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selfshipper-clown15 minutes ago
you will probably get hate for it if the fandom prefers that character and you act too thursty yanno what I mean? -zhipping
Yes 馃様馃様馃様
Is more because catradora is canon (yes I ship them too but I'm glimmadora forever jsjsjajs) and I listened that some fans are really aggressive about other ships. But adora is so good, I love the big woman with long hair and sword/the sweet girl that can kick my ass without sword 馃様馃檹馃檹馃檹
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selfshipper-clown23 minutes ago
Do you think people will hate me if I self ship with adora? Like with korrasami I didn't have problems, korra and Asami are my girlfriends but she-ra is more recent and maybe if I self ship with one of the Canon kiss maybe I can get hate....
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chasing-starlightsan hour ago
Vivian & Gwen
A/N: This may聽be both a shameless self鈥搃nsert + a fic with a giant purely based off of Adora. Regardless, I wrote it so now you guys get to read it lolol. This is a college g/t au with:
Vivian: a human who is childhood friends with a giant she hasn鈥檛 seen since middle school
Gwen: a giant who is childhood friends with a human she hasn鈥檛 seen since middle school
Vivian knew.
It was why she had moved into their dorm a week before Gwen and why she bought an electronic speaker and alarm button鈥搄ust in case. Vivian was aware, painfully so, that Gwen wasn鈥檛 going to be the same as she had in middle school. Hell, it was the entire reason she鈥檇 switched schools in the first place.
Gwen was a giant, a species that grew up to anywhere from 8 to 20 feet. Vivian understood that giants only began to grow after they reached adolescence, and Gwen had switched to a giant only school to avoid any issues. It didn鈥檛 stop the two of them from keeping in contact, however, having been friends since elementary school. Eventually, they promised to attend the same college together.
In the week Vivian moved in by herself she had been anxious, their college was size inclusive, providing them with human and giant sized beds. Immediately Vivian could tell which bed was for Gwen鈥搃t was utterly massive, her desk and chair comically large in comparison to Vivian. It had sent the human into a frenzy鈥揳nd although she thought she knew everything there was about giants already, she still felt grossly unprepared for Gwen鈥檚 arrival.
So she had stayed up for days researching, trying desperately to drill into her mind that she wasn鈥檛 going to greet her childhood friend face-to-face, but rather face-to-body, so for argument鈥檚 sake, Vivian knew.
鈥淰iv? Um, are you alright?鈥
But goodness, nothing could have prepared her for this. Gwen was on the taller side of giants, standing at 18 feet. Vivian knew because she had texted the giant yesterday鈥搕hough she鈥檇 known this for a while鈥揷onfirming Gwen鈥檚 height before attempting to replicate it with a pencil on her wall. She鈥檇 given up, however, when she found that standing on her bed wasn鈥檛 remotely聽close enough for imitation, figuring that it wouldn鈥檛 be that shocking.
How she wished she鈥檇 tried harder now. Gwen completely dwarfed over her, the giant casting a shadow over her friend. She had an amused smile on her face, probably finding whatever stunned expression Vivian had on her face funny, making the human flush and swallow with embarrassment. Vivian awkwardly stepped back, having opened the door and immediately froze, letting Gwen step into the room.
鈥淎h, um, yeah! Sorry I just鈥搃t's one thing knowing and another聽seeing...if that makes sense?鈥 Vivian hoped she looked as calm as she tried to sound, watching Gwen raise an eyebrow at her words. The giant hummed鈥搕he sound deep and velvety鈥搕urning to grin warmly down at her.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e good, I鈥檓 feeling the same way, exactly. It鈥檚 the first time I鈥檝e been near humans in a long time. It made me realize...鈥 Gwen turned then, coming over to Vivian who still stood near the doorway. Vivan stepped away, thinking that Gwen was going out the door, eyes widening in surprise when the giant only came closer to her. She couldn鈥檛 help but let out a sound of surprise then, shuffling backwards in confusion.聽
Vivian looked up, vaguely aware of Gwen reaching over her head to close the door behind her. In the forefront of her mind, however, was Gwen鈥檚 mischievous stare鈥揼reen eyes sparkling as they gazed into her own brown ones鈥揳 lopsided, sly smile on the giant鈥檚 face.
鈥淚 forgot how small you guys are.鈥 Vivian swallowed at Gwen鈥檚 words, and it began to dawn on the human that this year would be much tougher than she anticipated.
鈥淪top it! Leave her alone!鈥 Vivian yelled, short legs pounding against the asphalt as she ran. The other kids glared at her in annoyance, pausing in the midsts of pulling Gwen鈥檚 hair.
鈥淪top being so nosy Vivian!鈥 The seven-year-old ignored their protests, knocking her body into the one grabbing Gwen鈥檚 hair and forcing the kid to let go. She turned to Gwen then, gathering her sniveling friend up in her arms.
鈥淰iv鈥︹ Gwen could only manage to whimper Vivian鈥檚 name, face dirty from being kicked to the ground. Vivian herself felt angry at the sight, turning to glare at the other girls.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e just jealous Gwen will end up big and strong one day! guys are dummies!鈥 It was the best insult the child could muster, shock and horrified gasps following her words. The other children left then鈥揹efeated by Vivian鈥檚 stellar insult鈥搇eaving her and Gwen alone on the playground.
Well, Vivian hadn鈥檛 been wrong.
She woke up from the dream with a jolt, eyes blinking open and ears barely aware of the alarm on her phone blaring next to her. The human sat up, rubbing her eyes and yawning, wishing she had just one more hour to continue her slumber.聽
鈥淔uck...just five more minutes鈥︹ The rough, low murmur made Vivian perk up a bit, turning her head to see Gwen sprawled out on her bed, eyebrows furrowed in annoyance. It had been three days since Gwen had moved in, yet Vivian still felt amazed whenever she set eyes on her. They were finally together after years of being apart and though Vivian was still getting used to their size difference, she was just happy to see the giant in the flesh.
鈥淕wen, you gotta wake up鈥 we both have biology at 9:30 remember?鈥 The little human climbed out of her own bed and shuffled over to the giant, having to look up at bit to see her face. Gwen only mumbled in response鈥揻ace scrunching up in an endearing look of frustration. It made Vivian chuckle softly, reaching up to pinch Gwen鈥檚 nose.聽
鈥淐鈥檓on dummy, I don鈥檛 wanna be鈥揳ck!鈥 Gwen reached over, swinging a long arm over the side of her bed and grabbing onto the back of Vivian鈥檚 shirt. In one fluid motion she effortlessly lifted her roommate up, bringing Vivian into her own bed. The human gasped in surprise, not able to process what had happened until it was too late, trapped in a cage of arms and legs.聽
鈥淕wen! Let me go! You鈥檙e鈥搖gh鈥揾eavy.鈥 The giant only let out a sleepy chuckle, bringing her hand to the back of Vivian鈥檚 head and gingerly guiding it closer to the giant, until the human was pressing her forehead to Gwen鈥檚 neck.
鈥淗mm, perfect pillow size鈥︹ With that Gwen fell back asleep, leaving Vivian to take in the fact that she was just compared to a pillow. The human huffed in mock annoyance, feeling as if she should be angry, but finding her heart was full of the exact opposite emotions. On the contrary she felt giddy, butterflies in her stomach as she scooted a bit back in Gwen鈥檚 arms to stare up at the giant鈥檚 face.聽
It wasn鈥檛 like she鈥檇 never seen Gwen after she left, they鈥檇 had numerous video calls before, but it was something else to see her in the flesh. She was prettier than the camera allowed her to be, long eyelashes and soft lips making her seem almost surreal to the human. If Vivian could she figured she鈥檇 be content simply staring at Gwen鈥檚 face for hours, the giant only growing more and more beautiful with each passing minute.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e going to burn a hole right through me at this rate.鈥 Gwen cracked one eye open with her teasing words, eyeing Vivian with an impish stare. The vibration of Gwen鈥檚 voice was enough to throw Vivian into a frenzy, swallowing nervously as she felt it rumble against her. The human jolted in shock鈥搕hough she should have known Gwen would play such a trick on her鈥揷heeks burning as she roughly pushed against the giant鈥檚 chest.
鈥淚f you鈥檙e up then let me go. We鈥檒l be late, and it鈥檚 the first day.鈥 Gwen didn鈥檛 budge at first, silently watching Vivian struggle in her arms for a moment. A criminally playful smile on her lips and eyes sparkling with amusement. It made Vivian only feel more flustered鈥搒he didn鈥檛 stand a chance against the larger being鈥揻eeling relief when Gwen finally let her go.
鈥淪ure thing, shorty.鈥 It took everything in Vivian not to attack the giant right then and there, body trembling all over in a mixture of embarrassment and aggravation. Really, was Gwen鈥檚 only goal in life to make her鈥檚 anything but peaceful? Vivian supposed it was, groaning as Gwen walked past her鈥搕he giant made sure to ruffle the top of Vivian鈥檚 head鈥揵efore heading to the bathroom.聽
The problem was, as Vivian took the time to cover her hot cheeks with her hands and breathe out slowly in an attempt to calm her heart, she was completely fine with that.
鈥淗ey, Viv.鈥 Vivian didn鈥檛 need anything more to recognize the voice, a shadow casting over her as Gwen came up from behind the human. Her and Gwen had similar general classes but since they both majored in different subjects, they did have some time away from one another. Vivian鈥檚 last class ended later than Gwen鈥檚 and although she insisted the giant didn鈥檛 need to, Gwen waited for her anyway.
The classmates Vivian was currently talking to stopped dead in their tracks, eyes wide as they looked up at the towering being. Though the school was inclusive, there were significantly less giants attending than humans, making it possible to have entire classes without a single giant in them. Vivian supposed they were simply not used to seeing a giant up close, heart sinking as she watched pure fear spread across their faces.
Gwen was massive, and even Vivian could admit it was jarring sometimes, but she wasn鈥檛 frightening. Vivian was sure they鈥檇 come to see Gwen as just as she did鈥揳n聽infuriating,聽lumbering dork鈥搘ith time, and so the human quickly turned, grinning up at her friend before introducing her.
鈥淗ey! Um, guys this is my friend Gwen, we鈥檝e been together since we were kids鈥!鈥 Vivian yelped in shock when Gwen wrapped a hand under her legs, proceeding to lift the human with one arm. Vivian鈥檚 eyes bulged out in utter shock then, squeaking as Gwen held her鈥揻orearm under her thighs and upper arm supporting her back. It was almost like Vivian was sitting in a chair rather than being held against the giant鈥檚 chest. It made Vivian鈥檚 nerves increase鈥搒he felt so incredibly small in comparison to Gwen鈥搇ooking up at the giant鈥檚...icy expression.
鈥淵ea, nice to meet you and Vivian are super close, like crazy tight. In fact, we gotta go get dinner together,聽right about see you guys.鈥 With that Gwen left, carrying the human as though she weighed nothing in her arms. Vivian squeaked when the giant began briskly walking, holding onto Gwen鈥檚 shoulder for extra support.
鈥淕wen, what was that about? They were just surprised鈥︹ Vivian trailed off when Gwen cast a gaze down at her, expression somewhat bashful and irritated before responding.
鈥淭hat dude...he was like, all over you. It just...pissed me off.鈥 Vivian did vaguely remember one of the students she鈥檇 been talking to sling his arm over her shoulders. She鈥檇 wiggled out of his grasp awkwardly then, trying to seem cool despite his advances. Vivian couldn鈥檛 help but giggle at Gwen鈥檚 confession, watching the giant鈥檚 face flush a faint pink at her laugh.聽
鈥淲as that it? It wasn鈥檛 even that bad鈥.鈥 She was cut off when Gwen reached up, taking her free hand to guide Vivian鈥檚 face up to her鈥檚.聽
In that moment, Vivian couldn鈥檛 quite describe what she felt. Gwen鈥檚 face was a mixture of emotions, all jumbling together into an unreadable expression, her emerald eyes a firm stare that completely captivated the human. Vivian felt her breath escape her, unconsciously sweeping her tongue across her lips nervously鈥揾eart practically stopping when Gwen鈥檚 eyes followed the movement before flicking back up to her own brown eyes.
鈥淧lease Vivian, don鈥檛 let anyone touch you like that again, okay?鈥 The human could only dumbly nod in response, mind blank with nothing but a rhythmic chant of oh my God.
Vivian found that Gwen was touchy, to say the least.
鈥淕wen...must we study like this鈥揳h go back, I didn鈥檛 write everything down.鈥 Vivian shuffled, though she couldn鈥檛 move much, Gwen鈥檚 arms wrapped around the human鈥檚 waist. They were sitting on Gwen鈥檚 bed, a laptop in front of them and playing a lecture. The giant had insisted they study together鈥揷laiming that they鈥檇 both do better this way.
But Vivian could barely concentrate, mind firing a thousand thoughts per minute. She was sitting in the giant's lap, back pressing against Gwen鈥檚 stomach. On either side of her was the giant鈥檚 legs, the limbs alone stretching farther than her entire body. Vivian could feel Gwen鈥檚 heartbeat, sense the heat of the giant鈥檚 body radiating off of her. It was all proving to be too much for the little human, thinking that she was a mere seconds from her brain exploding.
鈥淏ut this is easiest for the both of us鈥揳nd my notes suck anyway. You don鈥檛 wanna study with me?鈥 Vivian turned back to glare, but was only met with large, begging puppy eyes. Though the human wanted to keep a stern face, she all but melted instantly, sighing heavily before pinching her nose.
鈥淲hatever, let鈥檚 just get this done鈥揳h!鈥 Vivian gasped when Gwen tightened her previously loose hold on the human. The human could feel Gwen chuckling at her surprise, getting somewhat annoyed which how much Gwen affected her.
I can bet she knows what she鈥檚 doing...and even worse is that I can do nothing about it...聽
Vivian pressed her little hands against the massive arms, attempting to shove them off and failing miserably. She flinched when she felt Gwen鈥檚 large face against her own, pressing their cheeks together in a tight hug. Vivian jokingly complained loudly at that鈥搊nly to abruptly fall silent鈥搒hivering when Gwen nuzzled her nose against the smaller being鈥檚 neck. It took everything in Vivian not to freak out, instead turning completely rigid, and she could swear she felt the giant smirk against her skin when she did.聽
鈥淭hank you, Vivian.鈥 The words were said in a mockingly singsong voice, Gwen鈥檚 breath hot against the human鈥檚 skin. Vivian swallowed nervously, willing her heart to calm as she rolled her eyes and continued taking notes, scoffing at Gwen鈥檚 words.
鈥淲hat did they teach you in giant school? 鈥楤ully the humans till they do your homework?鈥 You鈥檙e so lazy I wonder how you even got in.鈥 Gwen laughed at Vivian鈥檚 snarky response,聽 placing her chin on top of the human鈥檚 head.
鈥淚 put all my effort into getting into this school, since you insisted we went to this one. The least you can do is reward me.鈥 It was Vivian鈥檚 turn to laugh then, ignoring Gwen鈥檚 words to continue taking notes. They continued in silence for a while after that, the only sounds in the room Vivian鈥檚 pen against paper and the instructor鈥檚 voice. Finally they finished, Gwen reaching past Vivian to close her laptop. Vivian rose to climb out of Gwen鈥檚 lap then, confused when the giant still held her arms around the human.
鈥淕wen, now what?鈥
鈥淩eward. I want it remember?鈥 Vivian frowned then, sitting still for a moment to take a picture of her notes and send them to Gwen over her phone.
鈥淥kay, I sent them. Now let me鈥搖mf!鈥 Her eyes widened when Gwen took her hand, fingers longer than Vivian鈥檚 entire head grabbing the human鈥檚 chin and tilting her face back towards her. Vivian blinked, not able to speak with Gwen squishing her cheeks together, feeling her cheeks flush at the close proximity between the two.
鈥淣ope~ I think we both know that鈥檚 not what I meant.鈥 Gwen had one of her signature smirks on her lips, eyeing Vivian鈥檚 little face as though...the human frankly didn鈥檛 dare to know, wiggling to get out of Gwen鈥檚 grasp to no avail.
鈥淲ut duh ya meh?鈥 Vivian鈥檚 speech was barely comprehensible, and Gwen let out a devilish, breathless laugh, leaning forward until her nose was just barely brushing against the smaller being鈥檚 own.聽
鈥淕imme a kiss Viv.鈥 The words alone were enough, causing Vivian to all but explode in a panic, eyes wide and body trembling. She managed to remove Gwen鈥檚 hand from her cheeks, flexing her jaw for a moment before pinning the giant with a hesitant stare.
鈥...Are you serious?鈥 The words came out at a rather feeble volume, the human much too nervous to speak any louder. Gwen smiled softly, dipping her head down to gently press it against Vivian鈥檚, humming low in her throat as she felt Vivian fall deeper into a frenzy at her actions. Geez, Vivian鈥檚 reactions were utterly adorable, and the giant figured they would one day be the death of her.
鈥淵ou think I鈥檇 study my ass off for just anyone? For an honors student you sure are dense鈥︹ Gwen ignored the human鈥檚 fist鈥檚 hitting her chest in response, chuckling before pinning Vivian with expectant eyes.聽
The human rolled her eyes, but complied anyway, rising to her knees to press her lips against the giant鈥檚 forehead. Though it wasn鈥檛 exactly what Gwen meant, the giant would take it anyway, smiling with satisfaction before hugging the human tight against her chest. Gwen ignored Vivian鈥檚 little sounds of protest, the giant all but refusing to budge鈥揳t least, not until her own cheeks stopped burning.
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lowsart2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Im so bad at remembering to post here lmao
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I know many of you follow me because I post about cartoons.
Maybe, that is why you have blogs. And maybe in those blogs you only share about those series. But, please, ask you to share news about Colombia. To share about what is happening to the people of Colombia.
Even if your blog is not about that. Even, and specially if you are not from Colombia/ Latinoamerica. Please.
This needs to be known. By everyone. By all the world. Share the news. Post about it. Please, help Colombia.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Many people are not returning home, after going to the streets protesting with the hope of a better tomorrow.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I know many of you follow me because I post about cartoons.
Maybe, that is why you have blogs. And maybe in those blogs you only share about those series. But, please, ask you to share news about Colombia. To share about what is happening to the people of Colombia.
Even if your blog is not about that. Even, and specially if you are not from Colombia/ Latinoamerica. Please.
This needs to be known. By everyone. By all the world. Share the news. Post about it. Please, help Colombia.
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indulgentia2 hours ago
Tumblr media
聽 聽 聽@饾拡饾拞饾拰饾拰饾拹饾挅饾拰饾拏饾拡饾拏鈥嬄 sent 聽鈾 聽for 聽 禄 聽 饾挃饾拹饾拸饾拡 饾拑饾拏饾挃饾拞饾拝 饾挃饾挄饾拏饾挀饾挄饾拞饾挀 聽锛 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 鈱┞ 饾悥饾悩饾悜饾悓聽 + 聽饾悩饾悢饾悇 聽 釔 聽 纱岽忈础 岽┦熱磤y瑟纱散: 聽卮丕賴賲丕乇丕賳聽聽鈱
N茫o 聽precisava 聽ser 聽um 聽de 聽seus 聽Servos 聽Reais 聽para 聽deter 聽sua 聽aten莽茫o 聽quando 聽em 聽sua 聽presen莽a. 聽Honestamente, 聽depois 聽de 聽tanto 聽tempo 聽isolado 聽trabalhando 聽em 聽sua 聽oficina 聽ao 聽ponto 聽de 聽ser 聽quase 聽dubit谩vel 聽se 聽tratar 聽de 聽um 聽monarca 聽com 聽qualidades 聽de 聽divindade, 聽era 聽bom 聽ter 聽a 聽oportunidade 聽de 聽encontrar 聽qualquer 聽criatura 聽viva 聽que 聽n茫o 聽fosse 聽um 聽membro 聽de 聽sua 聽corte. 聽E 聽pior, 聽para 聽o 聽torpe 聽prazer 聽da 聽constata莽茫o 聽de 聽que 聽sua 聽aptid茫o 聽social 聽definitivamente 聽n茫o 聽estava 聽no 聽mesmo 聽n铆vel 聽que 聽sua 聽habilidade 聽em 聽engenharia.
Tumblr media
鉂涒潧聽As 聽falhas 聽que 聽nos 聽aperfei莽oam 聽e 聽todas 聽as 聽afei莽玫es...聽鉂溾潨聽 聽聽O 聽tom 聽ameno, 聽t茫o 聽c谩lido 聽e 聽ins铆pido 聽quanto 聽o 聽p谩lido 聽semblante 聽delicado, 聽talvez 聽n茫o 聽condissesse 聽com 聽a 聽reflex茫o 聽que 聽estava 聽tentando 聽conduzir 聽ao 聽longo 聽desta 聽conversa. 聽No 聽entanto, 聽rara 聽茅 聽a 聽oportunidade 聽de 聽t茫o 聽casualmente 聽exp么r 聽suas 聽id茅ias 聽em 聽um 聽ambiente 聽destitu铆do 聽de 聽press玫es.聽 聽聽鉂涒潧聽Enquanto 聽elas 聽nos 聽infectam, 聽apenas 聽o 聽amor 聽n茫o 聽pode 聽nos 聽ajudar.聽鉂溾潨
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imahoeletmeread3 hours ago
petition to make #adorawasfuckeduptoo an actual tag like please help me out here she ra tumblr
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imahoeletmeread3 hours ago
i was watching a video on YouTube which said that adora was just as destructive as catra but she directed all that towards herself and developed a martyr complex and holy shit we should talk more about that
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imahoeletmeread4 hours ago
we do NOT talk enough about "Did I have a family?! Could I go back? If a portal brought me here could a portal take me..home?" like BRUH that was DEVASTATING i'll probably write a long post on it sometime
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rarijackistheshit4 hours ago
Tooting my own horn, part II:
So, there's a few stories where Catra is a real cat. There's also a few stories where Catra is a real cat and Adora is a dog.
I think this is the only one where Catra is a human and Adora is a dog. The world's most friendly Golden Retriever. Which works perfect with catra being catra. Right? ...Yeah, right...
Also, Glitra, because my dear friend Bagge is a glitra-shipper.
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discworld-enthusiast4 hours ago
Incorrect Quote 10
Adora Belle: This date is boring.
Moist: This is not a date. We're just buying stamps for the post office.
Adora Belle: Then why did you invite me?
Moist: I didn't. I specifically told you not to come, but you said "Fuck you Moist, I do whatever I want" and followed me here.
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Confession: If you see the growth Catra and Adora go through and still think "this is toxic" or "this is abuse" then either you've forgotten what abuse is or you are intentionally diluting the term.
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