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Absolutely, hope you enjoy!


[18] Go to a fun fair

[27] Wear matching couples costumes



  • Sebastian is delighted when you tell him you want to wear matching couples costumes
  • He agrees to it immediately, telling you to leave the organisation of everything to him and assuring you that you would not be disappointed
  • You raise a questioning eyebrow in response to this unexpected enthusiasm, but decide you’ll just leave it at that
  • For now, at least, because if he comes up with something too ridiculous you will have to complain
  • Equally, he’ll have to wear whatever he has in mind as well, so it won’t be too bad
  • Right?
  • The butler rushes straight off to Ciel to negotiate the night off on Halloween, though he would of course be at his master’s beck and call the entire time of needs be
  • By some (demonic?) miracle, he succeeds in his task and then wastes no time in organising costumes
  • He turns up to your house in the late afternoon - you note he’s done his best to leave it too late for you to disagree to his costume choice - looking remarkably excited
  • You truly dread to think what he’s come up with, though you let him in offer tea, all the usual
  • Even so, you can’t help but ask what he’s chosen
  • The smile that comes over his lips can only be described as unnerving, so you brace yourself for whatever is to come
  • What he gently removes from the bag he’s brought is somehow what you have been expecting disappointed but not surprised; two cat costumes
  • There are ears, face paint, whiskers to stick on and even tails
  • In truth, you thought, it could have been far worse than this
  • And the look on his face is positively priceless, so you agree to wear the costume
  • He gives you a long hug after that, then you rush to get ready
  • The funfair you have agreed to go to opens in just under an hour or so and you have no doubt it’ll take you a minute to get the makeup just right
  • In full makeup and costume, you arrive at the fair only a few minutes after it opens
  • This is something you’ve been looking forward to all week, especially considering it’s Sebastian you’re going with
  • The first thing you come across is one of those grabber machines with the plush toys in them, so you have a go immediately
  • There’s a little black cat at the back (you think something small is your best bet) and after a few tries, you actually manage to get it
  • You’re positively thrilled that it worked, then you presented the cat to Sebastian as soon as you picked it up
  • The sweetest little bit of warmth spreads over the demon’s pale cheeks and you could have swooned right then and there - you made him blush
  • You don’t think you’ve ever seen him this happy and you laugh, watching as he puts some money into the machine and quickly fishes you out an adorable plushie of your favourite animal, thinking he could quite easily melt at how pleased you are
  • After that, you just have a go at everything you can find
  • There’s a game where you have to shoot moving targets and you both impress the guy in charge of it with your skills, another in which you have to throw hoops over stands showing off various prizes
  • The Halloween candy you buy is the best you’ve ever had and you find a stall selling seasonally spiced coffee which is just to die for
  • You only leave once you have seen everything the fair has to offer, armed with considerably more soft toys than you went in with
  • You tell him on the walk back that this is one of the best Halloweens you can remember, smiling softly as he wraps an arm around your waist and squeezes you tightly in response


  • Right, so Undertaker is going to go full out when it comes to matching couples costumes
  • He was going to wear something crazy anyway, but now you’ve told him you want to wear something to match? He is literally going to go mad
  • As in you should prepare yourself
  • You go over to his place the day before Halloween, at his request, more than a little confused about why he needs you over there
  • He offered no explanation when he called, just ‘be here as soon as possible’
  • That’s about 20 minutes for you ordinarily, though you rush to get there in 15
  • His voice was as happy as usual over the phone, but there was definitely a hint of something you can’t quite place
  • Probably along the lines of ‘I know something that you don’t’, which again isn’t that rare for him
  • It does make you suspicious though
  • You’ve been subject to all sorts of surprises from him, many of which you could have done without, and all of them started with a phone call like that one
  • When you get there, the door flies back from your hand before you can even knock and you get dragged into the parlour against the reaper’s chest, stumbling over your own two feet even as he holds you up, to excited over something to stop
  • He spins you around finally, not having said a word yet, for you to see a coffin laid on the floor and covered in pieces of Halloween costumes
  • Your eyes widen and your mouth drops open at what can only be described as hours of work on his part, and you can practically hear the grin emanating from where he stands behind you
  • “Well? What do you think?”
  • He cannot wait for your opinion
  • You grin as you turn around as well, slowly shaking your head and telling him how amazing it all is
  • The costumes you ask? Zombie pirates
  • But including everything
  • Hats, torn clothes, realistic looking swords, tonnes of jewellery; he has the lot
  • When the days itself comes, you both look fantastic
  • You decide to go to a Halloween themed funfair together and the number of people who praise your partner’s hard work makes your heart warm with pride
  • The first thing you do when you arrive is, of course, food
  • A massive bucket of candy floss each, toffee apples, pick and mix sweets of every kind you can imagine
  • And fizzy drinks as well, just to top off the sugar rush
  • From there, you take part in everything you see
  • Undertaker manages to shoot a bullseye with an air rifle and win you a massive teddy bear holding a heart that says ‘I love you’
  • It’s so big that you can hardly carry it around, though you make sure you do, if only so you can see the daft grin plastered on Undertaker’s lips because of it
  • You go on the small Ferris wheel multiple times, wait in line for ages for the haunted house train ride, only for you to be more scared by the mortician grabbing you halfway through than the attraction itself
  • You just have to be with the only person who laughs at jump scares
  • You spend pretty much the whole night there together, only leaving when they announce over loudspeakers that the fair is closing
  • On the walk back to the parlour, you discuss everything that happened and decide you went to every attraction they had, and likely visited every food stand as well
  • You take very little convincing to end up staying the night with Undertaker, quickly finding yourself falling into a deep, restful sleep
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Yes of course you can!! And thank you so much, that’s really nice to hear. You stay safe too ❤️

1] Going trick or treating

5] Walking at midnight



It was still fairly early in the evening when you and Undertaker headed out. You were both in full costume, him (ironically) as a reaper and you as a vampire, armed with giant bags you intended to fill with Halloween candy. You had discussed this endeavour early in the day and come to the conclusion that trick or treating was an absolute must. You started making your way down the road outside the parlour, slowly walking further into the city and towards various outside decorations and orange and purple lights. Everything was in full swing by the time you got into a more festive area, children in costume running around excitedly and some of their parents standing around to chat.

You grinned at the mortician as you approached your first house, shoulders brushing and fingers entwined. It didn’t bother you in the slightest that you were probably far too old to be doing this, you got in line just like the children who were bouncing on their toes and waiting for treats. For the most part, nobody gave you two a second glance so you had full bags in no time at all, having perfected the timing for a simultaneous “Trick or treat!” with matching cheesy grins and a hopeful look in your eyes. Your act made literally everyone laugh, much to your delight. You started heading back to the parlour once your bags were full, joking and trying to work out what you had been given the whole way.

You sat down together as soon as you arrived, emptying both bags out on top of a coffin and swapping sweets over so you both got the ones you liked. The rest of the evening seemed to go by quite quickly, just with the two of you talking about nothing and everything. You made your way through plenty of the candy you had been given and the pumpkin carving was finished hours before you went out. The Nightmare Before Christmas was playing quietly in the background and you were curled up together on the sofa. You lightly mentioned the time when a notification lit up your home screen, which then loudly proclaimed 23.47. Undertaker playfully raised his eyebrows at you, elaborating when all you offered was a blank expression.

“Almost the bewitching hour, you know,” he teased, wiggling his fingertips in a way that was meant to suggest mystery. You snorted unceremoniously then burst into proper laughter, the reaper soon joining you. He stood up a few moments later, a hand reached down to you and head tilted so that you could see one eyes through his bangs. “Come with me?”

You took the proffered hand and jumped as you were hauled to your feet. The mortician started making his way to the front door so you grabbed a coat on the way out, linking your arm with his after you put it on. You waited for him to lock the parlour up, breath forming frozen white clouds and collars pulled up your neck against the cold.

“Where are we going?” You questioned as he slipped the keys into his pocket and drew you close to his side, walking in the opposite direction to where you had gone earlier.

“It’s a surprise, love,” he commented idly, “think you’ll enjoy it though.”

“Ooo, a surprise,” you repeated back, eyes glinting with humour. You were more than intrigued and the reaper knew it, though he gave away nothing further. Once you got a decent way down the road and away from the centre of the city, Undertaker pulled you to one side and held his arms out, gaze locked on yours.

“Trust me?” He asked, smiling when you said ‘of course’. He scooped you up in his arms immediately and the next thing you knew, London had fallen away from around you both. You glanced around to find the pair of you were standing in the middle of a beautiful, dark woodland. You found there were plenty of leaves underfoot when the mortician let you down, and you were certain they would have all been a brilliant array of red and orange, but the light was too low to see.

Undertaker took your arm once again and you set off at a leisurely pace, not feeling the need for words. The air was different in here somehow, clear and cold and nothing like the pollution you had become used to by living in a city. There was something of a damp hint too, like it had rained recently, but the cloud had cleared now and you could see astonishing detail in the constellations arching above your head, the full moon providing just enough light to see by. You risked a glance at your companion and felt your chest warm at his expression. He was happy, genuinely happy and utterly relaxed in this safe wilderness. In fact you didn’t think you had ever seen him look this calm. You weren’t sure where exactly he had taken you, but you knew this walk would stay in both of your minds for a very long time to come.

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  • Completely agree with you there, Undertaker would be brilliant at pumpkin carving
  • Like scarily good
  • He doesn’t even use the little carving tools you get in packs that come with scoops and stuff
  • He carves them with actual knives
  • And they are amazing
  • I mean it’s hard enough to carve pumpkins with the specific tools they make to do it, but he comes up with these impeccable creations (all things he’s designed himself) and executes them perfectly
  • He gets the finest details by having absolute control over the blade he’s using, managing to carve intricate patterns that act as shading
  • Once you dared him to do the most difficult thing he could think of off the top of his head
  • You looked back at him a short while later to find he’d done a portrait of you carving your own pumpkin
  • It honestly looked like a photograph and you were absolutely thrilled
  • You aren’t sure if he’s especially artistic in the traditional sense (paintings, drawings and such) but if his pumpkins are anything to go by, he’d be really good at that too
  • Whilst you have always loved this particular tradition, it’s never been something you could call yourself brilliant at
  • And
  • Considering you are currently staying with an absolute expert, this seems a positively brilliant opportunity to up your pumpkin carving game
  • Undertaker is a rare one for buying far too many pumpkins, then carving them all magnificently in the same time as it takes you to do just one
  • Meaning he has plenty of time to spare to help you
  • You’ve just got all of the equipment out; various designs, tools, blades and the like, laid out on the wooden table in the kitchen like you’re about to do an autopsy
  • You think it’s fun and it makes everything look more authentic and Halloween-y, the mortician genuinely finds it helpful - he’s so used to dealing with the deceased that this setup is somewhat automatic for him
  • Anyways
  • He’s gathered the pumpkins together and put one in each of your customary spots, the others left in the centre of the table were fair game
  • He always did that, even if he knew you’d probably only get one done
  • The sight of the table all prepared for your annual festivities brings a joyful smile to your lips and the reaper is by your side a moment later, a soft kiss left on your temple and his arms around your waist
  • You let him pull you into his chest, pressing your own kiss against his jaw
  • “Like it, love?” Undertaker asks you quietly, a small smile playing at his own lips
  • “As always,” you agree cordially, “but I have a favour”
  • You spin to face him then, hands on his shoulders as he smirks back at you
  • “And what might that be, hm?” He replies, head tilted ever so slightly to one side as he assesses what’s going through your thoughts and arms circling your sides once again
  • “Teach me how to carve pumpkins”
  • That itself brings on enough of a laughing fit to more than fill the mortician’s bizarre payment for information, but when it finally passes, he is still grinning
  • One amused phosphorescent eye is visible to you from between his bangs when he agrees to help, a hand to the small of your back as he leads you back over to the table
  • He’s got that unnerving grin of his on the entire time, the one that says I know something you don’t and it makes you wonder what he’s planning
  • As it turns out, his definition of helping is not giving you a demo and subsequent tips on how to improve on your version of it, but rather to stand right behind you, a hand over yours holding a knife and controlling your movements in a way a parent might when teaching something to a child
  • That along with occasionally breathing down your neck for the sake of distracting you and giggling when you yelp
  • You have to draw a line however when his hand drops to your side and he starts tickling you, almost making you drop the knife entirely
  • You leap away from him and dance back, brandishing your weapon and warning him not to do it again
  • You just receive another grin in response, making you realise the reaper fully intended to carry on like this and leading you to the decision that no amount of gained knowledge was worth this
  • As such, when he beckoned you back over to him to carry on carving, you stayed put
  • The knife was still held out in front of you, great help it would be, but that just seemed to amuse the reaper further
  • “Y/N, don’t be daft. Get back over here”
  • “I think not!!”
  • “I won’t do it again, I swear”
  • “You lie!”
  • This stand off went on for quite a while until in the end you told him to go back to his own pumpkin and let you finish yours in peace
  • “I thought you wanted my help,” he murmured, a feigned, soft look in his eyes as he did his best impression of a sad puppy
  • “It’s not worth it!” You cried, only to shriek as he lunged at you
  • You dropped the knife in favour of running in terror, though you made it all of three steps before the mortician’s hands were back at your sides, tickling you mercilessly
  • You rolled around and struggled in a doomed attempt to get away from him, laughing and screaming at the same time, but he’d pinned you down quite nicely
  • Only at the moment when you could no longer breathe to beg him to stop and you were too exhausted to attempt to get away did he finally let up
  • Cheeks red and fingers trembling, he looked down at your panting figure with an expression that said he’d done well
  • Of course what he hadn’t taken into consideration at the time was that you wouldn’t trust his surprise hugs from behind for a very long while afterwards
  • Nor would you ask for pumpkin carving help again (YouTube tutorials, here you come)
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Of course, and thank you so much!! I’m really glad you think that. Also sorry I didn’t get this out in time for Halloween

24] Go explore pumpkin patches to find the perfect pumpkins

25] Go shopping for decorations together (so basically buy the whole shop and low key concern the cashier with your dedication)



You linked arms with Undertaker as you made your way through an ancient woodland he found, coat pulled tightly around you to fend off the cold. You had no idea how he knew of this place and he wouldn’t tell you, if only because he enjoyed seeing your burning curiosity. He claimed this place had the best pumpkin patch you had ever seen and you couldn’t wait to find out if he was right. The reaper squeezed your arm gently, grinning at the excited energy practically coming off of you in waves.

“Just through here,” he told you softly, drifting off to the right of the path you were currently taking and leading you into the undergrowth. A few minutes later, the woodland thinned out into a sprawling clearing and as your view of the place improved, you realised it was absolutely full of bright orange pumpkins. You didn’t even realise that a wide smile had taken over your features until the mortician giggled and pressed a quick kiss to your temple, asking if you liked it. You threw your arms around him in thanks then rushed off into the pumpkin patch without a second thought.

Undertaker hung back a little to watch you, a small, happy smile on his lips. You made your way from pumpkin to pumpkin at lightning speed, occasionally turning them to check their colour and shape on the side closest to the vine, already knowing exactly what you were looking for. The mortician loved the tradition of carving pumpkins, always had, but right now he was taking far more enjoyment from watching your happiness at this unexpected surprise. He got so side-tracked by you, in fact, that you had returned to him with a pumpkin under each arm (one for each of you) before he’d even begun his search. He didn’t miss the other little one you had picked up, claiming it was ‘too cute to leave behind’ when he questioned you on it.

The reaper took one of the pumpkins from you as you both started strolling back to the car - his car, the gleaming black and chrome custom hearse he was so proud of - so that you weren’t left carrying everything. You went back to the parlour to drop off your quarry, then went straight off once more to the best shop you knew for Halloween decorations. It was getting quite close to the day now, so you already had plenty of decorations around the place. The advantage of both your partner’s profession and rather niche hobbies in the case of this holiday was that you already had a fairly unlimited supply of coffins and body parts preserved in jars, some of which you were fairly certain were actually relics from the Victorian era. That and the fact that he seemed not to have properly cleaned the place from around that time period either, so you had more than enough cobwebs and spiders to decorate the entire street, never mind just the one building. That said, it was not going to stop you from buying a crazy amount of other decorations as well.

The pair of you were like kids in a candy store from the moment you got out of the car. You had several positive comments whilst in the car park about how you must go all out on the Halloween thing because of the hearse, not least of all because the mortician had a skeleton wearing a top hat positioned so that you could only see it out of the back window when directly behind it, as well as the sign he had stuck to the glass which read ‘the dead travel fast’. Once inside, you grabbed a trolley each - the large ones with enough space for a seat to put a toddler in along with the shopping - and set off for the seasonal isles. It took you very little time to fill both of them with literally everything you could get your hands on.

Undertaker put a stack of Styrofoam graves in his as soon as he saw them, you going for a full sized zombie instead. Next on your list was an enormous black candelabra with electronic flames which flashed a tantalising combination of black and crimson. You barely looked away from your partner for a moment, but when your gaze returned to him, your mouth fell open. He’d managed to get a cauldron you reckoned you could fit into if you tried, a hanging wired ghost and the biggest spider you had ever seen into his trolley along with the graves and was now filling the spaces in between with packs of cobwebs. He simply grinned at your astonishment, reminding you that you were no better. This was very true, you thought to yourself as you rushed over to a massive hanging bat decoration and started working on getting it in beside the zombie and candelabra, then moving on to packs of sweets and chocolates to fill in your gaps.

When you both arrived at the cash desk, the cashier’s eyes widened to the size of saucers and he had to take a moment to regain composure, quickly falling back on the welcome lines all shop assistants were told to memorise. That just made you both laugh raucously and you had to tell the poor lad not to apologise for being so surprised. He eventually felt able to admit that he had never see anyone buy that many decorations in one shot and proceeded to congratulate you on your dedication to the season. The mortician took a mock bow and you gave a playful salute, taking your goods and giggling as you rushed back outside to unload everything into the car once more. Your collective excitement was practically audible as you both jumped in, ‘This Is Halloween’ blaring through the stereo as the reaper pulled away and both of you utterly consumed by thoughts of the hours of decorating to come.

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Hello and yes you can!! This is my first thing using the Halloween prompts 😁🎃 Aw thank you, you have a nice day too. Hope you enjoy!

12] Doing your best to terrify kids who come to your door trick or treating

13] Terrifying each other (jumping out from behind doors and screaming, etc)

29] Doing each other’s makeup for your costumes




  • Right so it took you and Undertaker literal hours to get your costumes just right
  • He went as the stereotypical grim reaper (he found the human interpretation of them to be desperately amusing)
  • So a black hooded cloak, skull makeup and even though you could only see part of his face with the bangs, the makeup reached right up to his hairline
  • He’d gotten you to assist with the fine details, though he’d already done a pretty good job with it
  • You ended up sat across his lap with your elbows braced against his shoulders to get the lines just right, repeatedly whacking his arm to make him stop laughing and potentially messing up all your hard work
  • You on the other hand went as a zombie
  • That was a full out body paint affair and it took even longer than the mortician’s
  • You were beyond proud of the results, even if Undertaker had felt the need to make a bunch of little changes, claiming “The devil’s in the details, love”
  • He had also wasted a scarily short amount of time before taking a knife to your costume, claiming you hadn’t ripped it up enough to be a zombie
  • This had all happened early in the morning on the day of Halloween
  • You then took every opportunity throughout the entire day to terrify each other
  • Undertaker hid in coffins and allowed them to slowly creak open just as you had turned away, making the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and a shiver crawl up your spine
  • You glance cautiously out of the corner of your eye then quickly tur around to the coffin in question, only to find it empty with the lid open
  • That leaves you trying to rationalise the event away, only for Undertaker to scream and grab you from behind, leaving a trail of kisses across your neck and laughing at how your body trembles in his arms
  • If you try and push him away his hold on you just tightens, he can’t help but laugh more and pull you impossibly closer to his chest, teasing you for how jumpy you are whilst you hide your face in his robes
  • Of course that doesn’t last for long, because you need to get revenge
  • You hid under his desk, behind practically every door he walked through and even in a kitchen cupboard, but you never once manage to get a reaction out of him
  • He just grins at you and says hello, pulling you into a bear hug
  • You exclaim in the end, utterly exasperated, how could he possibly not so much as blink in surprise
  • The mortician dissolves into a giggling fit, and it turns out eventually that his senses as a reaper (especially one who hasn’t worn the glasses he so desperately needs in over a century) are fine tuned so excellently that he knows exactly where you are pretty much all the time
  • That somewhat takes the wind out of your sails, but you will not be defeated
  • The fact that you still jumped out at him, even knowing what he just told you, simply makes him laugh all the harder
  • When it starts getting dark, you two prepare multiple bowls of Halloween candy for trick or treaters
  • The whole front of the shop is decorated to the nines, usual display of coffins covered in swathes of cotton cobweb, a zombie climbing out of one and the biggest, scariest spider you could find hanging off the ‘Undertaker’ sign
  • You have plastic decorations over the little window to make the glass look like its been shattered, along with a bloody handprint on the inside
  • You have several carved pumpkins on the old cobblestones outside the shop, terrifying faces carved by both of you and candles burning proudly
  • There are also a couple of burning, decorative lanterns and headstone or two
  • Overall, the pair of you are the best decorated in the area and simultaneously loved and feared for it
  • The first trick or treater to knock on the electronic doorbell (a seasonal special which screams instead of rings) is met with you stumbling outside and groaning, arms held out in front of you and eyes unfocused, with Undertaker silently drifting out behind you, his scythe (the real one, much to your dismay when you realised) slung over his shoulder and burning green eyes staring down the children in front of you
  • It’s the loudest you’ve ever heard anyone scream and it’s all the two of you can do to keep in character, though you break the façade to start laughing a short while later
  • You give the kids as many treats as you think they can eat, then bid them on their way
  • Once you both disappear creepily back into the parlour, you start laughing together once more
  • You end up standing there and holding each other close for a moment, sharing kisses and generally discussing how thrilled you both are over how well this Halloween is going


  • Sebastian goes over to your place for Halloween
  • He arrives about halfway through the day, armed with the costume he plans on wearing
  • He’s going as a vampire and you absolutely cannot wait to see the result
  • You, as an inside joke with him, are going to be a demon
  • Even Sebastian had to laugh when you announced that, he was utterly delighted by the prospect
  • You start getting ready later in the day (especially when compared to Undertaker), though by no means is it late when you begin
  • Sebastian is dressed all in black, naturally pale skin not needing any extra makeup
  • He doesn’t so much as need to wear plastic fangs, just allowing his own canines to extend enough to be obvious, then letting his irises bleed to crimson rather than wearing contacts to provide the same affect
  • The demon also has a black cloak (it seems very authentically Victorian to you) with a massive collar which flares out behind him whenever he moves
  • He really looks the part
  • Your costume, on the other hand, takes far more doing
  • You also wear all black, but the effort that goes into your makeup (a joint effort) to make you look sufficiently demonic (as decided by Sebastian) is phenomenal
  • It takes you both well over an hour and you look utterly terrifying by the end of it
  • Your nails are painted black and your eyes are dark and smoky, irises shining out brightly
  • Your partner thinks you look fabulous, however no costume is complete without pints of fake blood
  • You cover Sebastian in it, delicately though - he’s a tasteful vampire, none of this destroying your food and leaving carnage in your wake
  • You get him to put some on you as well and to your dismay he does so sparingly, getting you to tilt your head back so the drops he places on your face roll down to your jawline
  • He also puts a little on hour bare hands, claiming less is more
  • When you finally see yourself in the mirror, you realise that how he’s done it is absolutely brilliant and gives the perfect effect
  • Cue ‘what kind of vampire would I be if I couldn’t do as small a task as this’
  • Sebastian goes off not long after you finish to make some last minute checks on your various decorations - the front of your house looks like the entrance to a gothic manor thanks to the collective effort the two of you put in
  • Of course there’s also pumpkins on the front step and ghostly silhouettes in the windows
  • You go into the kitchen to check over the stuff you need for trick or treaters, entirely unaware that the demon has reappeared in the doorway
  • He comes up behind you totally silent until hu suddenly lunges for you, as arm around your ribs and the other low on your waist as he pulls you, screaming and utterly terrified, back into his chest
  • His lips are on your neck a moment later, threatening to start drinking your blood if you didn’t stop yelling, it’s me Y/N, who else could it be?
  • Apparently ‘a zombie’ wasn’t the right answer
  • As soon as your mild heart attack passes, you feel the immediate need to get revenge
  • You try the same trick as him, but he clearly knew you were there before you even walked through the door
  • You then attempt it the other way around; jump out from behind the door as he walked through it, but that only succeeds in making him laugh
  • Ultimately, you didn’t manage to scare him once, though it was fun to try
  • In spite of this, you did manage to completely terrify the kids that came to your door
  • Sebastian could even sense them walking up to the house (which made you feel better about not being able to scare him) from the fear already radiating from them
  • When someone rings the doorbell, you allow the door to open seemingly by itself, only appearing yourselves when the door is wide open but the hall is so dark the kids can’t see if anyone is there or not
  • You walk up silently, Sebastian allowing just a little of his power to exude out, creating hellish shadows that crawl up the walls and a dark smoke that drifts outside
  • The children scream once more and even any adults accompanying them appear creeped out
  • You give everyone sweets though, breaking out of character and smiling to chat with people at the door
  • Looking down the street, everyone has pumpkins and decorations outside their doors, groups of children going from house to house in a plethora of different costumes, all laughing and screaming, comparing their candy and oblivious to the cold
  • You and Sebastian just stand and watch the scene go by for a while, him contemplating the marvels of the human race and how much its changed, whilst you breathe a happy sigh at the proximity to him, proceeding to rest your head on his shoulder
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Aww that’s such a sweet idea, don’t apologise!! Here you go, hope you enjoy!



  • Alright people sit down and buckle up we start in the Victorian era
  • Undertaker is doing just that, lowkey experimenting on the dead and the like as well but we’re ignoring that for now
  • You’re absolutely not working as a servant in some lord’s house, equally you probably can’t quite get up into high society given Undertaker’s occupation, likely somewhere in the middle
  • To be honest, you probably ended up involved in the Phantomhives’ underground network and you are more than capable of working the system so you can be accepted equally by both London’s high society and the working classes
  • The mortician deals with people from all walks of life and you regularly interact with them so it’s hardly surprising
  • During this time, the two of you would eat out as much as possible , just to experience the class divide from both ends
  • The funeral parlour isn’t in the best part of London, so you went to the local pub one night for dinner and a drink
  • The atmosphere was positively alive, the people inside loud and buzzing with warm energy despite the winter cold trying to deep in through the windows
  • You had a basic meal of chicken and vegetable broth, sat at a table just off the corner of the bar
  • The place might have smelt of alcohol but the people sat at another table playing music more than made up for it
  • There was a violinist, a singer and a flute player, all producing jigs, country music and the best old songs, the kind the two of you hadn’t heard in a good few years
  • Alternately, Undertaker took you out to the fanciest, most expensive restaurant London had to offer
  • You didn’t even know where he got the money from
  • He wore a sleek black top hat and tails, hair drawn back and hidden away for once
  • A crisp white shirt and a red tie, polished black loafers and you wearing your finest
  • You lost track of how many courses you ate, lost in the small orchestra playing exquisite music from the front
  • Undertaker had reserved the best table they had to offer and ultimately spared no expense
  • Afterwards, you decided that whilst the experiences were polar opposites, you had enjoyed both for entirely different reasons
  • Moving on to the early 1900’s, the industrial revolution was a scream for you both
  • Picture the most ridiculous, steampunk-looking ‘automated vehicle’ you can, complete with the crazy lights on the front and the carriage wheels, chugging out black smoke
  • Undertaker had one
  • It was such a wild thing to invent that he just couldn’t resist
  • You were the talk of his part of London, specifically how the ‘unusual’ mortician has managed to afford one was of great debate among the gossips
  • Of course, you two sat on the sidelines and watched it all unfold, grinning like mad people and never giving out any information
  • You did make the occasional comment though, only to stir the pot and confuse everyone even further
  • Your favourite memory of that car had to be when you chugged over Westminster bridge in it, the mortician tipping his hat while you just nodded at the pavement full of top hats who halted what they were doing to watch you go by
  • You laughed for ages after that one
  • It couldn’t last forever though, and when the First World War came, it was as hard on the two of you as any
  • Undertaker seemed always to be working during those four years, the list of casualties endless
  • You helped him wherever you could, devoting the rest of your time to helping out at the local shelter, nursing when the hospitals were being overrun
  • You would both pass information along the underground as well, anything to end the death and destruction
  • The Second World War passed in much the same way, though now there seemed to be even less time to rest
  • You would stand and quietly hold each other on the long nights when it all seemed endless, listening to Churchill over the radio and trying to not get too down
  • The next little while passed by uneventfully really - everyone was trying to recover from the after effects of the fighting and the Cold War was in full flow
  • When it got to the 50’s and 60’s though, things started looking up once more
  • You lost count of the number of dances you went to with the mortician, each of which he invited you to in a most gentlemanly manner
  • Eventually you invited him to a few, though he jokingly complained each time that he should be the one to ask you
  • Undertaker’s slow dances went unrivalled, both at events and whilst you were alone in the parlour
  • Those were your favourites, gazing lovingly into his phosphorescent eyes, glowing softly in the half dark as he smiled back at you
  • He would hold your body to his as close as possible, keeping you flush together whilst still moving to the music
  • He would have an arm securely around your waist, far too much contact for the dance you were doing but you had no complaints
  • When it got late and dark and you were still stepping around each other, you would lay your head on his shoulder and his hand would move automatically to your hair, ever so softly combing back through it and nails caressing your scalp so masterfully that it took far more effort than it should have done to stay awake
  • He knew that of course and would grin, wasting no time in sitting down somewhere with you in his lap, whispering sweet nothings until your eyes did finally close, albeit against your will
  • You would smile in the morning when you woke up in bed, but still wrapped tightly in the mortician’s embrace
  • Moving swiftly onto the 70’s, I just want to say if you don’t think Undertaker could disco with the best of them, you are so wrong
  • He’s a fabulous dancer, no matter what the era or style and there wasn’t the move he didn’t know
  • You would often catch him dancing away to the pop songs over the radio or on the little TV you two had purchased
  • When he saw you, not only would he not stop but he would grab you and get you to start dancing with him
  • The reaper took full advantage of the fashion for flares and all things day glow, mismatching neon socks worn proudly
  • And of course if this wasn’t the era of the best comedy movies
  • You went to the movie theatre to see all of them, got them on DVD and ultimately there wasn’t a single reference that went over your head
  • It was also impossible to pick your favourite
  • From then on, the two of you really just watched fashions and trends progress into the ones we know now
  • He has a black hearse of course, but not your average one
  • It’s all sharp angles and gleaming chrome, a skull pendent hanging off the rear view
  • When it’s Halloween season, he puts a skeleton in the back so others can see it through the back window
  • The tech side of things is definitely a bonus, phones are just convenient and there’s so much media (films, music) you can never get bored
  • You’ve been to festivals together, fringe all the way
  • Undertaker teleported you to the front when your favourite band came on; it was the best thing
  • He even hoisted you up on his shoulders at one point and when you waved at the lead singer, they waved back
  • You have a collection of memorabilia from all of them, not to mention all the concerts you’ve been to together
  • You have literally hundreds of photo albums, dating right back to when cameras were first invented
  • At the time, nobody could work out how you got a camera either
  • Undertaking itself hasn’t changed that much over the years of course and the mortician still lives and works in the same place as he always has
  • You asked him about it once
  • He said he’d been there so long by now that he couldn’t imagine going anywhere else, wouldn’t even know where to start
  • He asked you to move in not too long ago and given how much time you already spent at his place, you agreed
  • You spent your first night there wrapped firmly in the mortician’s arms, laying on his chest rather than a pillow and held securely under his covers
  • You were curled around each other with as much contact as you could muster and got all the better night’s sleep for it
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Omg I have 500 (and 1) followers!!!


Thank you all so much!!!

In honour (eventually, when I have time) I’m going to write a multi chapter fic with Undertaker. I mentioned this a while ago and this is just another teaser. It takes place in modern times but simultaneously is set before the manga begins, whilst Undertaker is still working with Dispatch and before Grell, William and Co become reapers. Reader is gender neutral as usual and it’s something of a slow burn, irregular updates are a guarantee (it’s me. I’m incapable of posting regularly that wouldn’t be any fun). I’m also planning something for Halloween, so watch this space!

Hope everyone’s keeping safe and thanks again for 500!!

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Excerpt From Eye For An Eye


Akumi, a brand new soul reaper and Undertaker’s favorite companion. A bit of a tsundere by nature and more of a ‘make my own rules’ type.

Happy Birthday Angel!!🥰 sorry this was late but I hope you like it🥺 Adrian Crevan fluff is the most perfect thing am I right?😌✨

“…What are you doing?” I ignored Adrian’s words for a moment as I climbed onto his lap and got comfortable.

“Hiding.” I muttered, not looking at him. I felt the vibrations in his chest as he laughed. “Do you mean hugging, little one?”

I scowled. “Did I stutter?” I paused for a moment. “This is my safe space, now shut up and put your arms around me,” I demanded weakly.

He laughed louder, but his arms encircled me nonetheless. “Are you feeling safe now, dear?” I nodded, letting my eyes shut. “Is there something that made you feel unsafe?”

His voice was no longer light and amused, but now serious. I shrugged, not wanting to ruin the calm atmosphere. “Sebastian creeps me out. I feel like his eyes follow me wherever I go when I’m at the manor.”

I felt his hand run through my hair in a soothing manner as he thought for a moment. “Then you don’t have to go back. Stay with me, Akumi. He can’t watch you here.”

“That sounds nice.” I murmured, my eyes drifting shut. “Tired already?” Adrian teased. I snorted. “You’re comfortable.”

I rolled my eyes and held onto his cloak as he began to shake with laughter. “I take it back, lemme go.” His obnoxious snickers immediately ceased and he held me closer.

“I don’t think so, dearest. I was getting quite comfortable myself,” He admitted. I huffed but settled back down nonetheless. “Fine, I guess I’ll stay then.”

I crossed my arms as Adrian dissolved into anothe fit of laughter, but soon enough my stoic facade crumbled and my giggles intertwined with his.

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A/N: you speaking all our thoughts

  • When you bring it up as you cuddling together he will gladly let you braid his hair.
  • He thinks it your touch is so soothing when you’re brushing or running your fingers through his hair.
  • You always give him different hairstyles. Pigtails, braids, ponytails, buns, ect.
  • He always looks forward to when you wanna play in his hair.
  • He adores each and every one of the hairstyles you give him, and you loved playing with his long, silvery hair. Especially when you added in flowers of all different colors which made him look Beautiful.

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A/N: this idea fr cute tho

Undertaker with a Ghost s/o


Originally posted by autisticotakugirl

  • You were murdered in this old building years ago by your lover, so now your soul lives on here as a ghost heartbroken and betrayed.
  • But it wasn’t all bad. You got to talk to the cute Undertaker who works here now.
  • You were actually the one shocked when you two first met. He wasn’t off put or scared of your presence.
  • Instead he welcomed it, he enjoyed it actually.
  • Even though you seemed to scared away most customers which gave you and him both a good laugh.
  • Throughout the time you both spent together you slowly grew feelings for each other.
  • But neither of you chose to speak on it.
  • Over time you wished you could touch him, to have him hold your hand. You yearned for him to kiss you.
  • You kept trying to push that feeling down day after day.
  • One day the Phantomhive boy abd his bulterbcame for a visit to the shop.
  • You decided to give them a good scare.
  • You and the undertaker both were laughing harder than you could’ve imagined.
  • Then suddenly you fell.
  • Straight onto the floor.
  • Not through but onto the floor.
  • You were all shocked when you suddenly came back to life.
  • It honestly took a while for you to get used to being alive again.
  • But the he was with you every step of the way.
  • As the months went by you grow closer and you end up being this odd man’s s/o
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How You Met- Black Butler


Trying something new! Since Netflix only has the first season of BB💀I’ll only be able to write for these three and maybe Grell until I get my hands on the manga. Enjoy!

Ciel Phantomhive~

You suppressed the urge to sigh and roll your eyes as yet another man, who you didn’t care to know the name of, asked you for a dance. Generally, you didn’t mind balls and parties, you had a love for dancing, after all, but tonight your heart just wasn’t in it.

Tonight’s ball was at the Phantomhive manor, and as grand as it was, you couldn’t help but be on edge. Not only did something seem off about the environment, but you had overheard your parents talking of finding you a betrothed, much to your utter and complete horror.

“No, thank you, I was actually going to take a break…” The well-dressed man’s face fell, but you stood by your claim and walked to a nearby table and sat down. You dragged a gloved hand down your face, already exhausted even though there was plenty of party left.

You watched as couples in bright, happy colors waltzed around the room, laughter, and music permeating into every fiber of your being, which, oddly enough, seemed to worsen your mood.

“Not one for balls either?” A rather stiff voice asked you. You whirled around, startled, a hand on your chest. Your eyes widened as they landed on the Eart Phantomhive himself. “E-Earl! Oh, no, no, I’m just a bit tired is all. Everything is wonderful!” He waved a hand. “I dislike these events quite a bit as well. And Ciel will do.”

A small smile tugged at your lips. “I’m (Y/N), it’s great to meet you, Ciel.” He lent a hand out to you. “You as well, (Y/N). Would you like to accompany me to the gardens? I often find myself there to escape these things.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, you placed your hand in his and let him guide you outside the ballroom. An adventure with the elusive and mysterious Ciel Phantomhive seemed infinitely better than staying in the stifling room.

Sebastian Michaelis~

Your Death Scythe, two sai, made a cut across the body of a British soldier. As usual, thanks to the fallout of that blasted fallen angel, you were on overtime and had to clean up a palace full of almost dead guards and the like.

“My, my, what do we have here?” Your head snapped up and away from the cinematic records. You froze as you met the typical red eyes of a demon, a particularly smug-looking one at that. “I suppose this was your doing?” You asked flatly.

His smirk widened, confirming what you already knew. “My master asked and I did, however, if I had known that they’d send you, I would’ve done this on my account.” Your eyes rolled behind your Shinigami glasses.

“I’m busy, demon, go bother someone else.” After marking the last man for death, you stood up, sheathing your sai.

“Oh, but you fascinate me!” You gave him a suspicious look. You hadn’t even done anything besides what every Grim Reaper did daily. “Sure.” You prepared to take your leave, but the butler dressed demon appeared in front of you. “You remind me of a cat, aloof, graceful, petite, such a supple body…”

You backed up, mildly disturbed by the ravenette. “…Okay…” He shook his head, breaking himself out of his cat daydream. “I never did get your name, miss?” You cocked an eyebrow.

“I believe it is courteous to introduce yourself before asking me to.” His smirk widened imperceptibly. “Ah, my apologies, miss,” he replied, not sounding sincere in the slightest, “Sebastian Michaelis is what my master has named me.” You shrugged. “Name’s (Y/N).”

Just as he was about to respond, a younger voice rang out. “Sebastian! Don’t be tedious, let’s get going.” You smirked, “Best obey, your master, Sebastian.”

He let out a light chuckle, bowing slightly. “I suppose you’re correct. We’ll meet again, Miss (Y/N).” Then he was gone. A sinking feeling in your stomach told you he had met what he said.

Adrian Crevan (Undertaker)~

London was a cruel place to live for someone who had been dealt a bad hand in life, you know that better than most. After your family had perished in a boat accident, you had lost your home and everything in it. Your only choice was to find a job so you could afford a decent enough place to live.

That was how you found yourself in front of the Undertaker’s shop. This was your last option, but it seemed that fate was against you as every other place had turned you away. Pushing aside your nerves, you walked in the door, squinting in the dim lighting.

“Um, hello? Is anyone here?” You heard footsteps and saw a grey-haired man walk into the room, a biscuit in between his lips. “Oh, hello, dearie~!” You waved shyly as you stepped further into the shop.

“Hi, I was wondering if you had any job openings available? I’m willing to do whatever is needed…” The undertaker giggled, clapping gleefully and you sweatdropped. You’d heard that he was on the… stranger side, but you weren’t quite expecting this.

“Oh, my, an apprentice! What’s your name, dearie?” You sighed in relief, happy he hadn’t yet turned you away. “I’m (Y/N), it’s nice to meet you…” You trailed off, realizing that you didn’t know his name, only his title.

“Just call me, ‘Undertaker’, everyone does,” He giggled. You offered him a small smile, his optimism somewhat contagious. “Alright then, Undertaker, is there anything I need to do in order to get the job?”

His grin widened, seeming to take up the whole area of his face that wasn’t covered by his bangs. Could he even see? “Just one small thing is all I ask! Make me laugh and the job is yours~” You blinked, not quite processing the odd request.

“Make you… laugh?” He nodded eagerly, his sleeved hands clasped together. You racked your brain, trying to think of something that would be sure to make the man laugh.

Before you could say something, the slightly unhinged man burst out laughing, to your confusion. “D-did I miss something?” He only laughed harder, clutching his torso and stumbling all over the room, but managing to avoid the coffins scattered all over.

“You were thinking so hard, dearie! Guess who got the job~” A thrilled smile replaced your confused frown as giggles erupted from your lips, the sounds joining Undertaker’s own laughter.

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Aww thank you!! Yes you can, hope you enjoy!!

12] Doing your best to terrify kids who come to your door trick or treating




  • Go here for no. 12 with Sebastian


  • Right so this is something Ciel is very good at
  • The manor is decorated to nines from the gates right up to the front door
  • The gates are set to slowly swing open on a movement sensor whilst a creaking audio plays
  • As people enter, they see the driveway is lined with an entire graveyard on the one side, a rickety wooden fence barricading the from a dark forest with strange floating lights on the other
  • They walk down the gravel drive, going past a wooden sign claiming ‘Cemetery’ to their left down an uneven, winding footpath
  • Occasionally they hear something odd in the woods - a scream maybe, maybe just the movement of tree branches
  • The rustling close to the fence line is more than enough to make them hurry though, chills running down their spines
  • As they get closer to the manor, they begin to see strange shadows moving in the windows, the entire outside coated in a thick layer of cobwebs
  • The doors open seemingly by themselves and the entrance in dark, a few half burned out candles dripping black wax from chandeliers hiding in the gloom of the high ceiling
  • The doors promptly slam shut behind them
  • The trick or treaters inevitably look back at the doors, and when they turn around again you and Ciel are standing right on front of them
  • The mere suddenness of your presence is enough to make them jump, some of them even scream
  • The pair of you have an automated ghost that flies in at the appropriate moment at the simple push of a button
  • Of course you both act like you saw nothing
  • A few screams and howls echoing through the manor later, and only when the kids in front of you are utterly terrified, you finally produce the Halloween candy they came for in the first place
  • They take some nervously and leave as quickly as possible, your silent gazes following them outside
  • The doors stay open and you both continue staring after them, the fear practically visible when they realise they have to walk all the way back down to the other end of the drive again before they are safe
  • Maybe one of them turns around halfway down, just in time to see those big doors close once again without anyone touching them
  • it’s only when they finally shut that you and Ciel break character, proud that your antics have successfully terrified your guests


  • Go here for no. 12 with Undertaker


  • Okay so I don’t think Snake would be as brilliant as terrifying small children
  • He’s pretty quiet himself and definitely not that scary, but not to worry! You have a plan
  • You decide the best thing to do is play off of his quietness and turn it into a sort of unnerving brooding
  • You answer the door generally speaking, and you do it by waiting just long enough that the kids think nobody is going to answer, then screaming as you leap out at them
  • You have a big cape on that flares out brilliantly whenever you move, so when you rush outside you seem far bigger and scarier than you might otherwise be
  • You break the act fairly quickly providing you got a scared enough response from the children, then turn around to grab the candy
  • You then act all surprised when it’s not there, and tell the kids to hold on a moment so you could go and get their treats
  • You walk back into the house just as Snake appears, silent both in voice and movement
  • He has one of his less dangerous snakes wound around his shoulders, though he wouldn’t put her down just in case something went wrong
  • He then just stands in the shadows waiting for you to come back
  • It tends to give the kids a jump scare when they realise he has suddenly appeared, as they tend not to see him walk into the hallway
  • Those who are scared of snakes have an even bigger fright when they see something moving around his shoulders
  • His snake then hisses on cue, just as you had all practiced, replied to by various other snakes who are further back in the house (these were more dangerous)
  • Then, fully automated and available at the mere push of a button, a light goes on upstairs and the silhouette of a gigantic serpent is visible through the window, a deep, ominous hissing echoing through the walls
  • You come back with yet another snake around your shoulders, but act like nothing has changed as you give the sweets out
  • When they leave a few minutes later, the kids are well and truly unnerved, leaving Snake and yourself ready for the next group to come along
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