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Greetings. I am glad to offer you some unusual deer and a cute mongrel with heterochromia.


Deer: 40usd

Dog: 30usd

● Do not erase the author’s signature;
● Do not sell for more than the price for which you will receive the adoption if there are no additional materials;
● The redesign is acceptable, but not beyond recognition;
● Rules to pass further along the chain;
● Inform about the new owner.

Payment made on PayPal. As soon as the money comes to my account, I send you the art without a watermark. Reservations for two weeks are allowed.                                    

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When u realize ur on a pretty darn good server but ur trying to make a neon so everyone thinks ur poor! 😔

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Anyone else super exited to find out the next egg!? Follow adopt me on tik tok and vote urselves! 😆

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🌸 BID TO ADOPT! 🌸Comes with extra art from me, extra COMIC from me,, and extra art from @mekii.mew @rm.cain @little_yandere1 @vermilionobsidian & @sano_0w ❤️💜 (instagram)

• Please bid under my comment “Bid here!” 💕

• SB: $5 💕

• AB1: $35 (extra art from artists tagged, not me) 💕

• AB2: $45 (extra art from artists tagged, and me including comic) 💕

• MIN $5 (minimum increment) 💕

• TOS: Please do not sell for higher than you bought her for! However, you may resell for as much as you bought if you want. Feel free to change some designs/just not too many where she’s unnoticeable from how I created her 😢

Payment is only through PayPal (or possibly cashapp as well) and there are no refunds since way too much was put into this adopt 🤣

And that’s all! This was actually an old adopt I tried selling and now I’m bringing her back! Let’s show this bb some love:) and thank you again to all the lovely artists who pitched in extra art, swipe to see examples of them!💘


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@blueberry_pet_usa is the go to choice for foster dogs!!
#Kingston has fallen in love with #blueberrypets awesome bed. He can comfortably #dream about his new #family.
Kingston is sweet and gentle, loves a belly rub, a car ride a walk and to just chill out. Is he the perfect match for your house?
#rescuedog #foster #adoptme (at A Home 4 Spot Animal Rescue)

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🐕SIMBA 2 ans ♂️
OK Enfant respectueux du bien-être animal, NO Chiens, NO Chat
Actuellement dans le département du Rhône (69)

♥️Gentil et agréable

🚩Pour tous renseignements, contactez l'Association Instinct de Survie, pour être mieux vu, par textos pour le 1er contact au ☎️06 22 34 20 16 et précisez : SIMBA (69) ➕ indiquez votre ville, le descriptif de votre foyer et la durée de votre absence journalière

💕Le partage permet d'augmenter la visibilité, MERCI pour cet adorable 🐕SIMBA

◾Lien pour ADOPTER :

◾Lien pour être FAMILLE D'ACCUEIL :

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Here we have some cute little adopts for slime companions~

-Leafy Green: A healer and cool to the touch: $5 USD

-Baby Dragon: A fiesty little fighter warm go the touch! $5 USD

-Beary Cute!!: a friendly little bear but be careful with the teeth! $5 USD

Dm if interested!

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(Newport, Rhode Island) Attention fosters! These two snuggle buns are looking for a temporary home while their ‘90s-sitcom-loving owner is called overseas for active military service. 

Starting in fall of 2021 and lasting for approximately 18-24 months, Daphne (black and white) and Kramer (tan and fluffy) need a rabbit-savvy, rabbit-friendly home. Their owner will pay for all care-related expenses including food, toys, and veterinary care. Daphne, who’s two, is definitely the boss in this duo. But don’t discount Kramer, who’s 5, as he can hold his own (and outrun Daphne)! 

Like most bonded pairs, these two are often found cuddling and grooming each other, but if you let them out of their x-pen for some exercise, get ready to see some seriously impressive acrobatics. They would prefer to be the only pets in the home, and they aren’t too sure about kids as they are never around them. And, boy, do kids make a lot of noise!

If you are willing to foster Daphne and Kramer or would like more information about these adorable bunnies, please contact Sarah W. for more details at

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Follow my tiktok im doing a give away in adopt me cus im quiting the adopt me community cus i get scammed alot on roblox

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