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miraculousalexa · 14 minutes ago
Imagine Ladybug leaves to China for a short trip and giving Chat Noir the miracle box
Adrien: my room has never been filled with love and happiness like this
Plagg: you forgot the word "Chaos"
Adrien: no it's not!
*Wayzz and Pollen were playing foosball*
*Fluff and Xuppu were throwing records all over the room*
*Mullo and Longg were fighting for Plagg's camembert*
*Daizzi shouting "this place is bigger than Ladybug's place!*
Adrien: no, not chaotic at all :,)
*Notices Sass being alone in a corner*
Adrien: Hey sass what happened? You seem so disturbed?
Sass: Ah I don't know, but I can sense two magical creatures
Adrien: of course I have a miracle box filled with Kwamis
Sass: No! This is different. Shall I go through the house?
Adrien: As long as you don't get caught, you can.
*Sass goes around the mansion and finds out the Hawkmoth lair and sees Nooroo and Duusu*
Adrien: Found something?
Sass: I- I saw- Noo- Nooroo- la- lair
Adrien: Whoa Sass don't panic, come sit her in my hands and tell me everything
Sass: Nooroo- Duu- Duusu- Ha- Hawk- Hawkmoth
Adrien: HAWKMOTH?!
Sass: Gab- Gabriel Agreste i- is Hawk- Hawkmoth
Adrien: My father is Hawkmoth huh... I'm not surprised though. Let's get you guys to safety because I guess he can sense you guys.
*Adrien starts shaking, falls on his knees and starts crying uncontrollably*
Daizzi: Hey you guys remember when Master cried, we hugged her right? Let's hug Chat Noir too!
*All Kwamis gather and hug Adrien*
Adrien: Aww thank you guys :,)
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silentmagi · 20 minutes ago
Adrien Agreste x Nino Lahiffe in "We're Well Past Bro"
Nino and Adrien have been toeing the line between friends and something more for a while now. Though Adrien feels like they are bros, however, the more socially educated Nino knows after kissing like that, they are well past bros.
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edgcofgreat · 45 minutes ago
@forevernalwcys ​  requested  a  starter!
               Adrien  was  used  to  big  parties  like  this.  He  couldn’t  even  count  the  amount  of  galas  he’d  gone  to  with  his  father,  but  masquerades  were  pretty  new  to  him.  Surprisingly,  they  weren’t  as  common  in  Paris  as  one  might  think,  and  he  was  excited  to  get  to  experience  one  on  his  own  terms.  “  Marinette!  I  almost  didn’t  recognize  you  in  the  mask.  ”  He  smiled  softly,  approaching  his  friend.  “  Do  you  want  to  dance?  ”
Tumblr media
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weirdo-with-no-beardo · 50 minutes ago
Spots, Buzz, and Webs
"Not a fucking chance."
When billionaire Tony Stark had traveled to Paris, France to enlist the talents of Ladybug, Paris's beloved superhero, he had not been expecting this tiny bakers daughter to turn him down of all things.
He thought she'd jump at the opportunity to join the Avengers.
He wouldn't have been surprised if she fainted!
What he had not been expecting was for Marinette Dupain-Cheng to turn him away without hesitation.
"What? Say it again kid, I don't think I heard you properly. You really don't want to be an Avenger?"
Marinette scowled. She scowled. At him! Tony Stark!
"I don't want to join your superhero club, Stark. I'm happy here in Paris with my friends and family. And there's no way in hell I'd leave Chloé behind."
"Chloé? Pepper do I know a Chloé?" Tony turned to his assistant.
"I believe she was Queen Bee and then Monarch after her identity was revealed to the public."
Tony snapped his fingers and grinned at a thoroughly unimpressed Marinette.
"What if I told you that you could bring this chicken with you? Both of you could join my team! It'll be a jam, Spots!"
Marinette seemed to think for a moment before opening the door wider, an invitation to come inside if Stark had ever seen one.
“You two, sit down while I call Chloé.”
Even Tony couldn’t disagree with the ravenette’s authoritative tone.
“Chlo? yeah, get your ass over here, it’s weirdly important.” Marinette shoved her phone back into her pocket and sat down across from Tony and Pepper.
“So, why exactly do you want us to join your team of teenagers?”
Tony folded his arms and attempted to give Marinette a charming smile. “I saw the videos of you and your team taking down Hawkmoth--terrible name by the way--and I like your finesse kid. You’re quick witted and crafty, a perfect contribution to the new team I’m training.”
Marinette just stared him down. And if Tony squirmed a little under her hard gaze then that’s his business.
After what seemed like hours but was really only a few seconds, Marinette leaned back in her seat, crossing her arms over her chest.
They sat like that for a moment, quietly contemplating one another.
Then they could hear the door slammed open and the clicking of heels sounded through the halls into the dining room.
Chloé Bourgeois sauntered through the doorway, an unmistakable air of confidence pouring off her. Also perfume.
“What is this about, Mari? I was kind of busy.” Chloé narrowed her sapphire eyes at the two adults that sat with her friend. “And who are you people? Mari you need to stop letting weirdos into your house. One of these days it’s going to be a murderer.”
“Name’s Tony Stark, Queenie. I’m to see if--”
Marinette cut him off with a gesture of her hand. “He wants us to join his mini Avengers squad.”
Chloé narrowed her eyes at Tony before realization dawned on her face. “You’re Ironman.” She deadpanned. “And you want us to join the Avengers.” The way she said it made it sound more like a statement than a question.
“Wellllll, kind of. More like the junior Avengers.” Tony said, a cocky grin plastered on his face. He knew they would say yes, no one would turn down such an opportunity.
“What’s in it for us?”
What. No one else Tony had recruited had asked about benefits. they all had just been excited for the chance to be a hero.
“What now?”
“You heard her,” Marinette grinned like a feline. “What do we get? Money, benefits, cool gadgets or something?”
Pepper looked like she was trying not to laugh. Chloé raised a brow at Tony and glanced at Marinette.
“Isn’t just the opportunity goof enough for you two?”
“Look, Tony, I don’t know if you’re aware, but food costs money. And because me and Chlo graduated early and we’re already looking for apartments, we need money. We need food and electricity. So what’s in it for us to join your club?”
“Are you seriously bargaining with me?” Tony couldn’t help but admire the two girls, he had offered them the opportunity of a lifetime on a silver platter and they were trying to bargain with him.
The girls gave him twin looks that told him they weren’t messing around.
“Jesus, alright. I’ll pay you twice whatever it is you make here at the bakery for a month every day. And you’ll each get glowing recommendations from me for whatever jobs you want to do later on. Free housing, food, whatever included. Is that good enough for you?”
The girls shared a look, silently communicating in a way only those who had fought side by side could do.
“Fine.” It was Marinette who spoke. “Pleasure doing business with you, Tony.”
Aaaaaand, that’s a wrap.
So obviously this is based off one of my past ideas that I’m sure you’d find deep within the pages of my account.
@iglowinggemma28 @elizajae46 @american-fangirl-7​
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beepbeepbitchietoesir · an hour ago
Chat Noir: *Sees an Akuma after activating cataclysm* *gives boops*
Akuma: *turns to dust*
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nyamiou · an hour ago
Your most recent post, about CN leaving plagg, what's the translation for the note he wrote LB?
"Je ne suis plus à la hauteur, Adieu- CN"
it roughly translates to "i'm not good enough anymore, Farewell-CN"
basically, he feels useless.
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bewarethewolfarmy · an hour ago
(Adrien, do you wish to say something?)
Tumblr media
"Oh! Um, well, yeah, uh...
So hi, I'm Adrien Agreste and I'm asexual. I only recently found out so um, be kind...I guess?"
Tumblr media
"No worries, I got your back!~ People are pretty accepting really and I'll help you out." RJ put an arm around Adrien with his usual good natured expression.
Adrien smiled. "Thanks."
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miraculyfe · an hour ago
“Mari, mari,” he kept whispering her name, placing kisses all over her face— her nose, her cheeks, her forehead, her hair— and pulled her into a tight hug. He inhaled the rich scent of fresh bread imbedded in her sweater and her lingering shampoo that reminded him of orangesicles in summer. His heart was hammering in his chest and he was sure that she could hear, but it was fine because she’s here and she’s safe.
Hands caressing her face, Chat pulled her away just far enough to look into her beautiful blue eyes and his eyes betrayed him, dropping fat tears onto her cheeks.
“Do not ever in your life do that again. It’s one thing to take a hit as Ladybug; it’s entirely different when you’re not transformed.”
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hoeforhiyoko · an hour ago
So you guys know how Chloe called ALL miraculous holders? How did Chat Noir not notice that Marinette wasn’t there? He saw that she was Multimouse, and yet she wasn’t with Chloe in the finale. There’s no way she could have gotten away from the wasps without some sort of power. Surely, he must have put the pieces together, right?
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arcadeology · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love baby sister bridgette so if Felix and Adrien get to be siblings so do Mari and Brie
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spartanxhunterx · 2 hours ago
Bunnyx finds a way to track down all saltfic writers across dimensions, and convinces her rich classmates to help her buy a lot of sugar.
Chloe, Adrien and Kagami: Why are you making us buy enough sugar to fill the Seine?
Bunnix: Reasons that don’t concern you.
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melloian · 2 hours ago
Character Bio 3
Chloé Bourgeois
Tumblr media
Age: 14
Gender: F
Race: French
Species: Human
Occupation: Student (Françoise Dupont Lycée) and Superhero
Love interest: Adrien, Felix (small crush)
Friends: Sabrina, Marinette, Oriane, Adrien, Honey dew-dripsu, Alya (later on), Valery (later on)
Enemies: Lila, Hawk moth, marayua, Pretty much every villain, Aurorae, Marinette (formerly)
Before Personality: Selfish, Rude, forgetful, Bossy, impatient, Complaintive, Moralistic, insensitive, extrovert
After Personality: Emotional, compassionate, semi-forgetful, patient, Considerate, determined, extrovert
Bio: Chloe is a teenage girl who attends at  Françoise Dupont Lycée. She intends to bully people and treat Sabrina as a slave. She usually judge people on how they look and she always want everything to be in perfect quality. If things don’t go her way, she usually call her father. However, deep down she wants friends and can’t express her true feelings. Later on, she pretty much changed her ways, hoping she gets more friends later. At the same time, she now a hero, whose known as queen bee.
Backstory/Childhood: When Chloe was born, her mother didn’t want much for her. As Chloe grew older, her parents usually neglect her. When she often cry, her father just gives her what she wants, which spoiled her. When she turned 9, she drew a picture of her mom and gave it her to her. Her mother didn’t care for the picture and thought it was just trash so she crumpled up her paper, and then throw it in the trash. This upsets her and caused to cry on her father. However, the father did nothing about it. Her mother yelled at her crying which caused her to stop crying. When she was 12, Chloe wanted love from both her parents, so she decided to copy off her mother and try to impress her. But her mother could care less what she does. Her mother also wanted her to act in a certain emotion for her modelling fame. She only followed because she just wanted to be loved.
As Queen Bee (Queen Form)
Tumblr media
Altered personality: Determined, skeptical,  compassionate, patient, Appreciative
Low Durability
Bee Swarm - Summon unlimited amount of bee at a opponent 
Honey Gaze - shoots honey like lasers sometimes traps the target.
Honey Dip - Summon honey from floor
Assistance - Summon bigger bee servants which can do more then a normal one. Can only have 4.
Pollenate - Summon pollen like mist
Nectar creation - create anything out of nectar. (cannot make technology like stuff or things that can move)
Nectar Ball - Trap targets inside a ball. 
Zoned -  De-akumanize a person and prevent them from being akumantized for an current time
Nectaur-ize -  clean all the damage and reserve the effects
Fighter - switches to warrior form
Main Ability
Nectuary - Summon a medium sized honey hive and use it an bomb
Weapon: HoneyComb wand
As Queen Bee (Queen Warrior Form)
Tumblr media
High Durability
She cannot use her queen form abilities during this form.
Slina - Sends a green pollen which makes the opponent hallucinate or fall asleep.’
Zoned -  De-akumanize a person and prevent them from being akumantized for an current time
Nectaur-ize -  clean all the damage and reserve the effects
Rulership -  switches to queen form
Main Ability
Venom - summon a stinger on hand and poison the opponent. can be used for destroying things as well
Weapon: Stinger Sword
As Rosa-Bell
Tumblr media
(its a post to be a horse but i left out the ears since it didn’t fit right)
Altered personality: determined, confident, clever, cheerful, Steady
Very Fast
High Durability
High Jump
High Strength
Kick-so: Summons invisibles kicks to the opponent
Steamin’ rope - creates a infinite long rope that can used to catch opponent. It can also be heaten up
HorseHeel - Creates molten like horseshoes boomerangs. 
Jack Luck - When call upon, this either give the user bad luck (if failed) or good luck. 
Burin’: Makes the user’s shoes hot making things burn under them (if under weak material) 
Carri - Put an item inside a infinite pocket storage
Saddle down - De-akumanize a person and prevent them from being akumantized for an current time.
Backin’ -  clean all the damage and reserve the effects
Main ability
TimeDash - Make the user go extremely fast to the point it stops time under 40 seconds.
Weapon: revolver & horseshoe (boomerang)
As Nereid 
Tumblr media
Altered personality: Mischief, emotional, deceptive, patient, Venturesome
Very Fast
Med Durability
Song of Beauty - Sings a song which lures your opponent 
Song of Brain - Sings a song that controls a living thing.
Song of dreams - Sings a song that causes a person to fall asleep
Songs of drizzly - same like dreams expect the person hallucinate instead 
Weathery - changes the current weather or season
Song of friendship - sings a song that causes sea animals to come and serve the person
Water tunnel - summon a water portal that sends the person to an ocean area.
can change to have mermaid tail
Terrifor - turns the user into a fish-like beast 
Song of distress - sings a song that gives a opponent a curse 
Whale Hollow - De-akumanize a person and prevent them from being akumantized for an current time.
Sparkling water -  clean all the damage and reserve the effects
Main ability
Raging Waters - Summon a huge hurricane or flood towards the opponent, but it will cause damage around the city 
Weapon: Conch & Trident (when on water)
Rallyram (akumantized form)
Tumblr media
Altered personality: aggressive, abrasive, selfish, rude, confident, tough, unfair
Cause of akumantization: Marinette stood up for herself which causes her to become very angry 
High Strength
Can break hard material
Skilled fighter
Carries a Rope
Able to boost up there horns (turning them blue) and run faster
ShardedOrbs (akumantized form)
Tumblr media
Altered personality: emotionless and have no personality..
Cause of akumantization: Her mother calling her a statue and made her act like statue to humiliate her
Summons Shards
Can turn some one into a crystal statue
Can drill holes
Teleportation (but it contains energy)
Relationships (Main ones)
Chloe & Marinette 
Tumblr media
Chloe and Marinette were enemies. Chloe usually come and bully Marinette. She even judged her skills and talent. She didn’t really cared how she felt. Later on, Chloe decided to treat Marinette better. She also apologize to what she have done. She was more then happy when Marinette accepted her apology.
Chloe is a big fan of ladybug. She pretty much see her as idol.
Chloe & Adrien
Tumblr media
Chloe and Adrien met since highschool. They basically are friends. Chloe had soon developed a crush for Adrien. She will try to give him stuff and do things what he asked for. Later she acts less aggressively towards him.
Chloe is fan of chat noir.
Chloe & Sabrina
Tumblr media
Chloe and Sabrina met in highschool. Sabrina basically follows chloe everywhere and copy her personality. Chloe pretty much treats her like a slave. She uses her to do certain things for, even when she’s tired. Later on, chloe started to treat Sabrina more of a friend then slave.
Chloe & Lila
Tumblr media
Chloe met lila when Lila was trying to ruin Marinette's reputation. Chloe wanted to stop lila completely, which caused a fight. Even since, Lila and Chloe despise each other.
Chloe & Honey-dewdripsu
Tumblr media
Chloe and Honey-Dewdripsu usually get along very well. Honey usually help with Chloe's emotions and other. They usually gossip.
Full Body
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As an Kid
Tumblr media
Other information
She was a huge fan of beautstuna
She wanted to be a model, but she doesn’t really like the job
She doesn’t really celebrate her birthday, neither mentions it
She owns her own private jet, which was brought by her father
Due to neglection, she only rely on her maids and butlers.
She wonders how it feels like to not be in a rich family 
sorry for rushed art, i was getting tired..
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summerthunderstorms · 2 hours ago
Envy (treating Ed like a little kid as a way of joking about Ed's height): Swearing's a sin. You're going to h-e-double hockey sticks. I'm gonna tell my mother. >:3
Edward, not missing a beat: My dad has pictures of your mother naked.
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mischiefxmoonyy · 3 hours ago
My Miraculous Ladybug Spotify Playlists
Marinette Dupain-Cheng / Ladybug 
Adrien Agreste / Chat Noir 
Chloe Bourgeois / Queen Bee
Hope you enjoy these !! pls request i enjoy making them !!!
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the--sparrow · 3 hours ago
Miraculous Loyal Friend AU part 30: Divided part 4
Humble Bee awoke inside of Gabriel’s office, surrounded by corpses. Gabriel had a stab wound in his back, Ryuko had hole where her brain should be, and Sparrow wasn’t moving. Sentibug and Cainus were Missing, Wait, Cainus was the one who did this. Why, and more importantly, why spare her, and yet kill their friends. Bee’s train of thought was interrupted when wind similar to Ryuko’s wisped through the crack between the doors. That wind then formed into Familia.
“How?” Humble Bee asked, never having seen Lala do that.
“I was bonded to the Dragon Miraculous for years, gained powers” Familia panted, she then sniffed around “Simon, what did you do?” Familia took the dragon miraculous off of Ryuko and placed it in her pocket.  
Humble Bee opened her Spinning Top to check to locations of the other heroes, The Bourgeois Hotel. Familia returned to her wind form and zipped off, while Humble Bee consumed a Space Power up. They entered through Chloe’s room, finding Chloe herself with a peacocked themed knife in her forehead. They Snuck through the hallways, until they saw a familiar silhouette.
“Chat Noir?” Bee asked, Chat turned around, Blue Eyes, not Noir “Blanc”
Humble Bee and Familia ran, but Chat was faster and more agile. Chat tackled Bee to the ground and Ameena punched him.
“Ouch,” Chat said, in a voice not belonging to Chat. Bee wound up another swing, Causing Chat to flailing his hands in front of him while yelling “Wait, Ameena! It’s me, Simon!”
“Simon?” Humble Bee held her fist in front of his face.
“Yes, it’s me, Razorwing doesn’t know I can control Sentiwing”
“You killed our friends”
“No, I stopped him from killing you.” Simon explained “Remember Crimsonwing? well, that outburst spawned a Split personality, which was made stronger by the denial of revenge, He killed Leon, Gabriel, Ryuko, Natalie, Chloe, and Sparrow”
“What about me?” Familia asked “He didn’t kill me.”
“You’re right, he didn’t even try.” Simon pondered “Try to leverage that while I try to regain control, this unit will resume rampage in five minutes.” HB and Familia ran away from the rebooting Sentimonster and ended up in the ballroom. Where they found Rena, Carapace, Bunnix, Pegasus, and Viperion, all dead. Viperion was the first to go, Clearly a sneak attack. Next was Bunnix, hit at the same time by Sentiwing. Next based on the placement of the bodies, was Carapace. He was strangled, a safe bet it was Sentibug. Rena and Pegasus were last, Sentiwing and Razorwing double team. 
Their only hope was a Lucky Charm, Sentiwing was probably changed to Chat Blanc in order to either trick Ladybug or Scare her. either way she’s the next target. Familia grabbed Rena’s necklace, earning her an odd look from HB.
They entered the kitchen and found Felix, wearing the Sparrow mark 2 suit. Based on the Claw Marks on the laundry shaft, it appears the brothers made a final stand and lost, with Felix pushing Chat down the elevator. HB and Familia knew where they need to go next, They dove down the shaft, hoping to find the dynamic duo before they were next.
Simon had held onto the orb of energy until they reached a replica of The Den, the birthplace of this Split, The computers in the lab, controlled the sentimonsters which were currently on auto pilot, until he used them to warn HB and Familia. The Orb of energy entered him when he landed in the den’s garage. Simon grabbed two of the P.E.D.D.s, they were designed to contain phasers, but if he thought of them as laser’s, so in his mind Laser rifle’s is what they are. He then grabbed the Goggles he was working on for Sparrow. Simon entered the elevator fully armed, he would have grabbed Tracker, but who knows what driving a car through his mind would do.
Razorwing was focused on the front monitor of the den’s war room which represented Simon’s eyes, he was searching for something. and on a smaller monitor there was collage of faces and names. most of them red with x’s though them, Sparrow, Ryuko, Viperion, Hawkmoth, Mayura, his friends all dead. Eagle, Knightowl, Uncanny Valley, Mercury, and Majestia were on there too. A kill-list, “Anyone who can hurt us” being friends and family as well as enemies. Razorwing was searching, probably for Ladybug and Chat, they were still blue on the list.
“You can run, but you can’t hide” Razorwing said, prowling around the hotel’s basement where he Chat Noir and Ladybug have been for the last couple of minutes. Suddenly he heard a crash, and when he turned around Familia locked onto his wrist. “Ahh, let go!” He screamed, Simon saw his moment and tackled him from the console. “You?! I thought I left you in our subconscious!”
“Well, let’s just say I did some soul searching.” Simon punched, Razorwing with a fist that moved like lightning. That orb was a memory of power, a memory form when he was a baby, and his mother bonded him to the miraculous of the dragon, and only used water. Lightning and Wind went to Simon, for years, it’s been building. Razorwing knew he couldn’t win this battle, so he dove into the elevator. Simon chased after him, moving like lightning. Razorwing leapt into the Sentimonster control monitor, and Simon regained control of his body, only to discover pain. “Ow, Ow girl, it’s me!” Cainus yelled, having swapped miraculous wen he regained control.
“Simon?” Ladybug asked, with Chat, Sentibug, and Humble Bee right next to Her. She was holding a spotted dog leash.
“Yeah, I assume Ameena told you what happened.” Cainus said, then Ladybug went to throw her lucky charm and Cainus grabbed her arm “Don’t! He escaped!” 
“So he’s still out there!?” Sentibug asked “Also can I?” She gestured to Cainus’ chest, to her necklace.
“Oh right, sorry” Cainus said handing it back “Based on his list, He’ll try to finish up here and then skip town, which means we need bait”
“Can’t I just Cataclysm the Peacock Miraculous?” Chat asked
“No, that’s not what he made Sentiwing from, Too obvious.” Cainus said “Also now, you’re the bait”
“What!? Why?” Chat asked, before he realized he limited his time “Dang it”
“Wait” Ladybug said “Humble Bee told us that he’s Crimsonwing, what if he’s finishing what he started”
“Bob Roth” They all said in unison.
Cainus ran as fast as lightning, while holding Humble Bee and Chat over his shoulders, and with Familia traveling along the winds to the TV Station where it ended last time. Ladybug and Sentibug would be the ones to surprise Razorwing this time. Razorwing was threating to drop Bob Roth of the building, Again. Cainus dropped Humble Bee and Chat off in the middle of the roof, with Familia forming next to them. Razorwing looked around for Cainus, only to feel a sudden loss of weight as his hostage disappeared. Razorwing leapt down, and made his right hand into a chained ball, and the other one into a staple gun.  He Slammed the ball into the Ground where Humble Bee leapt away from. Causing Chat to fall with a collapsing roof. Humble bee lunged at Razorwing, who morphed his head around her fist, while stapling her feet into the floor. Familia tried to bite his hand(the one with the Ball) only for the chain to wrap around her then morph into a airtight box. Cainus ran by, with Ameena tossing him her top. Cainus then Wrapped it around Razorwing, as Ladybug and Sentibug threw their yo-yo’s around Razorwing, wrapping him in more rope. Razorwing turned into a Liquid and zipped over to Ladybug, suffocating her with himself. Sentibug pulled him off of her, and then turned her hands into a blade and shield as Razorwing Reformed Himself. Razorwing lunged at her being impaled on her blade, but grabbed her necklace and ordered her to sleep. Cainus finally returned from dealing with Bob Roth, turning Razorwing’s head to Ooze with a punch, which If you’ve been paying attention meant Diddly Squat, cause Razorwing just reformed. Cainus looked around and saw the Spotted Dog Leash that was o be their saving grace. Only for Razorwing to staple him to the ground, first by his feat, then by his left arm.
“Well, that was fun” Razorwing said, tapping his lip with a throwing knife “But I really need to finish my job, so where’d you put the scumbag?” Razorwing said holding his arms out in an exasperate pose. Then Cainus remembered, what started it all, him pining Bob to the building with a throwing knife. Cainus reached back for his gun, only for it to be hit with a staple, into his back. Cainus screamed in agony and noticed that Chat was climbing out off the crater. 
“Chat, Catch!” Cainus said, causing Razorwing to turn, Giving Cainus time to pick up the dog leash and whip the hand holding the knife. Razorwing grabbed his hand, only to see chat Cataclysm the Knife, and for a blue feather to pop out.
“No!” Razorwing said
“No More evildoing for you, Little Amuck” Ladybug said, opening her Yoyo
“You Can’t!” Razorwing said running at Ladybug, fan in hand
Ladybug threw her yoyo “Time to De-Evilize!” She said as Razorwing lunged at her. then a loud bang sounded off across the roof.
“Bye Bye, Little feather” a Bleeding Cainus said, having freed himself and pulled his gun off his back. Cainus threw the Lucky Charm in the air “Cainus! Forever Loyal!” which actually caused it to release the Ladybugs. “Huh, I was just expecting that to embarrass me” 
“Is it over?” Sentibug asked
“The Battle for today is won, But only time will tell if Razorwing is truly gone” Cainus said “But, these additional superpowers can’t hurt, considering their bonded to my consciousness.”
“Any chance for Take out runs?” Chat quipped
“I have a feeling I’ll be on take out duty forever, considering what Razorwing did.” Cainus frowned, but then Smiled “But I don’t mind, I’ll earn back their trust, through any means, including their stomachs”
Space Humble Bee: 
Tumblr media
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sketchy-panda · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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strawberry-macaronx · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Cat noir 🐱
Decided to do a softer look with him i think my anime style is a bit rough so
Had fun trying to use watercolor
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