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#adult adhd
smallvisions · 9 hours ago
I am on the process of getting an ADHD diagnosis. I’ve been thinking about figuring out if I have it or not for years.
Somehow people I know are against me possibly having to take meds.
“You don’t need the meds ‘cause you are not in school and you don’t need to concentrate that hard anymore”.
Yeah, but feeling drained after a work day is not normal…especially when you like your job and I know I’m not depressed. Forgetting things and being clumsy, yeah not a problem. What about when I have a family to look after and I forget to buy food or toilet paper.
I’m pretty smart so I have found things to manage my symptoms. People don’t know how much I have actually struggled. I studied and did my exams with earplugs in college and high school. I had to read everything twice if it wasn’t interesting just so I could remember what I had just read.
Whether I have it or not, I’m about to figure it out.
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spyc · 11 hours ago
Racing and running and dashing and speeding
What if I were to maybe she meant
Oh wait
I lost it
The thoughts form and dissipate before they can be grabbed
Creatures darting across a clearing all a blur
Chasing each one in turn while one chases me while I chase all
And in a moment I have none
left mind abuzz
A static hum
There’s nothing to show
Empty broadcast
Busy channel
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queerkittygotnotitty · 2 days ago
Attaching a link about Adhd and Sex
To add to this, most people with ADHD also suffer from RSD which can make the communication regarding trying out new stuff seem like a personal attack aided by low self esteem caused by Adhd. Thoughts like Am I bad in bed? Am I am bad partner? Am I not good enough? They can probably find someone who is better than me in bed start creeping up during sex which can make sex even more painful and contradicts the perfectionism caused by Adhd.The best way out is by telling your partner that you need a break.
But there can be things that can be communicated before sex. Things like I might need breaks during sex because of my Adhd and they can feel hurtful but please try to take not take them personally.
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adhdcognizant · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
🙂🙃 living in a neurotypical world
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bwaynelady · 2 days ago
Happiness was found today.
I saw a post on here about people not being diagnosed with ADHD and looked at some of the things that are symptoms. Then did some more research, cause this site ain't a doctor, and was like "oh hey! That's me!" as I read through more things about it. So I decided to go to the doctors to see if I can get tested, screened or something to see if I have it or to see if I have something else, or if I need to go to someone else, cause DAMN IT I want to be better!
I can be. 😊
My doctor listened, didn't let me leave the office until we talked about everything, and made sure I went through the paperwork for it. Now he's on a mission to help me be better with meds for it and depression and the aim will be to be on as little meds as possible in the future.
Thanks people of Tumblr, and people like me.
For helping to give me hope and a spark to get started on this road.
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amysteryandamess · 2 days ago
I just realized I didn't take my ADHD medication today. Here's how my morning went:
Got the kids off to school. Came home and decided to cut down the dried corn stalks to make decorations. Decided I should also harvest and move all the pumpkins up front. Noticed some mushrooms in the yard and went to look at them. Saw a bunch of millipedes on the mushrooms! Decided I wanted to make a terrarium/vivarium. Thought about taking my medication. Didn't. Researched millipede care. Made a terrarium and put millipedes in it. Researched what species of millipedes I have for a long time. Made coffee. Thought about taking my medication. Didn't. Talked to Edmund for a bit. Read a couple chapters from an Elizabeth Cady Stanton book on religion I used to really like. Noticed 4 squirrels out in the yard. Watched them for a while. Wondered if their chase game was play or mating. Decided to learn everything about squirrels. Made food. Listened to documentaries about squirrels while reading about squirrels. Went outside to tempt the squirrels with nuts. Built a little squirrel ramp up to my window. Made 4 memes. Texted Mandy. Remembered I haven't taken my medication. Started writing this post.
I think I should take my medication now...
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mostlyadhd · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Shopping for birthday gifts is always so stressful. The possibilities are endless. Thinking of all the different options whilst trying to find the perfect one gives me massive analysis paralysis. That, in combination with the stress from waiting until the last moment (and not wanting to arrive empty-handed) have lead to some "unique" birthday gifts in the past 😂
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kitekinnie42069 · 4 days ago
I’m so tired of my ADHD making me completely exhausted and crash by 8pm if I so much as have to do Five Big Tasks in a day, in which I’m stuck awake by 1am while still feeling exhausted
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I was actually wicked productive today on my day off and I feel tired but not dead this what normal functioning brains allow??
I'm trying to work up the ability to advocate to get ADHD medicine and if this is what my days would be like without the brain fog and executive dysfunction, I'm excited for everyday.
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zunoii · 4 days ago
eu sou patética?
esqueci a senha do banco em todas as tentativas, não lembrava de jeito nenhum e fui tentar muda a senha pelo sms e adivinhem? isso mesmo, o número tava errado e ainda por cima não consigo cancelar E minha conta tem UMA SEMANA (nem tenho o cartão em mãos ainda, só agência e conta)... caralho pq eu fui ser tão burra????????????ww 
já falei com tanto atendente que desisti e apenas aceitei que não vou arrumar isso tão cedo 
agora tô chorando (de raiva? ódio pela minha incapacidade intelectual pra algo tão SIMPLES). 
i hate adhd
eu consigo lembrar datas de coisas inúteis, de aniversário, MAS A SENHA DE BANCO AH NÃO ELA PASSA RETO DO MEU CÉREBROO. 
sim, sou patética. 
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blueraven1807 · 5 days ago
Person P: Why are you listening to the same song you already listened like 2 times this morning?
Adhder: Because now that's the only song that my brain craves and if I stop it I'll turn off the happy chemicals' faucet.
Person P: But... Dude... Does that mean that you've been listening to the same sound for hours?
Adhder: don't worry, when I get to the second day, I'll probably become disgusted of that song and I'll never ever hear it again.
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adhdcognizant · 4 days ago
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yourlocaladhder · 7 days ago
Does anyone else make their rants/vents entertaining and like a performance so your friend doesn't feel burdened on reading them or are you normal?
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anakinthetrashking · 7 days ago
Filling out paperwork for an Adult ADHD diagnosis (ig the diagnosis I got when I was like,,, 7 doesn't count anymore??) And lemme tell you, the extra notes that I made on my self report and my mom and sis made on the "other report"s is somehow a very niche form of comedy
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