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aradiyatoys · 2 days ago
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It’s been a while since I released my previous free pattern, so it is perfect time to change that! 🥳 Please welcome Kawaii Star 🌟 a little bonus pattern for my Nativity Minis patterns that should be a great addition to any of your Nativity themed projects! And just like all my other Nativity Minis sets, Kawaii Star was made with wonderful Schachenmayr Catania gold (249) yarn! But this project can be easily done with any yarn you want! Happy crocheting, dear friends! 🤗
The pattern is available in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese! Browse photos to see all available languages! ☺️
Once again, huge thanks to Isa for wonderful test, MJ, Gwendoline, Clarissa and Roberta for their perfect translations and making this pattern available to much wider audience! Also huge thanks to wonderful Celine for proofreading! 😘💛💙
I hope you’ll enjoy working on Kawaii Star, a great little addition to Nativity Minis sets! Have a great Sunday! 🤗
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liriusworldfaws · a day ago
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timmyrx2000 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mabel and Wendy in a battle of wits on base made by @turquoisegirl35. It's part of an AU where, during their free time, Dipper, Mabel, Pacifica, and Wendy form a baseball team to try and get Dipper and Pacifica out of their shells. Wendy and Mabel try to boost Dipper's confidence by getting him to give playing baseball a shot. In the team, Wendy and Mabel are the most experienced player on the roster with Wendy having played on old Gravity Falls little league team before it was dissolved a few years before 2012 and Mabel having watched alot of baseball back in Piedmont while she was boy spotting and picked up some of their moves as well as the mechanics of the game. Because of their skill level, they become the team's de facto Coaches. Wendy acts as their head coach while Mabel is her trusty assistant coach.
They make the perfect duo to balance each other out with Wendy's cool and calm attitude to help the team focus and let loose perfectly molding with Mabel's high energy and enthusiasm to pump up and drive the team. They never take themselves too seriously as the team's coaches and often jump in the fun themselves. Despite taking the roles as the teams Coaches, they are actually both players and play along side the team. As tough as it is to handle a new team, they always remember that Baseball is all about having fun, which is something they are never short of. But their roles are coaches are not just because they are the ones who know baseball best, its also a chance for them both to mature even just a bit with Wendy learning what it means to be a leader and to be responsible for others and Mabel learning to let go of her impulsiveness and think things through once in a while. And even if they are the most experienced, on the field, they let the others shine with Wendy usually taking 2nd base (because of her height) or shortstop (because of her skill) while Mabel usually calls the shots from behind the plate as Dipper's catcher. However, being coaches doesn't stop these 2 from abit of healthy competition themselves. After all, getting down and dirty is one of the best parts of baseball and they know it well. Often times, during training, they divide the team between the two of them as Team Mabel and Team Wendy for mock games in a fun competition to see who's the better coach...for that day. Wendy and Mabel love cooking up schemes to try and outsmart each other on the field as best they can building on their own specialties: Mabel's unassuming and energetic persona often trying to put an innocent mask to hide whatever she's planning and Wendy's cunning instincts to try and see through Mabel. Unfortunately for Mabel, Wendy always has the upper hand having seen all Mabel's tricks and learning from her own experiences in Little League. No matter how adorably Mabel tries to act innocent, Wendy's always on her case never tearing her focus on whatever Mabel's got up her jersey-sleeve. After all, Wendy's seen it all on the diamond. Not even Mabel's best act can throw Wendy off her instinct that Mabel is, in fact, gonna try and go for the steal on the next base.As the summer and the season courses through, their "competition" only gets more and more daring with Wendy pulling off incredible plays to stop Mabel while Mabel picks up Wendy's sense of intuition on the field. They learn and grow from each other and this bonds them even closer. And though the team looks up to both of them, Mabel and Wendy gain a new found respect for each other from their little competitions. Just like Wendy and Pacifica, Mabel looks up to Wendy as the older-sister she never had while Wendy would ride and die for the little sister she's found in Mabel. Nothing can get past these two on the field and nothing can get in between them no matter what!
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tinypawsllc · 2 days ago
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This little chunk nugget ❤️
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Cuddles :)
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made-by-jade-222 · a day ago
I mean you tagged me so how could I not?? Lol! If you’re really okay with writing ShinDeku everyone knows l live for those boys 💜💚 whatever length you’re most comfortable with I’d be more than happy to read! Fluff and tickles would be super cute! Honestly I’d just really love to see your take on them 🥰
Skating My Way (Into Your Heart)
Shinsou takes Izuku to a roller rink for a good old fashioned roller-skate date. Jokes are made, laughs are had, and the DJ somehow finds their couple's spotify playlist.
Lers! Izuku, Shinsou
Lees! Shinsou, Izuku
Length: 🍨
(A/N: This fic contains lyrics from the songs, Everybody Talks by Neon Trees, My Girl by The Temptations, and Can't Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli. Songs are not mine, and no copyright infringement is intended. Also; I think this is my first time, or my first time in a long time writing ShinDeku, so @intheticklecloset, I hope you like it! ^.^ 💕)
“A roller rink?” Izuku asked as he finished brushing out the tangles in his hair, getting ready for bed.
“Yeah! Come on, it’ll be so retro!” Shinsou said, taking his hands. “We’ll be like an 80’s movie! Me, the tall, tough and handsome most popular guy at school, and you, the sweet, social outcast, attractive, adorable nerd,” Shinsou said, wrapping an arm around his waist and pulling him so his back was flush against his chest.
Izuku grabbed his arm, smiling a bit. “Is that how you see me?” he asked with a chuckle, smiling at their reflection in his mirror.
“I mean, yeah,” Shinsou said, lightly tickling his side. “You are a sweet, adorable, attractive nerd. Just not a social outcast.”
“Ehehehehehehe!” Izuku giggled and squirmed out of his grasp. “Well, I think it sounds fun! We can pig out on greasy pizza and cheap cola, and you can win me something from the claw machines!”
“What? Those things are rigged!”
“Oh, come on! Don’t you love me?” Izuku asked, pouting over dramatically.
“Of course I do, you doofus,” the taller one said, pausing to ruffle his hair. “H-hey! Stahahap that!” he snickered as he was suddenly assaulted with tickly pokes.
“If you loved me you’d do it for me!” the greenette teased. “Are ya gonna do it? Huh? Huh?”
Shinsou grinned and playfully shoved him away. “Fine, fine. But only because you’re cute.”
The week passed by fairly quickly, and as Saturday came closer, the two got more and more excited. It had been a while since they’d been able to go out and have a proper date. Thankfully, fate smiled on them and had the crime rate temporarily lowered so they could go out.
When the time came, they got a ride from Aizawa, who’d pick them up later and bring them back to the dorms.
“I expect both of you to be done by eleven sharp,” he said. “I’m not going to wait for you if you’re late,” he said, though they both knew that was a lie. “No funny business. Behave yourselves.”
Shinsou rolled his eyes. “Dad, chill,” he said.
“I am chill,” Aizawa retorted, an amused smirk on his face. “You’re just teenagers. You can’t be trusted.”
And with that, he rolled up the window and drove away, leaving a grumpy Shinsou and a giggling Izuku in the dust.
“I love the way you and your Dad tease each other,” Izuku said, taking his hand as they walked to the roller rink. “It’s so funny. Still kinda weird that he’s our Sensei though.”
Shinsou chuckled. “Current Sensei, future father-in-law.”
Izuku sputtered, blushing from head to toe. “W-wha? It’s w-way too soon for that! I mean, I’d–”
Shinsou laughed and put an arm around his shoulder.
“You’re so mean,” his blushing boyfriend whined.
“But you love me anyway! Now come on, we gonna go skating or not?”
“Yeah. I’m not that good at skating though. Not like Aoyama.”
“Hey, as long as you can stay on your feet I don’t care. You don’t have to impress me. You’ll have a pretty hard time keeping up with me though.”
“Mmm-hmm. You better get ready, freckles. You’re gonna eat my dust.”
When they got inside, they were surprised that no one else was there. It was a fairly popular roller rink, so it wasn’t abandoned or anything. The lights were going and the music was playing.
“I don’t know if I should be happy or disappointed,” Shinsou said, glancing around the empty building.
“It is kinda nice to have the place to ourselves,” Izuku said.
Thankfully, the place wasn’t completely deserted. There was a boy about their age behind the counter, wearing a bandana around his face. Apparently he had really bad allergies. Still, he helped them find the right size skates after Shinsou paid him.
A few minutes later, they’d put on their skates and were launching themselves onto the wooden rink.
Izuku stumbled a little, but skated smoothly across the rink. He turned around to see Shinsou nervously get on and immediately start stumbling around like a baby deer.
“Ahahahaha! I thought you said you were good at skating!” Izuku giggled, bracing himself against the wall.
“I…I…shut u-UP!” Shinshou fell backwards onto his butt.
Izuku skated over gracefully, unable to resist trying to do a fancy spin to show off, but he just stumbled and fell down next to his grumpy boyfriend. “Oof!”
“You okay?”
“Yeah, you?”
“Heh, yeah. I guess I can’t skate after all.”
“Sure you can! Here,” Izuku said, offering him a hand and pulling him up. “I’ll help you!”
Shinsou stood slowly and held onto his arm tightly. Izuku took his arm and skated up and down the rink with him a few times, the steady disco beat keeping his spirits up.
“Hey! I’m doing it!”
“Okay, now try doing it by yourself!” Izuku said, pushing him forward.
Shinsou stumbled a little, but once he regained his footing, he tried skating forward, and succeeded. Gaining confidence, he skated further, then tried stopping. And a few minutes later, he really got the hang of it.
“Wow!” Izuku cheered. “You’re a natural.”
Shinsou beamed and spun around, somehow managing to keep his balance. “Only thanks to you! Dance with me!” he said.
“Dance? On roller skates?” Izuku asked, skating over.
Suddenly, the lights changed to be a little brighter with rainbow dots moving around the room, and a disco ball came out of the ceiling and started spinning, shining moving light all over the rink. The music changed and ‘Everybody Talks’ by the Neon Trees started playing.
The two boys looked at each other, shocked. This was their song! One of many.
Shinsou grabbed Izuku and swung him around, singing along, “Hey baby, won't you look my way? I can be your new addiction! Hey baby, what you gotta say? All you're giving me is fiction!”
Izuku skated around with him, sort of dancing, but mostly just having fun. “I’m a sorry sucker and this happens all the time! I found out that everybody talks! Everybody talks, everybody talks!”
They held each other's hand and used the other for balance as they sort of chased each other, skating around, and around, and around in a circle, both belting out the chorus.
“It started with a whisper
And that was when I kissed her
And then she made my lips hurt
I could hear the chit chat
Take me to your love shack
Mama's always gotta back track
When everybody talks back!”
They accidentally crashed into each other at the end and fell to the floor laughing, bracing themselves against each other as the song continued to play. Tired, they just lay down and rested there for a moment. Once they got their energy back, and got some water, they headed back to the rink, a slower song playing now.
Shinsou slapped a hand to his mouth, laughing a bit as he realized what song was playing. He grabbed Izuku and pulled him close into a slow dancing position, well, as best as he could on roller skates.
“I swear this DJ’s got our playlist,” Izuku said, face happy and bright.
Shinsou grinned. “I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day,”
Izuku blushed. “Oh come on,” he giggled.
“When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of may.”
“You’re impossible!”
“I guess, you say, what can make me feel this way?” Shinsou sang. “My guy, my guy, my guy. Talkin’ bout my guy! My guy!” And at the last line of the chorus, he leaned in and surprised Izuku with a tender kiss.
His boyfriend squeaked in surprise, but settled down and hummed happily as he kissed back for a moment. They broke the kiss, and slow danced for the rest of the song, neither of them saying anything, content in each other’s company.
The next song that played was Izuku’s song for Shinsou.
“Okay, this DJ’s definitely got our playlist,” Shinsou laughed.
“You’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off you,” Izuku sang, pulling him close and hugging him. “Pardon the way that I stare, there’s nothing else to compare! The sight of you leaves me weak, there are no words left to speak!”
“Oh gosh,” Shinsou groaned, smiling widely as his face reddened.
Izuku nuzzled his neck, singing into his ear. “But if you feel like I feel, please let me know that it’s real.” He kissed his cheek. “You’re just too good to be true.” He kissed his lips. “Can’t take my eyes off of you.”
Shinsou was too flustered to respond, feeling absolutely swept off his feet as Izuku led him in a big spin around the rink.
“I love you baby, and if it’s quite alright, I need you baby!”
Izuku really got into the song and skated away from him, serenading him and belting his heart out. “To the warm the lonely night, I love you baby! Trust me when I say–” his voice cracked terribly on that last line completely by accident.
Shinsou snapped out of his flustered state and burst out laughing.
Izuku squawked, offended. “Hey come on!” he said. “I’m not that bad!”
“Nonono! Hehehehehe! You’re just, ehehehe! You’re just cute, that’s all!”
Izuku, pouting and totally out of the singing mood, skated over quickly and started tickling him. “Cute huh? I’ll show you cute!”
“Ah! Ahahahaha! Hey! Zuku! Stahahahahap it!” Shinsou giggled, squirming and grabbing his wrists. He managed to push him off and skate away. “Haha!” he taunted. “Catch me if you can!”
Izuku skated after him, a mischievous grin. The lights changed to bright happy rainbow colors again, and the Can Can started playing.
The two laughed at the change in music as they chased each other around the rink, Izuku catching Shinsou first, digging into his armpits with vigor.
“Gah! Hahahahahahaha! Nohohohoho!”
“Yes! Haha! Gotcha! Tickle, tickle!”
“Thihihihihis is so embarrassing! Ehehehehehe!” Shinsou whined through his giggles, squealing as his sides were tickled.
“Don’t complain to me!” Izuku said nonchalantly. “Tell it to the DJ!”
“I cahahahan’t if you’re eeek! Tickling mehehehehe!”
“Whoops, my fingers must have slipped! You wouldn’t happen to have a ticklish belly button, would you?”
“Ahahahahahaaa! You knohohohow I do! You idiot! Ahahahahaha!”
Izuku gasped. “Me??? An idiot? Oh, you’ve really done it now!” he said, squeezing his thighs.
“Ehehe! Tickle, tickle!”
Neither of them had noticed that the music had stopped.
Shinsou cackled, kicking his legs as best as he could, nearly kneeing his poor boyfriend in the face.
“Whoa! Careful where you put that thing!” Izuku teased, pausing momentarily. “OOF!”
Shinsou used that brief respite to sit up and tackle him to the ground, reversing their positions.
“Oh nooohohoho,” Izuku giggled, already squirming.
Shinsou grinned wickedly and dug into his hips right away.
“Why? Because I love seeing you turn into a blushing, laughing, hysterical mess,” Shinsou teased, kneading gently but effectively. “Tickle, tickle, tickle!”
“Oh does it make it worse?”
“Too bad. You’re gonna laugh your freckles right off your face! And I like those, so you’d better be cahahareful!” Shinsou said, ending with a chuckle at his own silliness. He did slow down though, going from his hips to his tummy to give him a few gentle, affectionate tickles and give him a chance to breathe.
“Tickle, tickle! You’re so cute~”
“Nohohohoho! You! Ehehehehe!”
“Well you’re cuter, cause you’ve got the cutest ticklish little tummy, all squishy and freckly and tickly-tickly-ticklish!”
Izuku hid his face in his hands. “Stahahahahahap!”
“Stop what? Teasing you? I know you don’t mean stop tickling you,” Shinsou said. “Oh, sorry, my fingers must have slipped! Right into your belly button!”
“Nahahahahahat my behehehelly button! Ehehehehehe!”
After another minute, Shinsou stopped and helped him up, pulling him into a bear hug. They snuggled and hugged for a few minutes, resting from all their fun. When they broke the hug Shinsou said,
“Gosh, I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry.”
Izuku’s stomach growled. “Me too!” he said. “I’m starving! But first, I wanna see who that DJ is,” he said, taking off his skates. “There’s no way all those songs were just a coincidence.”
Shinsou followed suit, and after walking across the rink in their socks, they put on their shoes and walked over to the DJ booth.
“Hahaha! Man, those two!” they heard someone laugh.
“I know right? And here I thought tonight would be boring!” someone else said. “Wait, where’d they go?”
Shinsou and Izuku peeked into the DJ booth.
Ojiro and Kaminari turned to face them.
“Oh, hiiiii guys!” Kaminari said. “Fancy meeting you here!”
“You mean…oh lord,” Shinsou groaned. “You saw nothing.”
“We saw nothing,” Ojiro said. “Nothing but the two of you having a real good time.”
Kaminari snickered.
“What are you doing here?” Izuku asked.
“I’m covering for a friend who usually works here weekends,” Ojiro said.
“And I got bored and followed him! I’m surprised you guys didn’t recognize me when I helped you find your skates.”
“That was you?”
“Yeah! But I’m guessing you two love birds were soooo busy making goo-goo eyes at each other to notice,” Kaminari said, then started making smooching noises.
Ojiro rolled his eyes and smacked him with his tail. “Anyway, we didn’t know you’d be in tonight actually, but once we saw you guys come in, we couldn’t help but have a little fun with you. I hope you don’t mind.”
Shinsou and Izuku smiled.
“Nah, we don’t mind,” Izuku said. “We’re not mad,” he assured them, smiling when they sighed in relief. “A little embarrassed, but not mad.”
“Oh please,” Kaminari said, flashing them a bright grin. “Nothing we haven’t seen before!”
“Oh brother,” Shinsou said, rolling his eyes. “Anyway, since you two are working tonight, how about some pizza?”
“Sounds good! Let’s go!”
“How did you know all our favorite songs?”
“We found your spotify playlist!”
“Ha! I knew it! I knew the DJ had our playlist!”
The four of them settled at a table a few minutes later, eating greasy pizza and drinking cheap cola. Ojiro and Kaminari did leave after about twenty minutes though, to give the couple some privacy, which was much appreciated. And, true to his word, Shinsou did win Izuku a prize from the claw machine. It was a very cute stuffed pig.
And by the time Aizawa came to pick them up, he found two very happy boys waiting for him. “Looks like someone had a good time,” he remarked as they got in the car, not realizing that Kaminari and Ojiro were getting into Toshinori’s car right behind him.
“Sure did! And thanks for the ride Dad!” Izuku said, not even thinking.
Shinsou’s jaw dropped.
Aizawa froze, but only for a moment. “Well son, looks like we’re going ring shopping,” he said, turning the key in the ignition.
This time, Shinsou was the one who blushed and sputtered, while Izuku just laughed and kissed him on the cheek.
Aizawa glanced back at them in the rearview mirror, smiling a bit at his son, and his future son-in-law. He pulled out into the road, unable to keep from chuckling at his son’s grumbling.
“You two are the worst,” he complained.
“Yeah, but you love us anyway~” Izuku said, snuggling up against him. “Thank you for tonight,” he said. “Really. It was a lot of fun, and really special. So, thank you.”
Shinsou smiled. “Thank you,” he said. “For coming with me. Love you.”
“Love you too.”
They leaned in for a kiss, only for Aizawa to honk the horn (at no one) and scare them.
“Hey! I thought I said no funny business,” he scolded, though by the smirk on his face anyone could tell that he was teasing.
“Aw, come on Sensei!”
“Oh, so I’m Sensei now? What happened to Dad?”
“Well I gotta marry your son first!”
“If he ever asks.”
Thankfully, they made it back to the dorms within the next few minutes, Shinsou finally recovering from his embarrassment and giving his Dad a big hug in thanks for the ride. They waved and watched as Izuku headed back to the dorms.
“So, you really think he’s the one?” Aizawa asked.
Shinsou shrugged, smiling a bit. “I think so,” he said.
“Good,” he said. “I didn’t want my problem child dying an old bachelor.”
Shinsou nearly keeled over laughing.
Aizawa chuckled. “Alright,” he said. “Time for bed.”
“Okay, Dad. Night, love you.”
“Night, love you too.”
When Shinsou made it back to his room, he opened his top drawer and searched through it, smiling when his hands touched a small box. He pulled it out and opened it, admiring the object inside it, wondering when he’d give it to Izuku.
Inside the box was a promise ring.
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Binx Lacroix and his unblinking eyes sees many things past this mortal plane of existence
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