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incorrect-coven-heads 2 days ago
Raine: Adrian, I need some advice
Adrian: you need advice from me?
Raine: terrifying, isn't it?
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kola-dola 13 hours ago
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Mf came out looking like a discord emote 馃ぁ
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sourstacks 2 days ago
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Rarepair Hell, Graye navigating a crush is such a damn funny concept to me.
My handwriting is a mess, so quick transcript.
Adrian: Stupid scout forgot my coffee, my morning routine is ruined, my mood is all wro-
Mason: Hey- you look in need of a pick me up.
Adrian: You remembered my order?
Mason: Er, yeah. Let鈥檚 see, triple shot, half-sweet, non-fat, with extra caramel drizzle - and a dusting of cinnamon on the top. Did I miss anything?
Adrian: No, you did okay. JUST okay.
Mason: Well, that鈥檚 rude.
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incantatrice-hex13 12 hours ago
Darius: We're doomed,we're doomed, we're doomed!
Graye: Be quiet Deamonne! If there'll be any hysterics, they'll come from me!
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abelle25125 a month ago
a comprehensive list of all things sus about Adrian Graye
ok so i have been slightly obsessed with the illusion coven head since his introduction in hunting palisman, but now that we鈥檝e had an episode with him as an actual character there are some things about him that feel super suspicious and i鈥檓 going to try my best to explain them here
1:Despite being the head of the illusion coven, We never actually see him cast any illusions.聽
When we鈥檙e first introduced to him when he tries to trick the school into joining coven he mentions that the illusion of him was cast by a different coven scout
Tumblr media
鈥淭om, that Adrian illusion was lacking a certain, hmm? You get me?鈥
and given his need to yell for the illusion to end rather than just stopping it himself, we can assume that he wasn鈥檛 in control of the illusion in that scene.
聽We can probably apply this logic to his later scene with the fake willow and Belos聽 - as we鈥檝e seen in the past that illusions need a constant focus when cast by a witch, and he seemed a bit too concentrated on bullying his actors and kicking hunter in the back of the head to be casting anything.
Tumblr media
Him snapping his fingers and the Belos illusion vanishing could either be read as him dispelling the illusion or calling of the two Guards behind it, but given the lack of evidence towards the spell belonging to him, im choosing to believe the latter.聽
this leads us onto the next few points:
2: He casts spells without drawing a circle and聽
3: the only two times he draws a spell circle, he does so while holding/using his magical amplifier聽聽
in his first scene after Gus calls out the fake Adrian, we see him hand off his coffee cup and then in a poof of smoke - appears next to and grabs Gus. you cant touch illusions, so neither of those were fake, which means that, without drawing a spell circle he鈥檚 teleported across the room.聽
Tumblr media Tumblr media
We only see him draw a spell circle twice in the entire episode, the first time he literally uses the magical amplifier to draw it, and the second time he鈥檚 holding it.聽
Tumblr media Tumblr media
now these first three points could just be explained by saying聽鈥渙h he鈥檚 the coven head he鈥檚 super powerful at illusions he probably doesn't need to concentrate or draw circles or whatever鈥 but then even ignoring all that there鈥檚 -
4: this man is waaay to focused on the looking glass ruins聽
Graye was sent to Hexside by Belos to brand the children, but the moment the illusion stuff kicks off and he sees the looking glass ruins he abandons that plan to hunt down gus and figure out where the graveyard is. His reasoning is that the galderstones would be good gifts for belos, but are they worth abandoning his mission for?聽
the reasoning could just be that he鈥檚 figured that the branding mission was a bust and hes in the panic of聽鈥榠 need to please my boss so he doesn鈥檛 kill me for failing so bad鈥 and wants to make it up for him, but then why does he seem to be happier when he sees that the galderstones are intangible聽
Tumblr media
either way - this is not the face of a super confident person who has everything under control
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The looking glass ruins have come up a few times now in relation to the EC, and based on how good TOH is at setting up plot lines - it feels like they鈥檙e building it up to be more important than it seems.聽
then of course theres the one that a bunch of people are talking about聽
4: He got his ass handed to him by Gus鈥 memory bubble
Tumblr media
that shit fully incapacitated him, like he was still knocked out , fully catatonic later on, like - not even hunter got knocked down by this and he鈥檚 gone through some shit聽 - and Graye鈥檚 comments about bad memories feel way to prominent to just be a passing comment.聽 聽
Theres been a fun trend of all the coven heads being ironic in some way , a bard with stage fright, a plant head who loves killing ect; so having an illusionist who鈥檚 been lying about something to get where he is today could be really fun聽
so whats up with this guy? lets figure it out- yeah he鈥檚 a basilisk聽
- similar fangs, tail and :3 face
Tumblr media
- similar hair styles
Tumblr media
- same blue teleportation magic聽
Tumblr media
- including聽the inspector from the first day we鈥檝e only seen 4 of the 5 basilisks
Tumblr media
- Basilisk number 4 even has the same hair squiggle as Graye
theres kinda just a weird amount of evidence supporting this theory, it鈥檚 probably not true, and if it is, probably wont have a lot of plot relevance, but i cant help but think theres something else going on with this guy. He鈥檚 the only coven head who鈥檚 showed up by himself in an episode so far, and there鈥檚 just a lot of details and potentially foreshadowing stuff happening around him.聽
this ended up being way longer than i planned so kudos on reading all the way through
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starridge a month ago
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My headcanons on the coven heads
-It鈥檚 a constant competition. Everyone is one-upping everyone else, and it definitely got to the point where someone had to be talked off a roof at one point.
-The head witches refer (at work at least) to Raine as聽鈥淲hispers鈥 or聽鈥淭he new one鈥. No exceptions.
-Vitmir (potions coven) is slowly dying of poison because he never opened a goddamn window while brewing for fear of聽鈥淐orrupting the potion鈥 and breathed in to many vapors. He wears the mask so the other coven heads don鈥檛 get poisoned. It鈥檚 a bit of an open secret among the coven heads
-Terra is sweet on Osran (oracle coven). The two used to date.
-Osran has a restraining order on Terra.
-After the incident between Terra and Osran, it is strictly forbidden for coven heads to date each other.
-Eberwolf often has to be forced to put shoes on. The person who forces him is usually Darius.
-Even though Darius technically ranks higher than Terra, everyone is more afraid of Terra.
-The last head bard was murdered. Him聽鈥渞etiring鈥 was cover up. Who stabbed him is still up for debate, but the rumor is that Mason (construction coven) did it.
-Eberwolf steals everyone鈥檚 lunch. No one has any idea it鈥檚 him, and several physical fights have broken out because of it.
-Adrian is addicted to caffeine, and everyone knows it.
-There鈥檚 a massive pay imbalance among the coven heads, but because of the聽鈥渘o sharing salaries鈥 rule, no one knows it.
-because of the pay imbalance, you鈥檒l find some of the coven heads have second, everyday jobs, like Raine, who teaches violin on the weekends, Mason, who has his own family business (general store), and Eberwolf, who has a job as a stablehand.
-Hettie (healing coven) is the last person the other head witches would go to for their injuries. Mostly because she has personal grudges against a lot of them.
-Adrian is constantly passive-aggressive towards Raine, because he feels like Raine is constantly trying to make a fool of him and he鈥檚 insecure.
-Vitmir is very suspicious of Darius and Eberwolf鈥檚 friendship, as all of the other coven heads are constantly at each other鈥檚 throats.
-Eberwolf actually is a direwolf, as in the boiling isles direwolves are a subclass of witches.
-Darius and Eberwolf live together, mostly because Eberwolf can鈥檛 open jars.
-Raine has accidentally pissed off half the other head witches by now.
-Eberwolf has ADHD but because no one has any understanding of mental illness on the BI beyond聽鈥渢hat persons off their rocker鈥 聽he can鈥檛 get anyone to understand that he simply CANT pay attention, that he WANTS to do what he鈥檚 told, but he CANT.
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shoulderpats a month ago
steve is not what he seems (or, someone come rescue our boy because this is not our boy): a compilation
so there've been some... interesting things this episode that were off about steve. namely, the freckle on his face that appears to be moving and sometimes entirely gone for no particular reason.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
but that's not the only thing that's weird.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
in the first scene, steve is in full emperor's coven gear - not only is his iconic "steve" shirt unable to be seen, but his leather jacket is gone, too. seems like a weird choice, unless this isn't our steve.
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lircha a month ago
Headcanon: they're exes.
There's an OC behind, don't pay attention.....
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bastardapologist a month ago
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adrian moment
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onlycleverinmyhead a month ago
Philip: I am a religious puritan and these are my lieutenants
Philip: *Points to some of the geyest people you鈥檝e ever seen*
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bastart13 23 days ago
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I like this pathetic theatre man
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incorrect-coven-heads a month ago
Hunter: what's the scariest horror movie you've ever watched?
Adrian: IT
Raine: Annabelle
Terra: Paranormal Activity
Darius: High School Musical
Darius: all throughout Hexside I was afraid that everyone was gonna randomly get up and start singing and dancing, and I would be the only one who didn't know the words
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hidheim 2 months ago
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*Kiki leaves the conference room for approximately 52 seconds*
Illusion dude:
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lordandgodoftheobvious a month ago
adrian: Honestly, I can鈥檛 believe they fell for that for as long as they did. Where鈥檇 they even get the idea that a coven head of all people would just commit high treason against Belos?
lilith, hunter, raine, darius, and eberwolf:
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stormvanari a month ago
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some of these alignment chart templates are created by @/awfulalignmentcharts on tumblr
more coven head bs
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chetlins a month ago
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I would do unspeakable things to this man
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miki-08 5 days ago
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i love pathetic men <3
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emeraldguard-the a month ago
someone once pointed out that the coven heads are oxymorons and i cant get it out of my head but -
a bard head with stage freight
an abomination head who hates getting dirty
a beast keeping head who is the beast instead of the keeper
the emperor鈥檚 coven heads lacked control/respect and ability to do all magic
a plant head who enjoys killing (bit iffy on that one?)
and an illusion head who... what? maybe can鈥檛 cast illusions? may be a basilisk? ...isn鈥檛 hiding anything at all?
im really curious to know what his contradiction is, if any. and if anyone can come up with a better one for Terra. (i just feel like聽鈥榚njoying killing鈥 would be something more fitting for the healing head) and what the other heads contradictions might be
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bastardapologist 26 days ago
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congratulations to this bitch for not getting any sleep !!!!
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