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men-in-vogue · 18 hours ago
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Lil Nas X photographed by James White for Out’s 2021 Fashion Issue
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noxymlp · 29 minutes ago
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wanted to draw Luz being still oblivious because oml gn shdfhds
anyways i love them sm they are soo cute 
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What? Cats!
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gravityfallsrockz · 14 hours ago
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Okay you gotta admit. Eda's little owl demon is pretty cute <333
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men-in-vogue · 21 hours ago
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Mikita Krivelev photographed by Artur Iskandarov for Client Magazine #18, 2018
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cuteness--overload · 21 hours ago
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tongue? out.
sleep? deep.
hotel? trivago.
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liriusworldfaws · 6 hours ago
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ostdrossel · 23 hours ago
Along with the Titmice,
there have also been more Chickadees recently. They all raised babies and are starting to come back to the backyard again to delight with their appearance and songs. I always feel a little bad for them because they usually come to the camera when the bowl is empty. (Because then no other bird occupies it.) Nevertheless I am sure they still get their fill as I see them flitting around between feeders and trees a lot.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cuteness--overload · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
This is Nymeria: she is a small hurricane and is storming her dad’s life in that perfect way in which only kitten can do. Welcome her! 🖤
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darkfox2099 · 7 hours ago
Skeb Commission | 九六胡椒 🎨 #pixiv
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made-by-jade-222 · 3 hours ago
Four Little Words
Aizawa x Reader
Romantic (Married)
Lers! Eri, Reader
Lees! Reader, Eri
Length: 🧁
“Someone’s in a good mood,” Aizawa remarked, walking into the kitchen.
You glanced up at him. “How can you tell?” you asked.
“The look on your face, for one,” he said. Then he looked at the two (empty) cans of pipeline punch monster. He picked one up and raised an eyebrow. “Monster? Really?”
You shrugged, smiling cheekily. “Hey, I felt like having something cold this morning, that’s all.”
“There is such a thing as iced coffee you know.”
“Yeah, but this is caffeinated, carbonated JUICE.”
He snorted. “Juice junkie,” he muttered as he took a long sip of his coffee.
“Adrenaline junkie,” You returned, smirking.
He playfully stuck his tongue out at you a little. You giggled and passed him a bagel, thickly buttered with seasoning on one side, and grape mixed with raspberry jam on the other.
“So, what are we gonna do today?” Aizawa asked as you pulled out your phone.
“Well you’ve got work, and patrol this afternoon. Mic’s taking care of Eri this morning, he’ll be with her at his office, and he’ll stop by at lunch to drop her off,” You said. It was pretty lucky that you and Aizawa were together, because he needed someone to tag team with in taking care of her in case he got called for hero work. And you had a quirk that could pause someone, like pausing a movie, for a limited amount of time. But if you got too far away from them, or if something blocked the connection, they’d freeze. It could be hard to restrain them when they were paused though, because they couldn’t be moved much unless you unpaused them. So, they usually had to be carried under the arm like a child, if they were light enough.
All that to say, if Eri had an issue with her quirk, things were fine and you could definitely hold down the fort till Aizawa got home if anything happened. “You know, I never expected that I’d be a pro-hero and the secretary of Eraserhead,” You teased.
“I’ll give you your next paycheck in kisses,” he said standing up. He kissed your forehead. “How about that?” he asked, then grabbed a jelly packet from the fridge.
You smiled indulgently, then stood and gave him a kiss goodbye before he headed out the door. After finishing breakfast and cleaning the kitchen, you passed the morning by doing paperwork for your agency. When you weren’t out on the field, you did a great deal of paperwork, mainly to keep yourself from getting stir crazy. You were as bad as your husband, an adrenaline and a juice junkie.
And before you knew it, the doorbell rang.
“Good grief,” You muttered, looking at the clock. “Is it lunch time already?”
You opened the door just as the bell rang again.
“Hey there, listener!”
You chuckled. “Hi Mic.”
“Eri! Hi sweetheart!” You said, crouching down and opening your arms. She ran into them and hugged you tightly, squealing happily when you picked her up. “Thanks Mic, I owe you one.”
“Oh, think nothing of it! I didn’t have lunch plans, so don’t worry about it! Besides, I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull you away from work, you’re as bad as Shouta. Workaholics. The both of you.”
“Workaholics!” Eri echoed, even though she didn’t know what it meant.
The two of you chuckled and exchanged goodbyes, while Eri looked mildly confused, then enthusiastically waved goodbye.
“Bye Mr. Mic!”
“Well, Miss Eri,” you said, nuzzling her nose. “What do you want to do today?”
“Umm…make cookies! That way Daddy can have a snack when he gets home!”
“I think that’s a great idea,” You said.
“Can we make apple cookies?”
Baking went well, and the cookies turned out great. After you were done, the two of you sat down in front of the TV at the coffee table, eating warm, delicious apple cookies, and drinking cold, refreshing milk. Then you played dolls, then played pretend, and ran around in the yard for a while. Then the two of you settled down in the living room, you with some emails, and her with her space cats coloring book and lots of crayons.
The peaceful silence between you two lasted for about an hour. Then you got an email from your agency saying that the villain you’d been tracking recently had gone off the grid, again. You sighed loudly. Now you had even more work to do.
“Y/N?” Eri asked, looking up from her coloring.
“Yes, sweetie?”
“What’s wrong?”
You smiled tiredly. “Oh, nothing you have to worry about. Just work stuff.”
Eri frowned, but went back to her coloring, and you back to your emails. A few minutes later, her face lit up. You were so focused on your work that you didn’t notice.
She put her crayons away neatly and carefully closed her book, being as quiet as she could. Then she crawled over to you, and then started tickling your socked foot, which was above the ground since you’d crossed one leg over the other.
You erupted into bubbly giggles and quickly closed your laptop and set it on the side table. “Eheheheheri! What do you ehehehehehe! Thihihihink you’re doing?”
“Tickles!” Eri cheered, stopping and beaming up at you. She got up and jumped onto the couch next to you. “That’s what I do to Daddy sometimes when work makes him sad!” she said, then she dove towards you and dug her little fingers into your side, tickling you as best as she could. And unfortunately for you, she was good at it.
“Ahahahahahahahaha! Eheheheheri! You little rahahahahascal!” You protested. You wanted to fight back, but at the same time you didn’t because you wanted to be gentle with her and not accidentally twitch and startle or hurt her. And you wanted to let her play with and bond with you, as this was the first time this had ever happened.
You were curled in on yourself as Eri tickled your armpits, when you heard keys at the front door. Aizawa opened it a second later, only to find his adopted daughter tickling his partner, the two of them laughing and giggling, and Eri beaming brightly.
“Shoutahahahaha! Hehehehehelp mehehehehe!” You giggled.
Aizawa merely set his stuff on the table and leaned against the wall, folding his arms and enjoying the sight of the two of you being silly together.
You sat up and gently grabbed her wrists, but you did it slowly enough that it didn’t startle her. “Alllllright, little miss tickle monster,” you teased, smiling evilly. “It’s your turn!”
You paused briefly, looking her over and seeing no signs of fear or resistance. Then you glanced at Aizawa, who nodded.
“My turn for what?” Eri asked innocently, smiling knowingly.
“Your turn for tickles!” You cried and then aimed for her tummy. She shrieked with giggles and immediately collapsed onto the couch, laying on her back.
“Ehehehehehehehe!” she giggled sweetly, sounding a little like a machine gun. Her smile was so bright and the faint blush on her face made you adore the little dear even more. You loved her like she was your own daughter, but you knew it would be a while, if ever, that she reciprocated those feelings. Brushing those thoughts aside you continued to dance your fingers over her tummy, then scribble them along her sides, making her squeal and laugh. “Ahahahahahahahaha! Mamahahahahaha!/Papahahahahahaha! Stahahahap!”
You stopped immediately, staring at her as she giggled breathlessly and recovered. Your eyes filled with tears and you looked up at Aizawa, who also had tears in his eyes, happy and hopeful.
Eri, who’d recovered, let out one last giggle before finally sitting up and looking at you. Her happy expression vanished, replaced with one of alarm. “What’s wrong?” she asked, gently putting her little hand on your arm.
“Did...did you just call me Mama/Papa?” You asked.
She blushed and looked away, then nodded slowly. “ that okay?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.
“Oh honey, of course it’s okay!” You breathed, letting out a watery laugh as she suddenly dove towards you and hugged you.
“Mama/Papa,” she hummed happily, holding onto you tightly. “Why are you crying?”
“I’m just very happy, sometimes people cry when they’re happy.”
Aizawa moved and sat next to her. “Really,” he said.
“Daddy!” Eri said, her eyes lighting up, noticing him for the first time. She reached out and hugged him tightly. “Are you happy too?”
“Yes, honey. Very happy,” he said, then kissed her forehead.
She kissed his stubbly chin, then turned to you and saw you wiping away your happy tears. She shuffled over to you, then leaned against you and hugged your arm, and said the most beautiful thing in the world. Four words you’d thought you’d never hear.
“I love you, Mama/Papa.”
“I love you too, Eri.”
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