next-lvl · 2 days ago
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Showing off my recent adopts! First three batches are sold already, latest batch just went up for auction here \o/
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8bit-mau5 · a day ago
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Making adopts again so I can afford new glasses!! If you cant buy these, then please consider boosting!! Please DM if interested! Anyone that purchases one of these adopts will get a traditional sketch bust as thanks ; v ; <33 I loved working on all these guys so much
Sk8er girl jade - CLOSED @quiescent-trolls for @b0n-sa1
Mafia boss orange -  60 USD, ON HOLD
Exhausted mechanic teal - CLOSED @/warp
Glamrock clown -  CLOSED @quiescent-trolls
[Rules under cut!]
I can hold for up to 5 days
You may gift them, but under no circumstances are you allowed to resell them
NONE of my art or adopts are to be minted as EN EF TEES
If you do not want them anymore, you can simply give them back or trade them off to someone else!
Don’t claim design as your own, and credit me at LEAST once
Transparent unwatermarked files will be sent only after payment has been received
Feel free to change the gender, clothes, etc however you want. So long as the design is still recognizable I don’t mind!
You may NOT change the skin tone, whitewash them, or change their facial features, as all of my adopts are coded as POC (obsiously the facial features bit doesnt apply to chibis, as these guys have no real facial features and one has their entire face covered)
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milkcandy · a day ago
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$30 cat adopt!
payment via p@ypal/venm0/k0fi!
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ghoul--doodle · 2 days ago
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Hello! I make the funnie adopts!
£10 each :)!
1. Dreamy Puppy: Closed
2. Kibby: Open
3. Lovecore Otter: Closed
4. Coffee Cake Bunny: Open
5. Pineapple Axolotl: Open
6. Custom Character: Open
First come first served
P@ypal only
Comment to claim!
6 is a custom character made on a base, not a full custom commission !
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rejamart · 2 days ago
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A dozen roses, a dozen chocolates. Available for adoption over on my dA: https://www.deviantart.com/rejamrejam/art/OPEN-Valentine-s-Day-Farmstand-Friends-904803643
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rainecloud020604 · a day ago
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Some soda adoptables I have been meaning to post
Mellow yellow Gal 1 - Open
Mellow yellow Gal 2- Open
Ginger Ale Medic - Closed
Baja Blast Gal - Open
Reblog to support and help spread papal only
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lajadelmira · a month ago
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Adoptable saleeeee!!
AAaaaAaAAa im selling some of my babies cause i need money for some medical bills ಥ_ಥ
either dm me here or email me at Lajadelmira@gmail.com (this email it’s only for contacts pls don’t send any payments here)
Payment through Paypal ( Invoice )
All prices on USD
I will send you the adopt to your Email
Reblogs are highly appreciated please help me find these beans a new home
All available ~
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overcyan · a month ago
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Almost forgot. Additional concept art from my last adopt Sold*
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haxxydraws · 9 months ago
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these designs are up for adoption! details below the cut.
🌞 SUN: purchased by @rejectedvegetable !
🌛 MOON: purchased by @rejectedvegetable !
Price is $15 individually, $25 if you get them as a pair. Payment can be done through Paypal or Ko-fi.
If you're interested, shoot me a dm or reply to this post!
What you get: ownership of the design you purchased + a png without the watermark by the legs! I would also be happy to change the bg color if requested ^^
Dos and Don'ts
✔️ Using the original art as a character reference, an icon, etc ✔️ Making an oc based off of this adoptable and drawing your own artwork of the design ✔️ Making changes to the design after purchase, if you'd like ✔️ Reuploading the original art to other sites with credit/a link back
❌ Claiming the original art / design as your own ❌ Editing, tracing, or removing signatures from the original art ❌ Merchandizing or otherwise profiting off of the original art ❌ Utilizing this art for NFTs or any other crypto currency
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alexiela · 3 months ago
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Necromancer - adoptable design
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danneroni · 3 months ago
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Designed by me and sillywhimm on twitter! ❤️‍🔥
We’re asking 80 each. DM me for Scene Queen on the top slide! 💀🎉
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wilted3sunflowers · 3 months ago
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Adopts first come first serve, each are $50  message me for paypal, you get transparent file after purchase all sold
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2ghosts · 3 months ago
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faun adopt 😳 it could be YOURS
sold to honeymiilku
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flatw00ds · 3 months ago
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some formerly benched adopts I polished up and released in light of a pet needing a bit of TLC--these all sold on twitter and are no longer available, but I thought I’d show them off!
I like drawing things like this in rendering sense, but it doesn’t grab me by the brain story-wise like my more typical designs do--so I reserve art like this for adoptable and commissions mainly! Fun to do when I get the chance.
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the-hydroxian-artblog · a month ago
so i had an idea,
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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luffik-showcase · 6 months ago
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Characters I designed that have already been adopted!
See the still available adopts at @adopts-by-luff c: (ilu if you buy one!)
Reblogs always appreciated btw! :3
Also, please check out our City and the Beast novel at sharadrass.com! (thank you SO much if you do! <3)
Tumblr story blog; @cityandthebeast
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snejkha · 24 days ago
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More harefication beamed bunny girls are now up for grabs//
If you would be interested in buying them send me a message at snejkhacom@gmail.com  I wont hold them so first come first serve//Payment is going to be via a Paypal invoice (you will have to send me your paypal email and all) 
As always feel free to share this around/ I will update this post once they are bought///   
Cocoa Lop - SOLD
Midnight Blue - SOLD
Toasted Flemish 
Tricolor Cookie - SOLD
Flemish Jackalope- SOLD 
Snowshoe Jackalope - SOLD
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robasarel · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Character design Owner: @scowlart
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hubedihubbe · 5 months ago
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Another tiefling design for sale over at Twitter!
Don’t have Twitter?? No fret! You can bid over Tumblr, just flick me a DM and your bid will be counted for!
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maxpawb · 16 days ago
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rainbow dog adopts $35 each dm to claim
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