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#adult rin
officialinuyasha · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Adult Rin Art with the Bluray
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loveyou-x3000 · a year ago
All the shipping drama aside, I do hope we get to see adult Rin, because holy shit does she have the potential to give zero fucks about everything.
She's already died. Twice.
At the tender age of 9 she was already consistently and expertly roasting Jaken, despite the fact he was her elder and a demon.
She was heavily influenced by the pompous, perfect, prideful, you-are-the-scum-beneath-my-feet Sesshomaru during her most impressionable years.
And then she was placed under the influence of InuYasha, who gives no shits about anyone's opinions of him and does what he wants; Kagome, a modern woman of the 2000s; Sango, an independent female demon-slayer; and Kaede, who has very few fucks left to give in her old age.
Compound all of this with the fact that she is (at the very least) a ward of the most terrifying demon in all of feudal Japan, who would happily murder you if she asked him to, and you have a recipe for many beautiful disasters. I want to see that beautiful little girl turn into a headstrong, quick-witted woman who can murder you with words in ten seconds flat, please.
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haru-writes · 9 months ago
Kagome : Is that a hickey?
Rin : what?! No! It's just a mosquito bite hahaha...
Kagome : If you say so.
Sesshoumaru, walking in : hello.
Kagome : hello mosquito.
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kesia-stupid-arts · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Rin-chan adult ver. that one from Good Smile Inc. It’s been a while I don’t draw humans, I am very rusty lmao 
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pillow-ghost-nan · a year ago
SessRin fanfiction rec list
Because quarantine happened and Inuyasha sequel happened, and I also happened to have read way to much fanfictions my life. So here, lemme share my favourite SessRin stuff with you. There are multichapters, one shots, smut fics, fluffy ones. Some are old, some new. Some are also more paternal than romantic. Nonetheless, all are good and I absolutely recommend them.
Not My Enemy by PinkDragonStrike
Sesshoumaru has watched Rin grow from a child into a young woman. But when she decides that her life is not meant for the path that Sesshoumaru assumed she would walk, withholding thoughts and misunderstandings threaten to separate them.
I Hate Chocolate by paizley
Sesshomaru hates chocolate; Rin finds that hard to believe. He find chocolate to be vile and entirely unpalatable; she wants a chocolate wedding cake. Well, he has his reasons. In fact, these are reasons 1-10.
 Law and Disorder by PinkDragonStrike
Sesshoumaru Takahashi, the handsome player and infamously cold hearted defense attorney was counting down the days until his father's retirement so that the firm could fall into his hands. But when a toddler and a mock trial get thrown into the picture, the arrogant DA discovers a few new things about life, love, and law.
Fabricated Memories by 00Zero
He liked her more and more. The way Rin tried to get rid of him amused him. Cute. It would've work any other time, but not tonight. He wasn't the old fashion Hideki and wouldn't wait until the marriage night. Before the sunrise, she would be his.
Lost to Tomorrow by LDP88
It's been five hundred years. The world is different, but you are still the same. - Sesshomaru & Rin M A story for the adventurous reader, the thorough reader, the adult reader.
The Decisions We Make by mteagle128
A dark force from a long-forgotten past emerges, demanding payment for a deal that he will collect at any cost; spurring actions that leave Rin running for her life. Can she and Sesshoumaru find a way to defeat this creature?
Talking to the Moon by unlockthelore
On the night of the crescent moon, Rin confronts her fears while carrying the most precious gift she'd been given - life.
Rin: An InuYasha Fairytale by InuColey
Rin is growing up in InuYasha's village, as was Kaede's suggestion. The others have had their stories told... now it's her turn. As Rin grows older, she begins to wonder where her own journey will take her. Rated M for some adult themes and language.
Jaded Nights by Tinyfoots
All Sesshomaru wants is for Rin to be safe and happy. He visits her human village every so often in order to spoil her with extravagant gifts. But when he learns his unwillingness to take her with him is doing more harm than good, he decides to rip off the bandage and let her be. That is until one fateful night…
One shots/Two shots/Short
Ghosts by baka deshi
Just as every story has a beginning, every story ends somewhere--and sometimes, other stories go on. Rin Sesshoumaru.
Compliance of Wanting by Silindro
Sesshoumaru and Rin share a moment of wanting with a playful exchange of words leading up to their consummation.  Who needs a reason for a pointless lime fic?
Darkness by Fenikkusuken
OneShot. Darkness cannot hide the truth. Rated M for mature content
Entangled by alterfano
After Naraku, Sesshoumaru rebuilds his father’s dominion. Rin is key to his strategy, but even Sesshoumaru’s maneuvering cannot guess her ultimate role in the entanglements of his plans and his heart. 3rd Place Best Drama IYFG 2Q06. WARNING: Dark Fic.
When Rin was Half Asleep by Calypso Jones
RinSess. Sesshomaru is there to fill the needs in Rin's life even after he has sent her to live with a human family. It's short and more sketchy than story but it's exactly the way I imagined it. Review!
The Secret by Aryndiel
Lord Sesshoumaru's been hiding something, which Rin stumbles upon purely by accident.
Shadowland by Concave Patterns
The darkness brings with it memories both good and bad. Sesshomaru-centric, one shot.
A Warm Day by CatDemonKayo
When the warmth of summer causes Rin discomfort, Sesshomaru decides to show her a cool spring just outside of the palace walls.
How Love Works by Concave Patterns
Through the years, they play a constant game of waiting, leading and following.  Modern-day Sessh x Rin drabble full of citrus and fluff.
Two Sounds by NickeltheRed
Highlighting a situation where Sesshomaru is on edge regarding Rin's current pain filled state, and Jaken is nervous for his life once again if things go wrong. But two certain sounds may be enough to relieve the demon lord of his concern. A companion to Dragonfly Wings.
Have by Miss Momolo
Rin looked around the enthralling clearing as if she were about to say farewells to a long lost friend. "Can't we stay a little while longer, my lord?" "If that's what you wish," Sesshormaru started. "It is," she admitted. A/N: One-shot. Something to shake this writers block. Also trying something different.
Nameless by Miss Momolo
Her lord turns to her, failing to comprehend the meaning behind what she is trying to say. "What is?" She closes her eyes because she finds that it's hard to get the words through without feeling like an immature girl. Maybe she is being immature. She knew herself being red. She whispers "To kiss." Summary: Rin's first kiss One-shot
Just Another Normal Day At The Western Palace by 00Zero
"Ew, mom and dad are at it again," Ryo, a twelve year-old half demon boy made a face to her older sister Sora. "gross." "And how did you know? Did you peek on them again?" Sora brought both her hands to her waist staring her little brother down. 
Ever After by Llanrhydlad
Two ficlets: Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru, adrift in the modern world. [And one omake.]
Introspections by mteagle128
What could they be thinking? A collection of unrelated Sesshoumaru and/or Rin-centric drabbles. Ratings will vary from K-M.
Total manipulation by Didax
No one said having two twin daughters could be that troublesome. They would definitely do their best to try and play with something very precious to Sesshoumaru. Will they be able to convince him?
Not a Word by pushingcrazies
Rin reflects upon her lover's lack of loquaciousness. Whoa, breaking out the big words. Rated for implied sex.
Back to Life by InuColey
In which Rin and Sesshomaru are brought together in an unlikely place. AU. Two-shot.
Halcyon Days by Winterwing3000
Rin reflects on the time spent in the field with her child, a loving memory and Sesshomaru. Mature RinxSesshomaru!
Threads by Maiden of the Moon
Jaken had been given a double headed staff; Ah-Un, a majestic saddle. Convenient tokens. Necessary items. As she slept, he slipped into the blackness of the moonless night, stoically journeying until he found what he sought. [SessRin]
A bit of fun by TrustIssues
Rin is feeling playful and Sesshomaru retaliates. In a cute way.
Torn Kimonos by myravenspirit
Sesshomaru watches as Rin tears apart her old purple and pink kimonos. The twins are complaining that they are too hot, so their mother repurposes her old kimono for them. Very much to the amusement of Sesshomaru as he watches her in their bed. Sesshomaru wants to Rin to stop sewing and lie down with him, will he get his way? One-Shot!
That’s it! Message me if any link is not working. Or if you wanna recommend some more fics, that’s always welcome :D
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youkaiangel · a year ago
Tumblr media
Had to do a picrew for adult Rin, because she is so beautiful and adorable. She combs her bangs when she knows Lord Sesshoumaru is coming to visit.
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haru-writes · 9 months ago
Rin : [sniffles]
Sesshoumaru : Are you ok?
Rin : [sniffles again]
Sesshoumaru, hugging Rin : I know I'm usually distant and don't talk much but if there is anything that is bothering you, you can always talk to me about it. I shall support and protect you the best I can. I love you.
Rin : uh, I just have a cold.
Sesshoumaru :
Rin :
Sesshoumaru : If anyone finds out what happened in the last few minutes I'm leaving you and taking the kids.
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hollowblue · a year ago
Rin and Sesshomaru from Inuyasha. I’m not very good at anatomy or details, I’m sorry.
Tumblr media
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xxiixiii · a year ago
Tumblr media
Sesshomaru and Rin - An Intimate Moment. WIP
Yeah I know she looks like Kagome. I'm gonna fix that. But I really like this sketch look and I wanted to keep the WIP before finishing it.
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petri808 · 11 months ago
Hi y’all Inuyasha artists out there...
I’m looking for someone to draw an aged up version of Rin and Kohaku (like in their early 20s) in the same position as Inukag in this:
Tumblr media
To superimpose it over the stables and recreate this:
Tumblr media
Or draw the whole thing fresh for a bonus chapter of the story.
Is there anyone that can help me or does commission work? 😊
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curlybookwriter0294 · 8 months ago
I honestly don’t feel bad at blocking fanfic writers that writes AntiSessRin fics. Sorry not sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️
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