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Cirque du Miraculous!
Written by me and Mantabanter!
Read it on ao3 here!
God i love this au
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hamsternamedmarinette · 2 months ago
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The core four + shit my friends and I have been saying for the past week 
(I’m obligated to tag @being-of-the-universe and @whopsam in this) 
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goldenharmony · 3 months ago
Ladybug's irl best friend: Ladybug is a 10/10 icon, and what all superheroes should aspire to be like. Here's my up-to-date posts on my ladyblog about all her amazing accomplishments.
Chat Noir's irl best friend: Chat Noir is an annoying slut and here's why
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kittychatnoire · 5 months ago
sometimes i just wake up and im like ?????!!!!?? adrinino sobs
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Tumblr media
just them ?!?!!?
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
them 🥺
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best friends to boyfriendsssss
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misquotedladybug · 12 days ago
[Adrien and Nino sitting together, with a pile of rocks in front of Nino]
Nino, gesturing to empty space in front of Adrien: Okay, dude, on this side are all the times I've gotten mad at you for having a problem. Zero times.
Nino, gesturing to the rocks: And on THIS side are all the times I was upset because you had a problem and you didn't tell me, so I couldn't help.
Nino: Now. What do we do with problems?
Adrien: Work harder to hide them so you won't be sad.
Nino: I'm getting another rock.
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marionettedupaincheng · 8 months ago
Nino: why are you holding my hand?
Adrien: because you’re my friend
Nino: friends don’t hold eachother’s hands though?
Adrien: juleka and rose hold hands all the time
Nino: they’re dating
Adrien: oh
Adrien: Ok well sorry if I made you uncomfortable. My mom used to say people hold hands with someone they love and I thought of you.
Adrien, nervously: sorry was that weird? Anyway we don’t have to hold hands if you don’t want to, I guess it’s kind of silly anyway-Nino?
Nino, tearing up: (grasps Adrien’s hand even tighter) just hold my hand dude
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The NY special could’ve been just this frame for an hour
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cat-but-bread · a month ago
Normal person: marichat otp with alynino as a treat
Me, an intellectual: Adrigaminette, marigami, marizoe, lukanette, alyanette, alynino, marichat, adrinino, rosleka, kim x max, chaluka
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sidsinning · 6 months ago
Adrino is too wholesome, like it's 90% fluffy best friends to lovers and 10% angst with a happy ending and I live for it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Look at how much love Nino showers him with!!! The only time Nino has been akumatized is when he was angry on Adrien's behalf!!! Because his boyfriend's dad was being a jerk and not letting him have a birthday party!!!! Bro!!!!
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marrys-dream-world · 2 months ago
Adrino as Detectives
Alya and Nino take a break after Rocketear (I know, I know, bear with me) because while Alya wasn’t upset at Nino being akumatized, she was hurt that he didn’t talk to her about thinking she was cheating.
Nino is understandably upset and Adrien tries to console him to the best of his abilities.
Fortunately, Nino discovered a passion of his during this whole situation that might as well take his mind off the breakup: being a detective.
Adrien is happy for him, but skeptical since yeah, Nino did some good investigative work, he just came to all the wrong conclusions from it.
“I connected the dots, Adrien.” “You didn’t really connect-” “I connected them.”
When Nino decides to turn his basement office into a litte detective agency to help out his classmates (who think this is great, actually), Adrien decides to tag along and be his assistant. 
They solve small cases like “why does Alíx’s stuffed unicorn keep disappearing every full moon?” (no, the unicorn wasn’t a werewolf, Rose was secretly taking it to her house for a visit), “who was eating all of Max’s chocolate from his secret stashes around the school?” (Kim), “did Marc like Nathaniel back?” (commissioned by Nathaniel himself, Nino didn’t want to take but Adrien is a sucker for romance).
They quickly gain a reputation in-school and more requests start coming in.
Nino notices Adrien is a lot more subdued these days and asks why and Adrien is like “I don’t want to annoy you” and then Nino is like “You’re not annoying??? Who said that, I’m gonna kill them.”
One of their cases ends up exposing Lila’s lies (for funsies).
Carapace notices Chat Noir is acting weirdly (bc he noticed Adrien doing that too) and makes it his personal case to find out what’s wrong with him, Ladybug immediataly on board as soon as he points it out.
Their overarching case is “who is Shadow Moth?”. They do eventually find out.
Endgame is Adrino and Alyanette because <3.
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gale-gentlepenguin · 3 months ago
ML What if
(What if Adrien had revealed to Nino he was Chat noir in Rocketear)
(Spoilers below)
-Nino's accusations about chat noir stealing his girlfriend were going nuts. And Adrien was seeing his friend get hurt over the secrets. And the bombshell that Alya was Rena Rouge and Carapace was nino was very shocking.
-But Adrien insisted Rena Rouge/Alya wasnt in love with Chat noir.
-"You cant know because you arent part of the team."
-"I would know because Im chat noir! And Ladybug never told me any of that!"
-Adrien covered his mouth.
-Nino froze.
-Adrien felt himself breakdown.
-He confessed he was chat noir. He didnt know Rena Rouge was Alya, and the reason that Nino has that photo is because Adrien wanted to confirm Alya wasnt into chat noir. Which he did.
-"I never knew rena rouge was alya, so there was no way it would be a thing. Ladybug never told me your identities... she never trusted me with anything."
-Nino felt his anger melt as he saw his best friend look absolutely devastated. Suddenly so much clicked. Adrien's fascination with Ladybug. His approach on feelings. Adrien's sudden disappearances. His best friend was Chat noir. He had thought his best friend was trying to steal his girlfriend!
-Nino pulled his friend in for a hug.
-Adrien kept saying sorry but Nino was holding him. It was okay. He would be here.
-Nino swore not to tell anyone (including Alya) that he was chat noir.
-He deleted the photos he took of that night. And put the issue to bed. There was no akuma.
-Sure enough Alya told Nino about Chat noir's visit. Which Nino acted a bit sus about but then played it off.
-"Yea I think we both know chat noir and you would not happen." Nino laughed
-Alya and Nino clearly holding back secrets now.
-Nino commenting that Alya did a good job on the ladyblog
-Alya still debating on if she should tell nino the truth about Rena Furtive.
-But without Rocketear, there was no inciting incident to.
-Meanwhile Adrien found himself feeling better about telling Nino, despite Plagg yelling at him over it.
-"Ladybug has been breaking the identity rules so why should I follow them."
-"She is the guardian, she is the one that..."
-"We were partners first. besides I trust Nino. He trusted me, which is more than I can say about Her."
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