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sugarcubetikki · a day ago
Tumblr media
The fact that Adrien calls Marinette JUST so she could fix his angel wing. 
I'm sorry but Adrien you are literally a professional model, you ought to have an entire team on set to help you with things like that! One of my nitpicks about the show is that it can lack realism for plot convenience at times
But I’m gonna be a clown  pretend for my own indulgence, that this is his excuse to hang out with Marinette. 
Before they can even call someone from his team, he's like "oh I could just call my friend Marinette, she's great at designing" and he does it so much that his entire team is so used to it, and lets it happen because they fully believe that they’re head over heels for each other and secretly ship them. Even calling Marinette “his little girlfriend” when he’s not there. THIS IS WHAT’S HAPPENING OKAY. I DON’T MAKE THE RULES HERE. 
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anika-thestollsister · 2 days ago
Chat Noir: You know Marinette Dupain-Cheng says I’m a really great person.
Ladybug: Oh really?
Chat Noir: Yeah she says you should definitely give me a chance and date me.
Ladybug: Hmm did she now?
Chat Noir: So by rejecting me, you are indirectly disrespecting Marinette which is incredibly rude-
Ladybug: Spots off.
Marinette: You fucking liar.
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jennagrinsoverml · 20 hours ago
adrienette? the way he looks at her is so soft i cry
ladrien? 👏mutual👏pining👏
ladynoir? they work together so well and the  f r i e n d s h i p
marichat? falling in love with the other side of each other
i just *clenches fist* love every side of the love square so much
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gretchenzellerbarnes · 2 days ago
Chat Noir: From now on, we’ll be using code names. You can address me as EAGLE ONE.
Chat Noir: Ryuuko, code name: BEEN THERE DONE THAT.
Chat Noir: Ladybug is CURRENTLY DOING THAT 💖💖💖
Ladybug *looks into the camera like she's in an episode of The Office but high fives Chat anyway*: 🤔😘😘
Chat Noir: Viperion, you’re IT HAPPENED ONCE IN A DREAM.
Chat Noir: Carapace is IF I HAD TO PICK A DUDE (my dude, hehe get it? 😉).
Chat Noir: And Queen Bee is... EAGLE TWO.
Queen Bee: Oh thank God.
Chat Noir: This is EAGLE ONE. BEEN THERE DONE THAT is leaving the stage; I'D BE LYING IF I HADN'T THOUGHT ABOUT IT is in position 🦊
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galahadwilder · a day ago
Identity reveal by Adrien throwing himself into Marinette’s lap and going “PET ME PET ME PET MEEEEEE”
Neither one of them know at this point but that is how they figure it out
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anika-thestollsister · 2 days ago
Ladybug waiting for Chat Noir for Patrol
Ladybug: Radiant
Ladybug: Carefreeeee
Ladybug: Dreamyyyy
Ladybug: Adrien—
Chat Noir, walking over: Yeah?
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polkadotbrat · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the way this is gonna be their dynamic as a couple
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lilithdusk · 2 days ago
Part 2 to Marinette has lost her partner and Adrien happens to look just like him
Previous part
Adrien pulled away just enough to look into Marinette’s eyes. How could she have his Miraculous? He gave it to Alya, he was certain of that. He simply couldn’t have take Marinette’s balcony for Alya’s. And Nino had told him he knew Rena Furtive’s identity. He has made no mistake, thus why was his classmate now wearing the Chat Noir’s miraculous? He opened his mouth but, suddenly, an explosion caught them off guard. They ended up on the ground, covering their ears.
Down the street, a new vilain was tormenting Paris. Adrien didn’t waste any time and took Marinette’s hand. They both got up and ran away from the chaos. The teenagers took refuge in a small alley. Their respiration were caught in their throats, panting. When Adrien glanced at his friend, she was already looking away, at the chaos further. His sight immediately fell on her finger and the jewellery. How could he bring this into the conversation without suspicion? How could he know something about the miraculous? And there was still the option  of Marinette not knowing anything about it. Perhaps Alya had given it to her as a gift. 
Deep inside him, he knew it was the wrong explanation. What made him comeback to reality was Marinette’s hand on his shoulder.
“Adrien, climb on that. You’ll hide in here.”
She was showing a balcony above their heads. The trash containder was below and if he jumped, he could reach and climb on it. When they both reached the hidden balcony, Marinette stepped over the guardrail and was preparing to get back on the ground when Adrien stopped her.
“What are you doing?! Hide here until Ladybug arrives!”
The containder was slippery because of the rain pouring and Marinette almost fell down. She lifted her head and gave Adrien a nod.
“We’ll be safe separately. It’s too dangerous to stay in the same place together.”
She landed on the ground with a flop while Adrien remained still.
“Don’t.” He whispered.
Marinette couldn’t have possibly hear him and yet, she reassured him with a slight smile. The first one he saw on her lips for weeks. Marinette ran away before Adrien could convaince her to stay. 
Now on the main street, Marinette has lost sight of the vilain. He had faded away. So, she hid in a corner of a street in order to transform.  The ring on her finger caught her attention and her heart clenched. A single tear fell down on her cheek, mingled with the rain. How could she still hope about her partner showing to the battleflied when she was the one wearing his miraculous?
She flinched and turned around. Adrien was on the ground, in the middle of the street, drenched. He had called out for her. The look on his face spoke for him. His eyes were switching between her hand and her face. Marinette quietly eyed him, confused by his behaviour. Why did he come out? Why was he risking his safety? Why was he looking so concerned and troubled? 
Marinette took a step towards him before her whole body became paralyzed. From the corner of her eyes, she could see the vilain flying straight to Adrien. The attack was directed at him. Even worse, Marinette didn’t know the Akuma’s power and what it did to the victims. She could not risk Adrien’s life. He was facing the small alley she was in, the vilain could not see her yet. Her identity would only be revealed to Adrien, it was a pale risk in comparaison to his safety.
Before his own eyes, Adrien watched Marinette transforming into Ladybug. He missed a few heartbeats while she was looking at him, grave. His eyebrowns frowned when she scurried towards him. Soon enough, her arm was around his waist and they flied away from the vilain he had not seen until now.
They didn’t have time to land somewhere. The vilain was behind them, running fast, very fast. Ladybug had to trust her instinct but how could she be at the top of her performances when her teammate was missing, along with her tiredness?
Drenched in the rain, Ladybug was carrying Adrien. She slid on one of the rooftop and, thanked her power for giving her a yoyo to catch her up. Flying the Parisian sky, she finally dropped Adrien on the ground.
“You stay here until the Lucky Charm cure everything, alright?”
Adrien simply nodded. Ladybug got back into fighting the akuma. The fight was raw, rough and bloody. Ladybug couldn’t have the advantage when she was exhausted and the vilain, full of energy. He was the one dominating the fight, he would hit her everytime he had the opportunity. For the first time since Hawkmoth appeared, Ladybug was losing. And the capital silently observed her fall, alone, without the help of any Miraculous holders. 
Another hit made her fly into a wall which then collapsed. Someone had to help her out; Adrien came out of his hidden place, once again. Running into the rubbles, he lifted and pulled some concrete blocks and helped Ladybug getting up. He took her hand and look into her eyes, genuine.
“You have to use the Miraculous of destruction.”
“I- I won’t use it...” She frowned, hurt.
“You’re going to die if you don’t!”
His friend dived her eyes into his, severe. Of course Ladybug was Marinette, how could she not? Adrien maintained her gaze. He wasn’t Chat Noir anymore but he won’t let her die because she wouldn’t use the miraculous. Ladybug needed help, simply not from him. In front of the vilain, of Hawkmoth, of the cameras recording the fight, Adrien couldn’t get back his miraculous, even if he wanted to. Paris was watching very carefully. So, he took her hand, the one where the ring was still resting on, and brought it in front of her face.
“Use it.”
“It’s not mine, the only person who can wear it is Chat Noir.” Ladybug responded.
“You already wore it for a fight.”
“It’s not the same! The power contained in both is too dangerous for one person.”
“You are more than capable to wear it. You are Paris’s hero, the guardian of the miraculous; if one person can handle this power, it’s anyone but you.”
Her teary blue eyes were watching him cautiously.
“I can’t do it without him.” 
Her voice broke out in a whisper. Adrien’s lips turned into a slight smile, also tearing up.
“I’ve always been around you my Lady.”
Ladybug’s face lit up when the realization hit her. Her partner, her teammate, her best friend, her soulmate was in front of her this whole time. She had found him. The two most precious boys in her life were actually one. She sobbed, incapable of controlling her emotions. Adrien immediately pressed her hand.
“Beat this akuma now, alright?” 
She pressed his in return and nodded. Taking a step back, she never broke away from his gaze.
“Tikki, Plagg, unify!”
A violent white light made everyone blind. Adrien lifted his arm to refrain the light entering his eyes. Along with white spots, he was blinded with purple ones. A few seconds later, when his sight has adjusted, Ladybug was in front of him, in a new suit. It was purple with golden details. But what caught everyone’s attention was her eyes, glowing white. She was standing before him, before Paris’s and Hawkmoth’s eyes, all powerful; and ready to fight, once and for all.
I enjoyed writing these two! And I’m so excited about the serie showing the potential of the miraculous union! (manifesting for season 4 final)
@anelfinthedark @giuliafc @steelblaidd @backyardbob01  
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