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Late night adoptables! If you’re interested in either one of these gals feel free to send me a DM! Signal boosts are always appreciated and all payments are through paypal!

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New adoptable post, this time with a flat price for each!

Bog Bunny! A sweet friend covered in lichens and faintly glowing. $35

Gold Leaf Fox! A fox with a taste for finery, adorned in shimmering gold. $35

Dreamland Deer! A soft natured wanderer who smells of lavender. $35

Wildcard Collie! A clever trickster who’s prone to taking risks. $45

- Once the adoptable is yours, you can do with them as you like! Change aspects of their designs, their genders, personalities!

- DM me to claim! I’ll send an invoice for them.

- You’ll recieve the nonwatermarked file upon payment!

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I’ve got more adoptables~

This is not the monthly one, I just needed more money after a trip to the doctor cost me $150 out of pocket right before rent lol

This time we have: 

1. Puss Caterpillar
2. Techanid Fly
3. Jewel Beetle
4. Violin Beetle SOLD
5. Treasure Knight (Jewel Beetle 2)
6. Honeybee
7. Centipede SOLD
8. Firefly SOLD

As per usual they’re $25 each and each one comes with a clean render of the character after purchase.

If interested, DM me!

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Monster person adopt up for 20USD

this is a design that had been going around in my head for a little while and thought they’d make a good adoptable! dm me here if you’re interested!


  • You can choose their gender and change their body type to whichever one you want
  • You can make changes to their design
  • Please don’t claim you designed them yourself, credit is not necessary but it is appreciated!
  • Once you’ve purchased them you’re free to resell them
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