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We all need more cats, right? RIGHT.

Welcome to my new foster litter, The Witcher kittens!

Mom is Tissaia. Kittens are:

Geralt (black and white with no collar - he’s the one who keeps staring into the camera with a smolder)

Jaskier (black and white with white collar - always looks vaguely perplexed)

Yennifer (all black, no collar - the first to show interest in stealing Tissaia’s food)

Renfri (black any white, purple collar - she’s the most adventurous of the group and constantly approaches for love and cuddles)

Calanthe (black and white, orange collar - scrappy AF, but smaller than Geralt, so she loses when they battle for a teat)

Triss (black and white, yellow collar - quiet and subdued, but very sweet)

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Sweet little Ema was helping me out with my studies. This hamster, and her beautiful ridiculous tail is paramount to keeping my mental sanity above the muddy waters of “OHMYGOD THERE’S A FUCKING WORLD PANDEMIC AND MY GOVERNMENT’S STUPIDITY (or sheer evil souls) WILL COST LIFES”. You know, everyday 2020 stuff.

Whatever goads your goat, people! Be safe and be compassionate! Make your pets proud <3

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“The children have outgrown her.”

That was her previous owners’ reason for giving her up. Like she’s a pair of shoes.

I’ve never known a bunny love cuddles as much as this little lady. It breaks my heart to know she was sitting alone in a hutch, with no bunnies for company, while the children she was bought to entertain gradually lost interest.

I’m going to love her for the rest of her life.

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