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luthienne · 4 months ago
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Adonis, Selected Poems; “Beginnings of the Body, Ends of the Sea” (tr. Khaled Mattawa)
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megairea · 5 months ago
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Adonis, from The Days (tr. by Samuel Hazo)
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Light and love
1. Simone Weil / 2. Richard Siken / 3. Young Royals / 4. Hozier / 5. Madeline Miller / 6. Antonio Canova /7. Jessie Burton / 8. Taylor Swift / 9. Joseph Lorusso / 10. Madeline Miller / 11. Adonis
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astereaus · a month ago
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Adonis, "Desert " (tr. by Khaled Mattawa)
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celestial-martian · 12 days ago
Astrology Observations No°2
A random compilation of astrology observations. This is all from my experience with the people around me so it's alright if some of it doesn't resonate with you. I hope you guys like this and can relate to some of these! 💕
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🌼 Aries Mercuries + those with harsh Mercury - Mars aspects tend to steamroll over others when they talk, especially when they’re passionate or excited about something. Their voice really changes with their emotions. When they’re frustrated, they add urgency in their voice. When they’re excited, they speak animatedly. When they’re angry, they're curt and sharp.
Aries Mercury also like to pace or sway when they speak and they don’t even notice it 😂. Uses a lot of fast hand motions too. This is probably the same for Mercury - Mars or Mercury - Jupiter aspects. They like to fidget.
🌼 Capricorn / 10H Mercuries and Mercury - Saturn aspects' words are taken very seriously by others. People trust their opinion and think they have good judgment. They could have an air of authority when they speak that makes people stop, pay attention, and listen.
I have my Mercury in Capricorn and trine Saturn. My brother's Mercury is in the 10H. This is true (and a little strange at times) in my experience. I've noticed it happen to my brother also.
🌼 Leo Moons and IC's may “play dumb” or jokingly tease themselves to entertain their family members. They're probably proud of their family. They love their family’s attention and appreciation.
🌼 This is the dynamic when the fire Moons get together:
Aries and Sagittarius Moon like to tease others, likely the Leo Moon. The Leo Moon enjoys the attention but is the most likely to get their feelings hurt. The Aries Moon can dish it out but can't take it very well, and the Sagittarius Moon wobbles back and forth between letting others tease them and being the person teasing others. They take turns taunting and imitating each other. When these Moon signs get together, it's very interesting, fast-paced, and honestly hilarious. You need to have thick skin because they roast each other hard and nothing is off limits. They love to laugh and joke together.
🌼 Scorpio 5H / Venus in the 8H / Scorpio Venus is very private and secretive about their hobbies and interests. They could be very passionate about them to the point of being obsessive. They probably will keep the same interests for a long time. Could have interest in astrology/tarot.
🌼 Asteroid Karma (3811) in the 7th house probably finds a lot of weird synchronicities in their relationships. Their relationships are highly significant throughout their life and these are probably people they’re meant to meet.
🌼 Aquarius Mars avoids arguments or likes to stay silent during them. The people I know with this placement I rarely ever see angry. Their anger can seem unpredictable and surprising to others.
🌼 Scorpio Mercuries are very, very perceptive. I know a couple people with this placement. They pick up on any inconsistencies thrown their way. They’re the type to tune into others' body language and verbal cues. Their perceptiveness surprises people because Scorpio Mercuries are good at hiding that they’re analyzing someone. They file this information away for later to mention casually and you're left wondering how the hell they even noticed that :)
🌼 Midheaven in Scorpio might work alone the majority of the time in their career. Heavy Scorpio + Capricorn are the type to own their own business.
🌼 Where asteroid Adonis (2101) is in your chart can indicate what type of person you find attractive / our ideal partner. It's the masculine energy of asteroid Aphrodite (1388).
Ex: I have Adonis in Sagittarius in the 6th house at 20° and find it really attractive when someone is in control of themselves but also has a fun-loving side and I can laugh with them. Complexity is attractive to me.
Ex: Adonis in Cancer in the 1st house is attracted to someone who's up front about their emotions. Might like someone sensitive but also assertive. Might find it attractive when people come to them first.
🌼 Virgo / 6H placements (especially Moon) need structure and rules. They feel relaxed and calm when there's order. They're the type to always want to follow the rules and hate disappointing people.
🌼 I've noticed Moon in the 4H like to fix up their house by doing repairs and renovations.
🌼 Virgos with Cancer influence are probably good at gardening. My grandpa has his Moon in Virgo at 16° (Cancer degree) and he loves to garden. His Venus is also in Libra so he has a natural eye for beauty. He's very talented at gardening.
🌼 Aquarius Mercuries are not the kind to mince words. They're very analytical and logical, so if you ask for advice they'll be honest. They're a good voice of reason. Very fixed opinions. Hard to change their mind when they've made a decision. One person I know with this placement absolutely hates being told what to do and will rebel against them, but will later come to the same conclusion lol.
🌼 Those with earth signs in their social houses (3H, 7H, 11H) and if these are generally empty houses in their chart may find they communicate slowly, precisely, and deliberately. They take a longer time to process information but remember it for longer. They like to be thorough.
🌼 I’ve noticed the combination of Libra Moon + Virgo Mars makes someone a little nosey when it comes to people’s emotions. They really want to know what’s wrong, especially if you’re upset with them. It’s hard for them to let this go and will continue to ask you until you tell them what’s going on.
🌼 Leo influence on Mercury makes someone seem theatrical when they speak. They tend to move their body and their head a lot. They also use many hand motions to guide people along with their story. Is probably dramatic about random things. Mercury at Leo degrees (5°, 17°, 29°) like to stress certain words and have a unique style of speaking. They like to exaggerate and want their stories to be memorable.
🌼 Neptune in the 8H / in Scorpio / at 8° or 20° most likely enjoys listening to music with sexual undertones. I have Neptune in the 8H and at 8° and I can attest to this 😁. I have a whole playlist dedicated to sensual songs. I know someone else with a similar placement and they also like music like this.
Aries or Scorpio influence on Neptune might like intense and loud music. Might like rock, metal, or screamo. Aquarius might too.
Neptune at Cancer degree (4°, 16°, 28°) might like to listen to music from their past and childhood.
Neptune at Virgo degree (6°, 18°) may listen to music quietly. My friend has this and she listens to her music so freaking quiet I’m confused how she even hears it 😂.
Neptune at Leo degree (5°, 17°, 29°) might like popular music or maybe musicals? They probably appreciate the artistic side of music. I'm a little unsure about this one so take it or leave it :)
Thank you for reading and I hope you guys like this!
~ Celeste 💜✨
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luthienne · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Adonis, from Selected Poems; “A Piece of Bahlul’s Sun” (tr. Khaled Mattawa)
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megairea · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Adonis, from Death (tr. by Samuel Hazo)
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xshayarsha · 9 months ago
I was wounded early, and early I learned that wounds made me.
Adonis, from Celebrating Vague-Clear Things; Celebrating Childhood. Trans. Khaled Mattawa.
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zeldasnotes · a month ago
This post is about the effect these asteroids will have if they are conjunct the Ascendant.
⚠️These are only observations it doesnt have to be true for everyone!
Very beautiful. These people might get a little too much attention tho because they will attract attention EVERYWHERE they go. This can be hard for them. They might be known for their appearance too. They are usually very classy, cute and sexy. They might have a high libido and have a lot of sexual partners since aphrodite was the goddess of pleasure. Ive seen that these people often have very thick and long eyelashes.
These people usually have an angelic and plump look to them. They can look nurturing and trustworthy. They are usually very sensitive and caring. Might be curvy. When younger they usually experience problems with food and body image. They have a talent when it comes to cooking and gardening. Kids usually ADORE them. Ceres is the fertility asteroid so they might want a lot of children. These are the best people to go to when sick or feeling down.
These people are usually sexualized in a horrible way. They can feel extremely lonely because people only see sex in them.This is a very common aspect in people who work in the adult business or do nude modeling. It also gives a ”foxy” look and a cunning mind. This aspect is described as ”women seen as sexobjects by men”.
Lucifer conjunct Ascendant in a chart is someone who wants to be number 1. These people cant stand anyone being better than them. They might start fights to show how strong and powerful they are. They are extremely prideful and have a hard time admitting that they are insecure. This aspect gives someone a extremely sensitive ego. They might also be arrogant and envious.They usually have a ”devilish” look to them and might look sneaky.
This makes someone beautiful and handsome in a more masculine way. While aphrodite gives beauty adonis gives handsomeness. People usually look up to them and they are usually popular. Ive seen that this aspect gives beautiful bone structure and usually a defined jawline. People with this aspect attracts a lot of women with aphrodite attributes.
This is the victim asteroid. People with this asteroid conjunct the Ascendant usually get victimized a lot troughout their life. They have a certain look that make them look weak or vulnerable. The abuse is often sexual since dejanira was raped. Most people with this aspect learn early that they have this look and starts to act tough to avoid being victimized again. This is a really dangerous aspect since a lot of people will attack when they sense weakness.
This is someone who might be either mentally or physically abusive. Ive seen that this aspect also gives extreme intelligence. These people might have a hard time not being abusive towards others and they might also be known for this. They usually have a scary look in some way that make others be careful around them. They might enjoy conflict. EXTREMELY vengeful. They usually have a sexual look to them too. This can be a really scary aspect.
These people have something about them that make others look up to them, sometimes even worship. People really put them on a piedestal. They usually look royal in some way and are usually attractive. Just like people with Venus in the 1st house these people can also get away with a lot because people think so highly of them. The problem with this is that they never learn their lesson because theh always get away. If you argue with these people others will most likely take their side.
These people are usually very argumentative. They use the world ”but” a lot. If you say ”Chocolate is so tasty” they will say”Yeah but not all chocolates”. They love to argue and make a point. Everything people say is wrong or bad in some way. The positive part is that they usually stand up for others and fight for the people who cant fight for themselves.
Comment which asteroids you want me to do next!💕
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soracities · a year ago
Tumblr media
Walt Whitman, ‘Song of Myself’
Tumblr media
Mahmoud Darwish, ‘Mural’
Tumblr media
Adonis, ‘Desert’
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bitchfitch · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
During the investigation of renowned sculptor Henry Wright's death police discovered that his magnum opus was missing. Officially named 'The Adonis', but more frequently referred to as 'The Other Mr.Wright', or simply 'Adonis Wright', has been presumed to be stolen. The motive behind both the murder of Wright and the theft of his 600 pound, seven foot tall marble statue are still unclear as the authorities have yet to identify a suspect.
They did however let us know that Wright was bludgeoned to death, most likely with a chunk of marble similar to what 'The Adonis' was carved from.
Bind Weed (Bonds), Cyclamen (Resignation, Goodbye), Jonjuil (Desire, Sorrow, Death) Morning Glory (Love In Vain), Orange Blossom (I Will Love You Forever), Scarmony (Revenge), Swamp Lily (Regret), Calendula (I Am Grateful, I Am Sorry), California Poppy (I Dream Of You, Death) Snap Dragon (I Am Sorry For What I Did), Red Carnation (Love, Be Mine), Amaranthus (I Have Not Stopped Loving You, I Have Not Forgotten You, Unfading Feelings), Four Leafed Clover (Be Mine), Orange Rose (Fascination), Red Rose (Love, Passion, Lust), Red Blossomed Heilala (reverance), Weeping Willow (Melancholy, Mourning), White Clover (Think Of Me), White Tulips (Forgive Me), Barrbery (Hot Temper), Blackberry (Grief, Envy, Weariness), Lichen (Dejection, Solitude), Marigold (Irrational Expectations, You Ask Too Much Of Me, Passion, Grief), White Rose (Reverance), Black Mulberry (I Will Not Survive You), Tobacco Leaves (Bond With The Creator)
Anemone (Fragile Love, Death Of A Loved One)
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certaindragonfestival · a month ago
Tumblr media
David Mendoza Garduno MEXICAN MARVEL !
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