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#adrik zhabin
kolarpem · 16 days ago
Morning Doodle: "'Of course you do,' said Adrik. 'If you can find a way to put a sunny spin on something, you will.' It was true. Leoni was like cheer in a bottle—and not even months in Fjerda had dimmed her shine." Leigh Bardugo's King of Scars Ch 3
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xandrei · 4 months ago
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he looked at her like she was his sun ☀️
a present for the amazing @zemenipearls, whose bday was a couple days past, done by @phy-be and myself 💕 Julia provided the truly GORGEOUS pencil work and the initial colors and was total pleasure to work with all the way thru 🥰
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zemenipearls · 3 months ago
couples that are bi4bi and you can't tell me different:
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zoya-the-dragon · 2 months ago
I will never stop being amused that Nikolai thinks this about Adrik and Leoni:
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Oh yes Nikolai, what could Leoni see in him? How could a persistently cheerful ‘delight’ of a person person be in love with a famously pessimistic Squaller? How on Earth could you possibly relate to that?
At least Zoya has the right idea, not that she’d think to apply it to herself:
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lyssq · 4 months ago
We’re officially getting season two 😭 Which means
Nikolai Lantsov 👑 🦊
Wylan! Everyone’s fav merchling
Tamar and hopefully Tamadia content to rival heartrender husbands
Tolya yul Bataar!
Adrik Zhabin!
Genya with her scars (which I shouldn’t be this excited for)
Zoyalai crumbs please
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incorrect-ravka-quotes · 6 months ago
Nikolai: Don’t be so pessimistic. It’ll affect team morale.
Adrik: What? And getting us blown up won’t?
Nikolai: Only very, very briefly.
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grishaverseshitposts · 3 months ago
Nina: I love the whole 'good guy and bad guy' act you guys have going on.
Adrik: It’s not an act, I’m mean and Leoni isn’t.
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crazy-art-girl34 · 7 months ago
✨Grishaverse types of couples✨
1. Kanej - the complicated couple
2. Wesper- the funny gay couple
3.Helnik- the sad couple
4. Zoyalai- the idiots who think they're not a couple but everybody knows they are
5. Denya- the nerd couple
6. Tamadia- the badass lesbian couple
7. Adrik x Leoni - the cute couple
8. Malina- the couple everyone hates, idk why honestly
Have i missed anyone?
Reblog if you have other opinions!
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kolarpem · 15 days ago
Morning Doodle: "Adrik had barely raised a brow. 'I’ve been shot, stabbed, bayoneted, and had my arm torn off by a shadow demon. It’s done nothing for my disposition.' It was true. If Leoni was sunshine walking, Adrik was a doleful storm cloud too put-upon to actually rain." Leigh Bardugo's King of Scars Ch 3
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zemenipearls · 3 months ago
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Become the fan art you want to see in the world I guess.
Leoni Hilli and Adrik Zhabin, the most underrated canon Grishaverse couple who were FAKE MARRIED SPIES.
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incorrect-ravka-quotes · 4 months ago
Nina during King of Scars
Nina: Zoya's going to kill me, isn't she? How fucked do you guys think I am? On the fuck-o-meter, where am I?
Leoni: Oh, 12.
Adrik: Yeah. 12, I'd say.
Nina: Out of what?
Leoni: Er... 50.
Adrik: Oh. Mine was out of 10.
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