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mr-styles3 hours ago
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馃悷 ADORE YOU 馃悷 | 2 Years
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kawaii-harrys2 days ago
Tumblr media
Trigger Warning: major character death/ su1c!de/ angst (loads of it)
Word count: 2.5k+
Summary: Y/N slips out of hand.
Hey Harry, it鈥檚 bound to get better, my angel. Everything is supposed to fall into place. We might not be meant to sleep in each other鈥檚 arms anymore, but we鈥檙e bound to rest in each other鈥檚 hearts eventually. Your heart will be my graveyard and I promise this. I know you can鈥檛 handle pain, but don鈥檛 turn to anything else, please. There are a lot of things that can make you happy, please let them in? You have been my rock since day one, and now I will be your dream. It鈥檚 painful, right? I understand, I don鈥檛 know how I will live without you too. But don鈥檛 let me be your nightmare; don鈥檛 make me a devil. I want to be your angel, your only angel.
I鈥檒l see you again, I promise. This paper isn鈥檛 just enough to portray my thoughts and love for you. I could go on for days like the weather in a town about how I love you way too much to lose you. But don鈥檛 forget me, alright? When you have kids someday, please talk to them about me. Tell them about the girl who danced with you on a snowfall, and got a sore throat for the rest of the week. Tell them about the girl who looked fondly at fantasies and art works. Tell them about the girl who decorated your house in colours when it was on the verge of getting the gray of old age. Tell them about the girl who painted your nails, and had a thing for quietly resting her head forward on your back. Tell them about the girl, who was lonely, but never with you. Keep me in your memories like a warm blanket on a rainy morning. You鈥檙e my bouquet of flowers, and rainbows. And yet, all I can return you, is a basket of pain. My heart is withering earlier than you. But keep me with you, anyway.
Thank you, my love, for all the eternities you promised and 11 years of it that we could spend together;
Yours forever,
Y/N @>--`--,--
Ivanka Styles, 9 years old, a curious young lady, giggled as she hid away from her father in the store-room, during a game of hide-and-seek. 鈥淪hh, dad will find us, Ivy鈥, Aisha Styles, 13 year old, glared at her younger sister. She, too, hid away from her father during the same game. And somewhere in the cabinets, hid Jaden Styles, 14 years old.
鈥淲here did all my babies go?鈥, Harry muttered cluelessly, knowing exactly where the people hid. Jaden鈥檚 friends really did give him a ton of shit for being gay, and well, for also being close with his sisters. Adolescent boys鈥 aren鈥檛 supposed to be close to their sisters? He never minded though. On the contrary, he liked being close with his sisters, and would drop his friends in a heartbeat, for his sisters. His dad did tell him that it wasn鈥檛 necessary to have a social life if you don鈥檛 want to, which was nearing impossible because, well, he was Harry Styles鈥 son. But he made meaningful friends that decided to stay for him.
鈥淎re they here?鈥, Harry muttered in a baby voice, yanking a curtain away only to find Scotch, their family dog standing there, cutely, with his tongue out. Harry chuckled when Scotch, the golden retriever, circled around his master. 鈥淪cotch, will you help me find the three little devils?鈥, Harry asked, bending down to the dog鈥檚 level and it barked. He smelled around the floor, nearing the cabinet, where Jaden hid. He slowly pulled the door open, 鈥淕otcha鈥, he screeched, shocking Jaden. Jaden scowled, 鈥淚t isn鈥檛 fair. You鈥檙e using Scotch鈥, he rolled his eyes too and Harry just giggled as the dog wagged his tail, walking its way to the store-room. Harry and Jaden followed it to find two little figures hunched over each other. 鈥淕otcha鈥, Harry screeched again at the two little girls who yelped in schock, and jumped over each other. 鈥淒ad!鈥, Aisha scolded her dad. 鈥淪orry, sorry鈥, Harry, raised his hands in surrender, laughing, when his eyes fell on the piece of paper his youngest was holding. His frown didn鈥檛 make a sudden appearance, but fell down gradually, as he swallowed down on his own saliva.
鈥淒o you guys want to have some snacks right now?鈥, Harry asked, lifting up his frown immediately. 鈥淚ce cream, yayy!!鈥, Ivanka was on the balls of her heels as she jumped up and down with ecstasy.
鈥淵eah yeah, but ask mom, first.鈥, Harry warned as his progeny jumped out of the room in an instance. Scotch stayed behind, sensing his daddy鈥檚 sadness. He rubbed his head against Harry鈥檚 legs and Harry gave a smile to Scotch.
鈥淵our mom was great, Scotch. She had seen Y/N, in her glorious and sad days. She literally followed around with her, even if I was the one who took care of her when she was a pup. Your mom would act like a mom to me sometimes too. Sometimes, she鈥檇 bite my leg, not too harshly but to just let me know I messed up things. She brought Y/N and me closer. If you wonder who Y/N is, it goes back in time, when I was 16. She was鈥︹, Harry gulped again, as he got aware of the moisture in his eyes and Scotch just laid his head on Harry鈥檚 lap, 鈥渕y first girlfriend.鈥
鈥淚 kept your mom鈥檚 name Flora. You clearly remember her, don鈥檛 you?鈥, Harry, giggled raising a hand to pat the dog. He heard someone walking towards the room and looked to the door and immediately smiled. 鈥淗ey鈥, she said walking forward with two ice cream bowls and some yogurt for the dog. 鈥淗ey, Josie鈥, Harry smiled as she sat down beside her. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 the matter? You sent kids for ice cream and they wouldn鈥檛 have it from me鈥, the pretty blonde said as her brown eyes circled around the room. 鈥淣othing, just nostalgia鈥, he said, picking up the album from one of the nearest boxes. 鈥淚 think you should ban the kids from coming here. They could get locked in here any time and they don鈥檛 even know how to come out鈥, Josie gave a proposition. 鈥淵eah鈥, Harry said weakly, as he flipped through the pages. 鈥淚sn鈥檛 that Y/N?鈥, Josephine pointed to a picture. 鈥淵eah, she is鈥, Harry smiled and Josephine鈥檚 smile faltered too.
She breathed out through her nose.
鈥淲e used to have some good times, didn鈥檛 we?鈥, Josephine muttered, circling her thumb over the ice cream bowl.
鈥淵eah, we did鈥, Harry smiled.
鈥淩emember when we filled blue food colour in Mrs. Stella鈥檚 water, and she thought someone had poisoned it?鈥, Josephine reminisced and laughed, Harry followed suit. 鈥淎nd how do you forget that one time when we were at the park at some 2.30 AM and the cops were about to find us so we ran around the town like some swindlers?鈥, Harry laughed harder.
鈥淥oh, and do you remember when Y/N would steal an extra apple while the store keeper was busy packing the other fruits? She used to steal chocolates and pens from stores even鈥, Josephine was amused to receive this piece of information. 鈥淒on鈥檛 say anyone but, that time when you told us you weren鈥檛 worried about anything when we asked why you looked so tense, well, Y/N knew you stole her bra, so she was the one who stole your condoms鈥, Harry鈥檚 face flushed and his mouth hung open. 鈥淚t couldn鈥檛 have been. Oh Lord! I was in pain and got blue balls for the entire day.鈥, Harry laughed now that he thinks about it. It had been pretty crazy. 鈥淵ou might have thought nobody knew anything, but everybody in school actually knew that you and Y/N were in a secret relationship鈥, Harry鈥檚 laughter stopped in the middle as he jerked his head to his wife.
鈥淗arry, you couldn鈥檛 have been a fool, could you? I mean Y/N, you and I had known each other since childhood. I liked you, since we were 13, since we were taught how to prepare pressed flowers, since long. I also knew you liked Y/N, long before you knew it yourself. Because I loved you Harry. I just knew everything about you. Y/N, she knew that I loved you. Hence, when you asked her out that night, she was a little bit wary of it, but when I nodded along, she was at the High School Prom with you. It was crazy. You stayed with her for 11 years, and you would鈥檝e stayed longer with her, if only鈥︹, Josephine couldn鈥檛 speak suddenly. 鈥淲-Wow鈥, Harry choked. 鈥淚t鈥檚 all news to me鈥, he said, hanging his head low. Scotch reared his head up and walked to his young masters. 鈥淪he never informed anyone of us, not even her parents or family, about her health issues. Do you remember June 11?鈥, Josephine asked. 鈥淚 do. Wasn鈥檛 it the day when she retrieved Flora?鈥, Harry asked. 鈥淵es鈥, Josephine nodded.
鈥淚 wish I had seen the beginning of her deteriorating conditions. She was such a great strategist. She just knew if she broke up with me out of nowhere or something like that, it鈥檇 raise suspicions. So she went with it鈥, Harry muttered, his ice cream, now a milky pool. 鈥淪he used to say that she鈥檇 want to die on the 13th of any month. I never just caught on it鈥, Harry continued, 鈥渂ecause it was an unlucky date and everyone would blame it on the date and not actually anyone else.鈥
鈥淚 wish I knew why she did it鈥, Josephine, laid her head against Harry.
There was a thick tension between both of them, as they silently skimmed through childhood pictures. 鈥淒id she write you a letter?鈥, Harry asked. 鈥淪he did. If time could play a better game; I could have staged a better play鈥, Josephine quoted in the air. 鈥淚 have tried, countless times, to picture her crying, dying. But all I can see is her cold smile. You know, it was 3 PM, when I was supposed to pick her up for a date. But then when I got in, her lifeless body was on the ground. There was no energy, life, in those lips that I had grown fond of, or the arms, where I loved to stay all the time. All of a sudden, it felt like she had grown old, without me.鈥, Harry thought he was crying, but he wasn鈥檛. Josephine had been his comfort wall to lean on. All the time. 鈥淗er skin looked slightly wrinkled, pale and her lips had lost all their color, her eyes, they slightly bulged out, as if the wires behind them had gone lose, had gone to rest and her heartbeat, didn鈥檛 beat as it always did when I was near her, as if it had finished a marathon. Till this date, I wonder, did the version of me she fell in love with die within her heart?鈥, Harry muttered, lowly, mostly to himself, but Josephine listened, even if he had mentioned the incident for nearly a thousand time.
鈥淗arry, do you realize, today is your anniversary with her?鈥, Josie asked with a small smile. It鈥檇 be a lie to say that her heart wasn鈥檛 slashing into pieces, thinking about him loving someone else. 鈥淚f she were here, I would still be a side character, wouldn鈥檛 I?鈥, Josephine asked. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know. Fate played with the strings as it had to. There鈥檚 no use for creating a universe with 鈥榳hat ifs鈥 now, is it?鈥, Harry dismissed the question.
鈥淏ut I can鈥檛 help thinking otherwise, Harry鈥, Josephine stared at her husband.
Harry took in a deep breath and released it. 鈥淢aybe if she was here, I would鈥檝e loved her, and maybe because of that I wouldn鈥檛 have found you to look into. But she decided to quit; decided to leave me. But you stayed, you stayed and I saw bits of you. I don鈥檛 know if it鈥檚 because Y/N left or not, but I think the thought and insecurity that you would leave me too, gripped around my heart tighter. What started of as fear, bloomed with appreciation and love that you decided to stay for me. If Y/N never left, I wouldn鈥檛 have you. Maybe it wasn鈥檛 the best way to bond over. But maybe, by overcoming our grief together, we鈥檙e where we need to be. We showed each other our bare pieces and puzzles, and helped each other solve them. I love you not because you are a replacement for her, but because you accepted to stay there with me. To love me, to marry me, to have the kids I had always dreamt of. You鈥檝e always given me, Josie, everything I have ever needed. And I love you because you鈥檙e like a sunset by the horizon to me. And if she comes back to life, and I need to choose, I would choose you, princess鈥, Harry traced Josephine鈥檚 lips, speaking so. 鈥淵ou had dated her for more time than you dated me, so why didn鈥檛 you marry her?鈥, Josephine鈥檚 question came across as a jab in the gut, 鈥淚t鈥檚 because time has nothing to do for bonds. I know I can say that I still love Y/N and you wouldn鈥檛 feel betrayed, not because she is six feet under, but because you know, there鈥檚 a part of her in me that still lives afresh鈥, Harry sighed, 鈥淎lso because I know you鈥檝e loved her and you know how it goes. I have felt at ease with you, for all this time. I wonder how you can鈥檛 see that you鈥檝e held my heart hostage right now. You can break it, wreck it or preserve it. It鈥檚 all up to you鈥
鈥淚 am sorry.鈥, Josephine muttered as she reached up to meet the lips of her husband.
Husband; how far; how long; how much?
鈥淗arry, if there was anyone else in place of me who comforted you, would you be in love with them?鈥, Josephine asked.
鈥淭here have been people who have comforted me. You are the one I fell in love with鈥, he said, fiddling with his ring, with a summer smile on his lips.
鈥淪he asked me to tell my kids in future about her, about the girl I first fell in love with鈥, Harry smiled while Josephine looked up amazedly. 鈥淲ow, I am never going to understand you both.鈥, Josephine shook her head. 鈥淒o you want to tell them in the evening or do you want to wait till Sunday?鈥, Josephine asked as Harry gleamed.
鈥淪unday sounds like a good proposition.鈥, Harry gleamed.
鈥淟et's get to the kids. They could鈥檝e been making a mess of their clothes, starting ice cream wars and stuff鈥, Josephine stood up, dusting away any remains of dust.
Harry laughed as he stood up.
His mind raced back to when he first learned making pressed flowers.
He was the new kid in school, swarmed by kids in the morning and by lunch, he was alone.
鈥淗ello鈥, he muttered in the tiny voice of a 5-year-old to a girl, sitting alongside three of her friends. 鈥淗ello鈥, she muttered back. 鈥淵ou know how to make pressed flowers?鈥, Y/N asked him, as he nodded in a 鈥榥o鈥. 鈥淒o you want to learn?鈥, she asked and he nodded in a 鈥榶es鈥. He spent two hours making pressed flowers.
鈥淲hy were you making pressed flowers?鈥, Harry asked. 鈥淢umma said, this way, they stay alive for every day. I want to stay alive every day too. Pressed flowers are a representation of memory, so I want to look back sometime and be happy that I had some bright memories for every single day鈥, Y/N smiled.
Now, Harry was going to make sure, she lived for eternity, like a pressed flower in the hands of a 5-year-old.
Heya lovelies, look who is back after an eternity. Hope you guys like this and if you have anything to talk about, my asks are open.
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chasm201816 days ago
Adore You
Los Angeles 19 November 2021
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hldailyupdatea month ago
Walk in your rainbow paradise! 馃寛
Harryween, Night 1. (30 October 2021)
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harryisarta year ago
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Happy one year of Adore You
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harrysdimples2 months ago
ariana grande type vocal run whomst is this!!
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Just let me adore you 馃馃悷馃悹
I made this drawing for @lornasaurusrex who was the sweetest by helping me and some other larries who couldn鈥檛 afford the Louis livestream tickets! You鈥檙e a hero Lorna!
She told me her favorite things were Larry, the adore you video and fluffy English roses, immediately I pictured the taco date and decided to draw how it would look if our favorite fish was on his human form!
So here it is! Hope you like it! And thanks again Lorna!!
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gucciwins8 months ago
Leather and Lace
Tumblr media
The one where Harry goes to the Grammy's and Y/N is his date
Word count: 4,960
A/N: Hello beautiful friends! Harry at the Grammy's just blew me away, the leather look is all I want to talk about for the rest of my life.
I was feeling inspired and decided it was only fitting to continue Adore You. Part two is Three Time following nominations. So this is part three. Yes, I have a soft spot for Harry and Atticus. Will always write for them if the inspiration strikes.
warnings: smut (female pleasure), pandemic
Tumblr media
There's been one thought running through Y/N's head for most of the day, and Harry can tell because it's nearing five pm and she has not started on dinner. Instead, she's sitting on the backyard steps that give her the beautiful view of the pacific ocean, an empty glass of wine in hand.
Harry doesn't say anything, just sits next to her, knowing she will speak when she's ready, but he also knows she enjoys the quiet moments with him.
Y/N leans her head on his shoulder, letting out a deep breath before settling down the wine glass to wrap her arms around his bicep.
"You asked me an important question."
"Wasn't that important." He shrugs.
"Harry," No nickname making sure he knows she's serious. "It is important. You asked me to be your date to the Grammys where you're opening the show and are a three-time nominee during a pandemic."
"Well, when you put it like that." He teases.
Y/N and Harry made two years of dating on February 16. To celebrate, they had dinner from their favorite Italian food place with chocolate strawberries for dessert that Atticus made for them with the help of Mitch and Sarah, who were more than pleased to take him for the night. It was a beautiful day primarily spent in bed talking and enjoying each other, reminding each other how much they were loved and would continue to be as years went on.
Two years and their relationship has been well hidden. Honestly, Jeff has been impressed at how not one word has gotten out. This may be due to only close friends and family knowing about the relationship. Also that they spent almost one entire year inside due to this ongoing pandemic.
She's not worried about others finding out about her relationship with Harry; that isn't her big concern; it is what they will say about her and Atticus. Harry is a single dad to the world, and Atticus is his first priority, and everyone knows that; she does not want to be the reason they write about how Harry is a neglecting father for dating someone so openly. She fears the backlash and how it can affect how Harry sees her.
Reasonably, Y/N knows that won't happen and that Harry sees her as his life partner as he's told her on multiple occasions. Also, the assurance that Atticus gives to her by calling her Mum more openly around their family. The constant I love you's get her through it.
"I understand if you aren't ready, love."
"Don't think I'll ever be ready, but there are lots of times where I just find myself wanting to shout it from the rooftops how much I love you." Harry smiles, knowing he's felt the exact same way.
"Yes, I'll be your date to the Grammys." She breathes out after a moment of silence.
Harry sits up straight, shifting to make her look him in the eyes. "Yeah, you will?"
"I'd be honored."
Harry's smile is breathtaking, and the next thing she knows, his lips are on hers. It's passionate and full of thank you's because she knows how much this means to him.
He pulls back but not before pecking her lips twice.
"I'm going to call Jeff." Harry rushes inside, leaving her alone once more, but a sincere smile is left on her face.
Y/N said yes because even though a part of her wanted to say no, the urge to say yes won because to be there by his side holding his hand no matter the results win her over.
She says yes because as much as she may have wanted to say no, the urge to say yes and be there by his side, holding his hand no matter the results, wins her over.
Harry comes back ten minutes later, a bottle of champagne in hand, with his eyes shining bright as if he had already won the award. "Jeff said it's all set. He's going to be our third wheel for the night."
She laughs, knowing very well he loves when Jeff has to be around them without his wife now. Always teasing him, but also very happy for him.
"Pop that open then! Let us celebrate." They walk back into the house, getting glasses, when they hear small steps approaching them.
Atticus is thrilled at hearing the news about Harry performing at the Grammys. He got even more excited when he found out Harry was taking Y/N as his date. Told them that she would be the prettiest on the carpet, Harry had pouted, asking what about him. Only to agree when Atticus said no one's beauty compares to his Mum's.
Harry had asked Glenne to watch over Atticus, and she eagerly accepted. They let Atticus know, and he was over the moon excited. Atticus knew his Auntie Glenne had a hard time saying no to him.
In a different time, if there was no pandemic, Harry knows Atticus and Y/N would have been the perfect dates for what is supposed to be a joyous night.
Tumblr media
Grammy day arrived, and Harry walked the red carpet alone.
It's something all three agreed on, not at all wanting to steal any attention when it was such a big debut for Harry. As much as Harry wanted photos with her, he knew this was the way to go; she would be sitting next to him for the rest of the night, which he was thankful for.
Harry felt comfortable and happy in his red carpet look. He was wearing a green and yellow check tweed jacket and a tartan sweater combo worn, flared trousers, and lavender boa. It was a bit different but entirely himself, and that's all he wanted.
As soon as he's done posing for photos, he has his mask back on and is ushered into his changing room to change for his performance happening very soon.
Y/N is waiting in there chatting with Sarah, and when Harry opens the door, he's taken back by her beauty. Yes, he saw her dressed at home, but she seems like a dream here in this new light. Y/N is wearing a lilac satin backless dress, a long slit going up her left leg. She's wearing gold heels that their wonderful friend Harry Lambert acquired for her. The gold primrose signet ring adorned her right-hand ring finger. A few more that she has gifts from her mother and others she bought for herself, but his attention is on the one he gives her because even as she is in a conversation with someone she's fidgeting with, she has the feel of it under her fingers.
"Clear the room, friends," Jeff announces. "Styles here has to get ready. We can start heading to the stage."
Everyone is up and out in a matter of seconds, Jeff shutting the door behind him, telling him he only has fifteen minutes.
More than enough.
"Are you going to help me or just sit there ogling me?"
She smirks. "If I help, there's no saying you'll get clothes on in time."
Harry feels a twitch in his trousers and knows she's right. He huffs, not bothering to argue, just throwing his lavender boa in her direction.
"I'll always accept a striptease."
"I should have had Jeff kick you out as well," Harry says, not meaning a single word.
Y/N pouts. "Not nice, H."
"Baby, please. No more teasing, not really a fan of going on television with a boner, especially in leather." Harry stops her before she can continue on.
"Alright, I'll behave."
Harry breathes a sigh of relief because he's always so close to caving in. She has that effect on him.
Y/N sits there, turned on by Harry changing his outfit. What she wishes she was home instead because watching and not being able to touch is absolute torture.
Harry shimmy himself into the leather pants wanting to get Y/N to laugh, and it works like he knew it would.
"Got a nice ass, Styles. Might have to take it for a ride."
Harry mutters a fuck, and she's giggling. "It's like you hate me."
"On the contrary, I adore you."
"Yeah, well, hand me the jacket, please."
Y/N gets up, the black leather cropped jacket in hand; she stands behind him, guiding him to slip in his left arm, followed by his right. It rests perfectly on his shoulders; she let her hands slide down his arms before turning him around and getting a good look at the completed fit.
She takes a step back as Harry reaches for the mint feathered boa slipping it over his shoulders before dramatically swinging it over his left shoulder. He poses a hand on his hip.
"What's the verdict?" He's biting back a laugh.
"I'm in love. You should ask for my help in designing a look more often." Y/N's gaze has not left his exposed torso. The butterfly fly tattoo starting back at her, Harry's a bit leaner, but he's never looked, fitter. Definitely, feel lucky she can run her fingers over his abs as soon as they get home.
"You recommended no shirt."
"And look how right I was. Your fans are going to go crazy."
"There's only one person I care about going crazy." He steps forward, pressing a kiss to her neck before trailing up to her lips. Leaving soft kisses, not giving her more, and she needs it. She needs him to push her up against a wall and just take her.
"Trust me, baby. I'm showing so must restraint right now. Fuck, you need to walk out now before you're late."
Harry smirks; he likes knowing the effect he has on her. She's the reason he's wearing leather, having confessed thinking he'd look really good. And right she was. "Need a good luck kiss."
Y/N nods, bringing a hand up to rest on the back of his neck, the heels adding a few extra inches making her aligned perfectly with his plump pink lips. She's gentle as she connects their lips; he wraps a hand around her waist before taking control of the kiss, slipping his tongue inside; she lets out a soft moan as he kisses her with all he has. Harry pulls away, a dimpled grin on his face. "Lots of luck in that kiss." a
She nods, still in a daze. "I'll be watching, baby."
Harry and Y/N walk out hand in hand, masks on as they find Jeff, who directs him to the stage entrance, a whispered I love you and a final kiss. He's walking towards the stage, greeting each of his band members lingering a second longer with Sarah.
Y/N was grateful she was allowed to watch the performance from a hidden side stage with Jeff by her side. Those three minutes of Harry singing, she was left in awe as she always is; he's got a way of capturing your full attention. She let out a gasp when Harry threw the boa and turned to have exposed his chest, a broad smile on her face. Jeff was trying to stifle a laugh next to her, and she knew he would be passing this information along.
She felt lucky to be loved by Harry.
As soon as Harry finished performing, Jeff ushered her to his changing room where she could watch the other performances as they waited for Harry to join them once more before going to sit at the socially distanced tables.
Harry came back, a deep smirk on his face, his mint boa now resting on Mitch's neck. "What you think, love?"
"You were wonderful; you and the band just killed it. I felt like it was my first time listening to it. Those note changes were beautiful." She hugs him, happy to have him in her arms again. "Get changed, not much time."
Harry nods, going to the clothes rack but comes back to give Y/N a kiss. She feels herself melt into his touch. She pulls away and sees his green eyes glistening. "Thank you for being here." Before she can respond, he's walked away and changing into his previous outfit.
Harry is dressed, and Jeff ushers them out. Harry leads, greeting people as they walk by, occasionally stopping for someone. Y/N falls behind, smiling at everyone from behind a mask, she laughs, remembering others can't see it, but hopefully, they feel it. She spots a women's restroom and grabs Jeff's arm to get him to stop. He turns concerned. She leans in close, letting him know she's heading to the restroom and will catch up soon.
Y/N is walking out of the restroom heading down the hall when she stops hearing her name called. She turns and finds it's her good friend Julia Michaels.
"Hi darling," Y/N greets a large smile hiding behind her mask. "You look brilliant." Julia was dressed in a black gown adorned with white patterns resembling seashells and her tattoos on full display. Y/N was in awe.
"Thank you! As do you." She says, pulling her in a hug. "Is that a bit of an accent I hear?"
Y/N laughs. "Don't know about that; I've been living in London for years now. Might be that I've been around my British friends constantly."
"That or-"
Julia is interrupted by a man calling her name. Y/N sees it's her boyfriend, JP Saxe.
"Ah, the beau is calling for you, it seems." Y/N teases.
"Oh bummer, I love chatting with you. I would tell you all about him, but I'd expect the same."
"What do you mean?" She feigns confusion, but Julia sees past her.
"Well, who's your date?"
She can feel her face warm, knowing exactly who she's referring to.
"I came with my boyfriend," Y/N answers proudly.
Before Julia can respond, Y/N feels a hand on her back and turns to find Harry behind her. "Calling for us to head to our seats, nominations up next."
"Okay, H." She smiles, knowing there was a look of concern for her hiding behind the mask.
Harry seems to remember she was speaking with someone.
"Hello, Julia, lovely music. This one always plays it around the house." Harry knocks his hip with Y/N's. "Especially this new song that's nominated, she always had it playing. Soon my son was singing it as well. It meant I had to join in. I don't like being the odd one out."
"Thank you, Harry; I'm glad you could all enjoy my music. We've been doing the same. Fine Line is a gorgeous album. Best of luck tonight." Julia tells him sincerely.
"You as well."
"One last thing between us."
"Of course," he nods.
"She's a special one; take real good care of her." Y/N has never been more thankful for a mask because it hides her face that she is slowly starting to heat up.
"I like to think I've been doing a good job, or she wouldn't have stuck around for two years so far."
Julia doesn't hide her shock, her eyes go wide, and Harry just smirks.
Y/N laughs. "We have been good at laying low. Except for this one, he likes to always be doing something new."
"What can I say? I like to keep busy." Harry shrugs, knowing everyone knows about his next film in London.
"Now we definitely have to grab dinner soon or a zoom date, I don't know. I want to hear all about it." Y/N can tell Julia is curious but overall happy for her.
With that, they bid each other goodbye, and Harry escorts her to their seats.
"Someone is very open," Y/N tells him, adjusting her dress as she sits down.
"She's a good friend of yours but also Niall's. I know we can trust her." Harry tells her honestly.
"I see. We'll see how interviews go soon." Y/N knows Jeff had told them he had to do at least one interview if he didn't win, and if he did, it would just be him addressing the virtual press room.
Harry is sitting in the middle, Jeff to his left andY/N to his right. He's never felt as safe when they name the nominees for the category.
Y/N feels the tight grip Harry has on her thigh, and his left hand is rubbing up and down his pants to dry the sweat she can only imagine is building up. She looks up at his face, but he's calm, but she knows him; there's a storm of thoughts running through his head. Y/N knows there isn't much to help ease, but she can remind him she's there for him. She lifts his hand that was resting on her thigh to her lips and gives it a gentle kiss through her mask, yes he can't feel it, but the sentiment is there. She sets his hand back, fingers now intertwined with hers. Y/N knows he's looking at her and meets his gaze reassuring him with his eyes she loves him.
Rachelle Erratchu is opening the envelope, and in the next few seconds, she will announce the winner for the best pop solo performance.
"Watermelon Sugar, Harry Styles!"
Harry sits there shocked, his shoulders dropped, eyes wide, not at all able to hide the shock. He just heard his name called; he just won a Grammy.
In the next second, he's standing up, removing his mask, his nervous smile now able to be seen by the camera. Jeff is quick to pull him in a tight hug. Y/N stands feeling the happiness travel through her entire body.
Harry won.
A mask is no longer hiding his smile, and she knows if she removed her, she'd have a matching smile. Harry hugs her tight, her arms going around his waist; she can feel how fast his heart is beating. Harry is not at all ready to let her go but knows he has an acceptance speech to give.
"You did it, H," she whispers, ushering him to head up the stage.
Harry gets up, letting out a deep breath as he hears the applause continue. He picks up the Grammy for a second before setting it back down. He looks out at the audience, and he's just astounded that he's won.
"Wow, um..." Harry takes a deep breath before starting. "To everyone who made this record with me, thank you so much. This was the first song we wrote after my album came out, during a day off in Nashville. I just wanna say thanks to Tom, Tyler, and Mitch, and everyone, Rob Stringer, everyone at Columbia, my manager Jeffrey who always nudged me to be better and never pushed me and thank you so much, and I feel very grateful to be here." He smiles at Y/N. "Thank you to my son, who has been the light in my life and my biggest fan. Everything I do is for him, and I hope I continue to make him proud. I love you, darling boy." Harry knows he's got only so much time left, but there is one last person to thank. He doesn't address her by name, but everyone in that room knows what he says next is for Y/N as he never takes his eyes off of her.
"Thank you for believing in me. I was not the easiest to deal with when we first met, but you're here and have been every step of the way. Thank you for helping me become a better man each day. I adore you." He chuckles, continuing on, "All these songs are fucking massive, so thank you so much; I feel very honoured to be among you, so thank you so much."
Harry walks off stage, leaving the grammy he had just won behind, eager to have Y/N back in his arms. His eyes are set on her; she's standing arms open, ready for him. He melts into her touch, hiding his head in her neck placing a gentle kiss on her exposed neck. "I love you," he whispers.
Y/N softly cradles his cheek as he leans into her touch, her eyes filling with tears of joy. "I love you, H."
Harry pulls away, letting her take a step back as Jeff hugs him tighter than before. He's so happy he places an affectionate kiss on Jeff's masked cheek.
Harry's happy; he knows he didn't need an award to let him know how talented he was, but it was an honor to have his support team by his side as he did receive the award.
Tumblr media
Harry had taken Y/N with him to help change, claiming he needed help. Jeff knew better but let them be.
As soon as Harry ushered them into the changing room, he pushed her up against the locked door, ripped his mask off, shoving it in his pocket, kissing down her neck.
Y/n reaches a shaky hand up to remove her mask, letting it fall in Harry's waiting hand to place next to him.
"Kiss me," she breathes.
Harry, never one to deny her, brings his lips to hers. Y/N felt her whole body tingle as he claimed control over her mouth, hungry and intense as if she'd disappear if he would slow down.
Y/N laughs as her hands rest on his shoulder, letting him kiss all the skin she has exposed.
"Baby, you're a Grammy winner." A hand now in his hair as she feels his lips right above the curve of her breasts.
"Just like you."
"Atticus must be so proud," Y/N says, now lost in thought.
Harry pulls back, "As much as I love our baby, please don't mention him as I'm trying to shag you in my dressing room."
Y/N grins nodding, she pushes the plaid jacket off his shoulders, letting it fall on the floor. "Sorry, did you say shag? Is that Grammy fame getting to your head?" She teases
"The only place my head is going is between your thighs." His voice rough, no longer teasing. She can see the lust building in his emerald eyes.
"Guess I'm the real winner," Y/N tells him, pushing up her dress to reveal her black lace panties, Harry's favorites.
"Fuck." Harry trails his hands down her thighs as he sinks to his knees.
Y/N holds her dress up as Harry begins to pull down her panties, letting them fall to her ankles. "Those are too hot to be hidden, baby. Fuck, knowing you had those on the whole time for me has me so hard." He unbuttons his trousers giving himself breathing space.
"Please, baby," Y/N begs, wanting him to give her some kind of release.
"Alright, darling, since we don't have much time."
Y/N has her legs spread open for Harry; her face was flushed, knowing the pleasure Harry would soon bring her. She was wet; she had been since she saw Harry perform in his whole leather outfit; she swears this look will enter her dreams when he's away.
"Love, you're so wet." He smirks, knowing this was for him, but a bit of confirmation never hurt anyone. "All-cause of me?"
"Yes, always wet for you." She breathes out, looking down at him.
Harry leans in, pressing soft kisses on her thigh, getting her to relax, wanting her to enjoy this as much as he's going to. He loves how soft her skin is; he litters kisses as he watches her, still feeling how close he is to where they both want him to be.
Y/N feels like she can't breathe; Harry's teasing always so good but not now. Not when she wants him inside her, but she settles for him eating her out. He's proven more than a dozen times how good he is with his tongue.
"I'm ready, darling. I'm ready to taste you, fuck, you smell amazing, but oh, there's something special about how you taste. Will you let me?" Harry asks, always asking for her consent, never wanting her to feel pressured.
"Yes, please." Harry always knows what she needs; she's happy to relinquish all control to him.
Harry tightened his grips on her thighs, scooting closer. He smiles at how glistening her pussy looks for him. How wet he's made her. He didn't have time for foreplay as much as he wanted to tease her have her withering under his touch. He drove right in, his tongue in between her lips, tasting her sweet juices. It was good, sweet, and just for him.
Y/N let out a moan; Harry wanted more from her; he wanted her a moaning mess. Y/n felt his tongue against her most sensitive spot and felt her knees go weak, fuck; he knew exactly how to bring her the pleasure she seeks.
Harry's eyes were closed, focusing on the noises Y/N was making and savoring the taste.
Y/N has a hand in his hair, her right hand holding up her bunched-up dress. "My winner," she moans out.
"You're always a winner. Fuck, so good." She pants.
"You are鈥.baby" Nothing's making sense. She's lost in her pleasure. Harry was focusing on her clit; he licked at the small peek, knowing she was close.
She pulls harder on his hair, he lets out a moan against her pussy, and it brings her twice the pleasure. "Make me cum, baby." She whines, "Show me exactly why a song about oral sex deserved to win."
Harry, edged on by her words, begins to suck on her clit, letting her feel the ecstasy it brings her. Y/N lost in her pleasure, misses Harry's cursing against her.
"Harry, I'm close." She whimpers out.
"Cum for me, darling." He doesn't slow down, lapping against her pussy, taking everything she gives him. He sucks on her clit, swirling his tongue around as he brings a finger to her hole, gently pushing in, knowing it will drive her over the edge.
"Fuck, you're always a winner. This mouth is always a winner."
Y/N whines out his name, pulling him closer as he licks up all she offered him, letting her ride out her orgasm enjoying every moment. Harry pulls his hand away, setting it on her exposed thigh, drawing small comforting circles, until he's sure she's ridden it through.
She lets out a long sigh as she slides down the door, no longer able to stay standing. Harry grins, guiding her down gently as he sits back on his heels.
"Can I return the favor?" She blinks at him, lust still swimming in her eyes.
Harry blushes but not at all embarrassed. "Watching you cum for me did the job, baby."
She pouts her lips.
"Can treat me to a good time later," he promises; she eagerly nods, already knowing how she'd make him go crazy at him. The taste of him on her tongue later, something to look forward to.
"Think this was the reason you had a third outfit picked." She jokes,
Harry laughs, "Definitely."
Y/N and Harry sit there staring at each other, blissed out in pleasure, taking in the other's smile when a loud knock on the door startles them reminding them where they are.
"When you walk out of here, there better not be a single trace to what you did in there," Jeff tells them.
Harry smirks, "oh Jeffery, who does he take us for?"
Y/N is helped to her feet by Harry, who slips her panties back up her thighs. Y/N walks to the restroom to fix herself while Harry washes his face at the sink provided. Harry is quick to get out of his clothes and into the final outfit of the night. An orange blazer with a white low-cut shirt and plaid pants.
He's ready to step back out and mingle, showing off his girlfriend to everyone who approaches them. Harry stands in front of the mirror looking at the deep red mark on his neck where she left a love bite; he doesn't even remember her giving it to him.
She smirks, seeing him trace his finger over it. Y/N walks up to him, placing the black-feathered boa over his shoulders.
"I could get behind the feathered boas if it means I can leave more kisses like that behind," Y/N tells him as he swings it over his shoulder, adjusting it to hide the mark that would bruise over the next few hours.
"We'll see, love."
Y/N stands in front of the mirror, adjusting her dress. She smooths her hands over her dress, happy with how she looks. Not at all like she was just given the orgasm of her life. Harry smiles, grateful she was here with him on an important day. He loves her, and he knows she loves him.
"Ready, love?" He stands being her, hand on her waist
She turns her head up to look at him, puckering her lips, waiting for a kiss that Harry happily gives her. "Now, I'm ready."
Y/N and Harry walk hand in hand, masks on.
Harry may not have won any more awards, but he truly felt like he had won it all way before ever hearing his name being called. With a woman like Y/N on his side who was intelligent, beautiful, and independent, constantly pushing him to be a better person every day, there was no way he would ever know what it would be like to lose.
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Thank you so much for reading! I adore you. Hopefully, the future allows me to write for Harry, Atticus, and Y/N some more but for now I hope you enjoyed this continued story. <333
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Tumblr media
Adore You - Harryween
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The grooviest song on the album. Best song to strut to imho. Happy 1 year of Adore You!
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Okaayyyyy harryyyy
TBH, I really can't make out what he's saying. It's a bit mumbled. It's worth keeping an eye on, but I can't say I agree from just that video.
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Harry behind the scenes of the Adore You music video by H茅l猫ne Pambrun
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