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#adrian tepes
amarcia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Discount Dracula & Fake Dracula & Reverse Dracula
Original pose by @/mugges 
✨🌙  ART LOG ->  @404ama
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avatarchai · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Married morning cuddles 💍✨
I have not forgotten about these babes and I have not forgotten about this account, college is just killing me.
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wyyvernn · a day ago
Adrian (Alucard) Tepes with an s/o who has just gotten their wisdom teeth taken out - headcanons
A/n: I recently got mine taken out little over a month ago and so I got ideas
Reader is gender neutral! Modern au :))
Tumblr media
- Adrian thinks it's literally the cutest thing as soon as you wake up from the drugs. Your eyes struggle to adjust to the bright lights in the room - you're like a newborn, sensitive yet curious to the world.
- There's a nurse in your way before you see Adrian who is quietly reading a pamphlet off to the side, long legs politely crossed and his back straight to the wall. His eyes catch yours and he can't help but chuckle at the drool leaking down your chin.
- "WhaHt?" You would question loudly, before freaking out at the lack of sensation in your face, "Mah wips! Cawn't fweel mah wips!"
- At this point he's trying not to laugh, silently chuckling behind the pamphlet as he brings it up over his nose.
- He's about to say something until the nurse cuts in first, "This is very normal, please do not be alarmed. We've already told Mr. Tepes here of all the post-surgery symptoms that might occur and prescribed you with the necessary medication."
- This calms you down a little, still when the nurse finally says it's okay for you to go home, Adrian is ushering you out the door and into the car, trying to not gain attention from people with your drunk-like babbling.
- It's entertaining with you around, Adrian never gets bored, so it's even more amusing when you're in the passenger seat, loudly exclaiming some of the most ridiculous ideas you'll probably forget when you get home.
- You have the biggest, dopiest smile on your face when you've stopped your ramblings and instead have taken this strange interest in staring at your boyfriend.
- It's hard to keep his eyes on the road when his partner can't stop gawking at him, admiring his features, long luscious locks, gentle amber eyes...
- "You'we pwetty," you would blurt out, resting your chin on his shoulder. Tilting your head as if in question, you ask, "Awe you swingle?"
- He can't contain the sudden burst of laughter at that, a long beautiful sound that confuses you greatly - you were quite serious.
- He decides to play along, watching the road at the same time, "No, no I am not single."
- "Hmm," you mumbled, "a tewwible shame...ish youw partner pwetty too?"
- He contemplates the question, not because he's unsure but because seeing your eager expression makes him feel mushy inside and he forgets what you asked. But at last does he answer with, "Very pretty, beautiful in fact."
- You pout enviously at that, still unaware of the situation and Adrian only catches it with a quick side eye.
- "Cawn't be any pwettier than me..."
- "Actually," he begins with a smirk on his lips, "You have the same hair, skin and eye colour as them, oddly enough."
- At first you're elated by that, wondering if you have a "second chance" at flirting with him given the "similarities" with his partner until you shake your head in disbelief, "Yeh, okay, Mr. Tepes - if THAT ish youw rweal name."
- It's about another half an hour until you both arrive at his home - you're knocked out dead asleep at this point, more drool hanging out of your mouth as Adrian goes to dab it away with a tissue.
- He carries your body inside, resting it on the couch. You've had a long day, all he wants you to do is rest so that when you awaken, you will finally take your meds and eat a cool, easy meal.
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pxkibu · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
i....... miss them so much already... y-y
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alexandralumetta · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Let them sleep
(and yeah! I'm still alive! And not on hiatus anymore ✨)
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akutouart · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tried something different here when I had some anxiety about my surgery yesterday lol but yeah I obviously have to work on perspective and stuff I’m kinda behind on tumblr but if ur interested I have exclusive things on my patreon that won’t be posted anywhere else!
Or if you just wanna show some support for a small struggling artists lol ok shameless plug over
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ash-and-starlight · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some art from my castlevania spiral on twitter, I’m so happy the trio finally got reunited ;u;
(click for better quality & image id under the cut!)
[ID: two colored digital drawings of Alucard, Sypha and Trevor from the Netflix castlevania series.
1. Trevor in the center of the image, drawn from the thighs-up, facing the viewer and sitting on a stool. He’s shirtless and has white bandages on his torso and right arm, and bloody scratches on his face. Sypha is standing at his left, hugging him with one arm wrapped around his neck, and kissing his head. Standing at Trevor’s right and slightly behind him there is Alucard. He’s holding Trevor’s right arm and wrapping it in bandages. Trevor is smiling and looking and Alucard, saying “can you two stop babying me?” Sypha is saying “shut the fuck up Trevor”, to which Trevor replies “oh, come on!” And Alucard says to Trevor “you heard her”. In the background we can see a wall and part of a window, the whole picture has a warm orange light.
2. Trevor, Alucard and Sypha drawn from the waist up and dressed in modern clothes. Alucard is in the center and is smiling, he has one arm around Trevor and looking at Sypha, who’s leaning into his left. Sypha has her arms crossed over her chest, and is holding a cigarette in her hand. She’s looking at Trevor, and shooting a teasing smile at him. Trevor is at Alucard’s right and has one arm over his shoulder. He’s talking and gesturing with right hand, looking at Sypha. The background is white.
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