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saytr · 2 days ago
Older Adrinette
Marinette: *I got so jacked the last few years, i hope Adrien deosn't mind*
Adrien: *The love of my life could lift me and a fridge at the same time, oh my god, i am the luckiest man in the world*
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sketchesanmin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Met gala 2021
As @tally_doodles from Instagram said so eloquently: but think about how sick it's gonna look with them standing next to eachother like "yeh i've got The hottest date here periodt"
Or the adrinette fanart at the met gala that took so many hours with so many details because I don't have any self-control. I used as reference some designs by Jean Paul Gaultier, David Koma and Dolce & Gabbana. But at the end of the day, let's all pretend they're Gabriel Agreste pieces of clothing and that these two are on a damn hot celebrity date.
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cryingka · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Peacock adrien from @buggachat bakery enemies au with the same joke everyone else has already made lol
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jennagrinsoverml · 2 days ago
do u have any really good fic recs for mlb enemies to lovers
Do I ever! Some of these have already been recced in my AU rec list, but since this isn't part of my "undiscovered gems" series, I'm going to let myself rec all of the popular enemies to lovers fic I've been enjoying too 😊
A Series of Meets: Reach by @damagectrlwrites
Paris is safe, except from the rivalry of its two superhero guardians: Ladybug and Chat Noir.  Since they were teenagers, the two have raced around Paris, trying to out do-good each other.
After Chat Noir saves a bus of people from falling into the Seine before Ladybug can even get there, Adrien is in high spirits.  He helps a young woman reach some chips high on a shelf, kicking off a friendly conversation that ends with a coffee date.
It’s a terrible day for Marinette.  First she had a hectic day at work, then Chat Noir gets all the praise for saving a bus of people, and then she nearly topples over trying to reach some chips.  At the very least, a nice guy helps her and asks her to coffee. Surely, things will get better, right?
Ladynoir Enemies AU. Never met AU. This one is absolutely amazing and hilarious and YOU NEED TO READ IT!! Ladybug and Chat Noir are superhero rivals, always trying to outdo each other, and being annoyed at the other. Marinette and Adrien get a meet-cute and fall in love. The juxtaposition is perfect and ridiculous and THAT IDENTITY REVEAL OMG.
Dearly despised, (I love you) by @snacc-noir
Marinette could go on about why she hated Adrien Agreste—to his pranking tendencies to ineffable attractiveness—ever since he had the audacity that day with the umbrella.
And yet, here she was fake-dating him while in love with a superhero.
Adrienette Enemies AU. Warning: This is a WIP! But it's so much fun. Basically Adrien and Marinette never sorted out the misunderstanding with the gum and instead just dug themselves deeper and deeper in hate with their miscommunications. Meanwhile ladynoir are totally in love with each other. Add in a whole bunch of sexual tension and seeing just where the author teases out these missed chances and it's beautiful.
Curiosity and Satisfaction by @imthepunchlord
When Adrien agreed to this line of work, he thought all his focus would be on the job of catching the elusive Lady Luck. It never crossed his mind that someone else would catch his attention.
Ladynoir Enemies AU. Although this is a ladynoir enemies AU, this dynamic change bleeds into all of the different sides of the love square and it's so different and interesting! I loved how the changes made actually affected other aspects. The story feels very real and believable.
like poles of a magnet by @rosekasa
ladybug spat her blood at chat noir. invincibility was only granted to the ladybug and black cat that worked together. not even the miraculous cure could heal them, otherwise.
(or, five times they didn’t hate each other, and one time it was love).
Ladynoir Enemies AU.  The enemies dynamic here is AMAZING!! Adrien is so in character even when he’s a “bad guy”, and the backstory of how he ended up working with Hawkmoth is perfect. (Also, how is Gabriel even worse??) I love the way the identities are played with, and especially the repercussions of Chat working for Hawkmoth on what Adrien is allowed to do.
Unstuck by @ominousunflower
Chat Noir, notorious supervillain of Paris, experiences a wardrobe malfunction in the best and worst possible place: Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s balcony.
Heart pounding, Chat pins Marinette’s wrists to the balcony. She stares up at him, her blue eyes kaleidoscopic from the lights hanging overhead, her features twisted into a scowl.
“Why are you trying to take my Miraculous?” Chat hisses.
“Because—you—I—” Marinette splutters, her eyes dipping down below Chat’s face. “Why is your suit unzipped?”
“I—well…” Chat sighs. “My zipper got stuck.”
Ladynoir Enemies AU featuring Marichat. I'm an absolute sucker for villain!Chat who just needs someone who's willing to care for and believe in him. And, even as a villain, he's still so recognizably Adrien here. My hearttttt!
out of the woods. by @anxiouscupcake​
“I- I have a… Someone I care about very much,” Adrien admitted. “I’m only doing this because my father gave me no choice.” “Well,” she said, lips pursed. “I don’t have it in me to fight The Gabriel Agreste, right now. My hands are tied too.” “I’m sorry.”
To his credit, he genuinely sounded a little remorseful. She even resented him a little for it, because she had so much more to lose than he did, but he just wanted to stay in Daddy’s good books.
She grimaced. Marriage, for one year, they agreed. And a painful few months of “courtship” to convince the press of the authenticity of their “marriage”.
In eighteen months, her father would be hale and hearty, and she’d divorce Adrien Agreste and be nothing more than his business partner.
(...In which Gabriel is an asshole, Adrien is trying and Marinette's stubborn but gives in eventually.)
This is a 2-part series that isn’t finished and that I desperately hope is continued. It’s not EXACTLY enemies AU per se, but it hits the same sweet spot. Ladynoir are in love, but can’t be together. Adrienette are forced to marry because of circumstances and Marinette resents Adrien for it. It’s got Enemies to Friends to Lovers vibes, even if we haven’t gotten that last part yet, and I love it!
i have found someone (like a nomad finds a home) by @hanaasbananas
After Stoneheart, Gabriel figured out who Chat Noir was, and forced him to work for him, rather than with Ladybug. Years later, Adrien is miserable until one night, he meets Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
Ladynoir Enemies AU featuring Marichat. Sort of a Never Met AU in that Adrien doesn't start attending school until after he's been a villain for some time and after he's gotten to know (and fallen for) Marinette as Chat. I love it when Chat's a villain and his love for Marinette/Ladybug helps him make better choices!
This Red Love by @hanaasbananas
In another world, he loves her. Would lay down his life for her without a second thought. Would be devoted only to her. In another world, they are partners, fighting side by side to keep Paris safe from Hawkmoth. Ladybug and Chat Noir, heroes of Paris. In this world, Ladybug is his enemy; the only thing standing in the way of what he most desires. In this world, he is not a hero.
Or the one where Adrien and Marinette are dating, but Chat Noir works for Hawkmoth. Angst ensues.
Ladynoir Enemies AU featuring Adrienette. This one has so much tension and the identity reveal and the ladynoir conflict really impacts the adrienette relationship and it's fantastic!
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tinavia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
thinking abt adrienette rn i miss them
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galahadwilder · 2 hours ago
Post-hawkmoth, adrien feels too devastated to actually properly date Marinette. He’s trying to pull himself together first, to move on from the worst experience of his life, so the two of them agree to just be friends while he builds his own identity.
Someone else proposes to Marinette, and Adrien straight-up freaks. Of course he waited too long—of COURSE someone else wanted her—she’s so amazing, who could see her and NOT want to have her in their life forever?
He’s then terribly confused when she turns down the proposal. He doesn’t understand why she did that—the guy is really nice, and they have a lot in common, and doesn’t she *want* to be married?
It didn’t even cross his mind that she’s waiting for him, until she tells him so.
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skywalekersart · a day ago
Tumblr media
— Kya wanted to kiss Rikan. But could Marinette act that out? Perhaps she could half-roleplay it with a cheek kiss instead? It was such a common greeting, to kiss cheeks, she could probably get away with it in real life. [...] She began to lean in, ready to kiss his cheek. Adrien tilted his head, a brief frown of confusion crossed his brow before his eyes widened a fraction in understanding. He leaned in closer, and Marinette was glad he’d understood… Their lips met. — Hi there hello thank you for your question yes I very much like to be a walking and talking advertisement for this fic. Since @midnightstarlightwrites' "Can I Date You(r Character)?" is back tonight after summer hiatus, here's The Scene from Chapter 5 that I drew some days ago. I came up with my own vague designs for their D&D characters — Marinette's half-elf druid Kya and Adrien's half-elf rogue Rikan — which apparently are two more Adrienette alter egos I've grown attached to. Check out my IG post for a closer look at each panel, with and without bubbles!
home ✧ instagram ✧ more... please do not repost or edit
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minoublanc · 2 days ago
people like to talk abt how adrinette / ladrien is bad bc of how Marinette is a “stalker” but like
1) this is a cartoon for 8 year olds bro its all a hyperbole they literally exaggerate this shit for comedy and they're 14 its meant to be cringy and embarrassing but i promise you its really not that deep
2) the fact is that Adrien canonically goes home and stares at photos of Ladybug on all three of his computer monitors and his 65" Wall Mounted 8K UltraHD TV simultaneously and daydreams about abandoning civilization to live on a tropical island with her and as a guy whose father cant even be bothered to know what his favorite color is if he found out His Lady memorized his favorite macaron flavor and all of his name days he'd literally be over the moon
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Manon Chamack’s First Big Scoop
Nadja got her daughter one of the kid friendly cameras for her birthday.
Ella and Etta are excellent compatriots, especially since their big sister is a journalist too.  
The twins also excel at distraction.
Marinette was also really weird about whatever was in her drawer.
So that was suddenly really interesting.
She snapped three quick pictures...all before Marinette noticed.
Marinette was definitely lying.  Those were not spades.  She looked up what that word meant after their trip to the wax museum.
Manon had to keep asking her Mom to take her out to the park, hoping she’d see Adrien.
Days later, Adrien hasn’t shown up even once.
Now, Mom won’t take her to the park anymore.
Frustrated, Manon is crying and pouting up on her balcony of her room.
Chat Noir happens to overhear when out on a solo patrol.  He stops to check in and make sure she’s okay.
Manon recounts her story, from the start of getting her camera.
Chat Noir is very, very patient.
When Manon finally gets to her frustration at the park at Adrien not being there, Chat Noir asked why Adrien had to see it.
Blinking back tears, Manon realized that maybe he didn’t.  She just needed an adult...or someone close enough to that to her 6 year old eyes to confirm she was right.
Proudly, Manon grabbed Chat Noir by the hand and pulled him over to her tiny laptop screen.  She pulled up the file of pictures and showed him the photos she’d snapped of Marinette’s drawings.
A blushing Chat Noir agreed that those were definitely hearts.
And also, that he really had to go.
Manon shrugged.  Ladybug was probably calling for him.
Grinning, Manon closed her laptop.  She knew she was right.
Now she just had to wait for Marinette to babysit again to figure out why she had fibbed.
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ao3bronte · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
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Greased lightnin', go, greased lightnin'
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athnoirado · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh my god, okay, let me tell you about this.
this took me (w breaks) 6 fucking hours to finish. not one, not two, SIX. and i literally finished it today but last night i was SO close to finishing it but i was so tired i couldn’t even see my screen clearly. i went to sleep and i finished it today, fully. i am SO glad i finished it tho, it looks really good and this technique is literally so pretty. tiring, but pretty.
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saytr · 2 days ago
#16 Hugging for the asks? Congrats on 1K!
Tumblr media
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concernedbrownbread · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Role-swap AU meets Disney AU meets Future/Emma AU
Anyway, I finally watched Hack-San.
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