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#adobe creative suite

We have CS6, which includes After Effects, and while the software is quite old at this point, it still works for adding stuff to videos, so we might play around with it a bit cause there are a lot of tutorials out there and plugins and stuff. 

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Little landscape piece I did for my Adobe Illustrator class! I thought doing a city-ish/desert-theme would be nice :D

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In light of COVID-19 Adobe is offering 60 days free to subscribers!

Go to manage your plan and choose cancel then go through the steps and you’ll be taken to an Offers page before you’re asked to confirm. The page will offer you 60 days for free for choosing not to cancel.


Above photo from the twitter post I found this on


Above photo mine after getting credit for my non-profit pricing for two months

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with how much i’m paying for the adobe creative suite you’d think that I’d be able to install all my applications on more than two devices 😣

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Well, heck, just had another unpleasant software-related surprise.  It turns out I can’t open many of my files on my desktop anymore, because I edited them using the latest version of the Adobe Suite products, and those latest versions aren’t compatible with Windows 8, which is the operating system on my desktop.  So… huh.  I mean, I kind of hated Windows 8 anyway (why it got rid of the general Windows start menu in favor of a whole separate—start screen?—I don’t know, but I’m glad Windows 10 put the start menu back the way it was), and it’s not like I’d object to putting a different operating system on the computer except that, yeah, that’s a big hassle I don’t feel like dealing with.  So… guess I’ll stick to my laptop for editing my older (but new enough to have been saved with more recent versions of the Adobe software) files.  Or if I want to edit them with the tablet, I guess I’ll have to save them in an older version first.

Yeah, I guess so far 2020 is off to a… kind of an annoying start.

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right does anyone want to tell me how they actually make gifs on Mac 2019? because UMplayer is fucked so is MPEG Steamclip, I have no idea how to make continuous screen caps of a video and there’s like not an updated tutorial insight? fuck even the adobe cc site has nothing. 

I just wanna create content ffs

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✔️ Un ‘mino’ no es un minero. Un mino es un personaje digital basado en nuestros mineros, nuestra historia y tradiciones, pero que a su vez vive en la red y conoce la actualidad.

✔️ Un 'mino’ es binario; no es de izquierdas o derechas, sino que se basa en ceros y unos. No obstante, tiene cualidades humanas.

✔️ Un 'mino’ puede ser capaz de sentir, puede ser reivindicativo, puede ser adorable, e incluso insufrible. Pero nunca llegará a ser un cuñado.

Los MINOS, son personajes creados a partir de la evolución de otros personajes que diseñé hace más de seis años; un proyecto que he necesitado poner en marcha para abordar otros campos como la ilustración digital o la animación.

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I tried buying Photoshop.

My bank called it fraud and has stopped me from buying anything more than a $100.

Fucking cunts.

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