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marrys-dream-world · 3 months ago
Now that I’m calmer... Nino saying no one could resist a cat? Sir, do you know that from personal experience? Sir? Adrino nation, we won so much today. Adrien following his weirdly dressed conspiracy theorist bff into a dark room? Peak Adrino content. 
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hamsternamedmarinette · 2 months ago
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The core four + shit my friends and I have been saying for the past week 
(I’m obligated to tag @being-of-the-universe and @whopsam in this) 
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sidsinning · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Marinette introducing Adrien to her friend, Nino Lahiffe! He’s the son of another noble family that’s been doing business with hers for awhile now.
He is shy but excited :)
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kagamitsu · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
thinking about adrien who's thinking about nino who's thinking about adrien who's thinking about nino who's
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kittychatnoire · 5 months ago
sometimes i just wake up and im like ?????!!!!?? adrinino sobs
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Tumblr media
just them ?!?!!?
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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them 🥺
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best friends to boyfriendsssss
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lovesquarebebonkers · 2 months ago
Nino: Let’s get a birthday cake.
Adrien: But neither of us have birthdays this month.
Nino: The cake won’t know.
Adrien: Valid point. Let’s get two.
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marionettedupaincheng · 8 months ago
Nino: why are you holding my hand?
Adrien: because you’re my friend
Nino: friends don’t hold eachother’s hands though?
Adrien: juleka and rose hold hands all the time
Nino: they’re dating
Adrien: oh
Adrien: Ok well sorry if I made you uncomfortable. My mom used to say people hold hands with someone they love and I thought of you.
Adrien, nervously: sorry was that weird? Anyway we don’t have to hold hands if you don’t want to, I guess it’s kind of silly anyway-Nino?
Nino, tearing up: (grasps Adrien’s hand even tighter) just hold my hand dude
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adrienscroissantx · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
inspired by montero (call me by your name) - lil nas x
currently feeling: a lot
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chatalyst · 3 months ago
Nino: Chat Noir is taking my girlfriend away.
Adrien: well I’m sure that’s not-
Nino: He is so hot no one can resist him
Tumblr media
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sugarcubetikki · 4 months ago
I really really appreciate Adrien saying “Marinette, calm down” in this scene.
It’s super quiet amidst all the noise (even I had to replay that scene a couple of times to fully grasp what he was saying), and no one really notices as they’re too busy panicking. Especially Marinette. Considering that he specifically addresses her.
We all know that Marinette can go a little overboard and she has a very specific approach as well: she immediately tries to find a logical solution to the problem. And in doing so, she can dismiss other people’s feelings, because hey, at the end of the day, if everything’s okay, that’s really what matters, right?
Adrien very much recognises that Marinette’s going overboard here. And he also takes into account how Rose would feel in this situation and he respects those feelings. He isn’t like Marinette who’d try and jump into fixing the problem, but rather be supportive, listen and try to understand others’ emotional states, when faced with a problem. 
But what’s important to note that Adrien specifically addresses Marinette. Because he doesn’t have control in this situation. Marinette is the one in control. And he realises that.
The reason why she’s in control is because people like and respect her. It’s not only because she’s class representative. She’s a good class representative in the first place because of her personality. People listen to her because she’s proven to be reliable and resourceful. It’s a general perception among the class. And it’s been showcased as such in the show too.
A good example is in Startrain, where Lila simply points out how “Marinette always has the solution to everything.” 
I find it crucial that Lila points it out. She doesn’t even like Marinette. But Lila is too good of an emotional manipulator, she can read the room really well, thus she does acknowledge how the class perceives Marinette and plays dumb under that proved notion.
Even Lila acknowledges how well-respected Marinette is in the class. And it’s not only because Marinette’s kind and generous, it’s because she’s interactive and openly showcases her qualities through her actions. 
See, a lot of people can be kind and generous. But not everyone’s traits are acknowledged to such a high regard. It’s continuous interaction and action that tell people who you are.
Marinette interacts and has repeatedly proved herself through her actions. And everyone acknowledges these qualities she exhibits to a high regard. 
Going back to the S2 Finale, let’s talk about Adrien’s little speech here:
“I wanted to tell you. Rose was right earlier. You're always helping people. Like that day you helped Juleka overcome her class photo curse. Or when you partnered Nathaniel and Marc together to make that comic book. Or when you helped me get to the movies so that I could see my mother on the screen. That's why everyone jumped at the chance to help you with the picnic. So today, it was our turn to help you. You're our everyday Ladybug. Have a good evening, Super-Marinette.”
It’s canonically established through his words how the class perceives Marinette. Through her actions, they can infer her amazing qualities, people like that in her and choose to stand by her. They trust her because she usually has good intentions and they will listen to her.
Marinette’s mainly in charge in this scene in Guiltrip because people are listening to her. She doesn’t need to force control by status, money or power. People listen to her and acknowledge her to be in control because they trust her..
And Adrien knows all that. He knows it. And he genuinely admires it. Living the life he’s lived, Adrien has seen control and popularity in all kinds. He’s used to people using their money and status to control and dominate a situation. His own father does that. 
See, but Marinette, she’s different. She doesn’t ask for power and popularity. Marinette’s a leader because she stands up for what’s right, helps people and proves herself through her actions. And her personality makes her endearing for other people to listen to her. 
Marinette can dominate a situation without trying. Even if it’s unintentional, people like and respect her enough to listen to her. 
And Adrien sees that. Despite how quirky Marinette can be, he sees her as a leader born from the goodness of her own heart. And thus, going back to the S2 Finale speech, he calls her their “Everyday Ladybug”. God, that one speech is so important. So many implications to analyse for another time.  
Because Ladybug’s someone else who’s a good leader to him. One who has a strong sense of justice and unwavering respect from people without even trying.
That comparison tells us how much he admires and adores Marinette.
And this perception he has of Marinette (as well as the rest of the class) is brought into play in Guiltrip. He acknowledges that she’s the one in control here and that’s why he addresses her, telling her to calm down. Because she’s the one making all the calls in this situation, everyone’s open to listening to her, and she’s blinded by her own desire to help and find a solution.
Adrien is the one who acknowledges that Marinette was taking it overboard, bringing the whole class onto this route. How she was jumping to conclusions before listening to what Rose has to say, how she feels. 
If Adrien could’ve done something here, he would’ve firstly asked Rose if she was feeling fine. Because he’s first and foremost considerate of people’s feelings and listens to them before trying to take action.
Marinette takes action regardless of anything. She jumps to action before trying to read the situation.
What’s also important how Adrien has to first get Marinette to calm down, before he can try to input something in this situation.
Getting Marinette to calm down = Getting the class to do so.
Because she’s the one in charge and she’s the one people are more likely to listen to.
Why not Adrien himself?
Okay. Okay. People are more likely to listen to Marinette because she’s earned the respect of everyone as she’s proved herself through her actions on numerous occasions. She’s also very interactive which makes her personality and intentions clearer. 
For Adrien, it’s not that he isn’t approachable or kind. It’s because people don’t know him as well. And he’s not as interactive. For several reasons.
He’s barely there. Gabriel forbids him to attend pretty much every gathering. And it limits him interacting with his classmates so they won’t get to know him better.
He’s a sheltered kid. He’s not very good at social cues and interaction. And he’s also very shy and doesn’t interact too much either.
He hides his vulnerabilities. Limits expressing himself. He’s always wearing that facade of perfection that he’s been taught to wear. How can you let people in to who you really are if you’re pretending to be something you’re not? He’s focused on hiding certain aspects of himself that he’s actually hiding core aspects to his personality.
And them not knowing him that well also makes him less reliable, whilst they can like him, they don’t know him well enough to trust him to Marinette’s level.
In Felix, their reaction to the nasty video speaks volumes. angsty volumes.
Nino: No way that's real! It must be a fake.  Markov: I am one hundred percent positive that the video hasn't been altered in any way! Max: Confirmed. Kim: The truth is, we've only known him since we came back after the summer.  Alya: Let's not forget he was friends with Chloé before he met us.  Marinette: Don't believe this video, it can't be Adrien! 
Only Marinette and Nino truly believed that the video wasn’t Adrien. The rest of the classmates were unsure...he’s relatively new and they didn’t know him well enough to infer in that situation.
Cue the difference to when Marinette was initially accused of cheating and they didn’t believe it straight away. 
Despite Adrien being in the class, he hasn’t really gotten to know anyone well enough except from Nino and Marinette. 
And a part of him does know he can’t interact with the class like Marinette does. That’s why in this scene he turns to her immediately.
Also, Adrien addressing Marinette aside from the “in charge” aspect also relates to the idea that he felt comfortable doing so. He felt that he could approach her. But...
It’s really weird how he isn’t facing her when asking her to calm down. His back is turned to her. He’s looking at Nino whilst asking her to calm down. And his body language is reluctant almost as if he was debating due to how much of a frantic mood Marinette seemed to be in. Adrien’s used to sweet and stammering Marinette. Not Marinette yelling at the top of her lungs.
The way he’s looking at Nino, it’s almost like he’s seeking support in this really chaotic situation, and Nino’s pretty much his best friend. The one he’s the most comfortable with. Adrien’s shy and he isn’t good at being open in these kind of situations, that’s why he felt inclined to seek some support from Nino. But Nino was busy on the phone to notice Adrien’s difficult position. Sure. He was calling for Marinette, but he was reluctant and needed support from Nino to speak in this chaotic situation.
And despite how close Adrienette is now, they still have a long journey to go. Whilst they absolutely adore each other, they’re still distant in some aspects, Adrien not being confident to face Marinette’s way and ask her to calm down only shows that they aren’t used to interacting with each other in all kinds of situations. They’re getting there. Baby steps.
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hamsternamedmarinette · 7 months ago
Headcanon time: Nino is the only person Adrien will accept any form of Your Mom joke from
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lovesquarebebonkers · 5 months ago
Nino: You’re staring again.
Adrien: What?
Nino: At Marinette. You’re practically drooling, bro. Why won’t you just admit that you have feelings for her?
Adrien, on autopilot: I don’t. She’s just a friend.
Nino: Yeah, you’re right. I don’t know what I was thinking. You’d have to be INSANE to ever want to be with her.
Adrien: WHAT?! How could say that? Marinette’s the most amazing, smart and talented person that I’ve ever met and being with her would be the greatest achievement of my life!
Nino: [smirks]
Adrien: I can’t believe I fell for that.
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