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i’m not over this. i don’t think i’ll ever be over this
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Two ways to handle a break up
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emsylcatac · a day ago
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this is why marinette will know that adrien is catwalker
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xhanisai · 2 days ago
AU where Ladybug and Chat Noir is an actual ladybird and black kitten in their civilian lives but human when transformed as heroes
Tumblr media
- The duo always wished to be human ever since they were born. The stray black kitten born during the moonlight and left to fend for himself and the lonesome ladybird hatching the following daylight.
- They were always entranced by the way humans interacts, the way humans create and the love that humans can have for each other.
- The two have never met yet but would roam Paris, avoiding getting hurt or killed and trying to have an adventure. Those days would end with them realising how alone they were in the scary world.
- On the day Le Papillon has risen, an old man (Maître Fu) gives the lonely black kitten the ring of destruction and the curious ladybird the earrings of creations (after swiftly catching them both so they can all be in one space).
- Just by touching the jewels themselves, the kitten and ladybird suddenly found themselves transforming into humans! But, they both donned a mask and a super suit. They called themselves Ladybug and Chat Noir.
- Fu informed them that they needed to fight the akuma and save not only the victim trapped by the corrupted butterfly, but also the city.
- The pair, eager to help out the man who practically granted their wish, immediately got to work. It took a lot of getting used to because not only were they in a human body, they had powers too.
- Just like their canon counterparts, Chat Noir is flirty, dramatic yet loyal and brave and Ladybug is smart, slightly flirty back yet determined and resilient.
- They manage to succeed the mission and they simultaneously fell in love with each other. However, as soon as their miraculous beeped to zero, they transformed back into a kitten and ladybird again.
- This time however, they are accompanied by Plagg and Tikki who can magically store their miraculous safely and transform them when needed. The kitten and ladybird decide to stick together.
- Plagg names the kitten Adrien and Tikki names the ladybird Marinette.
- Marinette loves it when Adrien sprints off into a run with her clinging onto his fur, going faster than she’s ever dreamed of. Adrien loves watching her fly, sometimes trying to playfully catch her.
- Despite being so in love with each other, Ladybug tells Chat that they can’t be together. The reason being:
“Chaton, if I agree to be with you, it would be so unfair for you afterwards.”
“Why? Why would it be so unfair??”
“Because ladybirds can live up to only a year...and you’ll be left heartbroken once I’m gone if we become more than what we are,”
- They share a heart-breaking, bittersweet kiss.
- The time limit is what pushes them both to fight harder and find Le Papillon because Chat Noir refuses to fight with another Ladybug. Though, his Lady starts to become physically weaker day by day towards the end of the year.
- As soon as they finally defeat Le Papillon, there’s a huge light that encases the area.
- Marinette and Adrien wake up on the ground, the former expecting to be dead...only to realise
They’re both alive AND humans without wearing the miraculous.
- They stare at each others’ face with awe, carefully stroking each others’ face now knowing what it looks like without a mask until finally they start giggling.
- The giggles turn into tears of joy and they embrace each other with all their might, the kwamis joining in and then Adrien pulls Marinette in for a sweet, sweet kiss.
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jennagrinsoverml · 8 hours ago
Do you have any fics of Adrien being shy/flustered?
Flustered!Adrien is pretty uncommon. It's usually Marinette who is the flustered one. But when done right, it's BEAUTIFUL. And yeah, I got recs for you!
Shut Up and Drive by @coffeebanana
Adrien keeps having the same dream. About Ladybug riding a motorcycle. Picking him up and whisking him away. It's a fantasy that he can't seem to shake, even if he's supposed to be getting over Ladybug. But one night, she takes off her helmet, revealing herself to be Marinette.
But...it's just a dream...Right?
One-shot. Adrien's dreams really affect him and he's such a beautiful flustered mess. The building tension in this is so well done, and the end just put the biggest smile on my face.
a superhero’s holiday by @isadorator
Adrien only wanted to have fun with his friends and enjoy a stress-free day at the beach. But then Chloé happened. And Hawk Moth. And Ladybug.
One-shot. Let's be serious. Shy/flustered Adrien generally means ladrien content. And this one is a favourite. An akuma attack at the beach. What happens to a poor teenage boy when he ends up with the love of his life plastered to him while he’s wearing just his bathing suit? *cackles* Love the UST and humour in this one!
i just came to say hello by @clairelutra and a_miiraculer
In which Nino finds out his best bro is in love with Ladybug, and jumps the Ladynoir and Adrienette ships for Ladrien summarily.
Adrien is flustered, Alya takes personal offense, and Marinette finally sees her chance to hit that.
What could possibly go wrong?
Multi-chapter. ABANDONED WIP! But I think it's worth reading anyway because omg the blooshy babes I can't even handle it!!! This is just PEAK LADRIEN and I love it, even if it will never be finished.
Margins of Error by orphan_account
“Do you…” Ladybug’s voice is at an almost-whisper. He can feel her breath fire-hot against his face. “Do you want me to show you how I think they should write our kiss?”
Adrien isn’t here anymore, leave a message after the tone.
Adrien was raised on order. His life is meticulously planned, each day as reliable as the equations he studies in physics and calculus. But Ladybug- Ladybug always has him at a loss.
One-shot. I've recced this fic before and I'll rec it again, it's so good. Ladybug is assertive and confident and Chat is a little shy and flustered. And it's just so gahhh.
be your july by Reiaji
Two years after leaving home, Adrien has a room, a loving found family, and a thankless job with Audrey Bourgeois, the only figure in fashion with enough clout to bypass his father’s blacklisting.
He also has a zero percent success rate when it comes to courting Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Audrey’s relentlessly brilliant protégé.
With two miraculouses in the mix, it all gets a little complicated.
Multi-chapter. This fic is a reverse love square canon divergence where Marinette went to New York in Style Queen and Adrien leaves home/Gabriel when he’s legally able. This is after she’s returned and they’re both adults here, but Adrien is an absolute mess and I’m here for it.
The following fics are amazing and absolutely worth reading, but do feature sexual content, so minors beware.
Summer in the City by kali_asleep
In which Adrien discovers that peaches aren't the only thing in season.
Multi-chapter. Rated M. Adrien starts to notice Marinette even though Chat is sort-of dating Ladybug and it turns him into a flustered mess. The UST and the identity shenanigans are off the charts. (There's also an E-rated sequel that I recommend, but this is the fic where he's really flustered.)
twists and turns by @zimtlein
Playing Twister at the age of twenty-one can be pretty awkward. It can also lead to suddenly groping your very cute, very platonic friend’s boob, apparently.
Adrien isn’t exactly complaining.
Two-shot. Rated M. Adrien's got 99 problems and UST is all 99 of them. Aside from the way he keeps getting flustered, this fic is also both HILARIOUS and hot af. I've read and reread this one like a hundred times.
I Dream of Mousey by @lyramae-archer
Chat is tired. More tired than ever before. How is a cat supposed to get some sleep when there’s a beautiful mouse in all of his dreams? A story in which Adrien gets some revelation on the love of his life. For MultiMouse Appreciation Week 2020.
Multi-chapter. Rated M. Multichat, my beloved. Adrien becoming a flustered mess as he falls harder and harder for Marinette after her stint as Multimouse is life.
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purrincess-chat · 7 hours ago
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It’s @gale-gentlepenguin’s birthday, and he didn’t tell me!!!! Happy Birthday, Gale, but also how dare you. Here are some love square hugs for you. Consider this my socially distanced internet hug for your birth! Now go have some cake!
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wield-the-mighty-pen · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
I knew there was a wall between them... but I wasn’t expecting this to be it...
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furia-luminosa-17 · a day ago
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Adrien is wearing pajamas 🥰
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Normal. Pjs
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Model Swimsuit
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Superhero Ladybug Miraculous
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Adrien Agreste in different outfits
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Part 96 of my bakery “enemies” au!
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gentil-minou · 22 hours ago
Plagg ships ladynoir and Tikki ships adrinette and they have debates on it
Tumblr media Tumblr media
but they both ship ladrien okay bye goodnight
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kagami: every time someone points out that i speak very monotone i’m like i’m sorry i will never be your anime girlfriend i will never homph when eating bread i will never kyaa when the wind blows i’ll never be her why even fucking try
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universallywriting · 10 hours ago
“I should probably figure out whoever Cat Walker was and give him a miraculous,” Marinette jokes.
Her hands are covered in flour because she’s kneading dough, and she’s kneading dough because she found out last week that Adrien buys his bread at the grocery store. Her boyfriend is rich, and he could buy nice bread, but he doesn’t. Instead, Marinette bakes bread from scratch and knows that Adrien is always touched by gifts that aren’t paid for.
“You never found out?” Adrien grins as he leans across the counter. She had expected jealousy, because as sweet as her kitty is he does get a bit pouty over the idea of other boys taking an interest in her. Instead, he only looks amused at the idea that she would track down the boy from her past, the one whose only flaw was being too perfect.
“How would I? Plagg picked him.” She works the bread slowly on the kitchen island, feeling for the right stretchiness of gluten.
“It’s probably a bad idea,” he says lightly. “How are you going to fight when you’re busy making heart eyes at knock-off Black Butler?”
“Okay, so I got a little flustered!” she squeaks. “He was handsome! But I was a kid, and it’s not like it took me ages to figure out he wasn’t a good match for me, and it’s not like I didn’t save the day by the end, and I-”
Marinette freezes, her knuckles deep in dough, as a realization suddenly falls into place. “Adrien, how do you know what happened with Cat Walker?”
He looks innocent. “You didn’t tell me?”
“I told you he was too perfect and that’s it,” she says, meeting his gaze challengingly. Once upon a time, when she used the confidence she had behind the mask, he’d buckle straight away. Now he has too much Plagg in him as he continues to look like he’s done nothing suspicious, and she half expects him to call her Sweetie.
He props his chin up on his fist, too much Plagg in his expression. “So I guess I must have been there.”
She wails in agony, her hands coming to her lips as her devil of a boyfriend bursts into laughter. Again. Again she’d fallen for him, just like he had fallen for her a dozen times, with costumes and magic scrambling everything but their persistent longing. It was so obvious now, like it always was when the veil was lifted. It was Adrien’s seriousness and politeness. It was his kindness and support she had fallen for, because the sincerity of it was too much for her to brush off as a game.
“You weren’t him!” she pleads. “Adrien!”
“I was Adrien,” he giggles. “I think that was the whole problem.”
The sounds coming out of her are probably words. Thing like “oh my god” and “I can’t believe it” and other rambling nonsense that wouldn’t make any sense if she tried to write it down, because when she’s embarrassed the first thing to go is her ability to speak. Adrien hops up on the island in front of her, graceful and poised, but the grin he flashes her way is all mischief. “I put on my good boy face for five minutes and you-”
“No!” she protests, waving her hands wildly. “No! It wasn’t the good boy face! It was the speech in the moonlight!”
“The what?”
“No, listen, please,” she begs, her voice cracking with humiliated giggles. “It was a really hard time, and I felt really alone, and everyone was bad at the superhero thing. I had to answer all these questions about who was feeding what kwamis and how to do pick up and drop off and the only person who knew anything was Aly-stop! Stop smiling like that!”
He’s all Chat, all amused as she desperately tries to find a justification for falling for him again, for falling for him in every shape but Chat Noir. She takes a deep breath and says, “You said that it was your turn to take care of me. I needed that.”
There is a pause, a flicker in his smile. He probably wants to apologize, which will make her apologize, because they had spent far too long together not understanding what the other had wanted and needed. But they have had that conversations too many times for now, so instead he taunts, “You couldn’t figure out your lucky charm.”
“When I finish this bread, I’m going to destroy you in every fighting game you have,” she mutters.
Adrien stretches across his counter, not caring about the flour that’s getting on his shirt and jeans as he poses in front of her. He’s trying to fluster her again with a low voice and soft eyes. “Are you going to be able to focus with Cat Walker in the room?”
He yelps as she shoves him off the island, grunting as he hits the floor. She’s not a kid anymore. Her brain won’t fry just because her boyfriend knows how to pose, and years together has ensured that they both come with a kind of sturdiness that makes roughhousing and clumsiness a nonissue.
Still, she doesn’t go back to her bread as he cackles on the ground. Warmth fills her chest as she leans over to look at him, distracted from her work by his breathless laughter, the outright unattractive, wicked cackle that lets loose whenever he’s played a particularly good joke.
Cat Walker would never laugh like that - not unless she ordered him to. Adrien can, of course, because Adrien has never been the perfect boy she thought he was. Watery green eyes look up at her - brilliant and sweet and silly in equal measure - and she wouldn’t have him any other way.
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Holy shit he has pajamas
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xhanisai · 2 days ago
Another fun little fact titbits from the not human AU
- Thank the lads from the LO server for the brainstorm
- Marinette and Adrien were actually born as humans at first. However, both of them died soon after being born, causing devastation for the Dupain-Cheng household and the Graham de Vanily and Agreste household.
- They were reincarnated as a kitten and as a ladybird and their love for each other is what made them become fully human again. Though, they can magically turn back as a kitten and ladybird again by will once they had the hang of it.
- The names “Adrien” and “Marinette” were actually the heroes’ original names in their first lifetime hence why the kwamis chose those names to name them. They had a good feeling that they could be reunited back to the family that mourned them.
- Emilie got sick using the broken peacock miraculous trying to find a way to bring back Adrien and thus landed in a coma a few months after his demise. Gabriel turned to the power of the butterfly and hunted for the ladybug and black cat miraculous to gain both his son and wife back.
- After his defeat, Gabriel was turned into a moth. However, once he got to see what Adrien looked like without his mask and saw that he was a spitting image of Emilie and Felix, he realised that it’s his son. He was so happy to see him again, fluttering towards the boy with joy. Moths do not live long so he died happy.
- Sabine and Tom always had a strange, familiar feeling whenever they saw Ladybug either on TV or IRL. They always had a burning feeling to protect her and even Chat Noir. 
- Ladybug would always be attracted to the Dupain-Cheng bakery so her and Chat Noir always loved stopping by. She always felt warmth just by looking at Tom and Sabine. 
- The bakery became a safe haven for the heroes during the time they were still at war against Le Papillon. Sometimes, Tom or Sabine would spot a small, fluffy black ball on their sofa with a tiny red dot and realise it’s a kitten and ladybird sleeping.
- They are the first to realise that those were the heroes’ true forms at the time during an exhausting akuma battle when one of them accidentally detransformed in front of the bakery couple. The couple swore to protect them.
- Le Papillon always found himself holding back whenever he got too close to gaining the miraculous, especially when Chat Noir was in a big pinch. It would physically hurt his heart looking at Chat Noir sometimes. He tried his best to not be too destructive but at the same time, he was desperate to see his family again.
- With the help of Fu and the kwamis, Marinette and Adrien manage to help Emilie wake up from her coma and she spent her recovery at the Dupain-Cheng household. They all decided it’s best to extend the house and stay there together.
- Marinette and Adrien do get sent to school to learn. It is a whole complicated, comical experience because not only do they need to learn everything from the beginning, they’re still getting used to being human.
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darkroyalcoresblog · 14 hours ago
Rainy days belong to them
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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eliecantdraw · 16 hours ago
losing my mind over kuro neko bc marinettes type is just guys that don’t like her and bitch me too!!
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heartfulselkie · a day ago
For the writing game: "You used the money to buy WHAT????"
Marinette sheepishly chewed her bottom lip. If she tried to wriggle her way out of this one, she knew it would only make matters worse.
"Jewelry," she said the second time, her nervous embarrassment increasing by the second.
It was her own fault, she supposed. She'd accidentally left her bank statement in clear view on her desk, showing quite clearly that a sizeable chunk had been withdrawn from the savings she had meticulously been saving bit by bit. While she was the only person to use her sewing room, she had grown so used to Adrien's comings and going when he brought her coffee or a snack as she was working that his presence was just as natural to her as breathing. And of course he'd be concerned to see that a large portion of her rainy day fund had seemingly vanished when he caught sight of the piece of paper sitting there.
"Jewelry," Adrien echoed with a sigh.
He wasn't mad. Of course he wouldn't be, it was her own money after all. She could see the worry flooding in behind the confusion in his gaze though, and all the thoughts that came with his anxiety. He'd probably that someone had taken advantage of her kind nature and robbed her. Or that she wanted to move out from their own little apartment and had a deposit on a place for just her to move to. Or that maybe she had a second boyfriend and spent the money on him.
Marinette pressed her clenched fists to her thighs as she sat in the chair of her sewing room. Adrien stood before her, rubbing the bridge of his nose as he let out another sigh. At least this time, some of his uneasy thoughts seemed to go with it.
"Jewelery," he said again. "Okay. It was your savings, you can do with it as you want."
She opened her mouth to speak again. She had to tell him the truth, the whole truth this time. But this wasn't exactly how she'd planned for it. It had been taking her weeks to work up the courage to tell him. But any careful plans had gone out the window the moment Adrien happened to see the clear information that she'd made a sizeable withdrawal from her account. But she couldn't find the words. Or even move. All she could do was open and close her mouth like a fish while Adrien's concerned expression shifted to hurt.
"I could have bought it for you," he murmured as his gaze drifted to the side. "You didn't have to spend your own money you worked hard on. I've told you before to let me treat you to nice things, but you always say you don't need it. Whatever it was, I would have gotten it for you immediately."
"No!" Marinette shouted a stood up. She flinched at her slightly excessive reaction while Adrien stared at her wide eyed. "N-No," she continued more softly, "I had to be the one to buy it."
She could almost see his cat ears drooping. "I couldn't buy whatever it was for you?"
"No, because...because its not for me."
Okay Marinette, now or never! she told herself as she turned towards one of her desk drawers. Her hand shook as she pulled it open and took out the small box that had been carefully hidden away there.
She was aware of Adrien watching her as she slid from her chair to the floor, legs trembling underneath her as she knelt on one knee.
"It's a ring," she said dumbly, hating how her voice warbled as she tried to keep her gaze fixed on him above her. "It's a ring for you." Her shaking fingers opened the box. "Adrien Agreste, will you marry me?"
Adrien stared. And stared.
And the longer he stared, the more Marinette started to question everything. All the years they'd spent together. The time they'd been dating after HawkMoth's defeat. That they'd moved into this cute little apartment together. That Adrien professed his love to her morning, noon and night in both the biggest and smallest of ways. Had she somehow misread it all?
And then came the tiniest squeak, bring her back to the present. She could see Adrien's lips trembling and his wide eyed stare fixated on the ring she had spent months researching and looking for. Beautiful silver meteorite complimented by a green box elder burl. A smooth a polished band, but with shades and flecks in the silver and green that shimmered in the light. There came another squeak, this time turning to a strangled gasp. Marinette barely caught the sight of Adrien's cheeks flooding a gorgeous red as his hand covered his face with an audible slap.
"Oh no.." she heard Adrien whimper.
It was Marinette's turned to sqeak. "No?!"
"W-Wait! Yes! N-No, I mean I...!" Adrien was hiding his face more and more in his hands. "I-I-I need a moment...Please don't look at me..."
Marinette blinked. And then smiled.
She got to her feet and slowly reached out to him with her free hand. "Let me see," she said softly as she gently tried to coax his hands away.
After a bit of hesitation, Adrien relented. His whole face was red and his green eyes were shining with tears. He allowed her to take his hand in hers and thread their fingers together.
"I love you, Adrien Agreste." she said as she placed a tender kiss on his cheek. "I love you more than yesterday, and I'll love you even more tomorrow. So will you let me love you for the rest of my life?"
A small hiccup escaped from him as a tear fell from his lashes. But he was smiling. Beautifully and honestly. His voice was heavy with emotion and wavered as he spoke. "My Lady, you know I could never refuse you. You turned this stray tom into a housecat."
Marinette giggled as she nuzzled against him. "You say that like you weren't always a spoiled lap cat."
Adrien laughed with her as he peppered kisses across he cheeks and nose.
"So?" Marinette pressed, giddy with impatience as he placed a kiss behind her ear.
"So?" Adrien echoed as he leaned back.
"You didn't give me a clear yes."
His eyes shone with more tears that could fall at any moment and a beautiful red stil burned in his cheeks. But he was smiling at her with complete and utter adoration, like nothing else existed in the world but her.
"Yes, Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Nothing could ever make me happier than be yours and yours alone."
She couldn't contained the joy bubbling up inside her anymore. She jumped up to him, knowing that he would immediately catch her. His hands hooked under her thighs as her arms wrapped around his shoulders. Held together like they were never meant to be apart, her lips found his and kissed him fully. They were made for each other. And she never wanted to let him go.
Ask game: Give me the first sentence and I'll write a short piece for it
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New Ship Alert:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pajama!Marinette x pajama!Adrien supremacy
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buggachat · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 95 of my bakery “enemies” au!
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