. I’ll try to tag everyone I interact with💕

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